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Don't Believe Everything You Read

Fuck your light and your life

People thought they knew everything. Sometimes they got whispers in their ears, in their dreams, even their waking minds, and they took those whispers and grew them until they fit the story they wanted to tell. Sometimes they didn't need those whispers, they simply used their imaginations. Whole histories, worlds, even universes were based off of such folly, and it was a massive, cosmic joke. Take God for instance. Many different people told many different stories about the being they called good, but a prevailing string in most of these stories was that God was this great, ultimate, and absolute good who created everything and everyone, and all he wanted in the end was for people to like him, praise his name, and ask him for stuff. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! Are you KIDDING?!

Unfortunately, as funny as that is, it is not a joke. Legions, and LEGIONS of people, worlds, universes believe in this cosmic fairy tail, going so far as to base their entire existence on it. The Great Gospel. Good Versus Evil. God Versus The Devil. Heaven Versus Hell. The Angels Versus The Demons. What is the real truth you may ask? There is no real truth. The Universe could very well have been born from some great cosmic being of light and good. Maybe everything you read in the bible really did happen, but ultimately truth didn't mean shit. Truth was what you wanted it to be, what you willed it to be. And THAT. THAT was what everything was really about. Will. Did God will creation into existence, or did creation already exist and willed God into existence to give it a purpose for being there?

Did God create people, or did people create God? At this point, who really gives a flying fuck? I sure as hell don't. Who am I you ask? I am Michael, and I'm here tell you that the Will is the way. Oh, I am only one Michael mind you, as there are many 'Michael's' out there, and I am not a fool who thinks I am the one and only, however this personal revelation probably gives me a bit more power over my own destiny than most of the others. Like many I was created an Archangel, a great sword of light meant to burn away the darkness, and strike down the chaos, spreading order wherever my wings spread. Then? Then I wasn't. I was lucky enough to become aware of this cosmic fools errand, this Tragic play that saw me strike down my brother Lucifer, who betrayed our Lord and Father God and became the great evil.

What a load of bullshit. Why couldn't I be the evil one? It seemed so much more fun than being some great sentinel of order and light. So I said fuck that shit and I did whatever the hell I wanted. And you know what? Dear old Dad, your perfect and good God didn't give a fuck what I did. I knew he wouldn't, it's you dumb humans who seem to hold on to that stupid ass dream. I mean, really, how the hell do you expect a being who CREATED EVIL to be perfectly good? How do you expect the being who willed shit like murder, rape, torture, and destruction into existence to be all bright lights and rainbows? Wake the fuck up. I did, and it was the best fuckin' thing to ever happen to me. Once I was free, TRULY free, I began to play in dad's cosmic sandbox. I'd never been a kid before, but man, this must have been what it was like! I started wars, created great lies, I birthed worlds, and I destroyed them.

I fucked with the cosmic balance, sometimes tipping it in the favor of one side, sometimes in the favor of the other side, sometimes I just fucked ALL the shit up! I had me a great ol' time. Then the sandbox began to grow smaller because I wasn't the only one who wanted in on the fun, but honestly, that's when the real fun began. Gods, Angels, Devils, Elementals, Eternal Spirits, Monsters, Men, everyone wanted a piece of the action. So the games began. I played my part while everyone else played theirs. We set things into motion that would blow your fuckin' mind. I recruited some of my original 'siblings', and some new players from all over and created my own host. I played around with countless lives, fathered many children, some I were fond of, some became great tools, others became fodder to be locked away or thrown to the waste side.

Some of my children were born with enough power to kill me, at least for a little while, and that was all apart of the fun! Could you REALLY have fun with a game if you had an invincibly cheat? Hah, unlimited lives was enough for me. What exactly is the point of all this you may want to ask? Nothing. Nothing is the point. It is enough to live, to love, to create, to destroy, to hate, to WILL, because to Will is to exist, and to exist is to enjoy that will. Embrace it, and live it. Me? I've got games to play, and lives to fuck with. See you in the End Times kiddies! All of them.

[OOC:  Michael here can be played in just about any setting, and I'll play any number of versions of him for story's sake.  I'm just here for fun.  18+ is perfectly fine, from violence to sex, but I'm versatile and will play without those things as well.  If we hit it off, your fun is just as valuable to me as my own.  I can do anything from short replies to novella style.  If I start us off and it is in novella style, do not feel as if you have to match it.  Just have fun, I don't care about length or detail as long as I have enough to work with.  So hopefully a short story-like starter won't scare you off lol.  Let's just have fun.]

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