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Long Term RP Partners!

Started Mar 23, 2016 0 Replies

Hello! I'm new to this site, but not to RP.I've been RPing for well over 20 years.Bottom Line: I'm looking for RP Partners from a variety of contexts.I'm looking for Long Term RP!I also have a…Continue

Tags: Rooms, Physical, Board, Arguments, World


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At 9:25pm on April 5, 2017, Tayen said…

//Good eve, I apologize for the lateness of this response. Inbox is fine with me, would you like to plot?//

At 1:19pm on February 26, 2017, Machina Mortem said…

Hello,if i remember well long time ago you used to rp with me.I would like to ask...would you still like to rp with me by any chance? I know that i was kind of an ass before,to ignore your post and i want to apologize for that aswell.I won't bother you if no. 

At 10:00am on February 19, 2017,
Nimueh -Jamie Sommers-Changeling
Yes. We will talk soon
At 8:32pm on February 12, 2017,
Nimueh -Jamie Sommers-Changeling
Ok. Not always on main but can look into it more often, but most days it just stupid of nonsense and i look away lol. I didn't look at the lost. Between the three pages and all the links and my current illness. It just gave me a headache lol
At 10:26am on February 12, 2017,
Nimueh -Jamie Sommers-Changeling
I'm picturing the Playboy Kirk meeting a changeling. A species that can shapeshifting into just about anything. Ultimate sexy woman or man lol. Pitch me your ideas for how the two shall meet. Since this character is played as one of the hundred changelings sent out across the galaxy who landed on the silver blood planet then hit a time rift. It won't be hard for her to enter his period of time. She be without the Dominion and he wouldn't know of them nor she had it not been for the voyager data files.

Should be interesting to see them cross paths. I assume you know all about the founders and Silver blood species from Voyager tv show? :)
At 3:31am on September 10, 2016,
Cú Chulainn

So sorry I bounced. 

Next time

At 3:22am on September 7, 2016,
Cú Chulainn

Thanks for the add and for being friendly to a noob))

At 12:05am on August 31, 2016, Tsunami "87" said…

(Alright, that's fine with me ^^ and that's awesome!)

At 11:49pm on August 30, 2016, Tsunami "87" said…

(Okay, thank you for being patience with me :) I like to let people know of my whereabouts at times whenever I'm gone from here for long periods of time ^^ but I will be sure to get to your reply by the weekend ^^)

At 11:44pm on August 30, 2016, Tsunami "87" said…

(I'm so sorry its taking me so long to get to your reply, been busy with work and school as of late but I haven't forgotten about you; I should be getting to your reply by the weekend since I will be spending time in my dorm on the weekend ^^)


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Forum Roleplaying

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Looking for a Pack (Dark RP)

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Started by Amy Gray in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying) yesterday. 0 Replies

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Ever since his mother was killed by a demon, he had known the truth: that one should always be afraid of the dark. Supernatural creatures were out there, and most of them were unfriendly, or at least all the ones that he had experience with. He had…Continue

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Game of Thrones

Started by Artemys Targaryen in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character). Last reply by Artemys Targaryen on Saturday. 11 Replies

Hello! I'm here to ask if anyone wants to possibly play any canon or ocs from Game of Thrones! I'd love, personally, a Jaime Lannister(shipping reasons) and a Daenerys Targaryen. Of course ANY characters would be cool.Again, this request is for the…Continue

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Looking for Medieval RP

Started by Random Characters in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Colton Treaty on Saturday. 22 Replies

Hello everyone. It's me again. So, my last discussion did surprisingly well. I hope this one is just as popular. So, I am used to doing Medieval/Fantasy rp. But recently, i've been trying new things and those new things have been good to me. But I'm…Continue

Looking for partners for ongoing, detailed fantasy role play's.

Started by Asuna Takara in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Draco Miloki Murdock on Friday. 18 Replies

Greetings everyone and thank you for reading. I love long, detailed, story driven fantasy role plays. I like there to be elements of high or traditional fantasy such as races other than humans and magic. I would prefer a male partner but I'm fine…Continue

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