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Who Am I...
The pawn's in the game of life
My Secrets Are...
1. +18 aloud.

2. Don't auto kill my character's. But you can put them in a almost dead situation.

3. No godmodding.

4. no one liner's.

5. Respect my character's traits if they are cruel to one of your character's don't go off and kill them or put a curse on them just because one is rude to your character.

6. I have many Character's please read through them and choose who ya want to RP with.

7. I will only do main and Inbox now PM's are reserved for side RP's that are cannon in main.

8. No zombie apocalyptic RP's unless they are able to be adjusted to my character's power's. (note my main protagonist is able to go face to face with god's.)

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Story fight

Started on Friday 0 Replies

Hello I want someone to challenge my character Alex for I am not liking to have to go easy on friend's in RP's or having to make up a enemy for my character to fight (not fun to fight alone) so ask…Continue

Story Time

Started Apr 5 0 Replies

Hello everyone from I'm The Story and I'm looking for a RP partner I would suggest you read my page for I have many character you can choose from. Though I'm willing for someone to either give me a…Continue

RP Finder

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jezebel Smith Mar 9. 1 Reply

Hello everyone from I'm Multiveral and I'm looking for a RP partner I would suggest you read my page but I really don't have much but three character you can choose from so I'm looking for someone to…Continue


"Life is all but one big story book." - Unknown.

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Tale's from the Void


You thought you knew the truth on how the multiverse was made well you were told wrong. Yes, it started with an egg but before that there was nothing, nothing but an empty plain called the Void. Within this plain the egg, of which the Chard Council came into existences, was made. the Void being the parent of the three who made you and me, but at lass they didn’t thank their creator they feared him and made the five gods of creation: The Creator, The Destroyer, The Mystery, and the Twins of Chaos. With the five gods of creation the Council had them shatter the void into millions of pieces that were scattered across a plain of nothingness.

Year’s past since the Void has been shattered to soon the Mystery became upset with the Council and declared war by creating a being able to destroy being’s above power. Once the Council heard about the traitor they commanded the Creator, The Destroyer and the Chaos Twins to destroy the Mystery’s weapon, but in the progress of the fight three pieces of the Void was set free. The very pieces became the weapons known as: The crystal Gauntlets, The Claymore Gladimer, and the binding Chains of Olympus. the Council soon captured the weapons before it can grow in power and put them away for another eighteen centuries, in which they find out the Mystery’s weapon still lives though he is weak. From there the Council set out the Twin’s to destroy the weapon once and for all.

After thirteen years of chase the Twin’s finally caught up to the weapon who called himself Eclipse and killed him. Years later they found out Eclipse had many children so they kept their hunt killing legacy after legacy till they lost the last son. During this time the disciples of the Void released powerful being’s known as Titan’s. The Titan’s main mission was to collect the pieces of the Void but the people thought they were monsters sent out to kill all of man, so man called upon the gods to give them weapons to defeat these beast’s. In the ruckus, the Council drop’s one of the three weapons to the planet known as Earth in which a man took clam to.

When the Council asks for the weapon back the man dined and used the weapon to slay Titan’s, but in his fight, he came upon a Titan to powerful in which had killed the man and shattered the weapon into pieces they were then thrown into portal’s leading to different worlds and times lines by monks who reach them first. The handle stayed behind and turned into a claymore known by the original name Gladimer and was now wielded by the man’s son who sot out on revenge against the Titan that killed his father, the blade was sent to a clan of Samurai who turned it into a Katana who then worshipped it as if it had a god with in, the evil of the weapon fell to hell in which the Devil gave to a man in the form of a sword known as Devil’s Tear, the spirit of the weapon was trapped inside a rock with in space which soon became a spear for a Native thunder child, and the body was sent to a boy who was trapped in cyberspace. When these five are together they will be known as the Key’s to the Void. And as for the last two Pieces they were locked away the Chains bond Mount Olympus together as the Gauntlets where frozen in A Crystalized state on a faraway plant that the native’s now use as a transportation to other parts of the planet.


Alex Pearson


Well to tell it to ya all I will have to start from the beginning. I was born into a family who was chosen by the five god's of creation: The Creator. The Destroyer, the Mysterious one, and the Chaos Twin's Lucus and Kurk. Anyways my family was chosen to give birth to a child that will bring rage upon the creatures known as the Titan's bringing into birth me. Now my story doesn't seem as if it would be one to glamour around,  it's like any other story a hero is born to save this world and was given the powers of a god,  but mine is a bit different because my parents are full blooded humans who already fight Titan's well mostly my father with his clamor he call's Gladimer. Anyways to tell you why I became a Titan hunter was because a Titan killed my parents, they did not expect a level one Titan living in their own house disguised as an orphan. Once the Titan killed my family and thought, it killed me I got angry and chased it down watching it evolve from a level one to a level to then to a destruction Titan and I still prole after it. After Defeating, the Titan I was after for so long I found out the Titan was just the beginning in which I made new friends along my journey to stop the Void. While Fighting off the Void's disciples in the Void war. My new friend's gave me their Weapon's which fuse with my body which it started to eat at, but I pushed through the pain and found the Void or well I soon find out to be only a old man the disciple's call the Void core. After a small conversation with him he reveal's to me what the Void is shocking me as he the Void core soon wither's away leaving me to now know who I am.... I am the Void. After getting a letter from the true Grim Reaper about the thread of mana ripping the Void shell started turning me into the true Void, saving my soul by combining with my soul, making me and the Void shell one.


Who Am I? I am the Void


 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye’s Midnight (Or Void like)

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'

 Clothing: Dark hooded cloak with a combat ready black leather armor and black military grad combat boot’s

 Marking: The Marking's on Alex's body are tattoo's that he carved into himself so he may be able to use other magic.

Void marking's: The black void like marking on Alex's body use to be the Void shell and are now apart of Alex's soul reverting him to one of his ancestor's the Marker.



Infinity bag: A small bag that is like a portal to infinity


Thief: Alex found this like Void fox after both of his parents died protecting it, ever since then Alex has been nurturing Thief as his own.




 1. Expert Swordsman

 2. Expert Marksman

 3. Excellent cook

 4. Can speak many different languages.



 1. Complete control over the Void and the multiverse it was trapped in.

2. Enhanced human speed and strength


 Ability’s given to him by the markings on his body:

  1. Blood Dragon: The blood dragon gives him the ability to regrow a limb that was dismembered from his body so he may keep on fighting.
  2. Sandman: The Sandman gives him the ability to enter people's dream's and control what they dream about within the dream realm.
  3. Black Dragon: The Black Dragon gives him the ability to enter the darkness realm and survive.
  4. White Dragon: The White Dragon gives him the ability to enter other worlds or dimensions.
  5. Void marking's: Give's Alex the ability's of the Void.



1. The Unstable: When Alex is stricken in his body, causing a severe wound he will instantly become unstable and will be extremely powerful plus he will not stop fighting till either killed or knocked out. (Note: it will be extremely difficult to knock him out.)

2. The Ancestor: This form give's Alex the abilities of his Ancestor once known by the god of balance Eclipse. It would be his strongest form though it drain's him of his energy a lot faster.


Silver Glitch

Story:  Silver was just an ordinary boy in the year 3002 he listened to music threw his digital headphone's and he even played MMO's on his Dream pad, but then one day while playing his dream pad his power shut off and he was absorbed into the digital world. Once in the digital world Silver thought he was trapped until one day he found out being sucked into this world gave him ability’s that boosted his speed and strength by mega ton's. After offering his ability's to Alex, he turned back into a normal hacker genius.

Who am I? The Glitch of Life


 Age: 24

 Hair: Silver

 Eye’s: Matrix green

 Skin: White

 Height: 5'5"

 Clothing: Baggy blue jeans with a sleeveless hood with a green stripped long sleeve underneath and some high tech sneakers


Digital headphones: he listens to his music on these.


 1. Master of Parkour

 2. Yellow belt in jujitsu

 3. Black belt in kickboxing



 1. Is able to digitize on command making it seem as if he glitched the real world.

 2. Able to form his limb's into any weapon he desires.

 3. Able to enter the digital main frame and hack any computer with just a touch of his hand he can also bring people into the main frame but if you’re fighting him and he does so he will be over powered and difficult to beat.

Database: is a form in which give's Silver the ability to do extra physical damage to his foe, but while in this form he can’t digitize. 


Story: Jade is the daughter of a mortal and the spiritual carnation of the Thunderbird. She was born with in a Navajo tribe until the white man for their land murdered them. Jade even though an infant survived and was found by an Asian immigrant who took her in and raised Jade as her own. When Jade reached the age of 18 her adoptive parents told her what happened and who she was. After the brief explanation here, adoptive family was soon killed for having a native with them for so long Jade got away luckily. While on the run Jade soon visited the spiritual realm where she met her father who was the Thunderbird spirit and who gave her the spiritual abilities of the Thunderbird. Now have taken her father's place he finally passed on to meet Jade's mother in the afterlife.

Who am I? I am he Thunder in the sky

Age: 26


 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye's: Hazel with a hint of blue

 Skin: Sun kissed

 Height: 5'5"

 Clothing: Traditional tribal warrior clothing


A jade amulet so she can remember her adoptive parents and what they did for her.

A stone spear

 A stone dagger



 1. Knows how to use her stone spear and dagger.

 2. Knows sorts of herbal remedies



 Can control the thunder and lightning in the sky at her command.

Thunderbird: Jade can change into the Thunderbird at will since it is her spiritual animal.


Drak Winchester

Story: I was just a normal man with a family walking through out the streets of San Francisco. Then one night a man with a gun end my wife and child's life, I cried for weeks on end till I was visited by a man wearing a red suit. I knew who it was it was the Devil her to pay me a visit the conversation him and me had together was he promised me he would bring back my family, But the payment was my soul. I foolishly agreed but when my family returned to me they were neither alive nor dead they were soulless. After finding out the Devil tricked me I set my revenge against him; but when I met with him again in hell he told me I had to fulfill what he command's before he will complete the real offer. So now, I roam around the multiverse hunting the followers of the Creator.


Who Am I? The Devil's sin


 Age: 34


 Hair: white

 Eye’s: Dark brown in human form. Bright red in Sinner form

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 5'11"

 Clothing: Black with red trim's leather armor.


Devils tear II: A sword made of well the devil's tear it can harm anything that has holy blood. This sword is number two because the first one was destroyed while helping an ally.


 Devils seed pouch: Hold's a seed known as Devil seed because it allows the unholy to heal a lot faster it will also boost their strength and speed.


 Master swordsman



 Enhanced human speed and strength

Sinner: When in Sinner form Drak will be capable of preforming maneuver's that will be too fast for an angle or Arc angle to see or react to.


Ryuu Senshi

Story: My story is short but it is because I am so young. I was the son of the clan leader till the day they were all murdered by our rival clan Dragonage just because they wanted to be influenced more.

Who Am I? I am the last child of the Dragonclaw clan

 Age: 5


 Hair: Black and White

 Eye’s a goldenish color

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 3'7"

 Clothing: Tattered robes


Nothing but the cloths on his back. 


 1. Expert Swordsman



 1. Enhanced human speed and strength

 2. Ryuu is able to use a extreme form of telekinesis.

 3. Ryuu can summon any weapon to his disposal though it only last's till his chi run's out.


Dark Dragon god: Allows Ryuu to turn into the dragon god of Darkness.

Light Dragon god: Allows Ryuu to turn into the dragon god of Light




Story: Osiris is the unholy child born of both holy magic and undead magic making him a hybrid between a angel and a demon. Once Osiris found out about the Void and it's power he wanted it for his own so he declared war upon the god's, but once he found out they don't have position of the power any more his journey in search of Alex began.

Who am I? I'm Osiris the one true ruler of the world


 Hair: Long blond lock's in angle form, Pitch black lock's in demon form.

 Eye’s: Blood red.

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'11"

 Clothing: Ancient robe's of fallen angel's and demon's he had killed.


Nothing really besides his amulet that hold's the soul'd of everyone he has ever killed.


1. Mastered all sort's of martial art's

2. Mastered all sort's of magic

3. Mastered all sort's of weapon wielding


1. Is extremely fast and more powerful then a god of high stander's

2. Able to cast's spell's with out the use of word's.


 Angel form: When in this form Osiris holy magic is boosted to the five- hundred percent.

Demon form: When in this form Osiris demonic magic is boosted to the five- hundred percent.



Other Character’s

Gabriel Shimada

Story: Talon treated Gabriel Reyes as if he was a soldier for them when he was really just a mercenary for hire. While Gabriel was in Talon they took some of his DNA for a secret project called project Grim. Project Grim was almost finished they just needed the other DNA and ability's from the other hero's to finish the ultimate weapon. Talon soon captured Genji and took his DNA along with his sword only to kill him afterwards, but one the DNA was added to Project Grim Gabriel found out and broke into the lab to destroy the project but unknowingly fell into a trap where Talon was testing their new toy resulting in Gabriel's death as well. After the death of Gabriel Talon take's his weapon's and try's to combine them with Genji'sDragonblade only for it to make auto re-loadable gun blade's. One the weapons were attached to Project Grim it gained a conscious and the memories of both Genji and Reaper. Enraged at Talon Project Grim attacked and killed every single one of them.


Who Am I? Project Grim

Age: Unknown

 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye's: Dark Brown

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'1"

 Clothing: Black leather trench coat with hood and a skull mask made of steel.



1. Hellfire Dragonblade's: A fusion between Genji'sDragonblade and Reaper's Hellfire shotgun's.

2. Shuriken's



1. Expert Sword's man

2. Hand to hand combat Expert

3. Death blossom: In a blur of motion, he empties both Hellfire Dragonblade's at breakneck speed, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies.

4. Swift strike: He darts forward, slashing with his gun blades and passing through foes in his path.

5. Deflect: With lightning-quick swipes of his gun blade's, he reflects any oncoming projectiles and can send them rebounding towards his enemies.




1. Dragon rage: Allows him to summon the green dragon spirit

2. Shadow step: Allows him to teleport or move to a destination of his choosing while walking through the shadow's.

3. The Reaping: Allows Him to collect the souls of the fallen to replenish his health.


Wraith Form: He becomes a shadow for a short period. While in this form, he takes no damage and can pass through enemies, but cannot fire his weapons or use other abilities.

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Story fight

Hello I want someone to challenge my character Alex for I am not liking to have to go easy on friend's in RP's or having to make up a enemy for my character to fight (not fun to fight alone) so ask all of you to provide a challenge! Do you accept?See More
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Story Time

Hello everyone from I'm The Story and I'm looking for a RP partner I would suggest you read my page for I have many character you can choose from. Though I'm willing for someone to either give me a Idea for a new character so I may RP with you with that character or choose from the roster I already have, Now I thank you for taking your time to read and responded to this.See More
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