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Who Am I...
The Vampire Private Investigator!!!!

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Introducing: Mick St John

Physical traits:

Height:  6'

Weight:  180lbs

Age:  Over 85 years Old

Eyes:  Has hazel eyes that easily absorb the colors of blue or violet from surfaces around them

Hair:  Brown, usually shoulder length

Identity/Class:  Vampire

Occupation: Private detective, former musician, soldier

Affiliations:  Josef Kostan, Guillermo, Logan Griffen

Enemies: Lance, Lee Jay Spalding, Lola, Mineo, Donovan Shepherd, Dean Foster

Known Relatives: Coraline Duvall (ex-wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles

Relationship Status:  In a relationship with Ami - 5/2/16

Early Life

Prior to becoming a vampire, Mick was the young friend of Ray, and his wife, Lola.  In 1942, Ray and Mick (a medic) had fought in World War II together until Ray's shocking death. Mick then went back to the States, where after he had an affair with Lola until he heard that Ray was alive. It is unknown what happened after that period.  Mick drifted in and out until he met Coraline.

As a band member at a party, Mick was introduced to Coraline Duvall; they instantly fell in love with each other, and in 1952, Mick married her.  He was turned on his wedding night by his ex-wife, Coraline, an ancient vampire from the French Revolution, at the age of thirty.  For 33 years he was married to Coraline, but an unknown cause resulted in them being separated.

In 1985, he saved the life of a young girl, named Beth Turner, who was kidnapped by his ex wife,  to start a family of her own.  When he saved Beth, he killed his vampire wife Coraline (or so he thought).  After rescuing Beth, he became her guardian angel and looked after her. 

Present Day

Mick is a private investigator and a reluctant member of the vampire society.  He refers to himself and other vamps as "monsters", even though he is "vegetarian" vampire and only drinks the blood of people dead in the morgue. His food is supplied by Guillermo, a vampire that works as an assistant at the city morgue. Guillermo also helps Mick in his cases, getting him inside the morgue to see and smell the victims of the crimes he investigates.  His best friend and confidant is Joseph Kostan, a beyond rich and ancient vampire who thoroughly believes in the widely held "being a vamp rocks" belief.  He does not understand Mick's hatred of what he is, even though he tries.  Being a P.I. is one way he can make up for what he is.  He is an excellent P.I. , thanks to his vampire super-senses. His sense of smell is the most heightened. He can smell far better than any human can, because of a vamp's need to drink blood. Vamps are able to identify people not only by face and body type, but by the smell of their blood, which is as distinctive to each person as a fingerprint. Vamps only need to smell a person's blood once to remember it, as well as identifying any foreign chemicals poisons, drugs, or the like in a person's blood. A person's blood even leave traces of the smell on another person without their blood actually making contact with another person's skin. A vampire's hearing is also enhanced.  His sight is enhanced, but it isn't as noticeable as the hearing or smelling. His eyes change when he goes into "vamp-mode".  Mick's strength and speed are also highly increased.   


Mick refuses to kill innocents and only drinks blood either from blood banks or from criminals. Because of his age and experience with humans, Mick is somewhat cynical to people who claim to have an open mind to those who are different.


Coraline Duvall (Ex-Wife) Mick married Coraline over 50 years ago. They met each other at the party. She was a guest, and he was a worker (in a band) She turned him on their wedding night and soon after, she kidnapped Beth and Mick tried to kill her. They had a very difficult relationship, Mick always came back to her she was like a drug to him. Coraline is approximately 300 years old.

Beth Turner - Beth and Mick started off as friends, working together, etc. Mick saved Beth when she was a little girl and has always kept an eye on her. Beth works for Buzzwire where Mick sometimes pops into when he requires her or her help.

Josef Kostan - Josef and Mick are best friends and also his mentor. Josef is a over 400 years old vampire. Josef is a businessman and doesn't hide the fact that he is a vampire, he has beautiful ladies that work for him who are usually happy to offer their blood.



He is not affected by garlic, crosses, and cannot be killed with wooden stakes through his heart.  Like classic vampires, he does choose to sleep in some form of coffin during the day because sun exposure can cause severe pain and eventually death. Also, during the day, he does "sleep", however, this differs from natural sleep as: a) they become dead bodies, and b) the dawn often triggers their sleep against their will, forcing them to find shelter.  It is during this time that they are most vulnerable.

The physical changes are apparent: his eyes become luminous, his skin pale and reflective and his fingernails are like glass. Furthermore, if his hair or nails are cut, they will grow back as they were when they died during their sleep. He is very attractive and even beautiful, as the transformation refines and perfects his physical features; this makes him a more efficient predator as it allows him to attract and seduce humans. 

He does not age physically (instead becoming more "statuesque" as he ages, developing very smooth, white skin), and in all but a few cases, vampires younger than a thousand years old can usually be killed by exposure to sunlight or fire.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Ancient Empowerment - Very old vampires or ones who have been made or strengthened by feeding on blood that is close to the root of the vampiric mother may have additional gifts like the ability to move matter with the mind and the ability to set things ablaze by the force of will.
  • Innate Artist - They have many artistic talents, like singing, painting and acting, and a preternatural "understanding" of any type of problem, puzzle or machine.
  • Mimicry Mastery - They also have the uncanny ability to almost perfectly mimic anything (movement, playing musical instruments, etc.).
  • Enhanced Feelings - The main characteristic of vampires is that they feel more vividly than they did as humans and are all excessively emotional, sensitive, and sensual, being easy prey to intense suffering and aesthetic passions. They are supernaturally beautiful as vampires tend to make fledglings from humans they have grown to love, and the transformation from human to vampire enhances one's beauty.
  • Telepathy - This is the ability to communicate and read thoughts, especially of humans. This gift is used largely to obtain blood – since via telepathy a criminal or amoral human can be sensed
  • Telekinesis - Older vampires may also possess the ability to move objects with the mind.
  • Spell Gift - (Mind Control). This gift allows a vampire to cloud the mind of a human, bending the human to his or her will.
  • Enhanced Physicality & Senses - All vampires possess heightened and refined senses (especially hearing and eyesight), as well as superhuman strength and speed that slowly increases with age; they are able to do things many times faster than humans can, with little or no effort. Eidetic memory from the moment of becoming a vampire seems to be natural, however, memories of their humans lives, particularly those relating to sensation, fade over the years. They can move faster than the human eye can detect, see in the darkest of nighttime, pick one sound out of even the noisiest area, and raise the volume of their voice to painfully loud levels. The physical strength of a vampire increases with age and also to be fed with the blood of ancient vampires.
  • Superhuman Strength - The supernatural ability of abnormal strength equivalent then that of 10 to 20 or more strong men depending on the vampire's age and the purity of his or her Blood or Dark Gift.   Fledglings are seen casually overpowering adult humans; including hoisting them high off the ground by the throat with only one hand with no visible effort or strain. Even newborn vampires must be careful when handling humans, as they can easily and accidentally break a human's bones or neck. Older vampires are as strong as 100 men and can overpower and harm younger vampires with little effort.
  • Superhuman Speed - The supernatural ability to jump, move, react, run, and fly faster than the human eye can see. This allows vampires to cover long distances in short periods of time. They can cross a room in an instant; they appear as blurs of motion and even sometimes become invisible when they use this ability to cover longer distances.
  • Superhuman Senses - The supernatural ability to hear, see, smell, and taste beyond the human limit. They can see clearly in complete darkness.
  • Superhuman Agility - The ability to adhere to sheer surfaces such as walls and ceilings as well as jump higher and further than humans.
  • Fire Gift - (Pyrokinesis). Another power usually only developed by a Child of the Millennia.  With the Fire Gift, a vampire can telekinetically set alight an object or being of their choice.  The Fire Gift is specially fatal to vampires, as the "changed" blood found within their bodies ignites easily, thus rendering them extremely vulnerable to fire. The gift requires that the vampire have line of sight on their target. The gift can be deflected by a more powerful or skillful blood drinker through the use of their own Fire Gift.
  • Cloud Gift - (Flight). Not all vampires have this ability. Most if not all vampires dislike or even hate flying, as they find it extremely unsettling due to it being a sign that they are truly no longer human.
  • Killing Gift - Believed to be possessed by the eldest Children of the Millennia, like most gifts it comes with age.  The exact nature of the power is unknown, but it seems to cause numerous fatal ruptures in the entire cardiovascular system.
  • Immortality - Unless killed by one of the vampire's weaknesses, namely sunlight and fire, or an elder vampire's powers, it is said that they have the potential to live eternally. Once turned, vampires cease to physically age in the way that humans do nor does age weaken them. Instead they become more powerful and slowly their skin becomes whiter, smoother, and more reflective, resembling marble.  During their immortality, vampires will sometimes go into a kind of hibernation, either because they have become mentally unbalanced from knowing what they have become or because their surroundings have changed too much for them to cope with. This is hinted to usually happen within 100–200 years of being created, and is mentioned as the "dangerous time" by the elders. Many vampires commit suicide if they continually exist in the world. 
  • Healing Factor - Vampires are immune to all forms of human diseases and illnesses as well as to most attacks other than their known weakness and even then are able to heal quickly, especially if they feed or are covered in vampire blood. All vampires can potentially heal from any non-fatal wound, including decapitation, but time and blood are needed.  A bullet wound, for instance, would heal within seconds, but serious burns from a fire would require decades, if not centuries, to heal.  However, the greater the damage done to them, the stronger they will be when they are fully healed.  An influx of blood from a vampire, especially a powerful vampire, can greatly speed up the healing process. Vampires are unable to regenerate lost body parts, but are able to reattach them easily.



  • Dead Blood - If a vampire drinks from a human after he/she is dead, the vampire will begin to grow weak.
  • Elder's Powers - If an elder (a vampire that is 1,000+) makes a fatal injury like ripping out the heart or slashing their throat the vampire will die.
  • Exsanguination - Drained of blood by a vampire completely.  Other methods of exsanguination like slashed throat, will only slow them down until they feed.

Micks' Rules: 

  • I have no preference in how I play, short, long doesn't matter as long as it is kept interesting.
  • Plotting is always welcomed and so are Alternate Universes and Realities.
  • I am not a Grammar Nazi, but please try to write in a way I can understand.
  • No God-Modding please. 
  • I never ignore anyone. Please just give me time to get back to you. 
  • Violence?  Yes there will be plenty of Violence if the plot needs it, so please don't shy away from it.
  • Please DO NOT ask him to turn you - it won't happen
  • DO NOT look for sex here


**Special Note**

Both Mun and Muse are over 21!!!!!!!!!!!

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At 10:14pm on June 24, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

"Confront him and take him out....? He is the God of War, he cannot be defeated. No one can. Very well my love, I will stay in my mortal form...,

||Closes her eyes as she calms upon her shields and changes back to her mortal guise, hiding her divine nature. Biting her lip as she looks up to him she shrugs|| "Poseidon and Hades expressed concern and said they will help me but it is not of importance. Hephestaus is helping me a little even though I am the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite.. Ares will never accept a Truce.. And I am not strong enough to rid myself of him... And... And War is needed. It is necessary. I have not been to Olympus in so long, afraid I will run into him... The best.. Is i hide." ||wiping her eyes she turns away and walks over to the curtain covered window||

At 9:53pm on June 24, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

"No my love... He is real, all the Gods are reall, the so called Greek Myths... He spies for Ares. I do not know why my love, he wishes to kill me or... Capture me. He had... I was imprisoned. I cannot remember. " ||She pauses tears in her eyes and she swallows trying to keep her composure. Shaking her head then at his next question. || "no not my mortal form, he can trace my Goddess form and if I use any of my powers.... There is no hope my love.. " ||whispers looking away as she steps away from him||

At 9:31pm on June 24, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

"Helios my love, the Titan God of the Sun. He can see all.. If he spots me he will tell Ares... I..i thought I told you, forgive me my love. ||closes her eyes hiding her face in against his chest, leaning in against him as he holds her tight.|| "I love you so my Precious Mick."

At 9:19pm on June 24, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

"Being in the sun my love, I do not like it, I hope we were not out in the sun that long... I only wanted to check so sun came in here that is all...  ||rests against him and smiles when he kisses the top of her head, tilting her head to look up to him she smiles slyly|| "I do not know my love, I only wish to spend time with you.. "

At 11:46pm on June 17, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

At 11:43pm on June 17, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

||Once they get the key she shivers as she lets out a sigh of relief, lifting a hand to rub her head she goes to the elevator with him and tiredly leans against the elevator wall after it opens for them. When it dings to their floor she grips his hand tightly as they step off and walk down to the room where she unlocks it as they enter. Immediately she goes around checking to make sure all the blinds were down and the curtains were drawn, making sure no light at all came in. 

Turning to him she walks over to him and leans into him her arms wrapping around his waist. Trying to relax but she was fearful they had been in the sun too long, hoping Helios hadn't spotted her||

At 11:28pm on June 17, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

At 10:32pm on June 17, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

||Snuggled against him her head resting on his shoulder, she falls asleep lulled by the drive. Not aware of anything until he nudges her gently awake. Yawning she sits up and wipes her hand over her face, looking to Mick she smiles. Climbing from The car she eyes the sun uncomfortably and leans close to him even though they were in the shade. Gripping his hand she gently brings him with her as she enters the hotel|| 

At 10:12pm on June 17, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

||Nudges him gently as she shakes her head, snuggling back in against him, bringing her hand up again to hide a yawn. Smiling up to him she kisses his cheek before resting her head on his shoulder|| "Silly love, of course I understand. And yes later, I am too comfortable right now my love."

At 9:54pm on June 17, 2017, Νεμεσισ || Amaia || Ἀδρήστεια said…

||Looks up to him and smirks as she leans up to blow seductively against his ear before she whispers|| "You said I blew it love, I am only asking.. Though I would like to blow something..."

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“There comes a time for every vampire

when the idea of eternity becomes

momentarily unbearable...”


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