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This darkness, this hatred burns inside me.

Profile Information

Relationship Status
Romantic Interests
Many as always, although there is only one woman for me.
Who Am I...
Former Mad-God and supreme dictator of Hellifyno, former businessman, gangster and multi-billionaire.
My Story Is...
Dark and all accounts differ. From the humblest of beginnings I came, rising to become one of the most infamous and reviled villains the universe has ever seen.

I did what I had to in life, a path which led to me become a gangster. A powerful and very profitable one. Soon I began dabbling in politics, government and even legal business; shipping, hotels, arms manufacturing and oil companies. I had my fingers in almost every pie imagineable, crafting the Painview empire. My influence spread to Hellifyno and I flooded the planet with illegal arms and narcotics. The Plainview crime syndicate took Hellifyno by storm, brutally wiping out most opposition. The fighting became so violent that the top crime leaders of Hellifyno were forced to meet and call a truce, dividing Hellifyno's criminal activity between myself, Elexin and Bugsy Malone.

The wraith demon in me, engorged with power over thousands of years, propelled me to seek more and more. As well as women, the hunger for power and knowledge was always my downfall.

I thought as long as I always had a back up plan, as long as I was always one step ahead, I'd always find a way to wriggle out from beneath any mess, and back onto the top of the pyramid.

My first grab at major power on Hellifyno was during the fae war, when I made huge profits by selling arms to both sides. The arms manufacturing side of the Plainview syndicate became one of my biggest earners. The next ambitious climb for power I took, came when I served the Wyrm as the lord of Avernus, first layer of Hell. Wyrm had broken me and forced me to his will, though I had counted on this. When the Wyrm had driven me to the brink of insanity, I knew that my beloved wife of the time, Mara; could bring me back. I knew how to manipulate her as well as she did me. I returned to power, served the Wyrm and learned from him. I grew in strength, and when it seemed the heroes were close to victory, turned on my master and aided the heroes in defeating him. I claimed that it had never been my intention to serve the Wyrm, that he had forced me into his service...This was a lie...

In the days after this great war, I continued to spread my influence, hone my power. I lied, I cheated, I murdered and stole. There is the blood of billions soaking these hands to the bone. I used every contact, every minion, my wealth and status, everything I had so carefully and brutally crafted over thousands of years to rig elections, to spread false promise, and ultimately fight my way to the position of supreme dictator of Hellifyno. From there my insatiable hunger for power led me to steal a weapon of great power from the Hyandrian people and use it drain the powers of Gods, making myself one, and sealing more Godly power into pieces of armor.

Then I set about conquering the universe, my empire massacred all opposition, ravaging the lands of every planet in every system, stealing all of their resources with the mechanical fist of industry, the steel gauntlet of war. I raised greater and more powerful weapons, armies and fortresses. My generals spread the iron fist of Plainview far and wide.

Some will say that I was trying to save the universe from the soulless invasion, one that did indeed threaten all of existence. But the majority will say that I used this an excuse, after all, when all was said and done, I still tried to cling to power.

Who knows?

I've been married, loved; bedded thousands if not tens of thousands. I've enjoyed wealth and power. I've been self centred, driven, power hungry and fuelled by greed. I've murdered, slaughtered the innocent, lied and cheated.

All I know is, I'm different now. I still survive, as I always wished I would. I'm powerful, as I ever wanted to be..But my desires are foreign. I feel regret for what I did, joy at what little pleasures life can bring. I am an island, a part of Hellifyno and Gaia. I am the trees around you, the breeze in your face. The sand beneath your feet.
My Appearance...
I'm tall with dark, short hair. Clean shaven with striking features and radiant green eyes, deeper than the ocean.

I often wear expensive, snazzy suits and jewellery. My image is important to me and I like to look good, not for my own sake, but because people DO judge. People are receptive to sharp dressers and good lookers.

I'm Well built with a solid body. Tattoos, some gang related, others tied to my numerous stints in galactic prisons, cover my hands, arms and entire torso.

I have the ability to turn into a demonic figure, this is due to the Wraith Demon blood. The demonic figure is tall and lean with a black armored shell, talons, spiked wings and a barbed tail.

In times of utter necessity, I can also transform into the wraith dragon. The wraith dragon is a huge demonic dragon with three heads and a spiked tail.
Species (Optional)
I Believe...
In power and knowledge.

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This is the bed I've made

Posted on July 3, 2015 at 12:30pm 1 Comment

I never knew what it meant to hate, until I analysed myself so deeply.

I never knew what love was until I scoured the four corners of myself.

I am a vessel, floating high on frustration, tossed by waves of rage.

I am a shell, born of deceit and lack of conviction.

An automaton, born for intoxication and devastation.

In this failure I lurk an eternity, unable to see the world so clear.

In this failure I am inept, unable to be what… Continue

Somewhere close to the bottom

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I'm your pharmacist!

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I understand what it is you feel, the reasons why you aren't so good,…


A Mad God's Celebration! (Part 2 of 2.)

Posted on November 1, 2013 at 9:00pm 0 Comments

WaRnInG: gRaPhIC SeXuAL cOnTenT…


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At 1:27am on March 1, 2017,
Hakan L. Plainview

Dearest Father,

I have heard so much and yet I find myself writing you this letter. I know that you ca never answer me or return to me to give me or offer me your comforting smile. I will miss you forever more and wish one day to see you again.


Your Daughter....Hakan L. Plainview.


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