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Hello everyone. It's me again. So, my last discussion did surprisingly well. I hope this one is just as popular. So, I am used to doing Medieval/Fantasy rp. But recently, i've been trying new things…Continue

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While I was away, I created  a TON of different ideas for rp that i've been itching about. Experimenting with every now and then and i'd like to try some of them out if anyone is interested. And if…Continue

Looking for serious, interesting rp

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So, my last post got no traction at all. Here I am asking again for rp partners. Simple as that. If you are looking for rp and your normal rp partners aren't online. Or you are looking for new people…Continue


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"You weren't raised by her, she knows what it feels like to be thrown out of the only place to be known as a home. No matter how you view her, she at least made a name for herself. *Then she mumbles under her breath while opening the door.*…"
Sep 18
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"True, I did say not to ask about it but, then I remembered you guys don't mind bloodshed like most do. *She gives Kor a long face, almost like a look of pity.* My mother is captain now, maybe once I introduce you two, maybe you two can work…"
Sep 14
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"*Grabbing a few bags of supplies, she nearly drop them when she pulls them off the wagon. Catching them in the nick of time, she lets out a sigh, and in doing so, a puff of air could be seen slipping out from her lips. Wearing only a thick tunic…"
Sep 10
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"We should hurry to my mother's house. With all of us there it might be a little crowded but, there is enough space. Just, don't ask about how my mother got the house, and don't ask about the history. *Rolling her eyes she climes down…"
Sep 10
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"She listens carefully, eyes closed so she can try to piece together a picture as Idhara tells his tale, and misses the chained slaves. Honestly, that might be for the better, as well. She's one of the more impulsive of her folk, and that has…"
Aug 12
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"She looks the creature over as it talks with Idhara, keeping still and listening as she tries to make sense of the conversation. When the door is closed, she starts to give Idhara a curious look. He opens the door to the carriage again, and she nods…"
Aug 12
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"She has to take a moment to just soak in the atmosphere, and smell the air... and can't fully hide the smirk that tugs at the corners of her lips. "Smells like home..." the woman mutters with a quiet chuckle, before clearing her…"
Aug 3
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"Eshe leans forward slightly, leaning on her knees as they travel. She spends the trip either watching Idhara, the landscape, or just staring forward. The glow of everything... it's beautiful. When they seem to have arrived, she just watches the…"
Jul 29
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"(Not a problem! I learn best about worlds through my characters, and yours seems really interesting! If I have any questions, though, I will be /sure/ to let you know! And here or inbox, whichever you prefer is fine with me :)"
Jul 4
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""So I have been told. And as you wish, master Idhara." With a slight nod, she approaches the carriage and pauses, almost like she's looking for something, and when she doesn't seem to find it, steps in and sits, somewhat perched…"
Jul 2
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"(Okay, welcome back! Your turn, btw)"
Jun 28
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"(You haven't responded for a while, do you still get on?)"
Jun 21
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"A brow arches as he talks about the possible accomidations, and she shakes her head slightly. "Don't worry about it if it's any extra effort, sir. I don't eat, and I rested less than a month ago, so I should be fine for a…"
May 31
Eshe Kakra left a comment for Random Characters
"A brow arches at that response, just a little, but it lowers again after a moment. "Not that I would expect an answer to, no. But I have to tell you, my people are only a few, and we aren't all on the best of terms." In saying that,…"
May 30
Eshe Kakra left a comment for Random Characters
"When they make it outside, Eshe takes a breath as if to say something, but decides to keep it to herself. When asked if she has questions, she nods. "A few, but I'll start with one. You just met me, and yet, apparently, you're placing…"
May 30
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"She remains in her chosen spot behind him, hands clasped behind her back, and her face very nearly expressionless. When introduced, she automatically falls into the same, low bow that she gave to Kiev and Idhara, this time also drawing a foot across…"
May 30
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"She dutifully follows along, hands clasped behind her back once more, and she almost seems to be going out of her way to avoid the eyes of anyone. When people start bowing, she falls behind a few steps, shrinking into herself slightly. Again, out of…"
May 26
Eshe Kakra left a comment for Random Characters
"She nods, even though she doesn't fully understand why anything she had said would be a big deal. It apparently is, though, and someone wants her to be quiet. Eshe can do that. When they come into view of the animals, her eyes drift to them.…"
May 26
Eshe Kakra left a comment for Random Characters
"She can't help but look at the brand for several moments, and when she manages to pry her eyes from the rat-woman's arm, she looks somewhat questioningly to Idhara. When told to come, she nods and follows, hands folding behind her back…"
May 26
Eshe Kakra left a comment for Random Characters
"She laughs a little at that with a somewhat sad smile. "That doesn't sound unlike how I live at 'home' as things are. But Cyril can be a bit..." She shakes her head, trailing off. "Nevermind. I ramble, sorry." Then…"
May 26

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The Black Wagon!

Posted on September 20, 2017 at 1:30pm 0 Comments

The Black Wagon is a radio show that features murders and tales of horror from all across the universe. The stories are given to the two radio hosts. Johnathon Storm, and William Tinder. They came to be on Hellifyno after they were burned alive by Jango and their entire world was destroyed. Jango had put them into a pocket dimension that was endlessly looping into various dangerous worlds that the 2 found themselves in. Until one day, Jeanette saved them. They don't…


The Creatures

Posted on September 15, 2017 at 12:30pm 0 Comments

These creatures are the spawn of Jeanette. An army of monsters birthed by her. To them, she is mother. To them, she is god. Most of them, anyway. The majority of these creatures are beastly and animal like in nature. But those who are more intelligent than the rest of their kin are Jeanettes elite force. 4,000 of intelligent spawn live with their monstrous kin. Fighting them. Training with them. Not killing them. Brawling, more like it. For fun. They are all hairless. Pale grey skin with…


Kortar Mayr

Posted on March 22, 2017 at 11:30am 0 Comments

A native to the planet of Koran, he was sent by his people to gather information on distant worlds. The "first foot down" kind of person. His mission is to get information on a planet and discern if the people there are willing and able to accept trade with Koran or if they are hostile and should be avoided. He is a red skinned man with horns.…


Koran and the Koranii

Posted on February 25, 2017 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

Koran. Home to the Koranii people and the capitol planet of The Empire of Koran. A very large planet that was capable of holding up to 100 billion life forms. But that was before. The surface of this planet is mostly dead and there are vents all over the planet that push up hot air that is poisonous to…


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At 9:52pm on October 13, 2017, Ru Vici said…


At 11:15pm on October 10, 2017, Darth Talon said…

*Darth Talon only had one mission in mind, to serve the Dark Side and honor the memory of her Master. With his death on Coruscant the One Sith went into hiding, working within the shadows to succeed in their missions. She was the most trusted assassin, the right hand of Darth Krayt but, now she works with only a few. She only needs to report what she feels like reporting, the will of Krayt is no more.

Putting the past aside, she commands her small ship forward, scanning for life. For now she only had droids to work with. Simply, hardy, and easily replaceable. She stands up from her command chair, standing on the bridge of the ship, she takes her herself to stand near the glass window. The window gave a glimpse of the destruction of what was left of the battle. Yet, it wasn't the wreckage that she was curious about. Talon could sense it or rather sense someone...*

Droid 111-01, bring in that escape-pod aboard. There is more to it than meets the eye.

*The droid only responded back with,* Rodger, rodger, *Before flicking a few switches to activate the tracker-beam. Soon she will see the result of her search and if its what she assumes, a second chance.*   

At 10:46pm on October 4, 2017, Ru Vici said…

Oh please, stop bragging. I don't understand why we can't call the group the Companions. Sure they have to follow a basic honor code, and enjoy hunting. Needless to say, just don't kill people at random, and enjoy a good fight during a hunt, basic right? Of course we take on jobs like hunting down bears or a wolf that somehow get into peoples houses. Besides, leader of Forsworn bandits? I think that name has already been taken. 

*The thoughts of tonight lingering around in her head was distracted by the guard. Why doesn't Ragnar ever let her talk first?*

Anyways, as long we don't step on a chicken or attack anyone, there is nothing the guard can do. Besides, I need to send a letter to my guild to let them know I haven't gotten eaten by a beast or killed by an Imperial. Yet, I feel like I am forgetting something...

At 9:24pm on October 4, 2017, Ru Vici said…

*Caiwen would smile back, everything was falling into place it would seem. Wearing leather armor with a steel helmet, with a metal nose piece at the center. Her ebony armor, hidden by her own sister Ru.*

We have everything we need expect for a place to settle down for our people. For us however, we have our own getaway in Solitude. How about it? Two of us, slip away for a few days, go on a few hunting trips. Maybe even go running in the snow on all fours?

*She would gently lean against him, resting her head on his shoulder.*

We have come a long way, why not celebrate?  

At 12:26am on September 29, 2017, Ru Vici said…

I fear this is bigger than just Fellhammer. Think about it like this, there is more than one vampire, their is entire clan, a small kingdom. What happens when one kingdom attacks another? War...That's not the worst of it. As many already know, we are at a civil war, Skyrim is already weak because of two fractions, StormCloaks and Imperials. Not all vampires are bad of course, many just wish to live out in the wilds, away from those who wish them harm

*Taking a gulp she slams the empty cup down on the table, with a sad look of remorse in her eyes, it was as if for a moment she was regretting or grieving for someone.*

Worst of it, I don't know anything!! Who is the leader? When will this clan strike? Why did they allow a Vigilent survive? What message are they trying to send? Will they attack once the war is over? If this royal vampire clan wins, what do they plan to with us? 

*Ru had just now notice she has been pacing while she ranted out her questions. Truly out spoken thoughts, thoughts of not knowing certain types of information. Information is what keeps her safe and valuable yet, gathering this particular info may effect all of Skyrim.*

I have to follow my only lead, I must go to Riften and speak to the Vigilent. At the very least listen on the conversation. That be easy, I could pretend to act like I am interested in joining the DawnGuard....hmmm. *Her mind begins to wonder as she goes over towards a chair. Instead of sitting, Ru stands on top of it to reach one of the rafters. Perch up there like an thinking owl, the wheels in her head turning.*

What? This is my favorite position to think. Oh right, I can't go. If I do, I may give some misleading info about myself without meaning too, and that cause me to having new enemies. Lucia can't go, her mother would try to kill me. Well, I could just stick to the shadows. That means I have to leave my secret here...GAH! OK, no sweat, I can at least smuggle into Riften, that be better than leaving my secret. Sorry, thinking outloud. Did I lose ya?

Anyways here's the plan, you send Igor a letter, rescue the missing child, go to Riften, then hide out for a bit at DawnGuard fort, castle, whatever just..ugh! This is sooo embarrassing, my reputation of having all the info is at stake. Don't you tell anyone, if I don't know now, I will find out! That goes for everything.  

At 9:39pm on September 26, 2017, Ru Vici said…

Eh, eh, look before you leap. I indeed said I work with them but, all that killing stuff? That's all them. Think of our guilds as neighbors, we know each other, say hi once in a while but we stay out of each other's business. Besides, my guild have strict orders NOT to be seen nor kill. You speak of things that you do not fully understand. So please, enough insults, my guild is my family and it hurts when you and you friends think this way. If Hamgir tries to kill me well...that be an interesting fight because, I be making an exit. To be honest, I don't like fighting. For the longest time I didn't carry a single weapon, only potions. Potions that helped me in case I got stuck in a pinch but, things have changed. Things that even I am not allowed to speak of outside the guild.

*Once Kor walks out, the apple pie was long gone and Ru was standing up once more, pouring Black-Briar wine into a cup.*

I don't understand why your group is so tense. Here I am trying to help without getting myself in trouble yet, already I been threaten twice. Perhaps the wolves have already sensed it, the wind has shifted, the nights not as comforting as they once were. The home of the Vigilant has been destroyed. Last I heard, there was a survivor that was heading towards Riften, seeking aid from the Dawnguard. I assume you know what the Dawnguard do?

*Pouring another drink, she offers it to Floki. Her tone lowers, to deathly silent whispers. *

The Volkihar Clan are on the move. Vampires of all rank and race are in danger, I don't know much but, I am trying to find more info without getting myself killed.

*Her tones return back to normal volume but, she seem like she was left on a story with a really bad cliff hanger.*

I was hoping Victoria could help me, you know, her being a vampire and all that. As I already said, she has vanished. Now, I am going to pause for a moment. I am sure you have questions BUT remember this...I DO NOT KILL FOR GOLD!! If the Darkbrother hood wants someone dead, they have their own way of doing it. Our alliance is basically an agreement not to get into each other's way.  

At 9:15pm on September 25, 2017, Ru Vici said…

*Ru's gaze never soften even with metal prosthetic at her gut. Something or someone behind the large wardrobe was highly important to Ru, perhaps even her greatest treasure or perhaps the most rarest find she has ever found. Nonetheless, Ru was willing to protect this secret with her life. She puts away the Nightingale blade away, letting her belt hold the hilt against her side. Her shoulders drop and she closes her eyes. It felt to her as if a dragon was lifted off of her, and she breath once more.

Like the difference of day and night, she flicks back to her usual self. Cracking a wide smile, she walks over towards the apple pie. Her eyes sparkle with a sly intent as she cuts a slice but, leaves in the pan as she picks at it with her fingers.*

Well, that's a shame, I promise you there is no Wood Elf here. Well, I am half-Wood Elf and half Imperial. Mom and a guy got drunk at a party...yeah, I assume you get the picture? So even before I was born I was a bit of an outcast. So, your right about everyone having a sob story or how you put it?

*Munching on some crust she lets a small hum of delight slip out.*

Hmm, gosh been to long since I ate this. Victoria use to make them all the time and now she has gone POOFED! *Acting out her words, she spread out her sticky finger wide apart with both hands.*

I can't say I blame her, with the Dawnguard recruiting. But, you didn't ask about that. Ragnar is still alive and currently with my sister Caiwen. I only know he is alive because a werewolf was sighted in the Reach's city but, it was a black one, not white. So, something must have really, really stir things up to the point for my sister to go, hmmm what would you call it? Wolf out? Gone wild! ON the hunt! THE CALL OF HIRCINE! 

*Placing one hand on her where heart would be, she thrust her hand out that held her second slice of apple pie as she cries out. Lucia would yell back, telling them to quite down. With a chuckle, Ru sits down on the bench near the dinning table.* 

Oh, one very important thing. your friend is right about me working with the Dark Brotherhood. We are allies, and I do sell information. I am your enemy and your friend but, quit honestly it really depends how you look at me. I am a thief, and the basic of our honor code is don't get caught, and don't steal from the guild. Remember though, if they don't ask, I won't tell unless someone pays me not to tell but, that where it get's tricky.

Anyways, I know of a way how you can find the long lost sister and I don't have to endanger the my guilds alliance with the DarkBrother Hood. There is Argonian who calls herself Asrin, she leaves here in Windhelm with the other Argonian's just outside the walls of the city, on the stone docks. Asrin is a blacksmith, all you have to do is ask her to repay her favor from me by fulfilling your request. She may be limited what she can do but rest assure, she will do her best. She can at least help you know the location of the lost sister. 

(Maybe...I like the idea.))

At 8:30pm on September 22, 2017, Ru Vici said…

Before we start story telling, let's all sit down, nice and easy. Towards the back of the house where Lucia's and Samuel's old room was, there was a large standing wardrobe towards the right. Taking her eyes off from Lucia, Ru uses her quick footing to doge the thrown barrels, steping in front of Hamgir with a long blade pointed at his throat.

The hilt of the sword was unlike any other, a Nightingale bird decorated beneath the steel of the blade and above the handle of the hilt itself. The sword held a faint red glow, displaying the blade held enchantment. Ru's feet were should length apart and slightly pointed in inward. Ru's stance wasn't the only thing that had changed suddenly. The tension besides Lucia's, has risen to the point it was hard to breath. Ru wasn't smiling, no joking, no playful spark she always held in her eyes.

It was as if Ru was completely different person, even her tone grew dark.*

You insult me! Do you think I would not know if there was another person here? If I didn't tell you already, I am doing business here. Yield now, and stop this needless searching. If you listen to me now, I will tell you everything I know about Ragnar and your missing child. A favor for favor, that is all I ask. Allow me to keep this secret, and I will repay you with information.

*Lucia stomps her foot, becoming more ill by the moment.*

You guys are crazy! Tearing up my home because you heard something that I didn't hear! UGH! Your worse that a hound barking at his own shadow! I had enough of this, I am going to bed.

*Storming off towards the stairs, Lucia didn't look back, thinking everyone was losing their minds. Fake and real Vigilant? News on Ragnar? And now the wolf men are going mad. Worse yet, she was starting to feel more ill with each passing day. How can she rescue Igor sister if she can't hardly stand?. Snuggling into her parent's bed, Lucia disappears under the blanket, doing her best to block out the downstairs chatter. * 

At 12:41am on September 22, 2017, Ru Vici said…

Yes, I have heard about the Vigilant, the REAL Vigilant are mostly dead. As for information, you know there is more than one way to pay me. The best way is with equal or greater value of information, as for gold. 

*She shrugs her shoulders and grabs a sweet roll that was hidden between two large pieces of cheese.*

The only reason I care for gold is for the guild sake, and the fact that's its shinny. Anyways, I am more interested in things that gold can't buy. As for your situation with Lucia, I admire the fact you saved her life yet again. She may fumble around like a fish out of water but, can't help but like her. Have you seen her fight with daggers? Or Enchant something?

*Trying to keep a casual tone she rattles on tales of when Lucia was young, then tales of past dealings with Ragnar's Pack.*

Ok, not we chatted a bit, there is no time for delay. Lucia, you don't like apples no more do you? Not like you did last time I say you, which was only a few months ago. How long has it been since you were attacked by what you assume were Vigilant?

*Holding a half eaten apple, Lucia places it on a nearby nightstand. Her thirst was getting to the point it was unbearable, hurting her inside and out. Worse of all, it was changing her overall mood, even if she was indoors, and safe from the annoying light.*

Why does it matter Ru? I had to travel the Wilds of WhiteRun to get to Igor's camp and that's when I ran into them. Also, what's this about me assuming? Are you saying most of the Vigilant are dead? Another thing, you know how to get Igor's sister back? THEN TELL US!

*Lucia ill temper shoots out, sending the chair tumbling behind her as she stands up.*

I don't care how many favors I owe you, just tell us what we want to know and be done with it. All I want is for this bloody mess to be done with!! I am sick and tried of everyone judging me because of who raised me. Maybe for once, I can do something good, and they will leave me alone! This guilt and judgement from others. 

*Suddenly, there was a sneeze in the far, far back room but, no one in the room seem to have sneezed. Realizing this Ru quickly sneezes, hoping to cover up her living secret.*

Um, woah there spitfire...I can only assume you been traveling well over three days since you were attacked. OK...*Taking a step back from Lucia, Ru stands beside Floki.*

The next question I think should be, who would like to go first to tell a story?

At 6:33pm on September 21, 2017,
Valno Le Morte

-she slowly glanced around her silver glowing eyes taking in the surroundings with a furrow of her brows. Confusion written on her beautiful face. The snow flakes blened into her long white hair and her porcelain skin. Spotting the castle she began to make her way towards it. Contact, that is what she needed. Someone who could help explain where she was and maybe why she was there. She finally made it to the doorstep her speed was an advantage especially at a time like this. She reached up to nock loudly on the door. She stood awaiting wearing her usual black heeled boots, leather skin tight pants that fit her perfectly, a black leather jacket zipped up hiding what was beneath, red stained plump lips sat in a soft grin as her eyes danced over the exterior of the castle-

At 9:50pm on September 20, 2017, Ru Vici said…

*Giving Ru a questionable and confused face, Lucia takes a slow bite out of the apple yet, the taste seem rather dull to her. Meanwhile, with her hands hanging at her side, Ru speaks to Floki without looking at him.*

Dra'Elsa owed me a favor and I needed a place to...stay out of the spotlight if you know what I mean. A break from the crowds and the wilds of Skyrim. Alas, you know me, I don't give away free info unless of course, you wish to owe a favor?

*With a weak laugh, she rubs her chin, still pondering, pondering as if she was trying to decided which way was the best way to break a dangerous trap. Ru may have new armor and rank yet, none of that matters compare what she was thinking.*

Lucia? How long have you been ill? Also, Folki wasn't it? Are you the leader of this group? If so, how long has Lucia been with you? Last I heard she was with the Grey beards. Hmm, come to think of it, *Glancing over her shoulder, Ru's neutral tone remain the same as she speaks once more.*

I should be asking why all of you are here? I can only assume your still looking for the missing child or looking for proof of Ragnar's deaf? I have answer for both, and both of them have surprising results. Think about it, for now, rest, eat, and then we share tales. I am sure there is much we need to catch up on.

One more thing, Lucia...This place only has two levels, the roof does not count

*Lucia only rolls her eyes while munching the apple, seemingly unpleased by it.* It was when Samuel and I were kids.

*Ru would laugh at this and lower her hood, allowing to fold around her neck.* Yeah, you got Samuel in trouble, then me because I was the one who taught yeah how to clime on the roof top. 

At 8:59pm on September 19, 2017, Ru Vici said…

There is no such thing as innocence unless you are a newborn babe. Besides, you have no proof that she was the kidnapper. I admit though, why was I able to walk freely yet Igor sister was not. There...there has to be a...personal...*Blinking her eyes, it would seem to her the room was getting dark, then light again. Seeing the axe being pointed towards her she takes a step back yet, she ends up stumbling over her own feet. Before Lucia could hit the ground, the candles would flicker as passing wind brushes by the flames. 

Seemingly appearing out of nowhere was a female shape figure, wearing Guild Master armor, and with a hood over her head. Lucia would look up seeing the face of...*

Ru? What are you...where have you been?

*Ru didn't say nothing for a few moments, which was odd for someone who was so chatty with friends. Ru's eyes studies the face of Lucia up and down before bringing Lucia to a nearby chair to sit. Taking a step back away from Lucia, she began to pace back and forth, as if trying to decided on something. With the flick of wrist, her hand dives into a pocket and brings out an apple. Instead of eating it, she tosses it to Lucia.*

Eat it, your more pale than the snow that surrounds this place.  

At 11:02pm on September 18, 2017, Ru Vici said…

You weren't raised by her, she knows what it feels like to be thrown out of the only place to be known as a home. No matter how you view her, she at least made a name for herself. *Then she mumbles under her breath while opening the door.* Unlike me, I am just known being the lady who can't make up her mind of what she wants

*Thinking the room was going to be cold, dusty, and with only furniture laying around, Lucia pauses for a moment. The room was toasty warm and the long wooden table had lit candles and bowels of fruit, bread, and a few plates of cheese. Not a single sweet roll was in sight yet, Lucia had an idea where one may be. Anyways, she shakes her head and begins to question herself before looking behind her.*

Um...Don't freak out, PLEASE don't freak out! I um, I think either my dad, brother, or my mom may be here. *She seem to flinch at the mention of her mom, knowing the relations between them wasn't the best. Suddenly she perks up, * Oh, no, no, she is on a rescue mission for some Storm Cloaks that have been captured. Dad is studying for the Arch mage trails...*Rubbing her chin, she sits down at the dinner table.*

Samuel is with the White Beards...Um, maybe mom told one of our friends they can stay here. Yeah! *she snaps her fingers.* That has to be it.  

At 9:01pm on September 14, 2017, Ru Vici said…

True, I did say not to ask about it but, then I remembered you guys don't mind bloodshed like most do. *She gives Kor a long face, almost like a look of pity.* My mother is captain now, maybe once I introduce you two, maybe you two can work something out. My mother is one of many things but, she is not a monster. Anyways, I had to get some food, we don't even have a house carol for this house. 

*Catching up with the rest of the group, she shields her eyes against the sun's light with her hood. Yet, it felt pointless and she hasten her steps through the city, passing the slums, small homes, then takes a short cut through the graveyard. She didn't seem to care whatever or not if the others could keep up. Being outside was driving her mad, mad to the point she can't remember she said, like the matter of the house history. Once she places one hand on the door she lets out a weary sigh.*

Welcome to Hjerim, there are three levels so please, make yourselves at home. Only two rules, respect each other, and clean after yourself. That's all I ask...

At 6:51pm on September 10, 2017, Ru Vici said…

*Grabbing a few bags of supplies, she nearly drop them when she pulls them off the wagon. Catching them in the nick of time, she lets out a sigh, and in doing so, a puff of air could be seen slipping out from her lips. Wearing only a thick tunic with high collar around her neck, Lucia wore leather braces with the rabbit fur underneath, her shin guards were the same. She catches up with Hamgir and Kor, panting slightly.*

Why wouldn't you be able to come back? As for staying here, you act as if you don't like the place already. Wait till you see where we be staying at. My mother didn't spend much time there unless she had some StormCloak stuff going on. She always said it was too cold but, it seems fine to me. Strange, *Shrugging h er shoulders she rambles on.* I use to think one day, this place was going to become like a giant ice block. Maybe I do have some Nord blood in me after all. *Lucia laughs at her own joke.*

Would you guys like to hear the history of the house we be staying at? I admit, it creeped me out a little when I was a little lass. 

At 5:48pm on September 10, 2017, Ru Vici said…

We should hurry to my mother's house. With all of us there it might be a little crowded but, there is enough space. Just, don't ask about how my mother got the house, and don't ask about the history. *Rolling her eyes she climes down from the wagon and pulls the dark hood tighter around her face.*

Hopefully by now you guys know I don't like being out during the daylight, too many people here who want to talk to me. The faster we go inside, the better off we are by not drawing attention. Yes, I admit I am a little cranky and I will apologize for it later. Once we are settled, what is our next move?

*Lucia had a few ideas in mind but, hearing herself, she thinks maybe she came off a bit bossy. Avoiding the glaring ice as the morning light reflects off of it, she moves towards the back of the wagon, hoping to help unpack a few things.*

(Do we need to do a time skip? "A year had passed since that day..." ??)

At 7:02pm on August 30, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…
{Yes the Witch hunter.. Would you kind starting?}
At 2:09am on August 26, 2017,
Cɪʀᴇʟᴏɴᴅɪᴇʟ F. Eʀᴜᴀᴘʜᴀ

| I'm interested in a medieval role-play with you ... My character does have magic, but they may be suppressed. She's an elf as well, just an fyi. |

At 6:24pm on August 25, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

Yes it will show on my page, if I approve it. It should at least... If you would like to move to inbox we can

At 12:10am on August 20, 2017, Ru Vici said…

(Knock? Knock?)


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