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I give up.. left a comment for Xenos (Eugene Stavros)
"Hell of a bad ass here!"
Aug 17

Xenos (Eugene Stavros) 

Age: 2,117

Hair color:White

Eye color: Dark blue

Height: 5'8"

Clothing: Dark blue gentleman's blouse, white overcoat, white slim trousers, black buckled shoes.

Inventory: Brown leather satchel which holds several books, plays, journals, quills, letters, and occasionally vials phoenix tears and their feathers.

Eugene was born a stillbirth, in Calleva Atrebatum, a Roman settlement in England. He was soon taken in by Dionysus, as a replacement child for his distraught wife when their son Staphylus suddenly died. Being raised up as a demigod, his life was not made as easy as some may think. His brother, Oenopion, commonly harassed the adopted brother. Through the many years of learning and solitude, Xenos became nervous around strangers, and even trusted friends. His anxiety and distrust of others becoming part of him. Though he finds some peace and relaxation within his studies. Being relatively quiet and can acting out towards others when feeling threatened. However, if his trust is gained he becomes a little more talkative and friendly. On rare occasions he spent time away from home in Olympus, training with his grandfather Zeus and learning of what powers his father offered him. Xenos seems to live 'in his brothers shadow', finding that no matter what his father holds the blooded brother higher. However, his mother, Ariadne, always took favor of the adopted son. Gracing him with a gift on his 1,000th birthday before her death. Eros.

Abilities: Animal bond, illusion, teleportation.


Eros is a familiar and Xenos eyes and ears before going anywhere. His form is that of a white rabbit with wings. The tips of his long ears, lengthy tail, and wings are tipped with black. Though he cannot do much harm, he will lash out with his black claws to protect his master. He is about a foot in length (not including his tail), with a three foot wingspan. He has zero abilities and flies everywhere he goes. Though he is relatively friendly, he prefers to keep his distance. The small familiar is often caught in his counterpart Pholus's talons.


Age: Unknown

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Height: 6'7"

Clothing: Black solid armor with bronze accents and styling, more in the fashion of a trench coat around the collar and long bottom. Slick black trousers and heavy boots with bronze clasps. Smooth and leathery gloves over his hands.

Inventory: Empty.

Oenopion is the bringer of wine, taught by his father Dionysus the god of the grape harvest, wine making and wine, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theater. He respects himself, but can be very rude and sometimes verbally and physically abusive of his adopted brother, Xenos. He see's the sibling as no more than a waste of oxygen in his path, but despite being so harsh, he does care about his brother as he see's him as a linking reminder of his mother. Commonly spewing insults and nicknames to the demigod. He can be quite talkative to those he wishes to speak to, but his posh manner leaves him thinking nobody deserves his time. He is often at home with his familiar, Pholus.

Abilities: Teleportation, creation of wine, illusion, transformation.


Pholus is Oenopion's familiar, a powerful and beastly sized griffin. Standing at a solid eight feet, Pholus is snarky and distasteful of his 'brother' Eros. He feels that the familiar is foul and below himself, holding his position higher because he is the companion of a god. His personality is cruel towards the small creature, and almost just as sharp tongued towards Xenos. His wingspan crests sixteen feet from tip to tip. He is completely white, save for his gold talons and massive beak. Beady amber eyes. The only being he respects is his master Oenopion, the familiar being a gift from Dionysus.

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At 9:52pm on August 17, 2017,
I give up..

Hell of a bad ass here!


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