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Profile Information

Relationship Status
Romantic Interests
none at the moment
Who Am I...
I am Drossel Keinz, a descendant of Noah, butler to Road Kamelot
My Story Is...
A long forgotten tale
My Appearance...
Can change at times.
Species (Optional)
I Believe...
That a blade must be sharpened to cut off a head.

Drossel Keinz's Discussions

Kingdom of Noah

Started Jul 13 0 Replies

The Millennium Earl [Adam]Status-AliveThe patriarch of the Noah family and the creator of the Akuma. The master mind of every event that has ever happened in the world. The Earl was the reason why Drossel was came back to life. Drossel sees him as a man that deserves to be respected and serves him loyally. Whatever he asked of him Drossel will do so without hesitation.Road Kamelot [Noah of Dreams]-Status- AliveThe young mistress, or what Drossel calls her at least. He tends to her every need when ever she calls upon him. She took him in as her private butler taking him into her home, of course Sheril didn't like the idea of Road taking a man into their home but when they got to know eachother Drossel and Sheril  reached an understanding and allowed Drossel to serve Road.  Tyki Mikk [The Noah of Pleasure aka Joyd]-  Status- AliveTyki was someone that aggravates Drossel at times, his smoking habit makes the poor butler want to plug his nose with something. He admits that Tyki has his perks but he will never say it to his face in fear of inflating the  ego that Tyki already has. They hardly work together but when they do it is all business and no play. Tyki's sadistic side is something that Drossel tries to avoid at all times, although Tyki's brother Sheril's sadistic side is far worse if you ask Drossel.Sheril Kamelot [Noah of Desire ]-Status-AliveFather of Road Kamelot, and brother to Tyki Mikk. A shady fellow and one that has…Continue


"Build it up with iron and steel."

Name:Drossel Keinz

Species: Noah, former doll

Title: Noah of Grief


As a former Butler of Mandalay, Drossel Keinz was the finest craftsman for making dolls. Iron and steel, silver and gold, he has done them all to perfection. However he had passed away leaving his work into shambles. That is until an Angel replaced his soul with a temporary one while making his mind and body out of straw.  Although it was a temporary soul he was atleast some what self aware but not knowing that he was turned into the one thing he makes; a doll.

Days had passed until his new master had no use for him now and soon the temporary soul left Drossel's body leaving him as an empty husk.  One day however, a little girl with a umbrella that has a pumpkin head came to his body one day and decided to patch him up. She gave him life again giving him new purpose. With that new purpose Drossel now serves his new family; The Noah Family.

When he has nothing to do, he goes to England where his old antique shop is. He would always go there in order to think and get his hands busy tinkering on anything he could find.  When he has a customer he greets them and help them get what they like in the day, but in the night he gets...creative. 

(OOC: This is a mix between Black Butler and D.Gray-man)

Powers and Abilities

  • Manipulation of Dark matter.-  With his noah abilities he is able to form dark matter from his hands that could cause great damage to anything that he targets.
  • Control over will- With his strings he can manipulate anything that he wants to objects and even people, even killing them from how sharp his strings are.
  • Akuma Control- As a Noah Drossel is able to control any level of Akuma and make them do his bidding.
  • Dimmensional gates- With the help of Road Kamelot Drossel has learned how to go realms by doorways formed by the Noah of Dreams.

Name-Dante Von Keinz


Species- Noah

Title: Noah of Agony


Joker is a twenty-five-year-old man with purple eyes and long orange hair with extensions,which are bleached at the tips and braided at the strands. He frequently wears light-blue make-up, which he uses to paint a tear drop under his left eye, and has four thick hoop earrings on each ear.

Joker's outfit is comprised of a yellow bow, a purple coat trimmed with gold draped off his shoulders and used like a cape, a black and lavender checkered vest with a white ruffled button up shirt worn underneath, puffy short pants with diamonds on the seam, and black and white boots that reach to the knees and curl at the toes. He also dons a white glove on his left hand. Additionally, his right arm is missing, and replaced by a skeleton arm prosthetic.


Joker is a kind, easy-going, and cheerful individual, who strives for the mirth of others, as shown when he intentionally drops balls he was juggling on his head for the amusement of the audience.Despite this outer appearance, though, he is very serious about his duties and does not easily give in to emotions. But when learned of the truth about his arm and his fellow family he was in deep agony. When his Noah took hold of him the kind noah snapped and can now only with seeing everyone in pure agony to feel. When he is around Drossel he feels more at ease and sometimes plauyful and yet tired.


Joker was born on April 2, 1863, without a right arm. He had a mother, a prostitute named Karen Taylor, but she abandoned him for an unknown reason. Joker met the other first-string-circus members  in an East End alley, which he calls "a gutter where every dirty being emptied its bowels" and where "everyone in this gutter was thrown away." They had no hope of getting work, and were not even skilled thieves.

Ten years ago, Doll rushed up to Joker one day with a tooth in her hand. She gleefully exclaimed that it fell out, believing that she would later get a coin from the Tooth Fairy and promised them that she would buy them all bread afterwards. Peter began to retort that the Tooth Fairy didn't actually exist but was prevented from doing so by Jumbo. When he angrily questioned why he didn't allow him to speak, Joker agreed with Jumbo that it was hard to break the truth to her whilst seeing her smile, additionally musing that gap teeth are too cute to be legal. Beast commented that if Doll did not get her coin next morning, she would be extremely upset, to which Joker decided that he should attempt to earn something. Joker opposed Peter's idea of stealing, stating that he had a feeling it would be wrong to use stolen money "this time". Joker, Beast, Dagger, Peter, Wendy and Jumbo then proceeded to work on manual chores earnestly all night long in order to earn a single coin for Doll. They were relieved to see they made it on time as they placed it beside her whilst she was sleeping. The next morning, an oblivious Doll showed off her coin to them, stating how happy she was that they could eat bread with it and an exhausted but happy Joker laughed along with her. However, in the belief that the Tooth Fairy would give her more coins, Doll later attempted to take out more teeth that weren't wobbly, to the dismay of the others.

One day, while sitting under a tarp in the rain, Baron Kelvin found them and took them in. Joker called living at the manor "heaven." After some time, they decided to start a circus, and Joker assigned them stage names; it is understood that Joker is a stage name—however, not even the Grim Reapers have a record of his birth name.

Sometime later, Joker tried to help Kelvin with his obsession with Ciel Phantomhive, such as when he relayed information of Ciel's assumed death and when he prevented Kelvin from attending Ciel's sacrifice.


Joker welcomes Ciel and Sebastian into Kelvin's manor and introduces them to Kelvin. While eating dinner, Kelvin commands him to put on a circus performance for Ciel, which involves using the untrained, kidnapped children as the performers. Because they are inexperienced, their acts result in their gruesome deaths, which noticeably disturbs Joker. When Ciel expressed his disgust, Kelvin constrains Joker to clean it up. Ciel approaches Kelvin with a gun, and Joker is stopped by Sebastian from coming to the latter's aid. Kelvin orders Joker to put away his sword, and Joker remains in the custody of Sebastian.

They are then led to the basement by Kelvin, who reveals that he has turned the basement into a recreation of the day Ciel was sacrificed. Upset by his story, Ciel shoots him, and Joker tries to escape Sebastian by pulling a hidden knife out of his prosthetic arm. However, Sebastian cuts off part of his left arm and forbids him from disturbing his master. Joker pleads with Ciel for Kelvin's life, and discloses that the reason he acts at his bidding is because he needs Kelvin's help in order for them to survive. Ciel says he understands, but that is not going to stop him from "stealing his future." Joker proclaims that the other first-string circus members are visiting his manor that night, to silence all the witnesses, and hence stealing something precious  from Ciel. Ciel is unconcerned, because his servants are his private army, and Joker quietly wishes for at least the first-string members to survive. He laments his past, which has led to this tragedy, and Ciel tells him not to cry so shamefully as the world is not kind to anyone.

Doctor then enters the basement and demonstrates that he can walk, much to Joker's surprise. He also reveals that the prosthetic limbs Joker, Dagger, and Beast wear were made from the bones of children. Joker was unaware of this, and is disgusted, questioning what Doctor saw them as. Later, after Ciel and Sebastian killed Doctor and Kelvin and set the mansion on fire, William T. Spears states that Joker died of blood loss on February 9, 1889.

But that, was only half true, for Joker was brought back to life when the Millennium Earl found him one day. The Earl had saw a new Noak awakening from poor Joker and decided to take him into his care. it was then when Joker met Drossel Keinz aiding him in his recovery. They looked almost simliar,  but that is when The Earl revealed something to them...they were brothers.  Drossel helped Joker as long as he needed being an anchor for his brother, and so Drossel gave him his real name...Dante Von Keinz

Powers and Abilities

  • Manipulation of Dark matter.-  With his noah abilities he is able to form dark matter from his hands that could cause great damage to anything that he targets
  • Akuma Control- As a Noah Joker is able to control any level of Akuma and make them do his bidding.
  • Shadow Form-  Joker's special ability is to linger in the form of a shadow, he could any shape and be undetected. He could even harden his shadow form to make damage and cut through anything, Not to mention control those that he captures from his shadow.
  • skeletal blade- His bone hand can be turned into a blade when ever he feels the need to fight. 

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At 10:49pm on September 1, 2017,
Adam Sieghart

Adam watches the clown turn into a monster of a man? Is it even a man anymore? "I really dislike clowns." He complains as he rolls away from the thing and its sword. "I'd rather leave than fight though." He mutters as he begins looking around. Everything's on fire. If he can just get to the edge, he can escape. He loves the fact that he's fire proof. He launches form his spot and speeds towards the edge of the tent. Hopefully, that thing doesn't stop him in time. 

Inside, Conwell is not impressed. "I get out. Funny." He says while he watches whatever that stupid doll thing is transform into a man. "I care little for who you are. You just have to go." He says sounding irritated. "I am no mere guest. Adam and I are more closely connected than you think." He raises his hand, and the room begins to shake. "If you refuse to leave, then I'll just have to extinguish you." His eyes glow yellow as energy explodes from everywhere around him. Everything in the room will be caught in the explosion. 

At 9:09pm on August 29, 2017,
Belle the Necromancer

Raj laughed at Wisely as he blew him a playful kiss. "I wouldn't know. I haven't been a teenager in over a thousand years." Raj replied aloud. He would quickly take another bite of his food as he smirked to Wisely, loving to see him blush.

Belle would simply nod. She pushed herself from the wall and began towards the table. "So he's basically an old man Wisely." Belle would tease. Raj would just growl slightly at her, causing her to snicker a bit. Once she grabbed the empty dishes, she quickly moved to the kitchen, and began to wash them.

At 10:27pm on August 28, 2017,
Belle the Necromancer

As Wisely sent the images, Raj's eyes would turn into a pale blue, seeing what Wisely was sending. His tanned face soon became a bright pink. After the images seized, he would blink for a few moments, looking to Wisely. "You just had to lewd my romantics, didn't you?" Raj mused inside Wisely's head. He would give him a devilish grin before taking another bite of his food.

Belle would soon renter the dining room feeling the new atmosphere of the room. She would look to Drossel, then to Joker, and so on and so forth. "I... Um..." She mumbled as she looked back to Drossel. "I came to see if you needed any help with anything Drossel." She said, giving him a small smile as she leaned against the wall by the door.

At 10:14pm on August 21, 2017,
Belle the Necromancer

Belle would laugh as she heard Drossel's comment. "Well, I hope he keeps his manners this time..." She teased Violet as she tickled her stomach Soon, they arrived back to Belle's room where they had some down time. After a pillow fight, a bath, and a story later, Belle sat next to Violet. "Bells?" Violet would chime as she yawned.

Belle would laughed softly, poking her nose gently. "Yes little flower?" Belle would reply. Violet would give her a tired smile. "Could you... Could you do a trick for me?" Belle would smile, and look around, making sure no one was there, or peeing through the door. After satisfied, she looked back down at Violet, smiling.

She held out a hand, a small ball of glittering light in it. The light would begin to grow, form, and morph into a glimmering violet. Violet would giggle and reach out for it, but Belle would quickly close her hand. "Be patient Violet, the real trick hasn't been preformed." Belle warned, a warm smile on her face.

She opened her hand again, revealing a small figure, a fairy of sorts. The fairy would yawn and stretch out as she flitted her glittering wings, standing up. The violet that was once in her hand was now fashioned into a dress, the color still as vibrant as ever. Violet watched in awe as the fairy turned to her, waving.

Belle would smile as she brought her hand to her face. "Sleep well my little flower." Belle whispered as she blew air to the fire. the fair soon turned into a shimmering, powder substance, and blew to Violet's face. Violet softly fell onto the pillows behind her, and soon fell asleep. With that, Belle walked towards the door, dimming the light as she did.

Raj saw Wisely, and smirked. "Do you see something you like?" Raj teased. It was cheesy, and he knew it, but he thought he could be a bit romantic given their... New affiliation with each other. "I mean, I think I see something I like." He purred as he took another bite of his food.

At 11:40pm on August 19, 2017,
Belle the Necromancer

Belle nodded as she took a couple more bites. For as hungry as she was, she was filling rather quickly... No matter! She made sure she could eat as much as she could bare, trying not to be rude. She didn't want Drossel watching over her shoulder, making sure she eats it. Though, eventually, she finished. After her fill, she relaxed a bit, crossing her legs.

"I'll be sure to be ready for tomorrow morning then." She finally replied, a warm smile on her face. She then looked over to Violet, that smile remaining. Violet was now trying to feed Joker, telling him to open his mouth and such. "I see you're enjoying the attention Joker..." She mused to him. Violet would then giggle.

As this was happening, Raj ate,  but... His gaze over wandered over to Wisely. For such a sadistic familiar, he hasn't met many that was able to do this to him. Though, every so often, he would look to the others, but always to Wisely. 

Eventually, Belle got up, and went over to Violet. "Time for bed little miss..." She said as she scooped both Violet and Joker up. After spinning Violet around a bit, she gingerly took Joker and sat him on the table. "You Joker can stay here." She said jokingly in a motherly tone, making Raj a bit surprised. But, he soon turned his attention back to Wisely.

Belle gave an apologetic smile to Drossel. "I need to get her to bed, when I'm done though..." She laughed slightly as Violet tried to tickle her. "I can help you clean up, or at least do something around here... Sleeping for three days surely makes one bored." She concluded. She then gave a smile to everyone as she walked out of the dining room with Violet in her arms.

(Sorry for the late response, A lot of things have been happening.)


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