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Some of my characters are interested in someone ^^
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Below Is A Current List of RPs I'm Involved With:(( These are just to show who is rping with what characters of mine ^^ ))

Brilla: Single
Saiya: Taken by Alki
Kassady: Cares for King Thranduil
Gracelynn: Single
Evan: Taken by Cooper Haigh
Amy: Single
Nikki: Taken by Vendor
Amarinth: Single

** I will be adding these character with further detail soon**
Ashlynn: Guardian
Maeghan: Soul Beast
Vanessa: Duel Elementalist
Vixie: Soul Beast
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That ones journey never truely ends, even after death they still live on~

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...-sigh- Can't win for nothing it seems



* * I enjoy roleplaying very much and expressing my creativity and imagination whenever I am able to.  If you would like to roleplay please feel free to send me a comment and add me as a friend.  Below are a few guidelines I like to set up to show kind of what I accept and do not accept in terms of Roleplay. * *


1) Please no God Modding, every character can be killed and is not absolute supreme in the means of infinity. 

2) Relax and breathe easy. I am not wearing a badge to arrest you if your grammar and spelling is not perfect.  Even I make mistakes since we are only human and not perfect.

3) Rated 18+ RPs: Sexual situations are perfectly fine, but only if it comes from a decent story and plot and is not only about sex. I am not the next best thing to a street corner!! 

4) Just because I tend to send at least 1-2 paragraphs does not mean you have to.  I do like to at least get a post I can work with though ^^  That means at least do something so that I don't feel like I am doing all the work.  

5) Please no killing off my characters.  I have spent a lot of time creating and developing these characters and I rather not have their heads sliced off or their feet boiled in a stew if you please!!  In return I will respect the same to your character.

6) Please be patient if we are roleplaying.  I promise that I will reply as soon as possible, but I do not sit here all day long and all night to post constantly.  I will post as soon as I can, and if something happens to come up I will inform you. Being impatient and creating drama with it will not be tolerated.

7) Please try to always be polite and do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all.  I promise I will be more than happy to answer them!!

8) I am here for rp and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest, so please do not start something and never respond back.  I will always respond within a day  or two of receiving a post and message. If you come to a point where you no longer wish to RP, let me know since it's pointless to wait around for a post that will never be coming O.o

9)  =) I am fine roleplaying through chat, comment, or message, just remember what I mentioned earlier to be patient and polite.  I am also fine if you just want to add me as a friend to just chat, I am up for anything.

10) When it comes to relationships on this profile, some of my characters will, but some will not. Any of my characters in my blogs can get into a specific relationship, but my main, Brilla will most likely not get a status change (( Unless I extremely LOVE the rp and it's mutual that the rp would continue to progress and develop!! ))  Plus, too many people start an rp with her and flirt with her plus butter her up, only to end up with other people elsewhere, so that being said, there is an rp I have my eyes on for a potential person for her. Just depends on how the rp continues.  That saying, if I am doing an extremely awesome RP with Brilla, and the story is fun and enjoyable, I will most likely ask to mention it slightly at the bottom of her profile to show I enjoy it.  I have a couple RPs with her that I really enjoy!!  Other then that, feel free to have some fun ^_^ 


Name: Mya Azeria 

Apparent Age: 23 years old

Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Hair Color: Light Brown to Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Blue-violet

Species: Soul Beast ( Copyrighted by me )


A long time ago, legend lay within a thick old tome about a race of beings referred to as Soul Beasts.  The legend stated that long ago a son of Adam had approached a sacred spring and fallen within the crystal blue depths. Once deep within the flowing waters, his body began to glow and change form.  As he emerged from the waters, he was not as a man, but as a dragon, tall and proud. Once he had come to see himself, he had been shocked as his body soon changed back into his human self.  It took him years of exploring and investigating to understand that the spring had woken his very soul and learned that every soul held a beast attached to it, but most would never come to know it.

With his learning's, he had gone through life, amazed that he had found his soul beast to be a dragon, a form he could take whenever he so chose to.  Upon finding who he made his wife, he took her to the sacred pool as well and let her fall into the waters for her own soul beast to awaken.  She came out not as a dragon, but as a Dire Wolf.  It was then, both understood that no two souls were the same, and that every soul held a different beast that best portrayed themselves. That being said, the husband and wife went on and had a family, and their children had families, and through the lines the Soul Beast was passed down through the years and generations. 

The book though was long forgotten and buried through time as people saw less and less of the people claiming to be Soul Beasts.  Only those that were knew what had happened, and why they had become almost secretive to hide from sight and blend with the everyday humans that roamed the earth. While most people no longer even know of Soul Beasts, they still roam around, looking like a common human and blending in to where they seem perfectly normal. 

Mya was no acception to the rules either.  She learned from the small age of a child to always behave like a human... that her soul beast was to be guarded like the sacred treasure it was, since there were greedy people in the world that would kill for such a gem. That being said, she had soon lost her parents when an unstable building collapsed,  taking them out and leaving her orphaned and tossed from one family to the other.  She only stayed until the age of 15, and then just vanished off the streets.  Though they looked for her, she was quite efficient at hiding and not being found. 

She moved, learning of the world on her own and acquiring a simple job at a store that provided enough pay to get by and live in a small apartment on the outskirts of the City.  She did not like to be around too many people though, never knowing who could be trusted and who could be there to simply deceive her.  Though, through her life, she took up the life of art, enjoying photography, painting, many different forms of it.  She also knew she could never give up who she was on the inside either.  Living on the outskirts of the City, she was not overly far from the woods and that was her paradise!

Within the woods, she could slink within the depths that the people never strayed and let her Soul Beast out to stretch and bathe in the sunlight.  Her Soul Beast was that of a tiger, and though she preferred to take on the appearance of a white tiger she can also be an orange tiger if she so chooses.  As of now, she is well kept and guarded, hardly giving up what she is to anyone, but she seems more at ease with beings that are not fully human, though even still she is cautious. 

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At 3:43am on October 8, 2015, Mya Azeria [ And Others ] said…

I know I haven't been on.. but I am sure that those who live in the States... have heard of Hurricane Joaquin... that struck North and South Carolina pretty badly. 

Well I happen to live in SC and it's still a mess here. We haven't had this kind of damage since Hurrican Hugo.  Several thousands are without homes, water, and electricty... and we are starting to have trouble with ours dams. One has already burst... sooo it's been very crazy here @_@ I know I live a good hour and half away from the flooding, but we still have hundreds of roads closed and fallen trees everywhere from the strong winds that tore through. I should have my power back on by Friday-Saturday do I will be around then to reply to everyone. Sorry for the delay just the weather came beforehand and dumped 15 plus inches of rain quickly lol  You know it's bad when the gators are swimming up the roads around homes that are flooded... O.O  

I am also dealing with some neck issues... my plate in my neck is fine, but there is a disc and nerve issue going on, but I am in good hands and waiting for my MRI so we can make sure it's nothing that requires surgery... >_>  

Hope you all are doing alright and know that I miss you guys and hope to be back SOON!!!!!

At 1:52pm on September 21, 2015, Mya Azeria [ And Others ] said…

Sorry for my Silence guys, I will be replying to everyone tomorrow!!!  I had a bit of a scare here with someone that terrified me, but thankfully it was resolved and everything is back to normal. I am also off pet sitting, so my time has been limited as well @_@  I will be around tomorrow and send out replies. 

Owed To:

Quinctia Brutus

Cory Easton

Lord Magnus Bloodmoon

Edgar & Alan Frog

At 2:38am on September 7, 2015,
Cory Easton
Cory patiently waited for an opening, then sat up to get some of the food; leaning back after considering Amber's question. Then he shook his head. "I don't think I have one. I mean I like some foods more than others, but none are my favorite." He replied confusedly. "I am curious though, about one more thing. How are you going to shut up my partner? He saw quite a bit." He asked, indifferently.

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