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  • Son of a God and a Queen. The Hound…
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Where is Sugar Cube?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ko - Fumi Jan 13. 4 Replies

Just seeking out a char that was playing hard for about a month before mid December. Haven't heard a thing from them.A cute loli  …Continue


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Cú Chulainn posted a status
"Conflict resolution...where do we go to from here?"
May 31
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May 7
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Apr 28
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Is folamh, fuar teach gan bean. (Empty and cold is the house without a woman.)

It was during his random explorations of Providence that he had found the spot. Cu Chulainn, with swag on his back and a sense of adventure in his heart had travelled from the Red Sun, through the town of Persistence, braved the swamps that were past it to trek up into the mountains on the east of the…See More
Apr 25
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Apr 24
Zoey Ryder commented on Cú Chulainn's blog post 'The Wrath Of An Ancient God'
"I'm also putting my foot down on that one as well. Sorry Raz. It will not be. "
Apr 22
Cú Chulainn posted blog posts
Apr 22
Faux [Sinh Marol] commented on Cú Chulainn's blog post 'The Wrath Of An Ancient God'
"..Trying to erase character progress? Yeah, fuck that."
Apr 22
Cú Chulainn commented on Cú Chulainn's blog post 'The Wrath Of An Ancient God'
"Raziel cannot take the memories of Cu Chulainn from Zoey. This effects Cu Chulainn's storyline too much and this player is ignoring it. Was unable to contact Raz Mun about this upon editing it for a blog. Sorry Raz...as much as you think you…"
Apr 22
Cú Chulainn commented on Cpt. Demon's blog post 'The Final Transmission?'
"A brilliant read! Nice job!"
Apr 11
Cú Chulainn commented on Raziel's event 'Deadliest Warrior tournament! Round 1!'
"about feckin' time!!"
Apr 3
Cú Chulainn is attending Raziel's event

Deadliest Warrior tournament! Round 1! at HAHAHAHAHAHA

April 15, 2017 at 6pm to April 22, 2017 at 7pm
A time of peace seems to have fallen over the planet of Hellifyknow. A time of silence that has seen the heroes of of this planet vanish into the annals of myth and leaving them all but forgotten. This wrong cannot go unchecked... HEROES OF JUSTICE! MASTERS OF EVIL! Warriors, mages, and rogues one and all! You have been invited to take part in a grand tournament! Come and show off your skills against your opponents and carve yourself a bloody and violent path into the halls of legend! The grand…See More
Apr 3
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Apr 1
Cú Chulainn replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"when... when... when?"
Mar 29
Cú Chulainn replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
Mar 24
Cú Chulainn replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"Oh yeah...have yet to have an opportunity to flex this bad boys muscles so count me in!!!"
Mar 21

Profile Information

Relationship Status
Very much in love with his Woman.
Romantic Interests
However, this doesn't stop him having a flirt with any pretty faces that come in through the door.
Who Am I...
Son of a God and a Queen. The Hound of Ulster.
My Story Is...
Appeared in the Red Sun one day due to some quantum or Divine accident. He became so enamoured with the world between world he neglected his own world.

Although a chieftain of his tribe, based in the Ulaid, through his own inaction and idiocy, he had betrayed his people and his country by providing poor leadership.

The outcome of this is that he has been exiled from his clan and his name struck from the Royal Rolls. He is now a landless alien, without country or clan, never able to return to Ulster. He is now a rogue warrior.

He lives permanently in Persistence.

He has an amiable, affable nature. He has easily made friends at the Red Sun and is unswerving in his loyalty to them.
My Appearance...
Tall, broad and brawny man of 6'8"
Blue/black tattoos of Celtic design. Sometimes woad warpaint.
Red/gold hair, usually cropped short.
Pale grey eyes.
Very muscular.
Often seen wearing a kilt
Species (Optional)
Sometimes seen with a hurley (hurling stick)
A broadsword with magical properties, a gift from the God, Raziel
In battle, a round shield of copper, wood and toughened leather. His insignia, a red howling dog on a white field.
A dagger.
My Secrets Are...
After a particularly arduous combat he is visited by another supernatural figure, Lugh, who reveals himself to be Cú Chulainn's father. Lugh puts Cú Chulainn to sleep for three days while he works his healing arts on him. While Cú Chulainn sleeps the youth corps of Ulster come to his aid but are all slaughtered. When Cú Chulainn wakes he undergoes a spectacular ríastrad or "distortion", in which his body twists in its skin and he becomes an unrecognisable monster who knows neither friend nor foe. He makes a bloody assault on the Connacht camp and avenges the youth corps sixfold.

Cu Chulainn has, by some quantum accident, lived through all time and space, experiencing life in all its forms, simultaneously. It messed with his head a bit. Some nights, he can put the Hellfire Club to shame.

"Don't ask me
What you know is true
Don't have to tell you
I love your precious heart

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided
And they could never tear us apart

We could live
For a thousand years
But if I hurt you
I'd make wine from your tears

I told you
That we could fly
'Cause we all have wings
But some of us don't know why

You were standing
I was there
Two worlds colliding.
And they can never tear us apart"
I Believe...
Cu Chulainn is a believer of the old pantheon of Ireland, before the Christians came. He celebrates the quarter days.

Cu Chulainn's Fight With The Sea

A man came slowly from the setting sun,
To Emer, raddling raiment in her dun,
And said, "I am that swineherd whom you bid
Go watch the road between the wood and tide,
But now I have no need to watch it more."

Then Emer cast the web upon the floor,
And raising arms all raddled with the dye,
Parted her lips with a loud sudden cry.

That swineherd stared upon her face and said,
"No man alive, no man among the dead,
Has won the gold his cars of battle bring."

"But if your master comes home triumphing
Why must you blench and shake from foot to crown?"

Thereon he shook the more and cast him down
Upon the web-heaped floor, and cried his word:
"With him is one sweet-throated like a bird."

"You dare me to my face," and thereupon
She smote with raddled fist, and where her son
Herded the cattle came with stumbling feet,
And cried with angry voice, "It is not meet
To idle life away, a common herd."

"I have long waited, mother, for that word:
But wherefore now?"

"There is a man to die;
You have the heaviest arm under the sky."

"Whether under its daylight or its stars
My father stands amid his battle-cars."

"But you have grown to be the taller man."

"Yet somewhere under starlight or the sun
My father stands."

"Aged, worn out with wars
On foot. on horseback or in battle-cars."

"I only ask what way my journey lies,
For He who made you bitter made you wise."

"The Red Branch camp in a great company
Between wood's rim and the horses of the sea.
Go there, and light a camp-fire at wood's rim;
But tell your name and lineage to him
Whose blade compels, and wait till they have found
Some feasting man that the same oath has bound."

Among those feasting men Cuchulain dwelt,
And his young sweetheart close beside him knelt,
Stared on the mournful wonder of his eyes,
Even as Spring upon the ancient skies,
And pondered on the glory of his days;
And all around the harp-string told his praise,
And Conchubar, the Red Branch king of kings,
With his own fingers touched the brazen strings.
At last Cuchulain spake, "Some man has made
His evening fire amid the leafy shade.
I have often heard him singing to and fro,
I have often heard the sweet sound of his bow.
Seek out what man he is."

One went and came.
"He bade me let all know he gives his name
At the sword-point, and waits till we have found
Some feasting man that the same oath has bound."

Cuchulain cried, "I am the only man
Of all this host so bound from childhood on!"

After short fighting in the leafy shade,
He spake to the young man, 'Is there no maid
Who loves you, no white arms to wrap you round,
Or do you long for the dim sleepy ground,
That you have come and dared me to my face?"

"The dooms of men are in God's hidden place,"

"Your head a while seemed like a woman's head
That I loved once."
Again the fighting sped,
But now the war-rage in Cuchulain woke,
And through that new blade's guard the old blade broke,
And pierced him.

"Speak before your breath is done."

"Cuchulain I, mighty Cuchulain's son."

"I put you from your pain. I can no more."
While day its burden on to evening bore,
With head bowed on his knees Cuchulain stayed;
Then Conchubar sent that sweet-throated maid,
And she, to win him, his grey hair caressed;
In vain her arms, in vain her soft white breast.
Then Conchubar, the subtlest of all men,
Ranking his Druids round him ten by ten,
Spake thus: "Cuchulain will dwell there and brood
For three days more in dreadful quietude,
And then arise, and raving slay us all.
Chaunt in his ear delusions magical,
That he may fight the horses of the sea."
The Druids took them to their mystery,
And chaunted for three days.
Cuchulain stirred,
Stared on the horses of the sea, and heard
The cars of battle and his own name cried;
And fought with the invulnerable tide. 

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Cú Chulainn's Blog

The Wrath Of An Ancient God Part ii. Zoey and Cu Chulainn reunited.

Posted on April 22, 2017 at 1:03pm 0 Comments

Feeling for things was a new sensation. A new startling ideal, in all honesty when they said that her vision would be restored, she hadn’t expected it to take the time it was going go. Zoey had been missing for the better part of half a week. They had yelled, they had fussed at her, warning her that leaving would slow the process, but Zoey didn’t care.

There was one…


The Wrath Of An Ancient God

Posted on April 22, 2017 at 6:54am 3 Comments

There was a shift in the shadows of a  darkened booth, as the Celt, who was merely  drifting and waiting, sat up and glances across the bar to Raziel and Gael, a keen expression on his face, and perhaps the merest quirking of an eyebrow. It wasn't everyday that one heard one's own mother tongue at this inn that was set in a world between worlds.…


Once More Unto The Breach

Posted on February 28, 2017 at 8:00am 1 Comment

It had been some weeks since the incursion into the Land of the Ulaid to retrieve the portal coin. The portal coin that the Mad Queen , Emer had been using to make her own journey's to the Red Sun. The last time that had happened, she had tried to kill Zoey Ryder, the new love interest in Cu Chulainn's life that had replaced her. She would have done it too, had it not been for Ysmir's intervention.

This creature,…


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At 1:54am on February 5, 2017, Bannoc - The Storm-Dragon said…

Thanks man! I have a large list of replies awaiting me at the moment, but perhaps we could organise a play soon?

At 9:33am on January 25, 2017, Valerie Natsu said…

"Do you hear me? No going after the Collector alone."

At 9:09pm on January 20, 2017, Valerie Natsu said…

If Cu wore normal clothing:

At 3:57pm on January 20, 2017, Valerie Natsu said…

Strong for too Long

^ Cliiiiick iiiiit. *It be the blog. >>*

At 12:41pm on September 13, 2016, Sigurd Ralofson said…

'Lo there, warrior of Ulster. Have you the hunger to explore lands rough and right for the hearts of true warriors? Where one's strength in battle and loyalty to one's shield-siblings is enough to win fame eternal? Then set your course to the Northlands! Where the brave may live on forever!

(OOC: Hey Cu. You and I have spoken with one another before, under the name of Wilhelm Faolán. I made this world, the Northlands, and I think it would be something you'd be possibly interested in. If you ever wanted to give RPing in a Forum a go, hopefully that's a place to consider.)

At 11:33pm on September 11, 2016,
No problem. It was pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind doing some more or continuing some other time. Hmu whenever.
At 9:58am on September 7, 2016,
Autumn Worrick

Anytime :)

If you want to plot something, let me know?

I have a blog starter up in my list, too.


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