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Bjorn Crowely updated their profile
18 hours ago
Bjorn Crowely commented on Lucus and Kurk(DM)'s event 'Rise of Chaos'
"So combat will still be decided by the individual. I.E, A legion of space marines choose to open fire on one of the chaos twins that is my decision to make but the overall BIG decisions will be as a group, yes?"
Dec 27, 2016
Bjorn Crowely commented on Lucus and Kurk(DM)'s event 'Rise of Chaos'
"*Makes an event that would be perfect for Space Marines* *Posts it on a day when the writer has to work* *Writer cries for days*"
Dec 26, 2016

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Push a man far enough and he will become the devil.


Better the devil you know, yeah? You know their tricks, the way they get under your skin and play with your vices, whatever they may be. For Bjorn, that vice was fighting. Born in the land of Merith at the beginning of the age of the wolf Fergus and his family were captured by the invading Vaurg forces. Being that he was but a small boy at the time his fate did not rest with the ax, instead, rested with his captors. For the Vaurg do not take the lives of women and children. While considered blood thirsty and battle crazed, there would be no honor in this act. So, they took young Bjorn in under their command and taught him what it meant to live as a free man. To live as a warrior. To live as a Vaurg.

From the time of his indoctrination Bjorn was raised and taught to fight. To destroy his enemies and bring glory to the clan that had freed him from the confines of Merith's much restrained society. To use sword and shield and ax to battle along side his brothers! United not by blood but by their kinship and lust for glory!

As a tracker and a hunter, his job was to bring food and pelt in for his people when times were tough and to locate enemy camps, weaknesses, and valuables in times of war. Such tasks meant that he was in constant danger of capture and interrogation. Luckily, the Vaurg have methods to ensure that the secrets they hold remain theirs.

Like others of his class and rank, Bjorn's sense of direction is almost flawless. Able to use the direction of the sun and stars to navigate his position while also possessing a natural identification of the four cardinal directions that can be used on stormy nights. 

In times of war and conflict, there is another skill that Bjorn possesses. When cornered he is able to enter a trance like state to become a "Blessed Berserker". By offering prayers to his god and sacrificing his enemies to his ax he is able to channel the destructive powers of Raziel to increase his strength, speed, ferocity, and damage resistance. Able to cat arrows out of the sky and shrug off damage that would incapacitate a normal human being.

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