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  • A Survivor, a Wolf, and a Warrior.
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Warriors Don't Get Left Behind

Posted on February 27, 2017 at 12:20pm 0 Comments


"Ai laik Valerie kom Gonakru."

Profile Information

Who Am I...
A Survivor, a Wolf, and a Warrior.

(Art above Courtesy of Bolt Mulaag.)


Full Name: Valerie Claire Natsu

Nicknames: Val, V, Pup/Puppy, Dog, Pouty Puppy, Lady Valerie, Wolf/Wolfy, Fluffy, Den Mother, Predator, Executioner, Danger/Trouble Magnet, Bitch, Sparky, Beast, Valkyrie

Nationality: Canadian

Hometown: Beacon Hills, California

Residence: Island  of Persistence, Hellifyno

Birthday: November 28

Age: 25 years

Species: Wolf Shifter

Handicaps: Partially Blind, Asthmatic, Bipolar, Sassy/Sarcastic Pain in the Ass, Trust Issues, Insomnia

Languages: Fluent in English and Trigedasleng(Fictional language from The 100.), Exceptional in American Sign Language

Skill Sets: Weapons Training(Guns and blades.), Tracking, Hunting, Living Lie Detector, Keen Sense of Smell and Hearing

Weapon of Choice: Machete

Born to war. Raised in chaos. Valerie felt as a mere mutt would. A cross breed. An impurity in the general eyes of society. She never asked anyone for their pity, their help, or their kindness. And often times she did not receive it. She grew up in isolation, abandoned by her own people; family and friends included. Thus explaining her strong distrust for other beings. One day, among the golden amber hue of the sunset, she took off. Leaving her home town in search of her inner peace, she is now trying to find out who she truly is.

When the great war between the wolves and the humans erupted, Valerie Natsu was born. She is what most humans from her homeland call: A Sacred Half. Such a creature had long been extinct until the birth of this young warrior came about.

Valerie graduated from Beacon Hills High School in California, USA on Earth, as one of the school's top students. She once lived in Consequence, Hellifyno, and soon lived in Providence, Hellifyno. Now Valerie lives in Persistence, Hellifyno.


Tattoos: Tribal tattoo classifying Lone Wolf status on right shoulder. Pair of arrows crossed over each other, over her heart, to symbolize Val's relationship with and love for the one woman she holds dear to her heart; Sloane Artair, tiny Crescent moon on the back of her neck.

Notable Scars: Upside down, uppercase Y on left cheek bone. Long jagged slash-like scar on left side, from upper torso to three inches above her hip. Several small scars over her hands/fingers from small cuts and accidental burns.

Style of Apparel: Leather boots, jackets and fingerless gloves as well as cotton-made tank tops or long sleeved shirts.

Jewelry: Leather cord that harbors a wooden carving of a grizzly bear(Made by an old friend of Valerie's from California.). A chain with a dog tag that was given to her as a memento of a fallen friend. Lastly a locket given to her by John Hancock as a Christmas present.

H u m a n                                                                                                                         W o l f

Dark Brunette/Olive Skin

Charcoal Black

Algae Green

Icy Blue


57" Length/65" Shoulder Height/150 lb

During times of battle, Valerie wears no armor. It's always that leather attire of hers, with what she calls "war paint" over her eyes. She has plenty of scars to prove her battle worn days, but has no problem getting back into the swing of things once a new problem arises. Both her old machete, and the one given to her on Christmas of 2016 are always sheathed to her back, ready to be used.


Valerie Natsu always had trouble finding trustworthy beings to call friends because the people she had met always found some way to shun her so that she wouldn't be a part of their everyday lives. And, with this said, Val is known to be what most would call a Lone Wolf. She is trustworthy (despite her own trust issues), overly protective, cautious, kindhearted, high spirited, stoic, and caring; but she loves her alone time. Val is also slightly secretive (or cryptic), and while prone to anger, she'll act only when necessary. With this said, all must be warned. The wolf shifter is hardly one for conversation. Preferring to be alone at most times, she observes more than she speaks. Many can agree with this if you ask them what she is like. She tolerates most things. But has had plenty of undesirable moments of shit like obnoxious noises, being taunted, and more. There are very few people around these days, that can get her to loosen up some in any situation. Two examples of the very few are: the beautiful Grizzly shifter and Val's fiance Sloane Artair, and her high school friend Stiles Stilinski. Don't let this shifter's appearance, both physical and emotional, fool you. Deep down, Valerie can be seen as a good person. She only tries her best to do what's right for everyone, even if it will get her killed in the process.


Valerie is currently Engaged to Sloane Artair the Grizzly Shifter.

-Sloane Artair is a beautiful woman to which Valerie had the pleasure of meeting by pure chance. Not only is this lovely blonde Valerie's girlfriend, she is also a shifter and a warrior. One very sexy warrior Grizzly shifter. How did these two meet? Valerie had been taking refuge in a forest on earth, the time frame being that of when she disappeared from Persistence yet again to train herself in combat as well as kicking hunter ass and attempting to find information about them and their base. But little did she know, Sloane was running through. Valerie literally beheaded two hunters who were going after the escaping Grizzly shifter, for her fur. It is because of the deaf shifter that this shifter decided to get better with her sign language. It is also because of the Grizzly that Valerie has become less stoic, more protective, and more talkative. Val can't picture her life without Sloane, and knows deep down that she'll protect her no matter what, until the end.

-Teddy the Pit bull is an adorable, playful, charming pup that Valerie will gladly admit that she adores. Sloane had adopted Teddy from the shelter she worked at, because Valerie had been talking about wanting a dog. Valerie is glad to call Teddy her new best friend, and her loving pet. He's more than she could ever ask for, thanks to Sloane.


-Daryl Dixon. TBA

Consequence; Hellifyno

- Mordecai became a part of the shifter's life at the Blue Moon tavern. For a while, she wasn't sure she could trust him, considering her trust issues varied. But, after a long personal debate, he proved Valerie could. She adored Morde  like an older brother. And to this day, Valerie believes she'll do anything for him.
- Valerie never knew about Matilda until apparently, Mordecai had known about her as well. Matilda is Mordecai's only daughter. And how does she know this? By being one of the few that helped Mordecai kill a woman named Emeline. A woman who was Matilda's mother and a former lover of Mordecai's.

City-State of Persistence; Hellifyno

- Ysmir is a quiet draconian; stoic, silent, stern. Practically the father figure -Or "Mother-Hen"- in the small group. Valerie looks up to this guy. He's always been the big brother she never had but always wanted - sorta. Even though Val's an independent woman and hates asking for help, she'll go to him for advice if it's needed.
- Her favorite Necromancer and one of the oddest witches she's ever met, probably is Aurelia Faye. Beautiful, hilarious, great gal. Love her to death, she's just so weird. She'll always be glad that Ysmir introduced her to this weirdo.
-Ash Harning is the man who died on a mission, only to return at the worst of times. An eight thousand some-odd year old Pyromancer, who in some ways could be considered a god if that were possible. He's trusted by many - or so it seems. Upon taking the offer to help train the shifter to become a better fighter into consideration, she accepted the next day. Although her mistrust for this man run deep due to his bounty hunter background as well as fiery ways, she's doing her best to keep things civil between them. Even if he acts like an older brother, when slapping the back of Valerie's head.

-Two more additions to Valerie's family go by the names Dream and Hamlet. Yes, these two are an interesting pair. Hamlet is THE Hamlet from the play written oh so long ago. Well... sort of. Dream, the king of the "Dreaming", or in Val's words the realm of dreams created Hamlet, made him real. At first, she despised Dream. During the time of the Corinthian, she hated the guy. Didn't trust him one bit, because Dream was the creator of that monstrosity. Now, she's gotten used to him. She might still hold a little mistrust for Dream, but she hasn't avoided him. Hamlet...well, she has recently expressed her feelings, and gave the Dream-Teen a hug or two. Tight ones. She worries for Hamlet...and will help him wherever she can.

-Cú Chulainn, a Celt with a kilt. A fellow warrior, a king, a Chieftain. A brother in arms, one might say, due to his warrior background. He's always looking to have a drink, and is a flirtatious man. At first, Valerie was unsure of him, and how their relationship would turn out in the future. But in no time at all, he proved to be more than trustworthy. This man is almost family to her. He became such in little time. Even if she doesn't admit it right away, he is like a brother to her. A father figure even, at emotional times. She trusts him with her life, and even her deepest emotions. Valerie looks up to him, and would gladly be by his side at a time of war.

(Pictures/Gifs/Videos do NOT belong to the Writer, accept for the header image. All credit goes to the editors from Deviantart, Tumblr, so on and so on.)

I'm almost always around here. But if not, then you can reach the Writer at various sites: 1. Tumblr 2. FB 3. YouTube. 4. Skype is also available. Ask writer for it, but don't be surprised if the answer is no.

The Rules should be obvious enough, and self explanatory.


( F U N )



 Share the same Birth Month and Day.

 Share the same First and Last name(middle names are different).

 Both left handed.


 Been a part of the site since August of 2013, and can't imagine life without this place.

 Been Roleplaying since age of eight or nine years old.

 Has a huge love for wolves(if it isn't already obvious.)

 Is Accident Prone.


 Was the Writer's second ever character on this site.

 Has many of the Writer's personality traits.

 Despises any terms related to Werewolf, due to being a Shape Shifter(Wolf Shifter).

≈ Because she isn't a Werewolf, her healing process doesn't occur as quickly.

≈ Tolerance for alcohol is high, leaving it fairly difficult to get drunk.

≈ Contradicts herself many times, and can be quite ironic.

≈ Has a major fear of thunder, and losing people. Doesn't know how to swim.

≈ Danger/Trouble magnet ways stems from the Writer's accident prone issues.

≈ Firmly believes that her feet belong on the ground because of what she is,

therefore, has a fear of heights/flying.

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At 9:02pm on February 20, 2017,
Bianca Alexeyevich

Hi there! Love your page

At 6:25pm on February 7, 2017, Gray Lee Guzman said…

Thank you for the request, and yeah i havent been on here much? None seems to get on that site for the past two months. So that why I have been coming onto rolepages more.

At 10:48am on January 21, 2017,
Cú Chulainn
Wow...amazing pic!!
At 11:23pm on December 10, 2016, Daryl Dixon said…

''I have my moments.'' 

And this was certainly one of those moments. He just looked away from the stare. Still amused.


At 7:33pm on December 10, 2016, Daryl Dixon said…

''About time some taught you, then.'' Woah! Well, he wasn't one for contact either but a high five was innocent. And meaningful when shared with someone cool.

''Whatever you say.''

The look on his face just spoke in volumes. She would never hear the end of it. Not anytime soon, atleast!


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