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Sloane Nasica left a comment for Exodus Hellgaia
"Sloane wanted to smack the sleep the right out of the bag-boy when he slowly woke up. To the nerve of just calling her - human. It was true, not the point! Sloane wrinkled her nose as another figure burst his way into the meeting. Well, now that was…"
Jun 11
Exodus Hellgaia posted a status
"They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority for truth, instead of truth for authority."
Jun 10
Exodus Hellgaia posted a status
"( O )( O )"
Jun 6
Sloane Nasica left a comment for Exodus Hellgaia
"Jet-tipped nails drug through tangled strands of purples and blues, the dye dried enough to keep it from staining the flesh. Tossing her hair back over one shoulder as she stopped to vogue in the mirror. Lips, plump and full, stained a dark berry…"
Jun 5

Blowin' Shit Up One Realm At A Time!


Name: Exodus Hellgaia
Nickname - Ex.  Pyro. NO EX DON'T BLOW THAT UP!!

Height - 6 ft 5 in

Weight - 222 Lbs.

Race: Eden Seed

Line: Metatronis

Hair - Dark Brown

Eyes - varries

Age - Appears 21

Family - Alive.

Physique - Athletic.

Sexual Preference - Women

Location: Aloof
Affiliations: Hunters Association.  Adam.  Hellgaia Clan.  Court Of Midnight.

Personality - Temperamental. Witty. Sarcastic. Sadistic.

Likes - Fighting. Rough housing. Sex.  Blowing shit up.  Spicy foods. Fire.

Dislikes - Cowards, idiots, liars, betrayal.
Skills - Various skills acquired through soul learning.  
Powers:  Though he has various abilities passed down from his parent's bloodlines, Exodus is often seen using two distinct powers.  The first is soul learning, an ability that allows him to communicate with the souls of the dead, and share knowledge with them.  This allows him to learn and retain not only memories, but skills that the souls held in life.  The second, and his favorite, is the ability to absorb most forms of energy, including kinetic, and convert it into his personal divine aura.  He is able to expand and manipulate his divine aura and 'infect' most forms of matter and energy with it which he can then detonate on a sub atomic level, allowing him to turn almost anything he touches into an explosive weapon, even his own blood or sweat.

Occupation - Hunter. Annoying Brother.

Turn Ons - Short skirts. Thigh High boots. T-shirts. Red hair, black hair, white hair. Tattoos Rough women with tempers.

Turn Offs - Smoking, lying, lack of intelligence and common sense.
Scent - Chaotic.

Favorite Food - Spicy.

Favorite Drink - Pepper Whisky.

Favorite Weather - Hot.

Favorite Person - ???
Favorite Movie - The 5th Element and Event Horizon

Secret - Romantic at heart.

Outlook on Life - Live in the moment.
-More to come.-

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At 4:25pm on June 11, 2017, Sloane Nasica said…

Sloane wanted to smack the sleep the right out of the bag-boy when he slowly woke up. To the nerve of just calling her - human. It was true, not the point! Sloane wrinkled her nose as another figure burst his way into the meeting. Well, now that was a tall dark drink of water and Sloane would have put on the nines if he did not start off by explaining that he was the one who orchestrated this parade. Well, la-dee-fucking-dah. However, this was her one chance to prove that she could put the heel to the metal like her male counterpart.

Adam? Well, hmm. She'd never heard of this creature to which proved that her elegant information was not wholly useable. Someone was getting fired, well, if they'd actually worked for her they would be getting fired. Off topic. Slinging one angelic limb over the other as she settled down in a chair to offer both of them her full attention. To say that she was not intrigued even a mild amount was a gargantuan lie. Sloane was oozing curiosity at this stage of the game.

While the lovely little vixen attuned her powdered nose towards the men, another shadow formed in the far-off corner and Bastet strode out with one hand curled within dark tresses, in the other was a small book that held information that she hoped Adam still needed. " Sorry, love, little late. " Crooned the whiskey-scented kitten. Letting the papers fall with a thud, nothing fell out of place, though there was a large photo that wanted to free itself from the cage of plastic and binding. " You've got to start giving me more time to get things together, handsome. " Placing a chaste -- or as chaste as Bastet could ever be -- on Adam's mouth before swaying back into the shadows as if she'd never been there at all. The only thing left behind was that sweet, intoxicating scent that followed the cat woman everywhere she went.

" If we get more perks like that? I'll do whatever job comes my fucking way. " Sloane muttered watching the lovely goddess strut her stuff into the bleak nothingness. Now, both boys had her full attention once more that it was no longer being derailed by things this world would never be good enough for. Curling one hand under her chin while the other took space on the table before her. Cutting that gaze towards bag-boy a few times, and finally settling it fully on Adam.

Sloane got that cold chill running her spine like a boosted mafia boss. It was telling her that nothing was going to be the same, it would never just be ordinary again. This was what she wanted, though, to be more than her breeding.

At 9:47pm on June 4, 2017, Sloane Nasica said…

Jet-tipped nails drug through tangled strands of purples and blues, the dye dried enough to keep it from staining the flesh. Tossing her hair back over one shoulder as she stopped to vogue in the mirror. Lips, plump and full, stained a dark berry which eluded to a bad girl vibe that Sloane reveled in. The vision that stared back at her from that dirt covered gas station mirror was someone who never gave up, never gave in, and always found a way to fix every problem.

Which is why today was so important. They'd given her a job, her very first, with someone as a partner. They all knew the figure was more or less there to babysit the nub, though who was she to complain? After Laney showed them all that her feet were solid and not in danger of rocking, she'd be the fucking queen of the underworld. Sliding her pinky to the corner of one almond shaped blue to rub the smoke colored makeup around. Completing the smokey eye was only the second step to her fool proof feel good, look good plan! Was it professional? No, not even a little bit. Did it fucking matter? No, not even a little bit!

Sloane was a come as she was kind of girl and they'd see that, split that within whatever dreams and spank bank fantasies they held, and everyone would move on to other subjects. Reaching to grab all of the beauty products from the counter to drop them into her large coach bag which now swung over the right shoulder as she stepped into the fluorescent light of hell, or well -- Lima Lake Station. If creepy and dingy was in style this place would be the Hilton of Gas stops. Enough bitching, Laney, work had to be done. A glance at her cell to confirm the time, and she moved out the back door up a few rocky steps towards the woods.

Six-inch heels should have been a bitch to maneuver in, though she mastered that years ago. It was a good ten minutes until she reached the cabin, then the door that would open every possibility for her. Laney felt her heart pounding so badly that it caused her necklace to bounce off barely covered tits. Lace top that covered the goods, that fell down into a leather skirt that was showing more than it covered, never mind that it was a bit too cool to be parading around like a high-class whore. Stumbling into the chamber to find only one body relaxing in the glory, and that caused her to step back as if checking for a note or something else telling them that it had been canceled so the Council could go bar hopping.

Well, he did not look like the head of some super secret organization, so a light smile touched her expression as she pulled out a jacket to jam over her torso while waiting for someone to arrive that knew what the hell was going on. In these few seconds, it occurred to Laney that she should have at least tried to fit in, jeans or at least a modest shirt, so they knew that she was serious about taking this on. Oh, believe her -- she was ready and willing to do whatever it took. Might look like a doll that someone put on a shelf, but she could fight dirtier than anyone in this room. Okay, maybe? The boy that found his way here first looked pretty beefy. Second best was still a good place. Silver and all that jazz.

" Oh hells, am I late? " Irish lit was in full effect giving that low-class breeding a chance to shine. English was not her first language, and while she could speak it, there was a bit of a barrier to every syllable.

At 8:14am on June 2, 2017, Sloane Nasica said…

Exodus Hellgaia's Blog

Angel's Punishment

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"And then....I'm fuckin' serious here, and THEN this piece of shit actually pissed his pants!  I know right?  He had the goddamn NERVE to kidnap dozens of children as sacrifices for his spells, and do horrible things to them, claiming it was to charge the spells with their negative emotions.  I mean,…

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