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Otto Octavius's Page


———————————— DOCTOR OCTOPUS

The son of an overbearing mother and a bullying father, Otto Octavius was a shy teenager with a love of books. A strange and haughty-looking child, Otto suffered from bullying at school, and his only real friend was his mother, whom he idolised.
 Following the death of Otto's father in an industrial accident, his interest in science increased. He was a gifted student and earned a scholarship to university, where he began leading atomic science. He gained a reputation as one of the greatest minds in the field, if not, the greatest. To help manipulate radioactive substances from a safe distance, Otto constructed a chest harness controlling four mechanical, tentacle-like arms. Otto could control these arms via a brain-computer interface. Otto's fellow researchers, who disliked him because of his arrogance, nicknamed him Doctor Octopus.
 While Otto was conducting an experiment, an accident led to an explosion that bombarded the scientist with radiation, and also fused the harness to his body. The substances left him capable of mentally controlling his arms, but the accident also caused irreversible brain-damage, transforming the respected scientist into a megalomaniacal criminal.
 Waking in a hospital, Otto knew this newfound strength  combined with his unparalleled intellect — could render him the most powerful man in the world. Holding the medical staff hostage, he easily defeated Spider-Man in their first meeting. The victorious Doctor Octopus then went to the next stage of his plan, returning to the US Atomic Research Center and seized control. Otto intended to use the research centre to further his plans but Spidey, encouraged by a pep talk from the Human Torch, returned for a rematch and this time defeated Doc Ock with one punch to the jaw. It was the start of a rivalry between the two that would last the rest of their lives and beyond...


After years of doing battle with Spider-Man, Otto Octavius' learned that his body was degenerating, with only months to live. After several failed schemes to leave his legacy behind, Otto, in a final moment of revenge, used his skills as a scientist to transfer his mind into the body of his hated enemy, Peter Parker. With this, Otto gained all of the amazing abilities of Spider-Man, as well as all of Parker's memories. Meanwhile, Peter's mind was left inside Octavius' failing body with only hours to live.
 Upon discovering that Peter, in Doc Ock's body, had escaped from the Raft, Otto rounded up every person Parker knew inside a safe room in Stark Tower and distracted the Avengers with giant Octobots around the globe, knowing Peter would seek help from Tony Stark. In final battle, Parker tried to reverse the mind-swap, but Otto revealed that he was wearing carbonadium plating over the back of his head to prevent such an attempt and declared his final victory against his arch-enemy with one lethal punch that caused 'Doctor Octopus' to give his last breaths.
 In Peter's final moments, both enemies discovered that the transfer had created a link between their minds and Otto was forced to relive all of Parker's experiences as if they were his own  including the lesson of great responsibility, inspiring him to be a better hero than Parker ever was and become not only a superior Spider-Man, but also a better man than who he once was as Doctor Octopus.
 Since then, Spider-Man's reputation for merciless efficiency has grown. From routinely dealing out brutal beatings, to using spider-bots and henchmen to take down Kingpin's Shadowland, and even executing the villain known as Massacre, one thing is for certain this is not your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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