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Profile Information

Relationship Status
Free as a bird. Never had a relationship, sexual, romantic, or otherwise with a person.
Romantic Interests
Due to what happened in her past. She has no sexual or romantic interest in men. She is unsure if she can develope the capacity for love. Will quite possibly develope romantic/ sexual interests in women when she meet the right one
Who Am I...
Cassandra "Cassie/Cass" Chandler. Rookie cop. Long lost twin sister of Catherine Chandler
My Appearance...
Very much like her twin Catherine Chandler
Species (Optional)
Cop gear. Twin katana blades. Shurikens. Throwing stars.

Beasts abilities. Flight via wings. Teleportation. Demonic strength, speed, agility, healing, regeneration.
Twin Telepathy with her twin sister,Catherine Chandler. Telekinesis. Electrokinesis. Pyrokinesis. Telepathy.
I Believe...
Family, Friends, loyalty

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The long lost forgotten twin

Posted on August 8, 2017 at 1:30am 0 Comments

Separated at birth from her twin sister by Mercs working for Liam Cullen. Her kidnaping was a carefully arranged idea done by a powerful Demon Lady, who was competiting against a rival Demon Lord, for control of a powerful host body and Dominion over the New York Hell Zone. She put in plan the series of events that lead Liam to discovering Rebecca Reynolds's descendant was to be born to one, Vanessa Chandler.

Only it failed to mention that she would give birth to twins and the… Continue

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At 8:14pm on August 5, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

/Hugs Dear Sister/Twin. <3/

At 3:28pm on July 4, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

//Of course, and Catherine will come collect her from the hospital perhaps? Or, maybe a week or so afterwards of Cat collecting her, we'll do it that way somehow.  A brief before, then after/present.  I am glad you agree, and God knows, Catherine may need it as well now.  Thanks sis ::Hugs back tightly, smiling softly::  I needed that hug.  I'll be okay, Catherine will be okay, and can bounce back as strong as ever, you know!

Yes, please if you could bring the post on, and forward, if that's what you meant, it would be great.  I look forward to it, dear sister/twin of mine. ::Love, and hugs sis::

At 1:29pm on June 22, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

//A night out say? In the city, casual, light, but still fun? Or, is there something else you have in mind? :)//

At 5:50pm on May 26, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

Giving Cass a small, yet reassuring smile and at her babbling, she shook her head ever so softly.  "Hey, sis, if I want you in my life, which I do, and never could you be a burden, or anything else, then they will want you here too.  If I love you, and they know I do, they, the rest of our family will too.  Sisters, we have few of them.  Not right now, but soon I'll let you know their names.  And, You have two nieces, my two most precious, beautiful daughters, and they more anyone, I know will welcome you too, just like I have, sis.  Don't ever worry about not being accepted, because you already are.  You have a cousin as well, but there's time to meet them all, and I just don't want to put too much onto you either, right off the bat."  Squeezing her gently into a hug, not letting her sister go, and letting her know this moment was not going anywhere, not anytime soon.  No moment after it, was going anywhere either.  It would be a good idea however, just for now, it be the two of them, and they do something - Just get used to it being them two, so to speak, and before others were introduced into the mix.

As sad as it was, their younger years had been stolen from one another, they had this moment here, and now, that would hopefully allow them to create a bond.  One that would hopefully strengthen each and every day, so in the end, it could hopefully appear as if they had never be taken away from one another.

One step however, one day at a time, that what was needed.

At 5:20pm on May 26, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

//Lovely, and we'll get that official starter up and running soon.  So, looking forward to it.  And, of course, on the other site as well, we will do something.  Aww, LOL, that I understand.  I am not sure they're scared of you, maybe some are just not comfortable to step out of their circle, I don't know, but we'll write there too, yes.  I had that in mind yesterday, and thank for reminding me.  yes, I shall send the invite on through now. :)//

At 7:50pm on May 23, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

//I'm happy to continue this, as is now.  I just hope you are too, and that we don't lose this story.  Catherine loves family life, and wants to be there for all her family, her siblings, now her twin too, more than anything.  Please believe me, if you want to continue, then I want to continue.  This story will never go anywhere, I promise you.  I am thinking soon after this whole thing, maybe we can throw a starter out there, or just continue on, but perhaps the two of them actually going to do something, or Catherine showing her a place, or somewhere she used to go, or something she used to do, when she was  younger - It hadn't felt complete before, and it because Cass should have been there.  Without knowing, Cat might have known something, or someone was missing from her life.  IDK, just small thoughts, here and there, but let's continue like this, and probably just see where it winds up, that could work too. :)//

At 7:46pm on May 23, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

Listening to her, giving her the fullest, most undivided attention, Catherine did just that, because she knew they had to catch, had so much to catch up on.  She truly hoped as well they'd get there, and sooner, rather than later.  Catherine started crying not too long after, tears of hers slowly, yet surely rolling down her cheeks as she sighed softly, closing her eyes even a little, then reopening them, trying to blink away the tears.  The hurt, the loss, the pain, and not only the one she was feeling, but the one her twin was feeling too - Despite their  long absence, and lives with each other stolen from them, she could still feel her pain somehow.  She knew none of this, no word of this was a lie, especially when she had found out she had another sister out there, twin to be exact - That never to her, was a lie because when she had found that out, it felt like a whole new part of her had felt normal again, like she almost felt whole, in a sense.  She wanted Cass to feel the same, to get to experience what she would have missed as a child, even if it meant going back to childhood kind of days, they could do it, visit places, but only the good ones, in a sense.  "Hey, I'm right here.  Whatever you're feeling, if you have to show it, please show it, sis.  For me, don't put a brave front on, please.  We're sisters, twins, and never should we have to hide how we are truly feeling, or anything like that."  Hugging her now closely, after letting her hand go, sighing softly, hoping this wasn't make-believe.

"What about, if we did something? Went somewhere together, here and now? Like right now, or very soon.  Are you, or would you be ready for that, Cass?"

At 1:47am on May 22, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

"I hadn't expected it at all, but am I upset this was kept from me? Yes.  Am I upset that you're here now, and in my life? No.  I am glad, more than glad, and just grateful you are here, and I get to know you, all about you, I hope, in time.  I know that sounds crazy, or might not make sense, and as twins, we should be, or might be alike, but still, I feel I've lost most of my life, and many years of it was just a lie, until now.  Hey, you being back, it's not a hard thing, not at all.  This might, or will take a while to get used to, but never, ever for one second, will you be that one  that makes my life hard.  Shh, shh, sis, and you aren't dumping anything on me.  Never think that way."  Sighs gently, biting her lip, trying to hide a small, sad smile that was wanting to appear on her own lips.  Wanting to speak more, but for now, she just couldn't.  Emotions, many different emotions were building up inside of her, and all she could do was reach out, and hug Cass with one arm, her free one, just hoping this was not a dream.

At 4:16am on May 21, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

"I know, I know, but I promise whatever it takes, I'll help you learn of them, our parents.  I'll remind you of everything, and anything possible."  Gently takes her sister's hand in her own, squeezing it, while looking her way softly.  Speaking in a very soft, sincere tone as well, meaning every word, "Every step of the way, you have me.  You'll always have me.  One step though, just one at a time, that's how we will take this, Cass."

At 12:55am on May 21, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

::Hugs her dear sister back::

Hi. <3


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