Morgause/Kaie/Briana DarkHeart
  • We are the Triad.

We believe in peace at first until one if us is wronged then we will start our own little bloodbathe and rebuild our collection of heads and motifs from your desimated bodies.

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William Sanders Brainiac Reborn updated their profile
8 minutes ago
Nealesque left a comment for Ausaka
"Hellooo! Would you like to RP? I prefer Inbox or Chat!"
14 minutes ago
Jessica Marie Mortella left a comment for Alexis Chase
"Jessica looked at the women standing before her, it was somethin she felt she wanted to do, so she…"
15 minutes ago

Alexandria Nash liked ᗰ O ᑌ ᔕ ᕮ's blog post Dream Diary 11/17/2015
24 minutes ago
Vanessa Slater updated their profile
31 minutes ago
Nealesque updated their profile
38 minutes ago
Virginia Potts (Rescue) left a comment for James 'Bucky' Barnes
"Pepper rubbed her arm a bit where James had held her tightly. She then lifted her hands up in…"
38 minutes ago

ᗰ O ᑌ ᔕ ᕮ posted a blog post
42 minutes ago
Creo left a comment for Creo
"ooc;; Change in voice-claim: Creo's general VC is now Hook (Garret Hedlund) from the movie…"
43 minutes ago
Vanessa Slater and Jessica Marie Mortella are now friends
52 minutes ago
Virginia Potts (Rescue) left a comment for James 'Bucky' Barnes
"Pepper let the scanner do it's work, it was quick to recognize her hand print. And if anyone…"
54 minutes ago
❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others) left a comment for Keller B. & Margaret R.
"^Margret spent a while washing and folding all her laundry. Then went back to her room and packed…"
1 hour ago

Alexander 'Xander' Grimgaurd replied to Draco Miloki Murdock's discussion 'The Middle Floors' in the group Garrards Tavern
"Seeing no other choice, Xander jumped in front of Draco and took the shots directly.  He used…"
1 hour ago
Virginia Potts (Rescue) left a comment for James 'Bucky' Barnes
"Pepper didn't say anything in return for now. She knew he was quite right. Everyone in this…"
1 hour ago

Alexander 'Xander' Grimgaurd updated their profile
1 hour ago
Aleki Dash left a comment for Catherine Chandler
"*The teen nods kneeling down next to Aleki with a curious look in his eyes. Someone that was…"
1 hour ago

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