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The Adventurous Workaholic.

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Nine Rules & More (Before We RP)

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Who Am I...
The armored heroine named Rescue. Also CEO of Stark Industries or Tony Stark's Personal Assistant.

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At 12:27am on May 25, 2017, Pepper Potts said…

[[ I also RP here now.
Still active on rolepages as well.]]

At 9:36am on May 3, 2017, Bruce Wayne said…

*Watching her closely, he smiles at her, and then lifts the glass of water to his lips*

Funny you should ask, after our initial call, before we agreed upon doing this, I made arrangements to start the plant and it should be ready to go, just as soon as we can have the Arc-reactor deployed.  I know I took a gamble on that, but the way I saw it, this was a win-win situation for the both of us.  Now tell me Pepper, besides working all day, what do you do for fun?

At 3:51pm on April 15, 2017, Bruce Wayne said…

Image result for Batman happy easter

♡ Some Light Reading.

>>> Please Read: My Rules & More.

This admin personally adores "Pepperony" [Shipping Tony Stark and Pepper Potts as a couple since 2012]. Side Note: Due to lack of Tony Stark role players I am willing to ship my Pep with others.

If you would like to start a RP with Pepper[my character]. Please feel free to talk with me OOC! :) We can brainstorm. The RP does not have to be connected to Pepper's current life, AU RP can be figured out.

You can see my rules and more info here. If you plan to not RP with my character then feel free to remove me now.

"I think Pepper Fox should be a fun little addition to my Pepper Potts. She'll get into mischief when she takes on the form from time to time. Completely AU of course."
-The Admin.

I am also writing fan fics over on:

I look forward to role playing plus making new acquaintances.


<Basic Information>

Full Name: Virginia "Pepper" Potts.
Nickname(s): Pepper or Pep.
Birthday: Sep.27th.
Sex: Female.
Race: Human.
Relationship Status/RP Partner: Single/No Current Partner.
Romantic Interests: Men.
Hight: 5'9" (With no shoes on.)
Eye Color: Ocean Blue.
Hair Color & Style: Natural Red, long, most times it's tied up or back. (When Pepper is relaxing she tends to let her hair down.)

Character Face Claim: Gwyneth Paltrow.

<Her Story So Far>

Leaving behind her modeling career, Virginia had taken up a job at Stark Industries in 1995 where she was an accountant for Tony Stark. One day when she was crunching the numbers that had been given her, she spotted a flaw in the work done with the number. Pushing her way past security Virginia pointed out to Tony that there was a big mistake. Of course he was not one to take her seriously at first until he looked it over. She saved him from losing a lot of money in the business.

On that same day Tony had decided to make Virginia his Personal Assistant(P.A.) and give her a cute nickname of "Pepper" because of her red hair and freckles. That and she had also 'threatened' security that she had pepper spray on hand and was not afraid to use it.  At first Virginia (now known as Pepper to many thanks to Tony) was unsure of this offer but she decided to take it on, no complaints. She had her moments where she was tempted to quit the job of P.A. but she sucked it up and kept at it.

<Her Boss M.I.A.>

Later on Tony Stark had gone missing on a business trip in Iraq when he was selling the military Stark Industries weapons. Virginia became a wreck when she thought he could be dead. After three months of still working at Stark Industries with her boss gone Virginia received some amazing news that Tony was found alive and brought home safe.

<Her Promotion & Her Past Comes Back>

A few years down the road Virginia had Stark Industries signed over to her by Tony Stark's choice, after he took on the job of being Iron Man. This workaholic Virginia is a perfect choice for the position. Always being on her toes and catching the smallest of errors in the work environment. Unfortunately a past boss who went by the name of Aldrich Killian [who is the head of A.I.M.] had caught onto her taking the throne of Stark Industries. He tried to get her to help him bring out a virus called Extremis to the public more. [Yes it did have some benefits but Virginia felt this was way to similar to weaponry.] Denying the request of Killian he later went on a vengeful rampage, Tony caught onto what he really was doing. Killian was the cause for the attacks in and around Malibu California.

Virginia was soon caught by Aldrich Killian and injected with the virus. Her body did accept the virus which in turn enhanced her. Allowing her to become stronger and heal extremely fast. But the side effect of the virus caused her to heat up to a point where she could not touch anything or anyone without burning them. After Killian was dealt with, Virginia was supposedly cured of the Extremis virus.

<The Adventurous Workaholic>

After the many events Virginia had gone through she found herself feeling the need for more adventure. Just sitting at a desk and doing only work was not feeding her craving anymore. Of course she still puts her work before pleasure and doesn't usually talk to anyone about this side of herself. Feeling it may cause them to see her as not so professional anymore and the last thing she wants to do is lose Stark Industries clients. When Virginia gets the chance she takes off into the world in search for something exciting to see and do.

Of course with Tony Stark knowing of his best friends interesting new side. He's created her a suit of armor for when she gets caught up in the very exciting stuff.

Status of the armor: Rescue is now active.
[[The admin suggests you read this information on the character.]]

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