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Story fight

Started this discussion. Last reply by Storyteller May 4. 3 Replies

Hello I want someone to challenge my character Alex for I am not liking to have to go easy on friend's in RP's or having to make up a enemy for my character to fight (not fun to fight alone) so ask…Continue

Story Time

Started Apr 5 0 Replies

Hello everyone from I'm The Story and I'm looking for a RP partner I would suggest you read my page for I have many character you can choose from. Though I'm willing for someone to either give me a…Continue

RP Finder

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jezebel Smith Mar 9. 1 Reply

Hello everyone from I'm Multiveral and I'm looking for a RP partner I would suggest you read my page but I really don't have much but three character you can choose from so I'm looking for someone to…Continue


"Life is a story unwriten to allow man to be free" - Unknown.

Profile Information

Romantic Interests
Who Am I...
The teller of Tale's
My Story Is...
Unknown to all who meet me
My Appearance...
Hair: Silver
Eye's: Filled with answers and tale's
Height: 6'
Clothing: A long robe looking to belong to a ancient librarian
Species (Optional)
1. A large bag filled with book's and scroll's writen in diffrent languages and about diffrent tale's.

2. A pen made of silver and gold that can write any story that need's to be told and can chnage the story that is being told before him.
My Secrets Are...
Non I have kept and non that you don't already know.
I Believe...
Everyone has a story even the one's that tell the story do.

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Ancient Tale's of Old

Main Story

You thought you knew the truth on how the multiverse was made well you were told wrong. Yes, it started with an egg but before that there was nothing, nothing but an empty plain called the Void. Within this plain the egg, of which the Chard Council came into existences, was made. the Void being the parent of the three who made you and me, but at lass they didn’t thank their creator they feared him and made the five gods of creation: The Creator, The Destroyer, The Mystery, and the Twins of Chaos. With the five gods of creation the Council had them shatter the void into millions of pieces that were scattered across a plain of nothingness.

Year’s past since the Void has been shattered to soon the Mystery became upset with the Council and declared war by creating a being able to destroy being’s above power. Once the Council heard about the traitor they commanded the Creator, The Destroyer and the Chaos Twins to destroy the Mystery’s weapon, but in the progress of the fight three pieces of the Void was set free. The very pieces became the weapons known as: The crystal Gauntlets, The Claymore Gladimer, and the binding Chains of Olympus. the Council soon captured the weapons before it can grow in power and put them away for another eighteen centuries, in which they find out the Mystery’s weapon still lives though he is weak. From there the Council set out the Twin’s to destroy the weapon once and for all.

After thirteen years of chase the Twin’s finally caught up to the weapon who called himself Eclipse and killed him. Years later they found out Eclipse had many children so they kept their hunt killing legacy after legacy till they lost the last son. During this time the disciples of the Void released powerful being’s known as Titan’s. The Titan’s main mission was to collect the pieces of the Void but the people thought they were monsters sent out to kill all of man, so man called upon the gods to give them weapons to defeat these beast’s. In the ruckus, the Council drop’s one of the three weapons to the planet known as Earth in which a man took clam to.

When the Council asks for the weapon back the man dined and used the weapon to slay Titan’s, but in his fight, he came upon a Titan to powerful in which had killed the man and shattered the weapon into pieces they were then thrown into portal’s leading to different worlds and times lines by monks who reach them first. The handle stayed behind and turned into a claymore known by the original name Gladimer and was now wielded by the man’s son who sot out on revenge against the Titan that killed his father, the blade was sent to a clan of Samurai who turned it into a Katana who then worshipped it as if it had a god with in, the evil of the weapon fell to hell in which the Devil gave to a man in the form of a sword known as Devil’s Tear, the spirit of the weapon was trapped inside a rock with in space which soon became a spear for a Native thunder child, and the body was sent to a boy who was trapped in cyberspace. When these five are together they will be known as the Key’s to the Void. And as for the last two Pieces they were locked away the Chains bond Mount Olympus together as the Gauntlets where frozen in A Crystalized state on a faraway plant that the native’s now use as a transportation to other parts of the planet.

After the carnge of the Void war it set of a chain reaction destroying the creator's of the mutivers and killing off council member after council. Soon there was only one left and he made the Marker's who are selected people covered in mark's to keep the world in balence. Each Marker must follow a set of rule's: No feeling's for anyone or anything and don't choose the side you want to win choose the side you know should win. If the marker's don't follow the rule's they will get warning for small show of feeling's but if show the full feeling they will die. The last of the marker's soon died off falling in lov with people they cared for.


Alex Pearson(main Role)

Story: Hello I'm Alex Pearson and I been alone ever since I was four or five. I don't know much about the place where I came from all I know is I was found my a demonic Princess named Lilith. She was running away from a god I still haven't figured out who it was yet, but more on that later for once she found me she raised me as her own till I was old enough to learn demonic magic, which I mastered. Anyways I was happy to be living with her till soon the god that was chasing her found us. He chased her again but instead of running this time she fought hiding me in a tree craves only for her to die before my eye's. So now alone again I wondered the world till I found the man that brought me here. His name was the Storyteller or well that's what he told me. He said I am starting a new adventure that will bring destruction to those who wronged me. As an young child I believed him only for him to teach me how to fight with anything I find no matter what weapon it is. Once the Storyteller left me I started my journey to end the lives of anyone who get's in my way. So if you happen to stand against me your my enemy.

I soon met the god that I was hunting down but apparently he knew I was chasing him and attacked me by surprise. We fought for hour's till he soon struck me with the final blow ending my life but before I died I found out his name... Osiris. A few day's later I woke up in the chamber of four, the place where the four horsemen rest when not doing the apocalypse. Once their I saw the spirit's of those I captured and those I killed standing before me. They talked me down threw hurtful word's my way before soon calming down to forgive me. They soon gave me back my life in exchange for theirs I agreed and came back but with no weapon's but the mark of the Apocalypse.

After I found some friend's at the inn I found out I was never alone I could trust people even if they look shady though I am still cautious about who I meet. To this day I miss them both of them but... I'm glad I don't need them any more.

Who Am I? A Titan hunted by all.

 Hair: Dark brown
 Eye’s: Midnight
 Skin: Tan
 Height: 6'
 Clothing: Dark hooded cloak with a combat ready black leather armor and black military grad combat boot’s
 Marking: The marking's on my body give me different form's for me to turn into while Light and Dark also do the same.
1. Infinity bag: A small bag that goes on my belt and is so deep a whole universe could fit in it.

2. A satchel full of many herb's and medicine.

 1. I know every combat style their is that can be learned.
 2. I'm a excellent cook
 3. I can speak many different languages.
1. I have enhanced human speed and strength.

1. The Unstable: I Soon realized my unstable power was not from Light nor dark it was from with in me all along allowing me to find out more about my true family and where I came from.

2. Armor of the Dragon god: Embeds me in the Dragoon god's armor with the ruby of truth on my head piece I also get the spear of wisdom as my weapon. With the Dragoon god armor on me I am given the ability to fly.

3. Armor of Mazoku: Embeds me in the Demon King Mazoku's armor enabling me to his power's from the demon world it also give's me his Katana.

4. Armor of Ra: Embeds me in the Armor Ra enabiling me to Ra's ability's and powers.

5. Armor of the Apocalypse Four: Embeds me in a mixture armor of the Four Horsemen giving me their strength speed and power's enabling me to their weapon's as well.

6. Armor of Time: Embeds me in Time's clock armor giving me his ability to control time as I please I also get his Sword Tick and his Dagger Tock.



Story: Thief is a  Nine-tailed fox cub I found him injured and trying to defend himself off against predator's.

Who is he? An Nine-tailed Elemental fox


Fur: Red with hit's of white.

Eyes: Black but white when glistening.

Height: 2' Cub 4' Adult 6' Fighter and Ultimate Form.


Expert swordsman


1. Thief's lick's can heal any wound. Cyber Thief's lick's can heal HP. 

2. Thief can control all the element's.

3. Thief can change his form to match that of anyone he want's he can also change his size.


1. Fighter form: Thief turn's into a Yoki demon fox giving him the ability to use a Katana enabling him to help Alex in fight's.

2. Ultimate form: Thief turn's into a large Nine-tailed fox that is able to use the power of god's.

 Light and Dark


Light and Dark were fragment's that where left behind from the Void war. Unknown to where to go they stayed on the ruined battle filed till Alex found them. They soon started following him on his adventure.

Who are they? They are my guide's and protector's.


Dark: Look's like a fairy just made of pitch black light. Is Male

Light: Look's like a fairy just made of white light. Is Female




Osiris is a Angel, Demon hybrid made by a dying sorcerer who wanted to live on, but the spell failed giving Osiris life and a mind of his own. Osiris soon put his master out of his misery not out of pity but out of sheer willingness to end all non hybrid's. Osiris soon grew in power and now is considered a god of the hybrid's.

Who is he? The god of Hybrid's

 Hair: Pitch black lock's.

 Eye’s: Blood red.

 Skin: Tan
 Height: 6'11"

Clothing: Ancient robe's of fallen warriors


A amulet full of the soul's of his victim's.


1. Combat expert.

2. Knows a large arrange of magic.


1. +18 aloud.

2. Don't auto kill my character's. But you can put them in a almost dead situation.

3. No godmodding.

4. no one liner's.

5. Respect my character's traits if they are cruel to one of your character's don't go off and kill them or put a curse on them just because one is rude to your character.

6. I have many Character's please read through them and choose who ya want to RP with.

7. I will only do main and Inbox now PM's are reserved for side RP's that are cannon in main.

8. I will allow Zombie Apocalypses but the Zombie's must be able to fight back using ability's because I like using magic or power's. 

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The Horror of Pain

Day OneI woke up in a strange room the light's were dull but I can see I was chained to the wall. The floor was covered in blood or what I thought was blood. I didn't Know what was happing I didn't know who took me or what, all I knew was I was helpless and weak cant move with out pain coursing threw my body as if I have a million needles piecing my skin all at once poking at my muscles tearing them from the inside out. I stayed on the floor kneeling for hours till a light shined behind a…See More
May 7
Storyteller replied to Storyteller's discussion 'Story fight'
"cool so I take it you both will fight me fair enough and I rather take the fight to PM's or inbox."
May 4
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"Honestly, Syn's always up for a good fight. Would ypu mind the rp being in comments or inbox?"
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"in the inbox"
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"I already have and I sent ya a starter. ^.^"
Apr 24
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"I'd like to RP just read meh rules. "
Apr 23
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Story fight

Hello I want someone to challenge my character Alex for I am not liking to have to go easy on friend's in RP's or having to make up a enemy for my character to fight (not fun to fight alone) so ask all of you to provide a challenge! Do you accept?See More
Apr 21
Storyteller replied to Mai Ortega's discussion 'Just looking for new stories.'
"oh and if ya don't mind I would like to start it help's me think of thing's a lot faster."
Apr 20
Storyteller replied to Mai Ortega's discussion 'Just looking for new stories.'
"cool I hope you'll have fun as everyone else I RP with XD"
Apr 20
Storyteller replied to Mai Ortega's discussion 'Just looking for new stories.'
"hey i just wing my Rp's and i can do multi para but you need to give me something that is good enough to type back that much."
Apr 19
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Storyteller's Blog

The Horror of Pain

Posted on May 8, 2017 at 5:13am 0 Comments

Day One

I woke up in a strange room the light's were dull but I can see I was chained to the wall. The floor was covered in blood or what I thought was blood. I didn't Know what was happing I didn't know who took me or what, all I knew was I was helpless and weak cant move with out pain coursing threw my body as if I have a million needles piecing my skin all at once poking at my muscles tearing them from the…


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