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Kiche Wimari left a comment for Sadara霊Restored霊Diety
"She took another step forward, trying to ignore the rain drops the fell on her and rolled off her hair. Unholy hell or not, power was always power. Blood meant a fresh kill. Probably another predator, not unlike herself. Everything that brought her…"
Feb 13
Sadara霊Restored霊Diety replied to Kiche Wimari's discussion 'So. Looking for fellow wolves. Or roleplay partners in general.'
"Want to explain in my pm?"
Feb 9
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Feb 8
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Jul 14, 2016

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"Here we go again." (W.I.P)


                                              "So, we meet again."                                   


                                   Name: Sammy (Sadara) Snowflower


                                                        Age: ???


                                                     Gender: Male


                                           Relationship status: Taken


                                               Sexual orientation: Bi

                                                   Species: Celestial




                                                 The Gateway System

   -Original Ability- 

               Allows the user to absorb and manipulate the souls of fallen opponents, creating a new body to host or puppeteer. Expends copious amounts of energy. 


Ookami (Wolf)

Dragoon (Dragon)

Tora (Tiger)

Jagaa (Jaguar {Anthropomorphic})

Gati (Cat)

Yagi (Goat {Anthropomorphic})

Garou (Werewolf)

Fenris (Demoniac)

Biological Manipulation

The user has complete control over the anatomies and bodies of oneself. Including skin, nails, fat, muscles, blood, nerves, etc., allowing them to freely alter and manipulate them. User can grow additional appendages and body-parts, remove them or otherwise manipulate bodies, in visible, chemical and cellular/sub-cellular levels.

Self Blood Manipulation

User can create, control and otherwise manipulate blood of oneself, others or from their surroundings, whether it be from blood-banks, hospitals, or battlefields

Solar Manipulation

User can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of a sun, starting from its immense heat, luminosity, mass/gravitational field, magnetic field, raw nuclear energy and reaction, etc.. More specific effects include solar winds/flares, geomagnetic storms, sunspot reactions causation, UV emissions, and plant growth promotion

Gravity Manipulation

User can bend gravity to make the environment very “heavy” or “light”, cause objects to “fall” toward another object instead of the earth (“nexus inducing”), flatten objects, and generate miniature black holes to compress objects into oblivion. They can repel and attract matter and energy regardless of its mass or move objects in a manner similar to telekinesis.

Aura Manipulation

Much like the ability, Life-Force Manipulation, the user can manipulate this kind of energy in various ways. However, this ability deals with the energy of their spiritual essence instead of the entire universe. Aura is the energy that is formed from one's achievement of spiritual power through extreme mental focus and strong emotions. Users of this power are able to increase their natural abilities, attract and repel the aura of others, sense the aura, and project it. Types of aura are located in different parts of the physical body such as the forehead, spine, throat, heart, and stomach. The power of the aura also changes with one's mood.

The Origin of Omnishi

Have you ever seen the nightmare of a God? These are the very beings born of the same energy which make deities cry for their lost mothers. Beings born from the essence of holy sin and corruption, taken the form of their holy counterparts. They are the result of "Quarter Extraction", an event which required the attendance of all celestials between the lands of Solsteim and Heaven. Those whom attended would have the essence of darkness which all things are inevitably born with stripped from their souls and cast into the abyssal pits of hell to reside in a purgatory of puppets. Those who resisted where put to death for treason against the Greater Order. They didn't realize then that you could never truly rid yourself of darkness, and so in those unholy pits, sin would begin to take physical form...

They call them Nishi', beasts who survive only on the flesh and soul of mortals. With the power of gods they march in the shadows of the human world, feasting upon and raping innocent souls in a nightmarish loop. It Is said that in the war between these malformed demoniac beings and their counterparts, it was discovered they could not die. For if they where ever to be killed, the counterpart to which their essence had been split would also cease to exist.

It is mandatory law for all beings of celestial nature to eventually find their counterpart and capture them for imprisonment in the world beyond Solsteim. If a celestial neglects this duty their counterpart will be hunted by another and slain as punishment. Now the demons hide in the shadows as celestials stalk the day in an eternal battle.

Omni is the name of Sam's counterpart. A demon both murderous and cruel, yet tamed by events which currently remain untold.

The True Story

(Word in Progress)

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At 3:26pm on March 5, 2017,

I am still here are you still here?

At 12:07pm on February 13, 2017, Kiche Wimari said…

She took another step forward, trying to ignore the rain drops the fell on her and rolled off her hair. Unholy hell or not, power was always power. Blood meant a fresh kill. Probably another predator, not unlike herself. Everything that brought her here was at stake if she didn't win what ever fight might happen.

But Kiche was never one to ignore her demons.

At 2:27pm on February 12, 2017,

[Ello, how are you, would you like to rp?] 

At 1:13pm on February 10, 2017, Kiche Wimari said…

-awesome! Here's a starter-

She wandered through the city, buildings looming over her the way red wood trees do in the forest. Her nose tingled and she stopped in her tracks, her leather boots clicking. Near by there was some one powerful. A potential threat to Kiche's safety.

A growl ripped through her throat as she silently moved towards the alley way- the source of the power. Who was it? What was it? The questions fluttered in her mind as she sniffed the air again. Human form or not, scent told her a lot of things.

Rain started falling from the sky.

At 12:35pm on February 10, 2017, Kiche Wimari said…

Yea I would be fine. My story is on my page. Seeing as your character is a wolf deity Kiche would help them gain power.

At 2:48pm on February 8, 2017,
Random Characters


At 1:53pm on January 11, 2016,
Airanna Dragoness

A wolf with greyish red and black fur walked along side the edge of the terrority. Her green eyes glowed darkly as she sniffed around this land. She howled out into the air, letting the wolf know that she was in his lands. She made her way into the thick it of trees and laid down. There she would wait for him to come find her, and find out just who she was.***

At 7:23pm on September 9, 2015, Metal Sonic said…

Cain reacted more on instinct than on any calculated move.  The instant Sadara's new form shot towards him enveloped in the myriad destructive energies, Cain drew up and used the Chaos energy in his body to perform Chaos Control.  The universe around him ground to a sudden screeching halt.

Sadara's horrifyingly powerful attack was only a few short meters away from Cain's outstretched hand, but even with all of time stopped he could feel his palm start to erode away from the output and clashing of the energies.  Seeing no other choice, he severed the hand which broke down into nothing almost as soon as it separated.

Cain frantically used his slight speed dash to gain a few light seconds of distance from Sadara, knowing that what he was about to try would be tiring.  If it didn't work, he would need that distance to take a breath.

Still within Chaos Control, Cain called forth his black mana and began feeding the corruptive magical energy into the Force.  His rage and madness spread throughout the energy of the universe in a wave, enhanced and redoubled over and over by the living psychic emanations of everything in the universe.  And through that he pushed the concepts that he chose to tear his enemy apart in the most painful way possible.

Pain. Failure. Agony. Death.  Cripple. Fall. Curse. Death

Hate. Loss. Death. Torture. Destruction. Death

Break. Death. End. Death

Death.  Death.



No more black mana could be poured into the connection, Cain could feel that.  Each concept he had channeled became a separate curse, ready to hammer the full weight and meaning into the being to which it was targeted.  And each of those malignant black curses were channeled at Sadara.  As soon as Cain ended the Chaos Control, time would restore its normal flow and all of these curses would empower themselves from the madness enhanced dark side of the Force and rip their vicious empathic hooks into any being with a mind.

There was no escaping this one.  The Force is everywhere and through it, these curses were eternal.

With one final psychotic grin, Cain snapped his fingers and allowed time to resume.

At 6:38pm on September 8, 2015,
Random Characters

*The creature would reply calmly* The tune I played was a tune to please the spirits of the forest and to be the song that my remaining followers pray to. They hear the song more clearly than anyone. Ancestors of they have created sheet music for the tune and some have even gone as far as to practice the song themselves. But the same thing remains. The followers end goal is to sing louder than the church bells that try and snuff my song. Even though they have not met me. They know, by the records of their ancestors, that I exist. So they continue their worship. *He would pick up a rabbit in his hands and would pet it softly, smiling down at it like a caring parent* They were afraid of an unknown creature entering these woods and so they came to me for protection. It is what they do by default. *He would place the rabbit down now and it would scamper off*

At 8:03pm on September 7, 2015, Metal Sonic said…

((That looks good.  I'll post up my response tomorrow.  Gotta get to bed for now.  Got work in the morning.))

At 12:52pm on September 7, 2015, Metal Sonic said…

Everything was happening too quickly.  With the energy expenditure and the subsequent gravitational crushing, the Majin was having a difficult time keeping control over the pieces of himself he'd locked away.  If things got much worse, he'd be forced to crack open the vault door a bit to release a bit of the pressure on his fragmenting mind.

Then, the forces involved plunged Cain directly into the heart of the forming black hole.  The intense pressure was too much and Cain was forced to slip into his mind for a moment, freezing everything around him from his own perspective.  He had been working hard to not allow this to happen, but if he wanted to survive and get out of this without being consumed by this opponent, he would have to fight with all of his power.  Cain stood before a mental vault door, locked and barred from the outside.  Methodically, he broke the seals and cracked open the door, just a small bit but enough to ease the pressure on his mind.

From behind the door, an onrush of pure magical power flowed out accompanied by mad laughing and the smell of burnt blood.  Fragments of Cain's ancestor Kid Buu seeped out into his mind and he could feel the rage taking over.

With the release of his truly infinite reserves of magic, Cain pushed red mana into lightning, then lightning into Biotics to form a protective negative mass field around himself.  The energy immediately dropped the crushing power of the black hole around him to zero.  A secondary push started the process in reverse, forcing the black hole to lose mass and therefore lose gravity until the point that it destabilized into a White Hole.  The entire matter content, the Earth, that had been swallowed by the black hole came rushing outwards again.  With his newfound power over the white hole, Cain directed the planet matter towards the glowing form of Sadara.  He formed wave after wave of Mass Effect fields in front of the colossal missile, each one speeding the entire mass up by a factor of 100.  By the time it would get close to Sadara, the fused solid state mass of the remains of Earth would be travelling at the speed of light.  Even if Sadara was able to dodge the rogue plantetoid, the shockwave of the mass effect fields around it would tear fragments in realspace with its madly fluctuating gravity and mass.

But even that wasn't enough for Cain.  The rage was pushing him further than he'd ever gone before.  Urging him to destroy this enemy in any way possible.  He shot his right arm backwards, using his Biotics and the gravity of the Sun to pull his fist all the way to the core of the burning star.  Suddenly, the fist expanded to half the size of Sol, becoming the new core of the star.  With Biotic energy wrapped around the entire star to hold it all together, the arm shot forward even faster than it had shot back.

Dragging the entire star and the half-star sized fist inside it directly towards Sadara.

On impact with anything, the field around the star would destabilize and create a supernova level explosion.  Even one immune to fire wouldn't be able to escape the force of the blast, the sheer kinetic burst of a star being destroyed.

At 11:49am on September 6, 2015, Metal Sonic said…

((Sorry for taking so long.  My internet has been uter crap this whole time.))

Cain's eyes widened in shock when not only did his attack do nothing to his opponent, but Sadara was able to launch a counterattack that quickly.  Using a bit of his newfound speed, The Majin used Ki blasts to destroy the black droplets streaming towards him.  The sky filled with thousands of the pink blasts, each detonating on impact with the blood.

Throughout all of this, Cain could feel his levitation requiring more and more energy to maintain.  The pull towards the ground was getting stronger.  The Majin knew that any sudden changes in the environment during a fight was most likely enemy action, and so he pumped more energy into the levitation to keep himself afloat.

With the dome overhead, trapping them both inside, Cain got an idea.  It was going to take a lot out of him, but if it worked then his opponent wouldn't be in any fit state to take advantage of his moment of weakness.  The Majin charged red mana through his body, channeling it into electricity that he then funnelled into his Biotic powers.  More and more he filled his body with the mass altering power.  When he could finally fell it reach critical mass, just short of making him collapse into a black hole, Cain channelled all that energy into an explosive wave of Ki.

From Cain's body, the Ki wave erupted like a tidal wave.  A dome of pink energy more concentrated than the core of a star and spreading rapidly to fill all of the available space within the dome that Sadara had trapped them in.  Even the physical force projected from the barrier would simply affect his body, forcing Cain towards the ground.  But the energy kept going, expanding and disintigrating everything within its annihilating pink glow.

At 12:56pm on September 2, 2015,
Random Characters

*The creature would smirk at this beings response.* It was a long time ago when this was created. They used hot metals to carve into the rock and leave a permanent mark for all to see throughout the ages. My first followers were the most loyal of the flock. They began the religion and it died with their families. *The creature would walk along and would place his clawed hand upon a tree as he spoke* But those were different times. *In actuality, the religion started with the villagers seeing him and seeing what he could do. Their gods then, having powers similar to his own, they automatically assumed he was a god. But he was merely the guardian and protectorate of the forest here. He was its father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, etc. He created it all. He would look at the wolf and blink* This is one of few relics left here in the forest. Those outside were destroyed when other religions came and took over. (I'm in class right now so I can't make the best of posts.)

At 12:12am on August 31, 2015, Metal Sonic said…
((Sorry about taking so long. I'm fighting with my internet right now just to get this message through. Still trying to get it fixed, but not sure how much longer it will take))
At 5:23pm on August 25, 2015, Metal Sonic said…

The nuclear explosion was powerful, but it seemed to warp slightly at the point where it would have met Cain.  With his new powers gained from Sonic, the Majin had enough time to recognize the danger and create some kind of defense against the destructive blast before it hit.

Using his Biotics, Cain increased the mass of a single molecule of oxygen until it collapsed in on itself to form a micro-singularity.  A miniature black hole.  Continuing his use of Biotics, he formed a shield of reduced mass in a bowl around the singularity so that it's pull would be directed away from Cain instead of pulling in everything equally.  The insane gravitational pull from the black hole devoured the heat, radiation, and even the light and force of the blast so that none of it actually reached Cain.

Once the danger had passed, Cain forced the black hole to devour itself by raising its mass back to the zero point, collapsing the dangerous anomoly.  The Majin breathed hard from the effort of the feat.  Even though he'd escaped the blast unscathed, the strain of maintaining such a dangerous technique was immense.

Feeling for his opponent, Cain sensed through the Force and found him quickly.  Even though he'd changed forms, the feeling he got from the Force was guiding Cain towards conflict with this one.

Raising his hands and channeling red mana, Cain clapped them together.  Underneath where Sadara stood, the ground cracked for a mile in front of and behind him.  It shuddered, then two square miles of solid stone on each side raised and slammed together, trying to trap and crush the new form of Cain's opponent.  On contact with eachother, the stone slabs would glow red and then explode into detonations of magma.

At 4:02pm on August 20, 2015,
Random Characters

*The creature would smirk at the question regarding its godhood and would reply* My godhood was given by the people of the village. Before they came, I was the guardian and protector of this forest and its relics. They saw that I meant no harm and possessed powers similar to their gods and thus, my godhood was created. But you could say that I am a necessary creation. Not exactly a god. I protect and control the creatures that live in this forest and the forest itself. I control where seeds land and where my influence grows. This is a very spiritual place, you see. But i'm sure you have already gathered that information. *The creature would approach a black cubic shape jutting out of the side of a hill and it would be adorned with many carvings in a language that would be unfamiliar to Sadara. This being because the creature had created the language himself.* This is something that the first followers of my religion built as a place of worship. An altar of sorts. Made from an odd stone that had fallen to Hellifyno when a meteor struck nearby. Carves like wood but is hard and lasts like stainless steel. One of few remaining in-tact relics of the old gods.

At 3:15pm on August 20, 2015, Kaida said…

(Thank you for the invitation, dearest. Feel free to send or request a starter whenever you wish ~)

At 5:56pm on August 19, 2015,
Random Characters

Yes. With the arrival of Christianity, those who would worship me are not allowed to enter the church and have their prayer in their own homes. Some are more devoted than others, of course. But that is to be expected with such a powerful religion to compete with. *The creature would stand up and his long, skirt would flow some beneath him. He would then start to walk along a trail of mosses which would grow and spread with every step he took* Walk with me, if you will. *Even if Sada followed or not, he would begin to talk* A long time ago, every person in that village saw me as a dvine deity of the forest. God of Fertility and a Bountiful Harvest. They would give me offerings and in return, I would make the lands fertile and they would prosper. However, over time, they stopped coming into the forest to partake in worship. Once I looked into it, I found that a missionary had come to the village and converted some of the populace. The faithful saw this as somewhat of  threat and opted to remain in their homes for the time. Ever since then, nobody has been allowed to leave the city and those faithful to me fear to leave the safety of their homes. But it is tedious having to care for them. It is good that they move onto a different deity. Tis the course of human nature.

At 10:10pm on August 18, 2015, Metal Sonic said…

Cain couldn't dodge the specks of blood and sensed the buildup of energy in them.  He braced himself for an attack, but the electricity simply danced over his skin, doing no damage.  Red mana was the energy of fire and electricity and passion.  As it was one of Cain's two elements of magic, he was immune to all attacks from those elements.  When he turned to face Sadara again with a grim look and saw the fire attack coming, Cain let it wash over him and hid within the searing flames that simply warmed and welcomed the Majin.

He flew up through the stream of fire faster than sound and charged a Ki attack in his right hand, preparing it.  More of the electrical blood splattered against Cain, but they did nothing to disrupt his focus.  He pushed the Ki sphere towards Sadara and sunk massive amounts of Biotic energy into it to swell it with the mass/energy of a planet.

From outside the fire, all that would be seen is the sparks of the blood hitting Cain.  Suddenly, the fire would be dispersed by the Ki energy, the sphere now humming ominously in Cain's hand and casting pink light over the battlefield.

Without even a warning word, Cain let the energy within explode into a beam of incredible proportions, the width of the screaming pink energy nearly the size of the castle they'd left behind earlier.  Because Cain had moved through the flames, he would be only five feet from Sadara when he'd unleashed this monstrosity.

At 9:38pm on August 18, 2015, Metal Sonic said…

The energy put off by that kick was like a beacon to the Force, giving Cain plenty of time to dodge out of the way even with how close Sadara was when he started the attack.  Cain's Majin body allowed him to twist his entire midsection out of the path of the kick while still keeping him standing in the same position.

With his enemy right behind him and possibly overextended from the kick, Cain whipped around in a vicious backhand towards Sadara's face.  The fist was alight with the dark energy of black mana, able to imbue a crippling pain curse on contact if it hit.  Should Sadara try to dodge the blow, Cain prepared his arm to extend at the last second.

Cain's stretchy taffy-like body was his main advantage against most opponents and he wasn't against abusing that advantage maliciously if he needed to.


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