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King Daniel McKnight had taken over the throne of the kingdom from his father after a bloody civil war with the nobles. The nobles had been scheming and plotting with the small kingdoms neighboring Lustiria, or Lust as it was referred to by its enemies, and had been promised land if they revolted against the king and deposed him. So they tried, and nearly succeeded. The kings son Daniel, then a general, led the kingdoms legions still loyal to the king against the nobles, and after a long, blood civil war, the nobles were finally defeated and hanged for their crimes. One of the victims in the war was Daniels father the king. Upon taking the throne, King Daniel began to seek out any nobles suspected of collaberating with the traitors and seeks to purge the nobles of their corruptness as he took more and more power from them. The king wasn't without his own flaws. He was genetically immortal, a secret known only to a few. His father had been lucky enough to catch Aphrodite's eye and they produced a child, which was Daniel. he had his flaws as well. being aphrodites child meant that he wasnt the best at monogamy. He had a well earned reputation as a "womanizer". It was not uncommon for a noblewoman to emerge from his chambers early in the morning or very late at night. Rumors swirled as well that some of the treaties and alliances with some kingdoms were sealed in bed with queens or princesses from the lands. He did however treat his lovers with a great deal of respect as well. His first duty was to the kingdom though, and upon taking the throne set about making his grand vision a reality. First, the kingdom needed allies to help the kingdom rearm and grow. He looked for trading partners as well. He continued to seek out allies to share in the glory of battle as well. The city of brandenburg was the empires capital and graced with a huge, magnificant castle, surrounded by the bustling city. The king's vision included the Empire being a beacon in the medieval world with its modern cities, as well as the empires wealth, and impressive legions meant to conquer those who didn't join the empire, or who had plotted against it. So the kings vision continues to unfold...who will join him?
My Appearance...
He has a muscular, battle hardened form, standing around 6 feet tall. His hair is blonde and short and his eyes are a bright blue.
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At 5:57pm on February 18, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

The investigation of the scene, and collection of evidence from it, well had allowed Detective Chandler to spend an hour, to a few hours at least at the scene of crime. It seemed as one thing became uncovered, it lead to several more findings, several ways they could take this investigation, and in the hopeful attempt to catch him, or them sooner rather than later. Satisfied for now, they'd done all they could within these surroundings, they all got assigned other duties, and parted ways to go about their new, and extra work assignments, so to speak. With gloved hands, Catherine took her own piece of evidence, a business card, phone number, details of a secretary, a woman's name upon it.  The first moment she could find, and one phone call would be coming their way.  Nodding to the other officers on the scene, she spoke to them before turning to leave.

"If, or when I find something out, I'll be in touch."

Looking around her, hazel hues scanning her surroundings to make sure she felt as if she wasn't being followed, or watched for that matter, but it seemed all clear.  Once inside her car, she finally pulled off her gloves, resting the card elsewhere for safekeeping.  Then, with seat belt on and ready to go, she started the car's ignition up, the drive beginning back to her precinct.

┈   ┈   ┈   ┈

An hour later, Catherine was sitting inside the 125th, inside one of the interrogation rooms, business card placed firmly between her fingertips, she eyeing it closely.  Phone picked up, receiver placed against her ear, the number dialed, it only taking a few short moments to hear the ringing sound.  Success, she thought, just hoping it actually would reach someone, and not some automated message service - The detective patiently waiting for this call to be answered.

At 7:08pm on February 17, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

Ten victims alone this week, three just last night, and several more, perhaps between 50-100 over the past six months, and what did they all have in common? All in one way, or another had been tortured beforehand, then killed.  Choice of weapons, or method of killing? At times, a firearm weapon, and other times, it made to look like an accident/murder/suicide - Another common factor; Those conducting these crimes, or carrying out orders behind the scenes for these type of attacks, clearly knew what they were doing, when to do it, and how to cover their tracks every single time.  Which is why six months later, possible lead after lead, possible suspects brought into questioning and for lineups, nothing has come of it, and the NYPD always return back to square one.  Was this morning a different story however? Could they finally have a breakthrough they've been looking for?  Could someone have left behind evidence purposefully, the choice of weapon, and so the police could trace it to where it belonged.  Or simply, instead of being efficient, could whoever was behind have become complacent, too sloppy? Well, it was a matter of a time would tell kind of scenario.

┈   ┈   ┈   ┈

Arriving to the one of the latest crime scenes, was one of New York's Finest, Catherine Chandler.  The alert having reached her cell about half an hour ago from the 125th's captain, Tess Vargas.  The detective's car slowly came to a stop in a designated area, and she climbed out, locking the vehicle behind her.  Spotting the yellow taped off area up ahead, she made her way to it, presenting her shield upon reaching it, and to those who were guarding who entered, and left the scene.  Badge Number: 97104.  It official, but to clarify it, she also spoke.

"Detective Catherine Chandler.  Special Crimes."

A well known detective around here, they immediately granted her access, and guided the tape upwards.  Ducking on underneath, she then headed for where her captain would be if there were any specific requests.  Other than that, she knew her job inside, and out, so getting to work, gather her own findings if in the way of evidence, witnesses, family members of those deceased, CCTV footage, and so forth, she'd slowly yet surely be onto it.  First thing, and was to perhaps examine the deceased bodies, finding out their identities in time, background, and what could possibly have lead them to meeting their deaths this way, and if they were connected at all, well if such information could possibly come to her.  Retrieving some gloves, she slipped them on, and with no other requests to go by, she made her way over to examine the first of the bodies, one that had been nearby.

As it was, while she had been examining the first, and a few of the other bodies afterwards, a murder weapon, one of them at least, would be found and bagged securely, that enough to go by, and to further their investigation perhaps if prints could be lifted, that was - Finally, they could get more answers, much more than they had an hour ago, at least, or they could hope, at least.

{I do like it, thank you for starting us off.  I just pray my follow up is okay with the crime scene, information, etc.  I can rewrite it if need be, please let me know.  :) }

At 5:02pm on February 16, 2017, Catherine Chandler said…

 { Sounds great, and that is definitely a great starting point.  (Especially when she/they figure out the secret, classified, government operation behind it, and so forth, it will definitely be interesting).  I look forward to seeing where this goes.  Might I please be able to ask if you could start us off in our thread? :).  Just for me to also get to know your character/background of him a little more in the opening along with the setting - No rush however if you can.  Just so when I do return, I will reply then.  But, if you wish for me to begin, I may once I return. }


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