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The combined multiverse project. (Foris Corp)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Arven Sique May 18. 5 Replies

A universe is an unimaginably gigantic place. The plurality of all of them put together is so much more so. And yet, many of them have tools, artifacts, and other resources whose exchange could…Continue


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Arven Sique replied to Arven Sique's discussion 'The combined multiverse project. (Foris Corp)'
"Greeting returned, Miss Yunichi Your interest in Foris Corp is well received. I shall send you a means by which to contact me easily and privately, so that we can better determine the mutual interests of our companies in the ways the work…"
May 18
Shalia Yunichi replied to Arven Sique's discussion 'The combined multiverse project. (Foris Corp)'
"Greetings I am Shalia Yunichi the current Heir to the Yunichi robotics company. I would like for form a partner ship between our to companies."
May 18
Arven Sique replied to Arven Sique's discussion 'The combined multiverse project. (Foris Corp)'
"Greetings returned, Mr or Miss Air, The possibility of allowing you to tag along to Foris Corp outposts is not outside the question, but the compensation is lacking. I am willing to discuss further in private, and shall send means of discreet…"
May 12
Arven Sique replied to Lucky's discussion 'Lucky Sevens.'
"Upon review of the materials you have provided, including call card, informal application, and resume, on behalf of Foris Corp, I would like to invite you to consider your pick of the following departments, of which more details are available…"
May 12
Aero Air replied to Arven Sique's discussion 'The combined multiverse project. (Foris Corp)'
"Greetings Ms.Sique, My name is Aero Air and I currently am heading the ALL corporation. I have been looking to expanding my company to farther, greener pastures. And I was wondering if you would like to form some sort of agreement with me... All I…"
May 11
Lucky replied to Arven Sique's discussion 'The combined multiverse project. (Foris Corp)'
"(Lucky is always looking for part-time work, drifting around the universe. Usually as a bodyguard or cargo guard. I would be interested in having him pick up odds and ends! If there is no guard work available, he'll fight for pay and temporary…"
May 9
Arven Sique posted a discussion

The combined multiverse project. (Foris Corp)

A universe is an unimaginably gigantic place. The plurality of all of them put together is so much more so. And yet, many of them have tools, artifacts, and other resources whose exchange could significantly improve the lives of the people who occupy such widely separated places. It is to this end that Foris Corp is dedicated. The acquisition, sale, and propagation of rare and valuable resources and items throughout the plurality of worlds known as the 'Multiverse'. Foris Corp serves a variety…See More
May 8
Arven Sique is now a member of RolePages
Apr 9

Profile Information

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Who Am I...
A wanderer between worlds, Arven Sique refers to himself infrequently as the 'Hollow God', a reflection of the fact that he lacks the domain or essence that other gods have. Limited by this fact, he has taken up many roles in many planes and worlds.
My Story Is...
The most current venture is an interplanar company called 'Foris Corp' which aquires and sells items of worth between different planes, particularly those with magical or otherwise anomolous properties.
My Appearance...
While a frequent shapeshifter, it is easily noted that his favorite shape is that of a man. Chosen to appear rather average in most regards, he typically stands between five and a half and aix feet tall, depending on who he appears to. He is always slim, and muscular in the way that a dancer or swimmer may be. His hair is blonde and messy, at odds with his otherwise ostentatious taste in clothing, which is typically some variation of businesslike. He is of fair complexion, a fact often hidden by his mask. His exact features vary slightly depending on the observer, but he is often high-cheekboned, with lips quick to smile and smirk, and wrinkles placing him in his early thirties, and hinting at a good-humored sort of man.

But no matter what shape he takes, unless he is in total disguise, his eyes are always the same. A living, vibrant green, somehow both invitingly warm, and piercingly sharp. They are like the sun being filtered through verdant treetops, and are always in motion, even when fixed upon a person or object of interest, as though Arven were reading off a page in a book. While they are intense anytime one sees them, it only becomes obvious when dimmed by shadows that they are in fact producing light of their own, clear and clean as crystal.
Species (Optional)
Has a large store of magical and anomolous items, in addition to his own personal tools. While they are all in limited supply, he can reach into the plane upon which they are hidden, and retrieve them at will, enjoying the illuson that he creates them of his own power.
My Secrets Are...
Arven thrives off of life, enjoying the quirks and excitement of crowds, and the intimate conversations between good friends, as well as the loving embrace of coital partners. He does not feed off of it in any literal sense, but he is drawn to such things almost irresistibly.
I Believe...
Despite being what many would call a 'god' himself, and having interacted with many other gods personally, he believes that there is some almighty deity in control of 'everything'. The entire multiverse included. He seldom discusses this.

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