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The people who win are the people who stay calm.


HEIGHT: 5'9" (variable as Venom)
EYES: Brown
WEIGHT: 170 lbs (variable as Venom)
HAIR: Black
UNUSUAL FEATURES: Injury from a mine explosion cost Lee his pinky and ring finger on his left hand. Wears a brown leather glove with two prosthetics to hide his handicap.

REAL NAME: Lee Price
ALIAS: Venom
IDENTITY: Secret identity
OCCUPATION: Criminal; former U.S. Army Ranger
PLACE OF BIRTH: Queens, New York
GROUP AFFILIATION: None; formerly U.S. Army Rangers


Lee had a rough upbringing, living in a low rent apartment complex with his parents in Queens. He was surrounded by violence, witnessing his mother abuse his father on daily basis and being brutally bullied by other kids at school. Lee eventually befriended another child living in the same building; a mutant boy with pyrokenisis. However, when a group of cops and some shady government suits came for the young mutant, the boy razed the complex and inadvertently killed Lee's mother. Lee was abandoned by his father not long after that and was taken into protective services. He spent five years as a ward of the state before joining the U.S. Army Rangers. While serving overseas, he was wounded from a mine explosion that killed several of his squad members and cost him two of the fingers on his left hand. Due to his injury, Lee was discharged from the Rangers, so he registered as a disabled veteran in order to receive benefits--which never came through. To make matters worse, Lee was unable to find employment with any domestic security firms, leaving him in a desperate situation.
When Lee faced eviction from his apartment, he accepted a transaction job for the Black Cat's gang. After delivering the pacakge to Tombstone's men, the situation escelated when they refused to pay and both factions pulled guns on each other. Unnarmed, Lee waited for either side to pull the trigger when the Venom Symbiote abruptly intervened, desperately searching for a host, and saved him from the onslaught of incoming bullets. Lee managed to repel its attempts to take him over and used the Symbiote to kill everyone from both gangs as well as his "friend," Tony Consiglio, in order to keep his possession of the Symbiote a secret for maximum benefit.


PERSONALITY: Lee is callous, ruthless, pragmatic and cruel. His time overseas has taught him that its those who stay calm who are victorious, as such he maintains a stern, stoic demeanor at almost all times. He revels in the power the Symbiote gives him but is not ambitious, seeking to operate from the shadows and take only what he is owed for his work rather than mixing it up with superhumans in the middle of the street.

CAPABILITIES: The Symbiote grants Lee enhanced strength, speed and durability, and can shoot strands of its own alien substance in the form of webbing which possesses the tensile strength of 125 pounds per square milimeter of cross section and extraordinary adhesive properties. The Symbiote possesses an extrasensory ability similiar to Spider-Man, but it's not as complicated since the symbiote can sense danger from every direction. However, it is not as efficient because it takes longer to communicate the danger. The Symbiote is completely invisible to Spider-Man's spider-sense, which allows it to attack without alerting him. The Symbiote contains a "dimensional aperture" which can store small objects without adding bulk. The symbiote is capable of mimicking clothing and its surroundings; this allows Lee to render himself virtually invisible to the human eye. The symbiote can absorb bullets from small-arms firing conventional ammunition. The symbiote grants its host enhanced regenerative abilities and enables Lee to recover from some lethal injuries, (however it's not as effective as Wolverine's healing factor).

WEAKNESSES: The symbiote is vulnerable to sonics and fires, but unlike its spawn, Carnage, it's more susceptible to loud sounds than intense heat.



  • I know it's incredibly obvious to everyone by now, but none of that Godmodding, young man/lady.
  • Sex and violence is a-okay, although don't expect any sexy time from Lee. His libido is along similar lines  of a dead fish. But just in case it gets to that, don't be a minor, please. Prison isn't on my list of top priorities.
  • I only RP through comments and private messages (inbox). Contact me through the chat if you wanna, well, chat or plot something.
  • Writing starters make my nipples tingle with fear. Even when I come up with something glorious in my head, it may not come out as outstanding as I imagined it being.
  • I welcome crossovers with big open floppy arms, as long as they don't go into territories Lee just doesn't fit in to. I don't know what Lee would do in the world of My Little Pony, for example. Act so emo and edgy that it literally sucks the colour out of their world?
  • I ever-so-sligthly prefer plotting over winging it. I feel like I'm shooting in the dark when I'm winging it, but that doesn't mean I'm completely opposed to it.
  • Have fun; chillin' out, relaxin', maxin' all cool.


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At 8:57pm on February 16, 2017, Lee Price said…

I was not expecting to see a Donald Trump roleplayer.

At 5:04pm on February 1, 2017, Lee Price said…

I'm sorry, was that Rachnera image always there? 'Cuz I didn't see it until now.


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