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"{That sounds indeed horrible! You have my approval!}"
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Krieg Ändert Sich Nie

((Co-written by Maiden Company Mercs. This blog contains dark themes of war and torture. Reader's discretion is advised.))Hancock had spent the hours of the night, instead of resting, securing a favor with an caravan connection who knew Proctor Ingram of the Brotherhood of Steel to tip them off, and to ensure that it was of the highest priority that the Brotherhood investigate the secured area, but even more than that, John just needed to make sure he would have enough time. At about seven in…See More
Jun 26
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"Blahblahblah, passive aggressiveness, blahblahblah"
Jun 22
John Hancock posted a status
"So a ghoul walks into a bar and the bartender says, "We don't serve your kind here." The ghoul says, "That's all right. Is the human fresh?""
Jun 13
John Hancock posted a status
"I'm sorry."
May 31
John Hancock posted a blog post

Uranium Fever has Gone and Got Me Down

John woke up to the sound of sonic booming, and he didn't know where he was. Well, he kind of knew. The green skies, the foul smell, the acidic puddles, and the burnt remains of buildings were a clear indication that he was in the glowing sea, but he didn't know how far in he was.. It was like waking up in a desert, except..John looked at himself. His coat, his shirt, and his tricorner were…See More
May 10
John Hancock posted a blog post

The Growth of a Paladin

Outpost Zimonja  John had taken a long walk to this place. He could've used a portal coin, but this was a walk he needed to think on, and the turrets at the settlement couldn't tell the difference between a magically appearing threat and a magically appearing ghoul. He'd thought, and thunk, and pondered and wondered for a good hour, even taking a scenic route to loop the trail a second time.   The last time he had seen Paladin Danse was Nora's funeral. They had hugged, and made peace with one…See More
May 2
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"[Thank you for accepting my friend request would you like to rp some time?]"
May 1
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A Foul Act at Everywhere

May 16, 2017 from 5pm to 8pm
"Fair is foul, and foul is fair."Nyarlathotep, Messenger of the Outer Gods, has a scheme. A scheme in which no one can escape, no matter how far they run.There is a simple choice: run, and simply delay the inevitable chaos; or dive head first into its embrace, and hope that madness does not touch you in ways you thought impossible.What could they possibly choose?See More
Apr 30
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Apr 5
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One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty Five Inches of Thought

"Hey Deegan?" John uttered into a pipboy that didn't stick to his wrist, instead dangling it in his fingers like some strange alien device. "I'm stuck in a radstorm." The air was sour and humid, the wind threatening to pop the hat from his head.. The sky a sickly green color as a sonic sound that mimic thunder roared through the sky.Deegan's voice came through, raspy, but clear. "I hear it's gonna be real bad, boss. Take cover if ya can.""Will do." He promised as his eyes searched the buildings…See More
Apr 3
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Mar 10
John Hancock is attending T-Ray's event

VeggieTales from the Crypt at Red Sun Inn

March 10, 2017 from 6pm to 8pm
The camera pans over to the Red Sun Inn, then zooms inside, down the stairs, into the basement... where a pale albino rises from a dirt-filled coffin, cackling as green slim descends over the screen, wiping it to black while some residue forms the words...VeggieTales From the Crypt"Hello Boils and Ghouls... Are you in for a VEGGIE terrifying evening? Well... You're in luck! I have a little party planned. If you'd like a taste of our tasteful, vegetarian and vegan-safe hors d'oeuvres...…See More
Mar 8
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Goodneighbor is a small town inside Boston in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is inhabited by ghouls, criminals, and generally speaking people who do not fit in Diamond City.Before the bombs fell, this location used to be called Scollay Square. The original name can still be seen in the Third Rail on the wall to the right side of the bar. Goodneighbor was founded in 2240 by criminals who were exiled from Diamond City. It can be easily reached from the Mass Fusion Building by traveling to the…See More
Feb 23
A blog post by John Hancock was featured

It's All Over But the Crying

It was three in the afternoon, by the time John was able to get Garvey to send a message to the entire Commonwealth, and for every single one of the friends, who had really considered themselves family to gather along.But while he waited, He sat with Curie and Codsworth inside of her old pastel blue tin home, in the living room on an old couch, telling them of everything that happened. Curie and himself had cried, hugging each other as the synth tried to describe the unbearable, unfamiliar…See More
Feb 20
Janitor Guy [Eidolons] commented on John Hancock's blog post 'It's All Over But the Crying'
"AH, my heart! </3 The feels were so strong in this blog. Excellent work."
Feb 19



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Started this discussion. Last reply by John Hancock Jun 1. 26 Replies

There is a lot of shit going on the site. It's my fault, and I acknowledge that. So, in an attempt to make things better, I am starting a positivity OOC discussion, in an attempt to make people feel…Continue


I'm that shady druggie your mom warned you about.

Early Beginnings

 John McDonough was born on September 3rd 2261, in a little shack on the waterfront on the outskirts of Vault 81 and downtown Boston. His mother, a woman named Martha McDonough, and his father Patrick McDonough, and his brother Guy, were all the family he had. They weren't perfect. His father was a fisherman, and his brother was just a typical big brother. Shoved rotten tatoes down his shirt and slapped his back for fun.. For a long time, John had felt out of place in his family. He had blonde hair and was skinny, while his father and brother were dark haired, and were rather curvy. When he was about four, the family decided to pack up and move to Diamond City permanently.

Life was hard to adjust to. Playing in the water just got him yelled at by security, and he didn't mix well with the local children. The only real comfort he found was hanging around a group of older kids, and the occasional evenings when he would sneak out of bed to spy on the synth his parents had warned him so much about.

As he grew older, and drifted further from his family, he'd discovered the sweet nursing that chems gave to soothe his riddled mind. It was funny how quickly his parents turned from scolding him for visiting that synth, to paying the synth to drag him all the way home after the multiple attempts he made at running away.

While he lived the life of luxury (if you can call vomiting your breakfast after too much jet a luxury), his brother took on the life of politics. Guy had been a smooth talker like John was, except it was different. Guy had gotten the idea that picking on ghouls would look favorably among the rich, and before John could blink, Guy was elected Mayor of Diamond City.

That day, when he confronted his brother, the man stood looking down on the city as people who they called neighbor grabbed ghoul families and their kids, to toss them to the ruins. "I did it John. It's all mine." He said, and smiled at John in a hideous way, that John didn't recognize. It wouldn't be until ten years later that he'd find out his only brother was an Institute spy.. A synth.. But, it was the moment John knew he had to leave.

He had been sneaking off to Goodneighbor for years, and knew the safest ways to go without getting into trouble. He gave what advice he could to the families he got in contact with, but eventually, some just disappeared. Whether they were killed, or turned feral, or just vanished, John still couldn't stomach that it was his brother's fault. For about a year, he spent his life as a drifter in Goodneighbor, doing what he could to survive. Mostly, he serviced men and women in exchange for chems and caps, and whatever extra food he had, he shared with those that were laying in the cold dirt beside him..

At the time, Goodneighbor was run by raiders, a particularly nasty one named Vic.. Those that had homes were lucky enough to lock their doors whenever the raiders decided they wanted to play with their toys, but others weren't so lucky.. It was one afternoon that a drifter finally said something, and Vic smashed their head open on the road like a can of cram. What bothered John the most from that was that they didn't do a damn thing about it, including himself.

Wallowing in his own self-pity, he wandered into the statehouse with a chem he'd been saving for longer than he wanted to admit. It was an experimental radiation drug, with only one hit. It was the only one of its kind left, and he was going to use it. He knew when he took it that one of two things would happen; he would either die, or spend the rest of his days as a ghoul. His name wasn't on Death's list, unfortunately.

When he awoke, after days of severe vomiting, the loss of his nose, sloughing off skin, and other horrendous side effects that came with radiation poisoning like that, he saw a set of clothes in front of him that just.. called to him. No, they didn't speak, but he knew it was what he needed. He put on the shirt, the vest, the coat and the hat, and the pants that were three sizes too big for him (the flag he used as a makeshift belt helped), and killed John McDonough, taking on the name John Hancock instead.

He ganged up with the people of Goodneighbor that had struggled under Vic's reign. They stockpiled weapons, and prepared for the ultimate surprise attack, that ended with Vic dangling over the balcony of the Statehouse by a noose. The people cried out for a speech, and the coat that John wore brought out words in him, that felt so good on the lips, and to the ears of every person in Goodneighbor.

"Of the people, for the people."

A Change for Mankind

(Canonical divergence starts here)

It was in 2289 that John resigned from being a mayor, after over ten years of hard work. With the help of the Sole Survivor, Goodneighbor had clean running water, and the biggest caravan movement that had been seen in over a hundred years. Even better that an alliance had been forged with Bunker Hill, conjoining the settlements together into one beautiful enormous place that people could call home. The Institute was gone, and the remnants of the Railroad, that ran purely on volunteers, was incredibly successful in keeping synths safe. After so many years of hard work, and loyalty, John felt it was time to retire, and gave the position to the most unlikely person to pick, a synth that went by the name of Danse. If you asked Danse, he'd tell you that John made him Mayor to piss him off, but really, John knew that the person who thought they were the worst contender usually made them the best. The city was thriving, and everything seemed perfect.

But that wasn't the full picture.

Behind the scenes, John had been working with Victor Frankenstein to find a cure for ghoulism for multiple reasons. He'd wanted to reverse the very sickness that plagued so many people to the point of being seen as less than a normal person. It wasn't anyone's fault that they were a ghoul (unless you were John), and with being a ghoul came the risk that one day you would become a feral.

At the time, he had volunteered himself as a living guinea pig for Victor, but the word had spread to the Maiden Mercenary Company, and they were unhappy about that. One in particular, a woman by Dr. Engel, was so intent, she kidnapped John's second in command, Edward Deegan, and mutilated him while experimenting for the cure. When John and Victor found out about it, they were furious. Engel however, had the upperhand, and collared Victor with a bomb collar.

For weeks, John and Victor went back and forth on what to do, since the bomb collar couldn't be removed, and Deegan was still trapped in prison. After making a false promise of staying away from Victor and Engel, John decided he was going to free his friend one way or another. He dropped in a tip to the Brotherhood of Steel, that there were supplies at Engel's base. This resulted in a massacre, and the ultimate falling of the Brotherhood of Steel, although Edward Deegan was rescued and John had obtained information for the cure.

It didn't stop there. Because of John's actions not only to the base, but to Engel's brother Klaus, Engel tortured Victor to the point of revealing who had sent the attack, and then mutilated John and Flare (the head of Maiden Company) in retaliation. John was left scarred, missing a testicle, and tattooed with the word COWARD on his head in big black letters, as well as collared just as cruelly as Victor was. To make things worse, John was sold as a slave.

In the nick of time, before he was to be sold to Caesar's Legion, Victor saved the day, and John was freed. The Engel's were gone, and John was left with the cure at his disposal. But upon looking back in time at everything he'd done, he really wondered if he was any better than he was when he took the cure. He had the courage to ask for the cure because he was comfortable in his skin again, but now? He didn't like himself, and he had lost trust of many on his own stupidity. He took the cure out into the Commonwealth, sharing the information with doctors, and giving the medicine to every ghoul he came in contact with, except for himself, but.. Maybe one day.

If you plan on traveling with John, you should know by now that he walks a very thin line of what's right and what's wrong. On one end, he is a vicious chem dealer that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, but on the other hand he is a defender of the poor and innocent because he was one of them once upon a time. He supports cruelty to those that deserve it, but despises those that are greedy when someone needs help.

Hancock is pansexual, and is currently in an open relationship with a beautiful girl named Wanda Wilson. Sorry ladies, his heart has been stolen.

My likes:

  • ...constructing settlement buildings
  • ...using chems.
  • ...asking people what they need.
  • ...sharing chems with others.
  • ...inflicting harm/cruelty on those who rightly deserve it.
  • ...defending the innocent.

My dislikes:

  • ...stealing.
  • ...being greedy. (Asking for money/more money.)
  • ...cruelty towards those who don't deserve it.
  • ...murdering innocents.

Profile Information

Relationship Status
In a relationship
Romantic Interests
Men, Women, Ghouls, Smoothskins, Synths... Not interested in ferals or supermutants. Nothing against you guys, it's just that I'd like to keep my limbs.
Who Am I...
A 28 year old ghoul.

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At 1:26pm on July 18, 2017,
Scarlett Delacroix

{That sounds indeed horrible! You have my approval!}

At 3:49pm on July 2, 2017,
Ellegard Schmidt // ES-20
// Thanks for accepting me :3 John has to be one of my favorite followers in Fallout EVER.... Besides Dogmeat, of course x3 \\
At 9:52pm on April 22, 2017,
Drossel Keinz

[Thank you for accepting my friend request would you like to rp some time?]

At 7:11am on April 5, 2017, Maiden Company Mercs said…


At 5:08pm on March 26, 2017, ˢ ᵘ ʳ ᵛ ᶤ ᵛ ᵒ ʳNORA said…

Nora had spent enough time with each of her companions to understand their different senses of humor. Still, that would not stop her from defending them in their time of absence. She offered Hancock a small, yet visible smile, a sign of her appreciation towards his joking nature.


As Hancock was gathering his essentials, Nora took her time analyzing the route one last time on her Pip-Boy. It was one she had traveled many times, although Nora knew to be ready for anything lurking across the Commonwealth. When Hancock signaled for their departure, she knew that Fahrenheit had a few extra words for the survivor. She lowered the device attached to her wrist and met Hancock’s gaze from across the room.


“I’ll meet you outside.” Nora said, standing up from the couch. Fahrenheit eyeing her with disapproval, lighting another cigarette. She waited until she heard the door of the state house close before proceeding forward out of the room when Fahrenheit stopped her, grabbing her firmly by the arm.

“If it were up to me, I would have gone with Hancock myself, but the mayor trusts you. Which is why I am holding you personally responsible for whatever happens to him, little pawn.” Fahrenheit explained, releasing her grip on Nora’s arm. Traveling to Goodneighbor to assist Hancock had always come with a threat from Fahrenheit and having the mayor as a companion meant that she tolerated his bodyguard. Without giving her a response, the survivor exited the room and descended the stairs to meet with Hancock.

At 3:58pm on March 13, 2017,

[Thanks for accepting my friend requestm would you like to rp?]

At 1:49pm on February 14, 2017,
Wanda Wilson

Wanda's totally not rushed gifts include:

A Giant Teddy

A Couple Boxes of Huge Chocolate Covered Strawberries

And a picture of Wanda wearing only her mask, with a note on the back:

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

At 4:59am on February 1, 2017, Piper Wright said…

<Posted all over Diamond City late last night>

At 1:33am on October 19, 2016, Flare of The Kin said…

Flare's still pretty weak. The man's got the extra oxygen with the suit being torn to shreds, but he'll be needing some gas. The man's indigo body flickers in the light looking like he might diminish into embers shortly. Its not looking too good for Flare at the moment. 

"I'm sorry about this." He lets loose, and his body dissolves from a human being to an actual fire. He pretty much devours the chaise that he was sitting on for fuel, and then returns back to his human form afterwards. "Again. Sorry, but it was either that or bite the dust." The man is totally naked, but luckily there's no...goods to be shown. Although seeing a fiery pair of balls and a dong would be quite the sight to behold. 

"I'll ah...reimburse you for that couch." He scratches the top of his head, and leans down to pick up the bag. "That's the bomb-diggity. I'll be needing a way back to the joint with my main man Jerry. A portal coin'll do the trick just fine....." 

"Um, here's the downlow, ghoulio. This cat is damn chill. Flare's funky with some mad bartending/cooking skills, and he's allllllll about the good vibes. Buddy, ya never mentioned that your 'problem' didn't have a peaceful solution. I appreciate the scratch, but next a playa out and let a brotha know he might have to get freaky-deaky on some stone cold thugs. Feel me?"

At 1:15pm on October 17, 2016, Flare of The Kin said…

Goodneighbor isn't too far away from Trinity Tower...or well...whats left of Trinity Tower. The explosions and colored fire could be seen up to 30+ blocks away. It was rather unfortunate for both Flare and whoever found him as he wandered away from the blast radius. Raiders, Ferals, Supermutants, and even Generation One Synths met Flare.

None of them survived the encounter.

That being said, the Synths lasted the longest in a fight. The lasers were hot enough to do some damage to Flare because as it turns out fighting fire with fire does work. Well, it works against The Kin, anyway. He had to turn up the heat significantly to melt their titanium/ tungsten frames, and TURNING THE FUCK UP to 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit can tire out a man that usually burns at 582 degrees pretty quickly.

With a wing and a prayer, along with a bit of luck, he manages to stumble through the door that leads to Goodneighbor. His suit is torn to absolute shit, and at this point there's really no reason at all to wear it. The pants appear to be in fairly good shape with only a few holes here and there but the top half of the suit is completely fuckin' fucked mate. There's a thread of fabric holding it together.

How does a suit even hold up around a man made out of fire anyway?

Lets not worry about that 

Of course he's going to get quite a bit of odd looks. Chances are the majority of the population that saw him swears they've taken way too much Psycho. Flare wavers slightly as the wind picks up. He looks like he might collapse at any second. He raises a hand as he notices the other Ghouls in the area.

"Hancock." The man croaks before he passes out. 

John Hancock's Blog

And All I See Are Demons (Help)

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 2:17pm 0 Comments

(18+ for mentions of drug use, and dark themes. This has been written with the permissions of Peter and Scarlett.)

His hands grasped the floor of a dirty shopping center, while a rough and familiar hand of one of his closest friends yanked at his shoulder. "John, come on! We still need to get a couple things from the gardening section before we go!" …



Posted on July 10, 2017 at 3:27pm 0 Comments

It had taken three hours, to make three doses. In that time, John had sat quietly in the basement of the Memory Den, watching Amari work. She had made the comment that he was unnaturally quiet, since he typically spent his time talking to Kent or flirting with Irma, or oftentimes both. John had just decided against answering that, and swatted when Amari had felt at his head to see if he felt all…


Whole Lotta Shakin Going On

Posted on July 7, 2017 at 8:52am 0 Comments

((This blog was co-written by Victor Frankenstein. Special thanks to…


Krieg Ändert Sich Nie

Posted on June 26, 2017 at 12:30pm 0 Comments

((Co-written by Maiden Company Mercs. This blog contains dark themes of war and torture. Reader's discretion is advised.))

Hancock had spent the hours of the night, instead of resting, securing a favor with an caravan connection who knew Proctor Ingram of the Brotherhood of Steel to tip them off, and to ensure that it was of the highest priority that the Brotherhood investigate the secured area, but even more than that, John just needed to make sure he would have enough…


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