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Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi's Page

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Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi joined Kris DemonSlayer's group
May 3
Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi left a comment for Sierra
"Hey wanna rp?"
Jan 3
Saℓℯღ ℱox left a comment for Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi
"[Sure, I'd love to.]"
Jul 25, 2016
Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi left a comment for Nyx
"(Sure, have any ideas?)"
Jul 16, 2016
Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi replied to Lightning Lance's discussion 'Introductions' in the group Comic Crusaders
"Several blocks away from the bank robbery another rip in time and space would appear down a deserted alleyway, it's jade green and ebony tinted smokey innards masking the space beyond it's mirror like surface from sight. Striding forward…"
Jul 3, 2016
Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi commented on Lightning Lance's page Villainy and Chaos in the group Comic Crusaders
"2) Inertia"
Jul 2, 2016
Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi left a comment for Dimitrius Knivesu Shinamorri
"Don't worry about it, I forgot about looking for you for like a week."
Jun 7, 2016
Dimitrius Knivesu Shinamorri left a comment for Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi
"Whoops. Forgot to add you. Well, you found me anyway!"
Jun 7, 2016
Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi is attending Anthem Lucas Kishimoto's event

The Summer Solstice Festival at Hellifyno

June 11, 2016 at 11pm to June 12, 2016 at 4am
Avatar Anthem invites you to the very first Annual Summer Solstice Festival. There will be food, drink, music, and most importantly, a tournament that will pit skill against skill, will against will; until only the mightiest is proven. Those of the Faint of Heart need not apply. (Comment on this event if you want to apply. The details will be explained on the day of the event. Expect the unexpected.)See More
Jun 6, 2016
Iremaru Sai'x Igarashi is now a member of RolePages
May 27, 2016

Profile Information

Relationship Status
Romantic Interests
Who Am I...
The Narakan High Prince,The Immortal Crimson Warlock and The Maroon Blur.
My Story Is...
Iremaru is the son of one of the former kings of hell The Demon King of Fire Sert and the fallen angel Andariel born from a forced union Iremaru was spirited away as a baby from the capital of Tartarus Mennzoberrzan by the Adviser to the Igarashi clan Jack of Blades taken to grow up in the human due to the sealing of his father and the fall of his clan his mother is presumed dead or worse as well is the remaining members of the Igarashi clan, soon after taking the baby Iremaru to earth Jack of Blades would disguise himself in human form and leave Iremaru in the care of a human family located on the Isle of Japan before disappearing into a self imposed exile. Later in his life at the age of eighteen Iremaru would meet two of the founding member of the Shinamorri clan Dimitrius and Dezarys after being defeated by Dezarys Iremaru would ask to join the clan and was taken to meet Dimitrius, during his training he was exposed and put through cruel methods that shaped him into a master of hand to hand combat as well as a master of magic and the arcane arts of spellweaving soon he would begin to rise through the ranks of the Shinamorri's Shadow Branch developing a rivalry with it's now commanding officer Lucian Shinamorri and even going on to later defeat his adopted father Dezarys in one on one combat also becoming the only outsider to ever earn a seat on the clan's ruling council. After the death of his adopted father he was taken on as an apprentice by the Ishuryuu Hakai Shinamorri soon Iremaru would begin to see his master as his father figure. After being sent on a mission with his adopted sister Asuka Shinamorri they would both going missing after a seemingly cataclysmic blast that resulted from a battle with the Necromantic Mindflayer Kai Dragonis they both disappeared along with the Mindflayer for the next two years before he would reappear once more on earth in the city of New York.
My Appearance...
Normally seen in long sleeve shirts normally covered with a trench coat or sweaters, pants and boots, pantsuits/business suits and gloves.
Species (Optional)
Black Ring of Death (Black Lantern Ring.),The Red Ring of Rage (Red Lantern Ring.), Crennshinibon The Crystal Shard and The Stakes of Purgatory.
My Secrets Are...
I Believe...
Nothing is beyond my reach.

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At 5:15pm on July 25, 2016,
Saℓℯღ ℱox

[Sure, I'd love to.]

At 1:46am on July 16, 2016,

Deep in the forests of Maine what would appear to be a small explosion would rock the surrounding area. When the flames cleared a woman was standing in the epicenter with a slight smirk on her face. She had come to this world for a vacation and this seemed like the most peaceful place for it. She made her way to the nearest town and found a cheap motel to stay at while on her visit. She had prepared for her stay for the most part but hadnt anticipated the difference in styles between her and everyone else. That didnt concern her however as she made her way to the small bar down the street to have some fun. Her outfit got her many strange looks but none of it could bother her now. Once there she ordered her drink and made her way over to the pool table to find someone to teach her to play. "How about one of you fella's show me the ropes" She said confidently as she took a large drink. 

(Her appearance) 

At 3:30pm on June 7, 2016,
Dimitrius Knivesu Shinamorri

Whoops. Forgot to add you. Well, you found me anyway!


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