Norman Reed of Dorje Drak
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All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream

Norman Tiberius Reed

Nicknames: Norm, Dawa

Age: 23

Birthday: May 13th

Born in: Dorje Drak, Tibet

Family: None, deceased

Relationship Status: single

Sexuality: Unknown (has never had a relationship)

Species: Human/ Enhanced, Dreamwalker

Height: 5'8

Eyes: Blue/Green(purple)

Hair: Black

There is a world beyond ours only reached once realized.

Norman's  parents, Lucile and Gerard Reed, were for all intents and purposes explorers. Their legitimate employment, that is to say where their checks came from, was the office of National Geographic's. They funded their world exploration by sending their photos, and on occasion a foreword, to the magazine company.

Norman was conceived in the Lhoka Prefecture in Tibet, and his mother carried him without knowledge well into her seventh month. When it was realized, the couple resigned themselves to leave their small camp on the Yamdrok Lake and head for civilization. However this was a task that was easier said than done.

While descending a rock face Lucile's harness slipped a cord, and she was sent free sliding down the side of the wall. She caught hold of her rope, but acquired a number of injuries that threatened her life, and the life of the child she carried. Her husband subsequently hooked her into his line. Without any protection, and thoroughly preoccupied with the protection of his expecting wife, he stepped on a loose ledge, which resulted in his death.

Lucile was found at the bottom of the rock face by Sherpas' , and promptly taken to the closest form of civilization. The Dorje Drak Monastery. It was here that she was kept for nearly a month until the early birth of her son. Her body was unable to take the stress of the birth, and she hemorrhaged and died in the process.

Norman Tiberius Reed, named by his mother in her last moments, was raised by the monks against all tradition.

Norman showed promise from a very young age. As a baby he never cried. Never screamed. He learned about the world around himself quickly. Though, he did not speak aloud well into teenage hood due to the fact that the monks were sworn to silence, however he did learn to speak at an incredibly young age through his escapades in the dream realms.

The Monk Tenzin, his prime caregiver, thought he was the next throneholder, though many believed it was not a place for an outsider.
The men that had raised him called him Dawa, which meant Moon, or the Dreamwalker, for at a young age he had been able to tread the astral plane with ease. He Showed up in his adopted caretakers dreams, and often drew pictures of himself in places he had never been. Or even seen.
It was for this reason the monks prepared him to leave the monastery at the age of fifteen. They acquired money for him, as well as the supplies he would need to backpack out of the mountains. And he was sent off on a pilgrimage to explore the world around him.

Norman moved from place to place, understanding the world he lived in more with each passing month, and then year. Many aspects of modern society were interesting, but he never seemed to fully integrate with them. He found himself exploring many parts of the world. Always getting by on his intellect and prowess and a fair amount of luck. Things seemed to just always work out for him. Eventually he settled in New York, where he got a job working at a small coffee shop. He had always been connected to his roots, and spent much of his time meditating and keeping his mind sharp. But it was at the age of nineteen that he really began to narrow his sights, and work on his ability to traverse the astral plane. And he began to train himself in an attempt to access the Akashic records, the Book of Life. It was around this time that he found his hobby of exploring the Dream realm, and interfering in the dreams of those around him. He began to think of himself as a sort of super hero, rescuing people from their worst nightmares.


Dream Norman versus the Norman that walks on the physical plane are two very different people. In every day life Norman is nervous, not quick to speak up, and will often roll over to the wills of those around him. He likes to please people and can be hurt by harsh word. He avoids confrontation and, although physically astute, will often shy away from physical altercations. He is very neat, almost compulsively so.

However, in the Astral plane and Dream realms he adopts a more... rugged look. Often donning leather and swords. His is much more sure of himself considering he is one of few in the world that can do what he does. He rarely shy's from challenge in the Dream realm, and takes any chance he has to stand up for himself and others.


Norman's powers depend on what plane he is on. Although on both he displays many forms a shamanic magic, he is exponentially more powerful in the astral realm. Some powers include, but are not limited too:

Elemental Magic: although in small quantities, he is capable of manipulating the elements with focus and usually the aid of channeling techniques such as stones, sigils, wands, or even spells.

Enchantment: Norman has the ability to sway the thoughts of others, he often prefers to do this by subliminally delivering messages to people in their sleep, but has a natural charm that often lulls people to complacency.

Healing: He posses minor healing abilities, although they often leave him exhausted and sick.

Access to the Akashic Records: Accessing the book of life can give infinite knowledge. Although Norman has not yet mastered this technique, and therefor his understand and access is limited, he is capable of reaching this plane of knowledge through intense meditation and focus. This ability often wavers under pressure, and can sometimes take time.

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At 1:20pm on March 13, 2017, Anzu Thorne said…

(Aww, man..)

At 1:31pm on March 11, 2017, Pandora Nachstern said…

"Hello, little Dream Walker~"


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