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Storyteller's Discussions

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Story fight

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Story Time

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"Dreams undreamt by man become storys, though the dream's that become forgotten are ones we didn't dream." - Unknown.

Profile Information

Romantic Interests
Who Am I...
The teller of Tale's
My Story Is...
Unknown to all who meet me
My Appearance...
Hair: Silver
Eye's: Filled with answers and tale's
Height: 6'
Clothing: A long robe looking to belong to a ancient librarian
Species (Optional)
1. A large bag filled with book's and scroll's writen in diffrent languages and about diffrent tale's.

2. A pen made of silver and gold that can write any story that need's to be told and can chnage the story that is being told before him.
My Secrets Are...
Non I have kept and non that you don't already know.
I Believe...
Everyone has a story even the one's that tell the story do.

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Main Story

This story I'm about to tell is one of my favorites it's about a old universe one the council thought was a accident made in hell. Our story begins when the first human's step on the planet  they didn't know how or who made them they didn't even have a belief of why, all they knew was they were supreme and superior to every and any beginning with in their universe. Why you may ask well they where known as Spirtwalkers people who can see and use the spirit's around them as their weapon's and tool's. These first people gave a new look to the multiverse making their universe peaceful a utopia, making the council proud of their creation, then one day life for the people of this universe changed when a man known only as Axlot changed everything. Axlot built a empire in secret before soon lunching his attack and taking over the universe, the town's that don't support Axlot still stand today but only because they fight back. After year's of defending their home the last of the Spiritwalkers died leaving the town's to Axlot's wrath making the universe one large plant circling also large sun the other planet's all turned to noting but rock's flying lifeless threw space while the large Earth like planet nothing but wasteland full of what the people call ghoul's and phantom's. The council left the universe to rot and die since there was no point in saving it.

Three year's soon past as people's life's soon gone normal after Axlot gave up on looking for anymore Spiritwalker's people forgot about them, only for them to reappear the first one's being Spiritwalker of God's in fact they were the god's of many the first being the god known as Zeus, next the god known as Ra and, last the god known as Tenchikaibyaku. They paved the path for new Spiritwalkers to appear they also formed the Spiritwalker army which fought against Axlot, Pushing him and his follower's into a cave where they now stay for a eternity, till one day a foolish boy opened the cave releasing Axlot from his prison.


Alex Pearson(main Role)

Story: Hello you may not know me but I don't even know you so where even though I will tell you my story and why I am what I am. I'm a Spiritwalker, I wasn't born as one like the other's no, I was born as a normal person or otherwise known as a fighter, because I have to rely on weapon's and my skill in combat. Anyways my story start's long before Spiritwalker's were re-found and brought back into society, my parent's where both Spiritwalkers or well found out by being chosen by their spirit's Ares and a Dragon named Cryo.

My family didn't care that they had the power to fight in the war so they didn't hell they stayed out as much as they could before, but one day the war found them when a young boy opened a long thought dead emperor's tome setting his spirit free latching on to the boy and taking the boy's body as his own. My parent's tired to stop him but failed as they fell to the floor dead but before they died they protected me with a spell they got from a strange old man, so when Axlot came up to me to eliminate me the power of the scroll called upon a large power the power of a Titan. Even though I was young I controlled the power well and blew Axlot away making him wanting to hunt me down. Sixteen year's soon past since my Titan was awaken and I couldn't activate him ever again but I still run and fight when need to.

Who Am I? Titan Spiritwalker

 Hair: Dark brown
 Eye’s: Midnight
 Skin: Tan
 Height: 6'

 Clothing: I wear a black hoody made from a thinned out meteorite metal, black jeans with some hole's from my fight's, and black high top combat boot's I stole from the military though I don't think they will miss them.

 Scars: The scare's on my body are from the battle's and fight's I been in though some where caused by me trying to end my life but do to my healing factor seems impossible unless you cut my head off or stab me in the heart.

I have a backpack that look's small but is in fact very large considering it carries my food, my tent, sleeping bag's, and even my cloth's with out gaining any wait I call it the infinity bag.

 I have many skill's one of which is my knowledge of multiple marital art's that I have mastered over the year's, I also know how to handle myself in a sword fight, I can shoot you right between the eye's from over three thousand yard's, I can even run and jump around like a ninja on to much caffeine 
My ability's really are just apart of my Spirit's ability's so I have incredible strength able to throw a tanker as if it was a football, I can run faster then a SR-71 Blackbird jet, I have a sixth-sense allowing me to feel incoming attack's or people who are trying to sneak up behind me, and I have extremely fast healing rate allowing me to take blow's all day and keep going.

Titan: This form is new to me but it happens only when I fuse with my spirit boosting my already insane ability's to beyond that of reality, I also gain new ability's like being able to summon any weapon of my desire.



Story: I know little about Axlot but what I do know about is from his criminal file the Elder's put out on him:

File 1 of 4

Height: 7'

Eyes: Dark brown

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Occupation: Emperor of the second dynasty of Spiritwalker's.

File 2 of 4

Prisoner can use many art's of combat and has much knowledge of the land is considered very dangerous do to his spirit of the god destruction known as the Destroyer giving ability's that boost his physical attributes.

File 3 of 4 

Prisoner has many follower's that will fight for him and sacrifice their life for his some even killed themselves so he may live longer.

File 4 0f 4

Prisoner now lays in a cave casted and sealed by dead warrior soul's so that the only one's that can open it would be someone with a pure heart.

Type's of Spirit's

Their are five type's that I know each listed in order of strength:

Fighter: Fighter's are people who have not been chosen by a spirit and are considered the weakest.

Beast: Beast's are Spiritwalker's chosen by animal's like Wolf's, Bear's. Tiger's ect.

Mythical Beast's: Mythical Beast's are Spiritwalker's chosen by mythical animal's like Dragon's, Phoenix's, Unicorn's, ect.

God's: God's are Spiritwalker's chosen by god's like Poseidon, Osiris, Zeus, ect.

Titan's: Titan's are new to the Spiritwalker's so they are unknown but those who are chosen have power beyond normal human power they are also considered the most unpredictable of all the Spiritwalkers.


1. +18 aloud.

2. Don't auto kill my character's. But you can put them in a almost dead situation.

3. No godmodding.

4. no one liner's.

5. Respect my character's traits if they are cruel to one of your character's don't go off and kill them or put a curse on them just because one is rude to your character.

6. I have many Character's please read through them and choose who ya want to RP with.

7. I will only do main and Inbox now PM's are reserved for side RP's that are cannon in main.

8. I will allow Zombie Apocalypses but the Zombie's must be able to fight back using ability's because I like using magic or power's. 

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The Incredible Hulk

(Could you send me that email one more time)

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Tahm Kench
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