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Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sinh Marol, Iblis 15 hours ago. 19 Replies

So long story short, im thinking of putting together a tournament to stir things up a bit. This event would be open to everyone of course but to put it together i would need some help. Tournament…Continue

Who Wants to be a Demi God?

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Hello wonderful people one and all! I've been here for a while and have seen these "Searching for" posts so often that i decided that it was finally time to make my own. You see, recently i've been…Continue


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Sinh Marol, Iblis replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"[Screw it, i'll join. I'm happy to fight!]"
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Asriel Dreemurr replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"-Meh's like a goat-commentator-"

Vampire Curatrix Auctorita replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"i think i would like to fight as non-vamp cura"

Anthem Lucas Kishimoto replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"I'd also like to particapate if able. Please keep me posted!"

CrouchingNinja replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"This sounds amazing! but I would like to know when it would start, otherwise, count me in!"
Hamlet replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
""Don't tell Hamlet IC", I'm dying. This'll be fun. Be prepared for histrionics."

Anders Redux replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"Just hand the prize over to me. Its done n dusted. You are all so very very fucked   XD"

Cú Chulainn replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
"Oh yeah...have yet to have an opportunity to flex this bad boys muscles so count me in!!!"
Raziel replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? Tournament Updates!'
Raziel updated their profile
Raziel replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? RP Event Idea!'
"Alright! Those interested in helping me plan IM me and we can get something going :D was not expecting this kind of feed back."

Z Chaos "Ze" Nexulisviel Z replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? RP Event Idea!'
Enoch replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? RP Event Idea!'
"America. Fuck yeah."
Mar 17

Alexander Xavier Princeton replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? RP Event Idea!'
"Count me in."
Mar 17
Wulfram Bernhard replied to Raziel's discussion 'Do you have what it takes? RP Event Idea!'
"I'd like to participate."
Mar 17
JACK left a comment for Raziel
"//You have an interesting profile, and I think there could be great dynamic between our characters. Would you be interested in roleplaying? If so, do you have any ideas regarding the plot? Raziel as a God of destruction could encounter Jack during…"
Mar 17

Profile Information

Species (Optional)

Raziel the Defender.

Raziel, Daemon God of Destruction

Go ahead and walk the shadows.

You cannot hide from me.


"Before creation there must be destruction."

Born as the son to the Daemon lord Daphlamail, Raziel was raised for the sole purpose of destroying the enemies of his father and the nine infernal plains. By the time he could stand, he was already at the front of conflict. By the time he could hold a sword he was already leading the charge on angelic strongholds. Such is the way of an infernal prince.

Taking the title of "Daemon Lord of Destruction and Calamity" Raziel focused on honing his hellish powers to manipulate the destructive forces of nature and harnessing the residual powers of destruction caused by mortals and immortals alike to fuel him. Drawing from this infinite power he became a beast on the battlefield. Changing it and manipulating it to better suit him and his needs to eradicate all that stood before him.

Though he was a Prince of Hell, Raziel's early life was anything but easy. Daphlamail was often abusive to his offspring. Encouraging them to battle among themselves for his approval Raziel found his only source of companionship in his siblings Tal'mora and Nox. Being the youngest of 12 the three quickly bonded and protected each other form the others, though none of them were strong enough to protect the others from their father. Victories on the battlefield were expected and therefore, hardly celebrated by their father while failures and defeats on the other hand were harshly punished. He does not blame his father for it, such actions were what forged him into the warrior he had become. Though, even the most grateful son has his limits.

It was a day of victory, a celebration had been planned for the hordes of Hell's armies. Raziel had secured victory once more. Having faced an Archangel of Valor on the battlefield and slaying him to avenge the death of his brother Bothameil, Raziel did not count this day as a victory. He had seen the first of his brothers die before him this day and when Raziel gave a toast to his brothers honor their father laughed and called his fallen son "weak" and a "fool" claiming that his death was deserved. It was at this point that the Lord of Destruction lost himself to his rage. Blood drunk, he challenged his father to single combat and attacked the King of Hell before the whole of his armies. Their battle long and vicious, Raziel stood above his father's fading corpse and proclaimed himself the strongest. Thus, Raziel emerged victorious, no longer a simple prince but a king! The one true king of the nine hells and Infernal realms!








Relationship Status:

Polygamous Marriage

Sexual Preferences:



With the death of his father Raziel had finally achieved everything he ever wanted. His power? undefeatable! His title? Absolute! There was no one among his court or domain that could dispute him! However there was always something more. Raziel was a natural born leader on the battlefield. During conflict his troops had always seen him as a champion, boosting their resolve and motive and following his commands without question! As a king? Politics was a war that he had not been trained for. New territory that he had yet to cross and a new enemy that he could not meet with his blade. He was unprepared, but to admit it or ask for help would show weakness! Rebellions began to spring up under his rule and while he had the power to crush their armies and bodies he had yet to destroy the thoughts of "revolution." If only he knew how deep the seeds of insurrection had been sown.

In secret they plotted against him and in secret they enacted their plans. For Raziel had made up his council of his brothers and sisters. Each of them born from the same father he assumed he could trust them. How wrong he was. Through ancient alchemy they developed a poison to subdue their brother. Weakened as he was, he was powerless to stop them from from enacting an archaic ritual that would drain him of his powers and make him mortal. For days his flesh was tormented, for days he was consistently reminded of their betrayal. The fools, they should have killed him when they had the chance. For as fate would have it, it would be his brother Nox that would serve as his salvation.

Nox had convinced the traitorous council that the best form of torment would be to cast him out. Send Raziel to the mortal plains to die as one of them. His Demonic power, sealed away in a blade and then broken into several fragments and sent to earth to be used by said mortal. The Lord of destruction would be no more, but his power would live on to serve the council and their own hopes and Schemes. So it did come to pass that Raziel was pushed from the Nine Infernal Plains and fell to the mortal Reaml of Aerithor, mortal and weak.


"Mortal as they are, their strength is great"

In the mortal realm of Aerithor, in the country of Ossis, Raziel had fallen. The crater that surrounded his naked body burned with the heat of his anguish! The animals scattered in fear of his wrath! For the first time in his life, he felt powerless, weak, and afraid. His body, broken from the fall, he climbed his way from his tomb where he met a young She-Wolf who nursed him back to health and aided him in his recovery. She brought him food when he was hungry and wrapped herself around him so that he would not freeze. Finally, it came time for him to leave and search the mortal worlds. After all, there had to be someway for him to return to his throne. He would find it, no matter the cost.

For seven years he traveled the realms. For seven years he learned of them, their cultures, their warriors, their codes and hopes and fears. He would not admit it at first, but they had grown on him. His companions, his allies, all of them resided in the mortal plains. Each one of them proven to the former lord of destruction. He fought in there wars, he aided their towns, defended their lives and took the lives of those that would threaten him and his kin. He had almost forgotten about his quest to return to his seat of power when the unexpected happened.

Raziels weapon, now called The Blade of Calamity, had fallen into the hands of Xeira, an Elvish king with a blood lust to match any daemon. Using the power of the blade, Xeira had carved his way through the surrounding countries and territories. Hoping to establish himself as the ruler of a new elvish empire and submit all to, what he called, the purity of his race. When all other countries had fallen, Ossis remained the last Bastion of freedom. It was here that Raziel learned the meaning of Mortal courage and assisted them in their conflict.

Long and bloody was the war, taking up the last 3 years of his time. Xeira's victory seemed absolute. The last of the opposing armies almost abolished, powerless under the might of the Blade. So it was decided. In the final battle, the realm of Aerithor stood united against their enemies. An alliance of Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs stood on the plains of Rosniar, seeking to end it all in one last bloody conflict. Raziel once more stood at the forefront of war, sword in hand he lead the charge! A flurry of steel and blood and violence followed! His only mission? To find Xeira on the battlefield and take back what was his! Carving his way through the armies of his enemies he found his quarry and their battle ensued.

Weak and mortal, Raziel was powerless against his own blade. His armor rend from his body, his sword, broken against Xeira's might. Though the elvish king was wounded, there was nothing the hero of Ossis could do against him. In the final moments of their conflict, Xeira pierced the heart of Raziel, spilling his blood upon the dust and nearly bringing him to his knees. This would have been the case, if not for Nox's forethought and planning. For you see, the moment that the would be killing blow was struck, the power of Calamity was reunited with its true master. Once more, Raziel, Daemon king of Destruction drew breath! His power complete! There would be no one who stood against him now!

In a frenzied fear, Xeira struck at Raziel again and again, his blows useless! The power of the blade no longer served him for only Raziel could be its true master! In a brilliant show of his abilities, Raziel lay waste to the remaining elvish armies. Victory had been achieved. Xeira's kingdom crumbled to dust. Celebration was to be had and goodbyes were to be made. Raziel would be returning to the Infernal realms and taking his place as king once more.


"One should never wound what one cannot kill"

With his power returned, Raziel had little choice but to return to the infernal world and take his revenge. Storming the Black Citadel that had once served as his palace, he engaged his siblings in a battle to the death. His anger fueled him. Their betrayal, the years he had spent in the mortal world, the happiness and purpose he found only to have it be ripped from his arms. In his fury, he brought each of them to their deaths, sparing only Nox and Tal'mora for sentimental reasons. It was here, that the Daemon king changed. No longer did he crave his throne or his title, no longer did he seek to dominate the realms under his own power. No, instead he sought something that he only ever had as a mortal. Purpose. As such, he proclaimed Nox the new High King and Tal'mora his advisor and left the infernal realms in search of reason.

It did not come quickly and many a time did he almost give up on his quest. For how could someone like him ever aspire to be more than what he once was? In his turmoil, he sought out the strongest opponents. Heroes to test his blade against, a champion to grant him that which he craved above all else. A good death. None, it seemed, could stand against him. Challenger after challenger fell to him and his might and his depression only grew. He took many lovers in this time and spawned two children. Yet still he felt hollow. How ironic, that it was due to this that he would be given his greatest challenge yet?

On the volcanic island of Kota'ram, lived a tribe of natives that worshiped the fiery mountain. In the most cliche of fashions, many fine warriors were sent to their deaths in the mouth of smoke and heat. Their belief, that should the warrior prove worthy enough, is soul would give form to their goddess so that she may guide her people and live among them. It was an interesting experience. The daemon had been posing as a mortal wanderer in that time and had taken to the islands to witness their festival. Drinks were to be had, fresh boar was to be served, all in the name of the glorious sacrifice. This years chosen, a giant of a man by the name of Khoma, who had single handily vanquished an enemy force from the warring tribe. He was a fine specimen, had he been better able to control himself, he might have lived the night. As the night grew on, Khoma grew more and more drunk and challenged the hiding daemon. His honor now on the line, Raziel accepted and faced the native in single combat. In a singular motion Raziel drew his blade, too quickly for most to see, and rendered Khoma's head from his neck. Their sacrifice gone, the people became angry, and so Raziel offered himself to the mountain.

It was a thrilling experience. His body burned at the magma's touch as he sank lower into it. To him, it was like falling deeper into a hot springs. How wonderful, when to his surprise, he met the mountain spirit. A beautiful woman with tan skin and shining black hair. The two enjoyed each others company for a few weeks before joining as one. Their time spent together wonderful. What was to come next was more so, however.


"When the dust clears, only i will remain"

The mountain spirit had failed to explain to her current lover that she had been claimed by another. A deity, to be exact. So, when he returned to his lover to find her belly swollen with the seed of a daemon of all things his rage exploded. Seeking out Raziel, the two engaged in a battle the likes of which the Lord of Destruction had never seen. Could this be it? Could this be his end? The two of them drew their blades and fought their hardest. Mountains crumbled, forests became deserts and the sea boiled! However when the smoke cleared, Raziel stood above his enemy, bloodied and bruised, but the victor none the less. Lifting his blade high into the air, he gave a war cry. Hollow and empty. Even a deity was no match for him. Was there any hope?

His quest for purpose, seemingly failed, his hope for a good death, now impossible, Raziel retreated to the solitude of a cave. It was in this cave that he was besset by a vision of Midas, prime deity and defender of Men. Midas had been watching Raziel since his time on the humans plain and was here now to offer him that which he sought. The god that had been slain was, in fact, the previous god of destruction. With a the position opened, Midas could think of no one better than Raziel to fit the bill. Raziel agreed, and thus began his knew life as a divine.

Forms and Power Tiers

Base Form/First Tier] In his base form Raziel stands at 7'8 With near translucent skin, long crimson hair/beard, and sapphire eyes. Though this is his most basic and widely most recognized form it serves to only keep his cosmic abilities under control. In this form, Raziel is able to move in Yoctosecond and strike with enough force to shatter most planetoids and moons. I.E. In a battle that took place on a moon, roughly the same size as earths, with another god tier combatant Raziel was able to slam them against the surface with enough force that the moon exploded. Though, this was later in the battle. When in this form Raziel tends to not take things seriously, leaving himself open to attacks in order to assess the power level of his opponent.  

Aura of Decimation/Second Tier] Should Raziel deem an opponent worthy enough he will summon his aura. Causing his destructive potential to manifest around himself. Any matter that the cloak comes into contact with begins to slowly atomize over time until those effected by it are completely eaten away. The rate of such decay is dependent on the regenerative abilities of defending party as well as the level of "Flair" attributed to the Aura.

The first being very much controlled, surrounding Raz more like an outline than anything else. Matter effected by this level will simply stop decaying by itself.

The second level, the aura becomes much more unstable. Its form flickering and lashing outwards, spreading farther from Raziel's body and taking on much more blazing appearance. Matter effected in this form will decay much farther than the previous.

The final stage of Flair, and the most destructive, in this stage, the aura will consume everything it touches almost instantly and will spread until either halted by its master or it consumes everything. The aura surrounds him and protrudes 4 arm like manifestations that can change in size, attack, and grapple things as needed. In this form, Raziel's destructive abilities grow to that of system eradication. Able to erase entire star systems from the cosmos. Included with this, His tenacity and ferocity increase. Often laughing like a maniac and demanding that his opponents give him more.

Asura/Third Tier] To see this form is to be considered an honor for it is hardly ever seen in combat. The Aura of Decimation becomes solidified. Covering its master in full armor that is impenetrable by all mundane and most magical means of attack and weapons. His six arms able to be seen by the naked eye. On each of his palms a hungry mouth licks away and consumes the destructive potential of anything they are able to consume. Though, this only works if they are able to "Drink" from it. In this state, Raziel is able to move far beyond light speed. In his own words, he moves faster than creation. Able to appear instantaneously anywhere without the need for dimensional ripples while also being able to negate the effects of black holes and other cosmic level calamities. At this level in the fight, Raziel will begin enjoying himself, though will begin to act with more reason and tact. Now taking things seriously, his attacks will no longer be as savage or ferocious. However, that is not to say that he is any less dangerous before. On the contrary, now that he is acting with intelligence and reason, he is more dangerous than any previous forms. In this form his power jumps drastically to Galactic erasure and upwards. Able to grow from 10feet tall to the size of a planet. Raziel considers this to be his Truest and ultimate form.

Cosmic Relesal/Final tier.] The final form of Raziel, this is his strongest and largest form. Only to be had in the most dire of circumstances, Raziel in this form is Cosmic. The tips of his finger nails spanning the size of galaxies. In this form, all previous nodes of Raziel's personality are gone as he gives into his Divine purpose. In this final form he is omnipotent. His power increasing to inconceivable levels as he seeks to erase the multiverse so that it can begin again, fresh and new. Once more, this is NOT a combat form but rather the personification of death and rebirth at its highest levels. Though it exists and Raziel is aware of it, he refuses to go this far against any normal opponent. Only even considering it when battling primordial beings and other cosmic entities that pose the greatest of threats. 

Powers and Abilities.

The abilities and powers listed below are available to Raziel at any given time. The strength of which is dependant on which state of release (See Power tiers) he is at.

Erasure: Raziel's most favored and wildly used ability. Removing things from existence at the atomic level so that it can be used again in the recreation of the multiverse. This normally manifests in the form of Red energy that can be manipulated as he see's fit. From tiny orbs the size of marbles to planet sized spheres of death.

Conceptual Erasure: A much stronger of his basic Erasure ability, Conceptual erasure removes the targeted item from existence as a whole. physical effects caused from these attacks cannot be regenerated or regained and are gone forever. However, its not just the physical, but mental realms that also suffer the effects. Able to remove concepts and beliefs from time and space creating a self sustaining paradox within itself. Such things could be something small from the concept of a single color to the removal of abilities and even dreams from history.

Gravity Manipulation: A simple trick. Increasing, decreasing, and redirecting the flow of gravity to suit his purposes and needs. Not to be confused with telekinesis, the manipulation of gravity can be used to do everything from make objects heavier/lighter, to throwing off/changing the trajectory of galaxies and creating black holes.

Dimensional Stepping: Simply put, Raziel is able to traverse through dimensional ripples. This allows him to move from points rather quickly or even set traps for his opponents. Bypassing barriers, walls, and other obsticals, or allowing him to attack through unpredictable angles and combinations.

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At 4:50am on March 17, 2017, JACK said…

//You have an interesting profile, and I think there could be great dynamic between our characters. Would you be interested in roleplaying? If so, do you have any ideas regarding the plot? Raziel as a God of destruction could encounter Jack during his travels, preventing him from reaching a gate to the past. Or perhaps, he would come to realize Jack's noble goal and in respect allow him passage or aid in seeking a portal. I'm willing to hear if you have anything in mind as well.

At 8:05am on January 29, 2017,
Cú Chulainn


He was never a religious sort. He left that up to Emer. Oh aye, he observed the quarter days, offered thanks after a battle to the Dagda that he was still alive, and to The Morrigen, to usher the souls of his enemies to the afterlife, rather than lingering to haunt him with their unrealised outrage and anger. He'd give an offering to Brigid at her temple after the birth of every one of the children that he knew about and to ask for a fertile growing season. No, he was not religious, but you wouldn't want to take the chance by NOT making the offerings. The Gods, to him were a fickle lot that needed to be mollified as children were with bread and honey. Capricious with their favour and fortune, he tended to keep out of their way.

But something had happened this day that had changed his opinion on the usefulness of the Gods. Held in the thrall of a being, more evil than any he had ever encountered, his life force draining from him, weakening to the point of death, he had an epiphany. A voice, like that of a child, and a gift. A gift of strength and power that had his vitality returning and laughing in the face of evil. That had given him the motivation. It had also given him the mother of all boners which he was glad to share with his woman.

He was outside the inn, in the forest, placing slate upon rock in a formation that would become a shrine. A shrine to the God who had offered him assistance when there seemed no hope. Randy Pan the feckin' Goat boy. Raziel.

Kneeling in the snow, he offered thanks to the God. On the slab of slate, he lay a coin of purest gold with a Romanii emperor's head stamped upon it, no doubt pillaged from a merchant of the same creed. A glass with some Uiske in it, glowing amber against the pale snow. Taking a deep breath, he intoned.

"Glorious Raziel.
In whose name I breath each day.
I pray accept these humble offerings from your faithful servant.
I give thee thanks and praise for your gifts.
I ask you protect those who have my love.
Agnus dei.
Qui tollis pecata mundi.
Mea feckin' Culpa and all that shite.
Look...I'm not good at this eh!
Just...thanks. Ye saved me arse. I owe ye one.

So....his delivery could probably use a bit of polish. So, it wasn't the most pious of prayers. But it was honest. And it was genuine. And it was probably the most heartfelt prayer that Raziel had received for a long time. If Gods fed upon the power of prayer and belief, then this wouldf have been a veritable banquet.

Raziel's Blog


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Where am i? The question ringed out in his mind as Raziel looked to his surroundings. It was a city, at least the ruins of one from what he could tell. The sky was black, devoid of the light of the stars and the moon. A cold wind swept through the…



Posted on January 24, 2017 at 6:47pm 1 Comment


She is running, faster and faster now. Her heart pounding in her chest. The adrenaline pumping through her veins caused by a single signal deep within the most base and reptilian part of her brain danger. She was being hunted by someone, no,…


The Final Farewell

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"My Dearest beloved.

I have written this for you so that you would understand..." …


A Daemons Guide to Dating in the Modern Era!

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"You what?" The Daemon king Nox asked of his older brother. It had been a rather unexpected visit. Nox had just come back from the end of a rather hostile business take over and the last thin he expected to see was Raziel standing in his office, helping himself to Nox's scotch. "I need your help with a woman." Raziel states again, drinking directly from the bottle.

"You ralize how unusual this request is, brother? I was under the impression that you had no…


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