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" I am a She-Wolf to man." "A killer. A dyed-in-the-wool killer. Cold-blooded, clean, methodical and thorough."

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Who Am I...
Emilia Kaldwin. Daughter of Emily Kaldwin. Niece of Corvo Attano. The Sword of Dunwall. Future empress of the Empire of Isles. A child of the Void.
My Story Is...
Given birth via immaculate conception. A plan that was devised by her mother and the outsider. To have an immortal child that could continue her legacy forever and help secure her reign of Dunwall. Like with Delilah. She had her soul placed elsewhere except it was not in an effigy but inside the void itself. Hidden from all. With this ritual done. Even if her flesh should fail, it will be made anew. Should her spirit be found and attacked. It will re materialize itself in the Void and ressurect her body if it had been damaged beyound regeneration such as being completely Atomized. She was born to help her mother, Emily the Butcher, keep her throne and eliminate any like Delilah or Daud who would threaten her reign and rule of Dunwall.


She can fit into most stories. Comic books are easier. Medieval times shouldn't be to hard. Future is tricky. Modern can work though she works best in steam punk / Victorian like era. Bioshock / Dishonered type universe, obviously works best. Cross overs and alternate universes are welcome. As a child of the Void. She can travel to past or future beside the present or alternate one as everything mixs and jumbled in the Void.
My Appearance...
Virtually identical to her mother.
Has limited shapeshifting ability to allow her to take on a completely different apperance for means of disguise and cover.

Morality alignment :: High Chaos (can play her as Low chaos, depending on the storyline)
Occupation:: Witch hunter, Hired Assassin, Bodyguard, Royal Protector, Bounty hunter (modern times version and futuristic), Imperial Empress, Mage Killer.

In modern play. She is either a government trained assassin or bounty hunter. In future syfy settings. Bounty hunter and Dark Jedi

In some rps. She will even be a hunter of the supernatural and not just of witches. This would be done by her, primarily out of sheer boredom, but also to keep her skills sharp for the killing.

Much like her mother, grandfather, her supposed great aunt Delilah, and Daud. She is calculating, meticulous, cold blooded, methodical, and thorough. She will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in her way, in the way of whatever her current mission objective is. She has no moral qualms about slaughtering her enemies or the occasional civilian. Though she often frefrians from needless killing of civilians as it draws to much attention and are usually not worth the effort.
She sometimes will use non lethal means of removing a civilian in play in order to clear a path for her objective. One thing she does not like killing is regular animals, well namely pets like cats and dogs. Though she will kill the hounds created by witches and trained wolfhounds that are attacking her. She also does not kill children and avoids putting them in the crossfire. The only exception to this rule is if the child is a monster, like actual monster beast, zombie children, vampire children, any supernatural children that are running amuck on a bloody rampage and slaughtering every human they come across. Those children she will kill without blinking, because they are not human and are a threat to humanity.
Amendment: In the past she only hinted monster children who posed a threat to humanity and went on a rampage. As time past to the future and present, she has become more jaded and less caring about the lives of her fellow humans. So she would just make a blanket decree to not kill any child,no unless the child tried to kill a member of her family. A child attacking her would leave her within two options: Lethal and non lethal takedown. Depending on her mood at the time and the circumstances of the attack, she may or may not opt for the killing blow or she will spare the child's life.

Despite what she has become. She still considers herself human, just magically & preternaturally Enhanced / Augmented.
She is capable of mercy and random acts of kindness if it serves her objectives or helps to maintain her "cover".
She is very level headed and cool under pressure. She is very loyal to her family and whoever is lucky enough to be considered a friend by her. She will most often keep true to any alliances she has made with allies and not harm them in any way. The only exception is those she made an alliance of convience with. Such as an enemy she forges a temporary alliance with to futhiet a goal or deal with a mutual enemy. She will most often then not, kill this type of ally, to prevent them from having the chance of stabbing her in the back.
Species (Optional)
Powers granted by the Mark of the Outsider. She is the only one to have a mark on both hands. Twin marks.
She has all of her mothers and grandfathers abilities via shared bloodline. She gained Daud's and Delilah's abilities by having samples of their blood mixed into a special rune that would be absorbed into her. Granting her access to their powers as well.

Unbreaking folding sword. The likes Emily and Corvo use. Custom crossbow and pistol. Various ammo types and mines. Grenades.

After meeting the wraith Celebrimbor, she overlapped the
Mark of the Outsider on her right hand with the mark of the wraith, mark of Celebrimbor. She then gained access to the same powered bestowed upon the ranger, Talon. Able to self ressecuret after being killed, something she could do already as theorized since she has never been mortally wounded yet.
Ability to teleport directly to a target for an chain sword attack. Something similar to her transversal powers she already possesses. Ability to make a wraith bow and arrows which she could also set on fire, would come in very useful for her. But the main power, was Domination. Not only could she uncover someone's secrets and memories, she could also enslave their minds. Controlling them as her servants and exploding their heads from afar if she so desired. This power would prove useful should she ever desire to build an army and this mind control extended to beasts as well as humanoids. With the powers of the wraith and the void at her disposal, she has truly become a deadly elite Assassin and formidable opponent.
My Secrets Are...
In modern day. I pretend to be a simple model. Sometimes a ditzy bikini model. For no one ever expects a ditzy model to be a deadly Assassin.

Fav quotes.

Tell you what I do like though: A killer. A dyed-in-the-wool killer. Cold-blooded, clean, methodical and thorough. Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF1, would have immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun. [a Mangalore presses the button, detonating a large explosive]

Zorg: I don't like warriors. Too narrow-minded, no subtlety. And worse, they fight for hopeless causes. Honor? Huh! Honor's killed millions of people, it hasn't saved a single one.

Zorg: I hate warriors, too narrow-minded. I'll tell you what I do like though: a killer, a dyed-in-the-wool killer. Cold blooded, clean, methodical and thorough. Now a real killer, when he picked up the ZF-1, would've immediately asked about the little red button on the bottom of the gun.
[Scene shifts to Aknot, who is staring in confusion at the little red button. He shrugs and pushes it]
Zorg: [Casually smokes a cigarette as the room with the Mangalores blows up] Bring me the priest.
I Believe...
"She who has the Power. Makes the rules". "Ego homini Lupus" ("I am a Wolf to man") is her motto.

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Emilia Kaldwin,Child of the Void's Blog

Tools of the trade.

Posted on January 22, 2017 at 10:07am 0 Comments


So what if the Federal Government scattered your people into the wind? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Your time for revenge is at hand. Voila, the ZF-1. [activates a ZF-1 and holds it] It's light; handle's adjustable for easy carrying; good for righties and lefties; breaks down into four parts; undetectable by X-ray; ideal for quick discreet interventions. A word on firepower. Titanium recharger; 3000-round clip with bursts of 3 to 300. With the… Continue

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At 5:43pm on January 22, 2017, Phoenix Delaney said…

{Thanks doll! I'd love to plot

At 3:19pm on January 9, 2017, Brooke Maddox said…

//Thank you

At 11:51pm on January 4, 2017, Aviur said…

The night had just begun when a large explosion rocked the mansion of a retired military general. As the smoke cleared guards began to swarm the location to see what happened, but it was only a diversion. Once they were distracted the way to the target was left mostly open. Cain-01 would walk through the front door after killing the remaining guard with his knife and walked up towards where the target's room was suppose to be unopposed. Getting out would be more fun however.

At 7:29pm on January 4, 2017, Aviur said…
We can have it set in the dishonored setting. I try to keep flexible for stuff like that.
At 12:31pm on January 4, 2017, Aviur said…

It's a human sized character. Im just using the appearance of an Evangelion. And I was thinking something like both our characters are going after the same target and run into each other. 

At 2:25am on January 4, 2017, Aviur said…

Hello. I like the character. Would you like to rp sometime?


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