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Choose Wisely...

Profile Information

My Story Is...
(Check out my blogs for new character profiles!!)

Vrana: Has lost all sense of her memory. Very few parts of her past remain in her mind yet, they are just broken bits of once a larger picture.
I was Ah-Key or commonly know as anthro wolf, before the change. Long story short I was lab rat as punishment from my 1st master. I am now empress of the Sith Empire and headmaster of the Sith Academy. Throughout the years of my wildest dreams I finally made it to where I want to be. Now, the next step is preparing the future of the Sith. All the blood I shed, bones that have been broken, I am now free to live my life. That all change when I return back to the Empire...
The Sith academy once lay in ruins but, this time it was done by the onw who helped rebuild it. By fire and madness, Vrana past away in the midist of chaos. Now only Sora Avasia, Cyra Avasia, and Sara Green remain, at least that's what they think.
My Appearance...
**Anthro wolf form Kara/Vrana:
Eyes: dark/light shades and traces of sliver, with a mix of blues.
Fur: is a mixture of light/dark blue and shades of sliver.
I wear a leather bark tank top (in my world it comes from bark of a tree) and leather bark sort (skirt with shorts under them).
Human Form: My hair can seem black but truly dark/light shades of a shimmer like blue.
Favorite outfit: Ebony dress with a crimson color and matching sash over her thin armor. A thin touch of eyeliner to highlight the curve of her eyes, and a very soft yet natural touch of blush. Long cut slit of her dress were on both side, reviling long black boots and matching tights. Last but not least she wears a Sith emblem on a sterling sliver chain around her neck. Of course two light-sabers hang on each side of her hip.

Saber Steel: (check out her blog!)
Species (Optional)
A light saber. A gift from my 3rd master, that came with a price

I have a young dragon a gift from a friend named Darius. The young and very dear to my heart is Aku Sora, a sliver dragon who is always up to mischief.
Amulet necklace from RuAnna, so I may use it if I ever need a safe place to rest.

From my Home-Land: I have blades that are shape like a wide crescent moon, that are connected to golden slap on bracelets.
I can easily dance around for show or for battle.I can Wear them on the side of my arm. On the golden arm band, they are engrave of my family history.
Last thing, A small bag containing powder that heals most wounds (moderate deep or less. No internal damage sadly).
My Secrets Are...
Cyra: I can touch objects or people and see parts of their past.
Sora: I am not only senator of Naboo, I am also dragon who can shape shift into human form.
Vrana: may be dead but, my sprit lives on.
I Believe...
in life

Who's who

Double Blade

Vrana Avasia, once a mighty ruler of the Sith Empire. She mainly focused on building powerful alliances and the Sith Academy. Her dream was take over her allies homeworld, and place more Sith Academies, so the teachings of the dark side would spread. She has currently fallen victim of losing her own memory and now lives as Eclipse, a world famous singer. She has one adopted son named Sora, who is a young sliver dragon that can shape shift into a 14-year-old boy. Living the near perfect life, she has everything she wanted and hoped for. Her son is safe and has what he needs, food, shelter, and adoring fans. Who could ask for more? A trigger unleashed her memories of her past life and now, everyone in the Sith Empire is in danger... Now deceased due to her actions at the Sith Academy. Sora, Cyra, and their friend Sarah Green, are left to defend for themselves.  

Sora Avasia or use to be known as Aku, the empress personal body guard. Sora also does not remember his past or his previous title. All he knows is the fact he can shape shift between human and dragon. A bit shy in nature but once he is comfortable he is curious as a cat. He can't speak very well but does nod his head or make certain (kind) gestures to speak with others. (Picture above is when he was 14.)

He is now 25

Now living on Naboo, Sora and Cyra are making a new life, leaving their mother's dark past behind them but, never forgotten. Living as the new senator of Naboo, Sora declares himself as a pacifist. Pacifism is opposition to war, militarism, and violence. A related term is ahimsa (to do no harm), which is a core philosophy for Sora.

Cyra Malgus Avasia

 Cyra was created partly by stolen DNA (or so was told) and DNA from her mother. Her mother Vrana, wanted an heir to the Sith Empire. Believing if she gave part of her own flesh and blood to the empire, perhaps Vrana would gain great favor among her people, and fill the gap of not having a family that she longed for. Cyra may be seen as the first heir of the Sith Empire but, she does not long to be the dark princess. With her big brother Sora to watch over her, she will have a chance to grow and learn the ways of life. At age 14, Sora and Cyra lost their mother to the dark-side of the force. Spunky yet bashful, courageous yet, inexperienced, Cyra is has a loving heart,  and overly trusting of others, even towards strangers. She holds two secrets, secrets that she is desperately tries to keep hidden. Secrets that can cause her life, and the lives of others to turn upside down.

Tracinya Fett, if you are aware of the last name surely you know her line of work. Mandalorian bounty hunter! She is no princess and likes the extreme, Hover bikes, sniper weapons, jet packs, and anything relating to fighting. Just don't short pay this tom boy on a job ok? With her mother and father long gone missing, she only has her brother Reeve and her handy-dandy Scout droid.

Thola the Chiss Pilot 

Thola, that was all she could remember as she raises her head from the command panel of the ship. Loose wires causes her to jump as wild sparks fall from above, falling from the ceiling and landing only a few feet away from her. Her head was ranging with pain, and the sense of life or deaf grip at her heart. The small ship shook, and began to cave in as she runs for her life. Worst yet, she was alone, and wearing a uniform of which she didn't know who belong to. Only the badge on her right shoulder mention a name, Thola. Questions swirl her aching head. She later learn the uniform was that of a pilot but, a pilot for who? All who she asked seem not to know, and if they did, they wouldn't say. 

Quirky, silly, noble, a odd mix of everything. Thola been attacked, hunted, flirted with for reasons unknown to her. What happen in her past life to cause trouble to follow her? Sure doesn't help making friends or credits (money). She always seem to wear her black hair in a pony tail and overall tries to keep a neat appearance. The only memory and set of skills are part of her muscle memory. She may not know how she able to throw that guy over her shoulder like she did, nor remember how to fly a ship through asteroid field yet, perhaps by sheer luck she has martial arts and piloting skills.  

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Tracinya: Daily Life

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Tracinya Fett

Gender: Female

Race: Mandalorian

Height: 5 feet and 5 inches

Weight: 115 pounds

Family: Mother,…


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I was told by the medic this be a good way to help me with my recovery, by doing hologram recording about day to day thoughts. I wonder if people ever get this feeling like they know you but, you have no idea who they are. They know your name, where you stand, they even act they know you. Each time I try to picture something in my mind of the person I am talking to I draw up a blank, and I feel odd...empty would be better word. A wave of guilt clouds my mind and sinks into my heart as people…


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*The force user felt the pod be gripped by the tractor beam and would release a sigh of relief. He was getting saved. Seems that meditation thing worked after all. He'd open his eyes ad look at the cockpit glass that was there. It showed Talon there and Tal'Anar saw her...One of his eyes was white and blinded by burns while the other was a light blue..Both blinked together...But he remained silent. He had no words to say just yet. And he had no weapons to defend himself aside from what small amounts of force abilities he had thus far...*

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*Floating somewhere in the wreckage of an imperial star destroyer would be an escape pod containing a pale twilek known as Tal'Anar. He bore many scars of past injuries...His face was burned severely but it had scarred over and was now just red with irritation. He also had many whip scars on his back and blade and blaster scars elsewhere on his body. He sat there in the pod wearing a dark brown, tattered robe with no hood. He was cross legged and had his eyes closed...He looked calm...Even as some drifting explosive shells went off nearby, he remained calm...Using his meager knowledge of his own abilities to drift the pod away from any projected debris...He did not know for how long he would be here...But he was here...And he had no way of getting out safely...*

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