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Greetings,I'm giving away a character that I made a profile for but decided not to play. The character is Kanta Mizuno, the…Continue

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I'm a monster...
My Story Is...
Dr. Bruce Banner was a very gifted Nuclear Physicis who was exposed to massive amounts of gamma radiation while testing a nuclear bomb. The radiation caused Banner to transform into a raging berserker in the evening and the effect would last until sunrise. This massive beast would become known as "The Incredible Hulk" or just "Hulk".

Soon, the transformations would occur at any time of day or night if his emotions were so provoked, making the genius doctor a very dangerous liability. On more than one occasion, he had been exiled from humanity both per and against his own will.

Determined to find a place where he could live the rest of his life without the fear of killing anyone, Dr. Banner put together a team of privately funded scientests tasked with the discovery of other universes that could sustain human life. Remarkably, the team was successful and had discovered an alternate universe, but they still had to figure out how to access the universe and test whether or not human life could be sustained within. However, there was much argument on how to access this new dimension and how travel there would be tested.
Realizing that there was nothing left that his team could contribute, Dr. Banner decided to "scrap" the project and disbanded the group of scientists. In order to continue his work, Bruce needed the kind of resources only the United States government could provide and so he worked for years under the guise of a government scientest.

The time had finally come...

His work complete, Dr. Banner prepared to test the portal for the first and final time.

Holding a remote control in his hand, the doctor walked up to the portal. He paused and thought about how every achievement in his life was now meaningless as he accepted his own death.
Stepping forward, the genius nuclear physicist detonated a charge causing a massive explosiion, completely destroying his laboratory along with all of his work.

Dr. Bruce Banner died that day, but elsewhere in a place called Hellifiyno, The Hulk would live on.
My Appearance...
Height - 7' 6"

Weight - 1,150lbs

(This is the official weight for Professor Hulk from http://marvel.com/characters/25/hulk)
Species (Optional)
I Believe...
in smashing things

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We all know that the Hulk could take Superman and Thor with his hands tied behind his back. We all know that the Hulk is the strongest person on Earth and beyond but he is a lot more than just strength. He has a multitude of powers and abilities:

Unlimited Strength All the incarnations of the Hulk, except for the Grey Hulk, can lift approximately 100 tons when calm. The Grey Hulk starts off at approximately 75 tons. As the familiar old addage goes, "the Madder the Hulk gets, the Stronger he gets." During times of high stress or anger, an increase in adrenaline causes the Hulk's strength to increase dramatically. There has never been a limit shown as to the highest strength the Hulk can reach thus it is assumed it is limitless. The Hulk has shown many incredible feats of the years, including holding up a 150 billion ton mountain during the Secret Wars and breaking open Onslaught's armor when the combined might of the rest of the world's heroes couldn't even make a scratch in it.

Thunderclap The Hulk can slam his hands together to create a large thunderclap-type concussive force. He has imployed this for various reasons including creating a concussive blast to hurt enemies, to blow away gas or put out fires, or even deafen people.
Leaping/Jumping Ability The Hulks's leg muscles are augmented so much that the Hulk can travel miles in a single casual jump. Jumping is the standard mode of transportation for the less intelligent incarnations of the Hulk. The Hulk has been known to make it into the earth's atmosphere on a single leap. Given the strength of the leap and the angle of trajectory when landing, the Hulk can create large craters and limited seismic activity when landing.
Accelerated Healing  The Hulk has probably the quickest healing factor than anyone in the Marvel Universe, including Wolverine. Wounds that would be deadly to most other heroes takes just a short time for the Hulk to recover. During a battle with Vector, he repelled all of the skin off of the Hulk leaving just exposed flesh and muscle. It took the Hulk minutes to regain the mass and be completely healed. During a battle with Speedfreek, he cut the Hulk's stomach open with adamantium blades. The Hulk had to hold his stomach to prevent his insides from spilling out. Within minutes the wound had healed, but unfortunately the skin had healed around part of the Hulk's fingers. He had to rip his fingers out of his stomach and allow it to heal again. It should be noted that during the transformation from Bruce Banner to one of the various incarnations of the Hulk and back, he gains and loses large amounts of mass. The source of this mass is unknown. The amount of mass transfered is dependent on the incarnation, such as the Grey Hulk has much less mass than most of the other incarnation.
The Hulk is immune to all known Earth-based diseases, including AIDS. He can operate under intense conditions for extended periods of time due to his body not developing fatigue toxins quickly.

Dynamic Durability It has been stated that the Hulk possess a dynamic durability in relation to his increase in anger. Similar to how the Hulk gets stronger as he gets angrier, he also heal quicker and his skin becomes tougher. It is not known if the increase in healing and skin-toughening is related to Incarnation.

Breathing Underwater The Hulk has been seen on the ocean floor a number of times and is able to breathe due to his body developing a gland which creates an oxygenated perfluorocarbon emulsion which fills his lungs and equalizes the pressure. He is therefore able to breathe fluid and avoid decompression and nitrogen narcosis.

Resistance to Mind Control
The Hulk has always shown an ability to resist mind control. This is probably due to the fact that there are multiple personalities residing in the Hulk's mind and a person can not control all of them at once as they offer resistance.

Unusual Mental Abilities
Bruce was always afraid of his father and when he accidently killed him, he blocked the incident in his mind. He still had a fear that his father would come back to get him so when Bruce turned into the Hulk, he gave himself the ability to see ghosts so that he could see his father coming for him. This ability has also allowed him to see Dr. Strange's astral form while others can't. Another mental ability related to this is the fact that no matter where the Hulk is in the world, he can always instinctively find his way back to the site of the original Gamma Bomb explosion in the desert. This was discovered to be caused by the spirit of the Maestro's remains calling the Hulk back so that he could absorb gamma radiation and reform.

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At 1:14am on August 19, 2017,

Klarion would smirk slightly as he would then cross his hands while humming for a moment. "The Inn huh well I guess I could join you and see what you do. Who knows, I might stay a little while longer." As he would say that he would then rub the back of his head. "Lead the way big guy."

At 11:08pm on August 18, 2017,

The Witch boy would take a moment to think on what to do next before rubbing his chin. He would then grin a little while shrugging. "Would you like to go out for a walk, or maybe want to find something else to do. Or someone if you'd prefer." He chuckled at the last words he said while crossing  his arms for a second. 

At 8:17pm on August 18, 2017,
Klarion would chuckle for a second before snapping his fingers again creating sasaugea and potatoes placing them on the table. Klarion would soon pick up his Familiar who was between his legs and began to pet her. He would then whistle creating a cup of coffee that would float on the table while he started to chuckle. "There you go, enjoy your breakfast."
At 4:02pm on August 18, 2017,

Klarion would quirk a brow for a moment and soon grinned slightly as he would then snap his fingers conjuring floating plates with  bacon, eggs and toast. Soon a table would appear beside Klarion so that the food would be on top of it. "Would you prefer to eat now, or hope that breakfast is still available?"  

At 2:49pm on August 18, 2017, Michelle said…

Well that was a rush, i shake my head and stand up after the Hulk set me down on the roof.

"Thanks for that, im getting real sick of being chased around by these guys. Lucky that you were in the area."

I walk over to the edge of the roof and look down, well thats a long way down. I turn back around to face the Hulk. i close my eyes and take a deep breath, i can't keep running from these guys forever. I could go into hiding, or try moving, but i don't want to leave peter. I sigh, not thinking of a solution and look back up at the Hulk.

"So what were you doing in this neck of the woods? Thanks again by the way."


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