Ausaka Highwind
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  • A Dragoon
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Nothing is ever set in stone. If you have the will you can change your fate no mater what it is.

~Ausaka Highwind~

Age: 24

Height: 5’2

Class: Dragoon, Samurai

Crystarium Color: Red

Eidolon: Leviathan

Focus: Unknown

Branded Location:

  Her brand location is in the middle of her chest under her gem necklace, she wears it to cover the brand so nobody will know shes a l'Cie but some of the brand marking can be seen due to her gem necklace is not big enough to cover it all.

*Samurai Class*

This is Ausaka's samurai armor. Her armor is different then most samurai's but that is because she does not like wearing long kimonos and tends to wear anything that will make her light on her feet so she may dodge and jump away from up coming attacks. Her swords that is named Crimson Star is known as one of the few powerful swords in her world that can absorb magic. The more magic it absorbs the brighter the sword becomes, once it is at full power she can use this power to eliminate her opponent. She is skillful when it comes to Crimson Star, she has even closed her eyes and used her instincts alone in a fight against one of the many monsters in her world. Each sword absorbs a different kind of element: her right sword absorbs fire attacks, her left sword absorbs water and ice attacks. Any other elemental attacks other then the three she cant absorb but she can use those three attacks against her opponent.

*Dragoon Class*

Her dragoon armor is meant for her to look more like a dragon since dragoons see themselves as humanoid dragons. How she got this armor was easy she killed a dragon and made its scales into armor for her and even made herself a new spear out of its scales and bones. The Dragoon Class is a rare class and only a few people can master this class. The Dragoons ability is Jump, which allows them to leap into the air, avoiding attacks while airborne, and descending a moment later to impale enemies and deal heavy damage. Some Dragoons can upgrade Jump to Double Jump for increased damage. Another recurring Dragoon ability is Lancet, sometimes called Dragon Sword, which allows them to attack an opponent and drain their Hp and Mp to heal themselves. Sometimes, Dragoons use various Breath abilities to either deal elemental damage or heal allies. 


1. I can RP in any kind of setting does not matter what kind since she will be waking up from her crystallized state when the RP starts.

2. One-liners are sometimes annoying and hard to write back so I would like no one-liners.

3. I sometimes write a lot you don't have to write as much as me if you don't want to just no one-liners please.

4. Do not kill my character or control her she is already being controlled as it is.

5. No god modding.

6. 18+ is fine. (Blood, Violence, Death, etc.)

7. I am usually busy and might reply late so please be patient with me.

8. I rather RP in chat or inbox.

9. If you add me you do the starter unless I feel like starting.

10. If you see me online and I don't respond to you i'm not ignoring you i'm just away from my computer or on a game.

Profile Information

Relationship Status
Who Am I...
A Dragoon
My Story Is...
Ausaka used to be an ordinary person living in Cocoon. At a young age she lost both her parents in the War, she was alone and fend for herself. Years passed and she grew up to be a lancer, she masters the art of the lance she named Crimson Star, it is almost the exact same lance as her fathers almost. One day she came across a fal’Cie named Kujata that her and some of the team she was with was sent to kill. Before her or anyone for that matter could do anything the fal’Cie turned her into a l’Cie to protect itself and use her. Once she was branded it was like her body moved on its own, she killed the others that was on the same team as her, when she did she was soon crystallized. Before she crystallized she swear she would get revenge and kill Kujata for what he has done to her, for turning her into a killer, a monster that is forced to kill anyone that stands in her way to completing her focus.

After years of being controlled by Kujata she was finally strong enough to go out and defeat him along with some help from her friends. It was a long and tiring battle between her and Kujata but in the end he fell and with his falling everyone that he turn into a l'Cie where finally free even she was free also. But those that where turned into Cie'th where not so lucky, once a Cie'th there was no going back to becoming a human anymore. So with what strength and mana she had left, she destroyed all the Cie'th so there souls would be free but because she used up all her mana she became weak and passed out. What she didn't expect was that the moment she passed out she was crystallized. After a few years she finally woke up to everything around her changed, her friends was gone everything was gone. It hurt her seeing this, she was finally happy but now that everything was gone she felt alone once more. At that moment she knew she had to keep moving forward, she was free now and she wanted to not think about the past anymore and look forward to the future. So she changed her look, her hair style and she even switched her fathers spear for a sword. A new life, a new beginning for her and she looked out to the new world she awakened in and smiled a real happy smile and she took her first steps into her new life.
Species (Optional)
I Believe...
If you want something done right do it yourself!

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At 11:51pm on April 4, 2017,

Hello, Your page is interesting. Care to rp?

At 1:02am on March 29, 2017, Jotaro Kujo said…

(Sure thing, did you have an idea or do you just want to wing it? To be honest, I'm probably the one who should have come with an idea since you added me. Wooooops.)

At 10:42am on February 19, 2017, Lazarus Gideon Kishimoto said…

((I'd love to.  Did you have any plot ideas you want to try?  If not, we could come up with something together.))

At 4:50pm on June 28, 2016, ▸▹MEGADRIVE◃◂ said…

//Sure, I'm down for that. I usually like to plan out RPs, if you're okay with that.

At 3:27am on December 1, 2015, Nealesque said…

If you want you can. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind. Which of my characters would you prefer RPing with?

At 3:10am on December 1, 2015, Nealesque said…

Hellooo! Would you like to RP? I prefer Inbox or Chat!

At 9:46am on November 9, 2015, Hong Meiling said…

(No problem and would you like me to start? Or would you prefer to start?)

At 6:24am on November 9, 2015, Hong Meiling said…

(Hello, would you like to rp?)

At 9:15pm on November 5, 2015,
Θ θ Theta Zero θ Θ

(-Noms the cookie- Yay ^^ Thank you.)


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