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Apoclypse Rules

Story: It's April 1, 2017 12:53 when the commet Osiris hit New york, New York during a Red scock's at Yank's baseball game. Once the commet hit it wipped out most of human life, the one's that did survive gained Elemental ability or mutated into creature's unimmagenale to this day.

Your story beging's after a 10 year in comma from the commet's crash.

Number of Fighting type's allowed per-person 1.

Fighting type's:
1. Fire
2. Water
3. Thunder
4. Earth: Both ground and plant.

Number of Passive type's allowd per-person 2.

Passive type's:
1. Enhanced muscles: 10x faster and stronger then a normal human.
2. Enhanced mind: 10x smarter then a normal human, and can use psychic ability's.
3. Enhanced senses: All 5 senses are 10x stronger.
4. Sixth sense: It's like spider sense from spiderman.
5. Pain resistance: Allow's you to take less damage.
6. Pain absorption: Not like Pain resistance. Take's the damage delived and allow's you to attack the opponent with the same amount resived.

Number of Booster type's allowed per-person 1.

Booster type's:
1. Dark: Boost the abilitys of Fighter type's 10x.
2. Light: Boost the abilitys of Passive type's 10x.
3. Nova: Boost's both Passive and Fighting type attack's by 5x. You also get a Nova form.

Type match up's:
Water Beat's Fire
Fire Beat's Earth
Earth Beat's Thunder
Thunder Beat's Water


Nipper's: Are blind creature's that rip the meat off their pray one strand at a time. Nipper's also live in a hive like ant's or bee's so their are diffrent type's of Nipper's.
1. Worker's: Build the hive with silk they are also the feed the queen the body's.
2. Scout's: They scout the land looking for a new place for a hive or they are looking for new food for the queen.
3. Gaurd's: Don't eat but they put their life down on the line to build wall's out of their dead body's or when they are fighting a rivle Hive.
4. Queen: Queen's are large and comunicate with the hive threw vibration's threw the ground. The queen eat's by swallowing it's food whole which it then give's birth to other nipper's.
5. King: Wander's around the waste land to find a queen as his meal.

Viper's: All you need to know about Them is that one bite your dead with in 10 second's. The only way to stop the poison is by eating the Viper meat.

Phantom's: Are well the dead come back to life in a spiritual form the only thing about them is they like to eat the soul's of his pray.

Elemental's: Their are many diffrent type's of elementl's some are peaceful other's are vilent.
1. Fire: Are very agresive Elemental's they like to burn anything they see even their own home.
2. Water: Are very peaceful Elemental's but get to close they might want to show you their home, which is under water.
3. Earth: Are very peaceful Elemental's But they are very large and easily startled so watch out for a stamped.
4. Thunder: Are peaceful but if agitated will attack.

Horder's: Are half dead and half alive do to their mutation's into horder's who will contimue slam their mutated club hand's into anything alive. Alone their easy to kill but together they can be a hand full

King pin: King pin is the leader of all the gang's and want's to take all the land.

Ocean water: Patrol's the ocean border and are made of mostly water type's so if your a fire type stay the hell away.

Blazer's: Are made of mostly fire type's and are found around the hottes area's in the wastland they also like to smoke alot of green if found.

Naturalest's: Are made of well hippy's that are all earth type's.

Biker's: is a gang of mixed type's but they like to ride motercycle's around the old road's or they ride dirt bike's on the desert sand.

Volcanic's: Are made of mostly earth and fire type's they are found near volcano's

Storm ringer's: Are a gange made of mostly water and energy they like to dance and party all night.
My Secrets Are...

1. +18 aloud.

2. Don't auto kill my character's. But you can put them in a almost dead situation.

3. No godmodding.

4. no one liner's.

5. Respect my character's traits if they are cruel to one of your character's don't go off and kill them or put a curse on them just because one is rude to your character.

6. I have many Character's please read through them and choose who ya want to RP with.

7. I will only do main and Inbox now PM's are reserved for side RP's that are cannon in main.

8. No zombie apocalyptic RP's unless they are able to be adjusted to my character's power's. (note my main protagonist is able to go face to face with god's.)



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"Life is all but one big story book." - Unknown.

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Ancient Tale's of Old

Main Story

You thought you knew the truth on how the multiverse was made well you were told wrong. Yes, it started with an egg but before that there was nothing, nothing but an empty plain called the Void. Within this plain the egg, of which the Chard Council came into existences, was made. the Void being the parent of the three who made you and me, but at lass they didn’t thank their creator they feared him and made the five gods of creation: The Creator, The Destroyer, The Mystery, and the Twins of Chaos. With the five gods of creation the Council had them shatter the void into millions of pieces that were scattered across a plain of nothingness.

Year’s past since the Void has been shattered to soon the Mystery became upset with the Council and declared war by creating a being able to destroy being’s above power. Once the Council heard about the traitor they commanded the Creator, The Destroyer and the Chaos Twins to destroy the Mystery’s weapon, but in the progress of the fight three pieces of the Void was set free. The very pieces became the weapons known as: The crystal Gauntlets, The Claymore Gladimer, and the binding Chains of Olympus. the Council soon captured the weapons before it can grow in power and put them away for another eighteen centuries, in which they find out the Mystery’s weapon still lives though he is weak. From there the Council set out the Twin’s to destroy the weapon once and for all.

After thirteen years of chase the Twin’s finally caught up to the weapon who called himself Eclipse and killed him. Years later they found out Eclipse had many children so they kept their hunt killing legacy after legacy till they lost the last son. During this time the disciples of the Void released powerful being’s known as Titan’s. The Titan’s main mission was to collect the pieces of the Void but the people thought they were monsters sent out to kill all of man, so man called upon the gods to give them weapons to defeat these beast’s. In the ruckus, the Council drop’s one of the three weapons to the planet known as Earth in which a man took clam to.

When the Council asks for the weapon back the man dined and used the weapon to slay Titan’s, but in his fight, he came upon a Titan to powerful in which had killed the man and shattered the weapon into pieces they were then thrown into portal’s leading to different worlds and times lines by monks who reach them first. The handle stayed behind and turned into a claymore known by the original name Gladimer and was now wielded by the man’s son who sot out on revenge against the Titan that killed his father, the blade was sent to a clan of Samurai who turned it into a Katana who then worshipped it as if it had a god with in, the evil of the weapon fell to hell in which the Devil gave to a man in the form of a sword known as Devil’s Tear, the spirit of the weapon was trapped inside a rock with in space which soon became a spear for a Native thunder child, and the body was sent to a boy who was trapped in cyberspace. When these five are together they will be known as the Key’s to the Void. And as for the last two Pieces they were locked away the Chains bond Mount Olympus together as the Gauntlets where frozen in A Crystalized state on a faraway plant that the native’s now use as a transportation to other parts of the planet.


Alex Pearson(main Role)

Story: Well to tell it to ya all I will have to start from the beginning. I was born into a family who was chosen by the five god's of creation: The Creator. The Destroyer, the Mysterious one, and the Chaos Twin's Lucus and Kurk. Anyways my family was chosen to give birth to a child that will bring rage upon the creatures known as the Titan's bringing into birth me. Now my story doesn't seem as if it would be one to glamour around,  it's like any other story a hero is born to save this world and was given the powers of a god,  but mine is a bit different because my parents are full blooded humans who already fight Titan's well mostly my father with his clamor he call's Gladimer. Anyways to tell you why I became a Titan hunter was because a Titan killed my parents, they did not expect a level one Titan living in their own house disguised as an orphan. Once the Titan killed my family and thought, it killed me I got angry and chased it down watching it evolve from a level one to a level to then to a destruction Titan and I still prole after it.

After Defeating, the Titan I was after for so long I found out the Titan was just the beginning in which I made new friends along my journey to stop the Void. While Fighting off the Void's disciples in the Void war. My new friend's gave me their Weapon's which fuse with my body which it started to eat at, but I pushed through the pain and found the Void or well I soon find out to be only a old man the disciple's call the Void core. After a small conversation with him he reveal's to me what the Void is shocking me as he the Void core soon wither's away leaving me to now know who I am.... I am the Void. After getting a letter from the true Grim Reaper about the thread of mana ripping the Void shell started turning me into the true Void, saving my soul by combining with my soul, making me and the Void shell one. While away training Ryuu, I was captured by a mysterious group called the White Shadow that did test's on me. After a while the group soon injected me with the full power of the Void now I am the real Void the thing I feared most.


Who Am I? I am the Void


 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye’s Midnight (Or Void like)

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'

 Clothing: Dark hooded cloak with a combat ready black leather armor and black military grad combat boot’s

 Marking: The Marking's on my body are tattoo's that I carved into myself so I may be able to use other magic.

Void marking's: The black void like marking on my body use to be the Void and are now apart of my soul reverting me to one of my ancestor's the Marker.



Infinity bag: A small bag that is like a portal to infinity


 1. Expert Swordsman

 2. Expert Marksman

 3. Excellent cook

 4. Can speak many different languages.



 1. Complete control over the Void

2. Enhanced human speed and strength

3. Can summon any of these five weapon's allowing me to use their power:

 a. Ice dagger's of Lilith

 b. Sun bow of Prometheus

 c. Thunder staff of Raiden

 d. Earth gauntlet's of Gaia

 e. Wind pistol's of Apollo


 Ability’s given to me by the markings on my body:

  1. Blood Dragon: The blood dragon gives me the ability to regrow a limb that was dismembered from his body so he may keep on fighting.
  2. Sandman: The Sandman gives me the ability to enter people's dream's and control what they dream about within the dream realm.
  3. Black Dragon: The Black Dragon gives me the ability to enter the darkness realm and survive.
  4. White Dragon: The White Dragon gives me the ability to enter other worlds or dimensions.
  5. Void marking's: Give's me the ability's of the Void.



1. The Unstable: When I'm stricken in my body, causing a severe wound I will instantly become unstable and will be extremely powerful plus I won't stop fighting till either killed or knocked out. (Note: it will be extremely difficult to knock me out.)

2. The Ancestor: This form give's me the abilities of my Ancestor once known by my great grand father the god of balance Eclipse. It would be my strongest form though it drain's me of my energy a lot faster.

3. Void: In this form Alex loses all control and becomes the Void wanting to destroy everything to start all over once again.


Story: Thief is a cub that I saved from a pretator that killed his parent's which where normal foxes. Ever since them me and him been companions.

Who is he? Void fox

Age: 4 week's


 Fur: Pitch black with white strips

 Eye’s: Black

Size: 2' in normal form and 6' in fighting form and 10' in ultimate form


Expert swords man


1.Lick's can heal any wounds except for death.

2.Can mimic anybody like a mirror image of them and what they may sound like but only in short tune's.


1. Fighting form: In this form Thief will have nine tail's and will be standing on his hind leg's while wilding a katana.

2. Ultimate form: In this form Thief will have nine tail's just like his fighting form but he will be glowing black and white as he wild's the power of the Void to destroy his enemy's.


Alex Pearson(Cybernetic)

Story:  I was just a normal gamer boy born in the year twenty-nine ninety-seven. I grew up with out parent's though they did die when I was young, now I'm on my own as a hacker for a resistance group known a Glitch but in my spare time I play VR game's like midnight rider and or the MMO game Vison. I was waiting for the new MMO game Digit's to come out when they called it off and only people who could get their hand's on the forbidden game could played it. One night I snuck away fro my group and searched for the game but when I found it I didn't expect to be sucked into the game now I play to survive the wasteland horror. 

Who am I? The Glitch in the mainframe


 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye’s: Midnight

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'

 Clothing: Futuristic dark hooded cloak with a combat ready black leather armor and black military grad combat boot’s


Digit blade black: A blade made of cybernetic code.

Digit revolver white: A six shot revolver made of cybernetic code.


 1. LVL 50 in parkour

 2. LVL 76 in melee attack's

 3. LVL 20 in range attack's



 1. When in the game Digit's I have five life's before I have to restart. In other game's it's game over forever if I lose one life.

 2. Can digitize in and out of other game's.

 3. Can control the software of any digital aspect.

 4. Can digitize to avoid attack's.


Database: is a form in which give's me the ability to do extra physical damage to my foe's, but while in this form I can’t digitize. 

Alex Pearson(Pirate)

Story: I was a born a prince till my father's kingdom was raided and everyone was taken away leaving me a five year old child alone trapped in the rubble that use to be my home. After year's past I was finally found by a pirate captain who's crew was searching for any gold left behind. The captain took me in as his own child and raised me to be a sea dwindling pirate. When my adoptive father breathed his last breath he told me the truth about my family, so to this day I search the seven sea's to find the men who killed my true family leading my adoptive father's crew with me. YAR!

Who am I? The Pirate king


 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye’s: Midnight

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'

 Clothing: Black leather trench coat with pirate boot's belt's and buck's and my pirate father's captain hat.


Sabers made of steel.

Pistol's on and around my body

My ship's called the Black Shadow for when ever it come's into view it leave's a shadow over the ocean.

Alex Pearson(Hunter)

Story: I was born in a family of hunter's my mom and my dad both hunter's but for different side's my mother hunt's the angles above as for my father who hunted demon's. When the oblivion known as Osiris was made by Angle kind to destroy the demon's he betrayed all and eliminated my parent's first leaving me being only six to fend for myself. I later learned I had ability's from both side's of the family my father with his sinner side to be able to fend off demon's and my mother with her Templar side so she could fend off angel's and I had both.


Who is he? The Devil's sin and the Lord's bless



 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye’s: Midnight

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'

 Clothing: Dark hooded cloak with a combat ready black leather armor and black military grad combat boot’s


Devils tear: A sword made of well the devil's tear it can harm anything that has holy blood.

Holy revolver: A eight shot revolver made by the black smith of heaven and cooled in holly water able to harm anything that has unholy blood. 

Devils seed: A pouch of seed's that boosts my speed and strength.

Holy water river of Eden: Holy water taken from the lake of Eden that boost's my wisdom and accuracy.


 1.Master swordsman

 2. Master Marksman



 Enhanced human speed and strength


 Sinner: When in Sinner form I will be capable of preforming maneuver's that will be too fast for an angle or Arc angle to see or react to.

 Templar: When in Templar form I will be capable of taking blow's to charge up attack's the more damage I take the stronger my holy blast will be.

Alex Pearson(Anti-hero/Reaper)

Story: I was just a normal child running free with my family and well being a kid then one day changed it all a man with a gun shot both of my parent's for the paper in their wallet's. I was then sent to live in a orphanage where I mastered the form's of many ninjitsu techniques though I am still leaning I am out on the street's at night killing the one's who have done wrong. One day while prowling I was ambushed by some cult and was then turned into a pawn for the Grim Reaper as a Reaper.

Who am I? I am A journalist by day, and the Reaper by night.


 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye’s: Midnight

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'

 Clothing: Dark hooded cloak with a combat ready black leather armor and black military grad combat boot’s(Is also wearing a mask when in hero mode.)


A scythe made of the soul's of the lost.


 1. Can hide in the shadow's with ease

 2. Can fight hand to hand with ease but prefers to fight with scythe.



 1. Enhanced human speed and strength

 2. Can reap soul's within a instant.


Reaper: Allows me to be able to find my target's a lot easier as well as making me immune to mortal weapon's.

Alex Pearson (Apocalypse)

Story: it was July, 12 2007 when the meteorite entered the atmosphere and turned earth into a waste land full of mutation's and different creature's each strange, and unlike the one's we have to day. The survivor's of the meteorite gained power's like no other power's that made one stronger or faster or so on.

Who am I? I'm a survivor


 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye’s: Midnight

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'

 Clothing: Dark hooded cloak with a combat ready black leather armor and black military grad combat boot’s


1. A back pack

2. A rusty knife

3. A six shot revolver with six bullet's inside.

4. A rusty chain


1. Some form of street fighting

2. regular marksman


Fighting type: Fire

Passive type's: Enhanced muscles and Enhanced mind

Booster Type: Dark



Story: Osiris is the unholy child born of both holy magic and undead magic making him a hybrid between a angel and a demon. Once Osiris found out about the Void and it's power he wanted it for his own so he declared war upon the god's, but once he found out they don't have position of the power any more his journey in search for me began.

Who is he? I'm Osiris the one true ruler of the world


 Hair: Long blond lock's in angle form, Pitch black lock's in demon form.

 Eye’s: Blood red.

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'11"

 Clothing: Ancient robe's of fallen angel's and demon's he had killed.


Nothing really besides his amulet that hold's the soul'd of everyone he has ever killed.


1. Mastered all sort's of martial art's

2. Mastered all sort's of magic

3. Mastered all sort's of weapon wielding


1. Is extremely fast and more powerful then a god of high stander's

2. Able to cast's spell's with out the use of word's.


 Angel form: When in this form Osiris holy magic is boosted to the five- hundred percent.

Demon form: When in this form Osiris demonic magic is boosted to the five- hundred percent.

The monster

Story: The monster is the other half of me the beast I didn't want free, but do to the group White Shadow it was freed and separated from my body no it haunt's me like a nightmarish ghost in a horror flick.

What is it? My shadow.


 Hair: Pitch black.

 Eye’s: Pure white.

 Skin: Pitch back.

 Height: 6'

 Clothing: Similar to mine just pitch black.



 1. Expert Swordsman

 2. Expert Marksman

 3. Excellent cook

 4. Can speak many different languages.



 1. Complete control over the Void

2. Enhanced human speed and strength

3. Can summon any of these five weapon's allowing him to use their power:

 a. Ice dagger's of Lilith

 b. Sun bow of Prometheus

 c. Thunder staff of Raiden

 d. Earth gauntlet's of Gaia

 e. Wind pistol's of Apollo



Other Character’s

Gabriel Shimada

Story: Talon treated Gabriel Reyes as if he was a soldier for them when he was really just a mercenary for hire. While Gabriel was in Talon they took some of his DNA for a secret project called project Grim. Project Grim was almost finished they just needed the other DNA and ability's from the other hero's to finish the ultimate weapon. Talon soon captured Genji and took his DNA along with his sword only to kill him afterwards, but one the DNA was added to Project Grim Gabriel found out and broke into the lab to destroy the project but unknowingly fell into a trap where Talon was testing their new toy resulting in Gabriel's death as well. After the death of Gabriel Talon take's his weapon's and try's to combine them with Genji'sDragonblade only for it to make auto re-loadable gun blade's. One the weapons were attached to Project Grim it gained a conscious and the memories of both Genji and Reaper. Enraged at Talon Project Grim attacked and killed every single one of them.


Who is he? Project Grim

Age: Unknown

 Hair: Dark brown

 Eye's: Dark Brown

 Skin: Tan

 Height: 6'1"

 Clothing: Black leather trench coat with hood and a skull mask made of steel.



1. Hellfire Dragonblade's: A fusion between Genji'sDragonblade and Reaper's Hellfire shotgun's.

2. Shuriken's



1. Expert Sword's man

2. Hand to hand combat Expert

3. Death blossom: In a blur of motion, he empties both Hellfire Dragonblade's at breakneck speed, dealing massive damage to all nearby enemies.

4. Swift strike: He darts forward, slashing with his gun blades and passing through foes in his path.

5. Deflect: With lightning-quick swipes of his gun blade's, he reflects any oncoming projectiles and can send them rebounding towards his enemies.




1. Dragon rage: Allows him to summon the green dragon spirit

2. Shadow step: Allows him to teleport or move to a destination of his choosing while walking through the shadow's.

3. The Reaping: Allows Him to collect the souls of the fallen to replenish his health.


Wraith Form: He becomes a shadow for a short period. While in this form, he takes no damage and can pass through enemies, but cannot fire his weapons or use other abilities.

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The Horror of Pain

Day OneI woke up in a strange room the light's were dull but I can see I was chained to the wall. The floor was covered in blood or what I thought was blood. I didn't Know what was happing I didn't know who took me or what, all I knew was I was helpless and weak cant move with out pain coursing threw my body as if I have a million needles piecing my skin all at once poking at my muscles tearing them from the inside out. I stayed on the floor kneeling for hours till a light shined behind a…See More
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Story fight

Hello I want someone to challenge my character Alex for I am not liking to have to go easy on friend's in RP's or having to make up a enemy for my character to fight (not fun to fight alone) so ask all of you to provide a challenge! Do you accept?See More
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The Horror of Pain

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Day One

I woke up in a strange room the light's were dull but I can see I was chained to the wall. The floor was covered in blood or what I thought was blood. I didn't Know what was happing I didn't know who took me or what, all I knew was I was helpless and weak cant move with out pain coursing threw my body as if I have a million needles piecing my skin all at once poking at my muscles tearing them from the…


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Looking For RP Partners

Started by Lyall Redborn in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Mild-Mannered Pate on Friday. 2 Replies

Looking for new rp partners. I'm open to all ideas and story lines. My character is flexible in the human area. Her being human is just baseline. I like things long term, maybe multi-paragraph to semi. I like doing rps in the inbox or in some other…Continue

Seeking threads~

Started by rehab in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character) on Friday. 0 Replies

hi, writing this as the owner of this page. I'm expressing interest in male and female companions. Whether it be friendship or…Continue

D&D style rp?

Started by Matthew Michael Murdock in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Daphne Rose on Thursday. 13 Replies

HEY. So a few years back I was part of a pretty fun D&D style rp that I adored but it sort of fell apart. Anyway!I was wondering if that was something that others were interested in? I am thinking maybe it take place mostly in a world and…Continue

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