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"Hello, mister!"

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Drugs and Corridors!

Posted on October 4, 2017 at 10:14pm 0 Comments

Pale Hands in the City..

Posted on September 26, 2017 at 6:00pm 0 Comments

Profile Information

Relationship Status
"I prefer to be alone. It's cool! I don't got to worry about nobody, don't gotta love nobody but myself. I mean, I love everyone. As a friend. Heh."
Romantic Interests
"Ain't much to love here, but if you're willing to give me a shot, why not?"
Who Am I...
"Paul Longwalker, Son of James Longwalker, how're you?"
My Story Is...
"Oh. You wanna know about me? Alright, I suppose. Hm.. where to begin. Well, when I was about six or seven, I cut down my first tree. It was a Kane Wood, about ten feet tall. It wasn't nothing special, but my father forbid me from cutting trees down until I was ready. And I was just so excited about finally getting to do what Father did, I had to. So, I did. And instead of getting an ass whooping, my Father clapped me on the back, drug the Tree back home, and made me some Ice cream. Then, I became a Man. My Father retired, and Passed away. And all my seven brothers have gone away, far across the Sea somewhere, doing other things, one of them I know for a fact is a poet, but. Point is, here I am, a Lumberjack on Hellifyno. The Inn? Yea, yea I go there sometimes. Get a drink, talk to some folks occasionally. Nice people, them Immortals. Most of em. I don't know, any ways. Being a Lumberjack ain't all that its, /cut/ out to be. Get it? HA!" He laughs a deep laugh and slaps his knee. "Phew, boy! Boys back at the Cabin would've been laughing their butts off! Heh, but seriously though. There are these, things, that live out in the Woods. We don't know, exactly what in tarnation they are, but, they're awful. We call em Tars. Nothing special, no fancy titles, ya might hear a scientist call em 'Black Pool Dwellers' or 'The Black' but, us Lumberjacks call them Tars. Why? Well, the place that they come out of are these black, tar like puddles. And it always starts out like that, biggest I ever did see was the size of a vast lake. Just, miles and miles in one direction of black. We called that place the Pool. But we destroyed it before it got way too out of hand. The Tars that come from the black, viscous liquid, are these thin, twitchy creatures, pale as a sick man and no face. Just a smooth, dome like shape for a head, they almost look like Men. But they're just so, horrifying and scary looking, they just can't be Human. And trust me, they ain't. They tend to be alittle over five and a half, maybe six feet. They walk incredibly slow, but when they see ya, oh man. It's nasty. They suddenly speed up, like a rocket or some shit, emitting this awful, subtle, and vile whispering and gurgling sounds. Heads twitching about on thin necks. Terrifying to the first timers. They only ever come out at Night, and they drag everything back to their Pool. Tree's, Plants, Flowers, Men, Animals, anything they can grab and subdue they will take back and push into the pool. The Tar of those creatures will pull the thing they put in it to the bottom, and Gods only know how deep they be. They do that so's to increase the size of their Pool. And, depending on the Size of em, varies how many Tars they get. Like, if it's a small puddle? They ain't getting nothing. They just gotta hope that something walks into it, or leaves and other stuff fall in. But, once it grows large enough to form a Tar, they will climb out at night, and pull stuff in, climb out and pull more stuff in. Then it grows, and makes another Tar, grows, more Tars, grows, more and more and more Tars. You see where I'm going here? And while I too cut down trees, I hate these bastards, I've seen many good men ripped apart and dragged back to the Pool. They're relentless, they ain't that strong and they don't got no claws or certainly any teeth, but they rarely travel alone. I've never seen one use a weapon, but they don't need to when there's forty or fifty of em coming at your place. Largest group I ever fought off was, well that's a story for later, but anyways. I heard a rumor that this guy, they call 'Pot Head' fought off a hoard of three hundred of em, back when The Pool was still huge and growing. Now, you may ask yourself, how do you destroy a Tar Pool? Good question, and here's the Answer. There are three ways to do it. Water Reduces and pushes it back, but don't destroy it. Fire destroys it, and anything Religious will Repel the Tars. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's work to be done.."
My Appearance...
Paul stands about about six foot eight, has black hair and beard, and more often than not has an Ax in his hands. He's a big guy, thick with girth on his stomach and arms, but no apparent like body builder muscles. Handsome son of a bitch he is, but he often smells of sweat and dirt and fresh wood. Since, ya know, hard work being a Lumberjack.
Species (Optional)
Ax, Flannel Shirt, Jeans with Suspenders, Heavy Steel Toed Boots, and a nine millimeter Beretta Pistol. "You never know when you'll need it, them damn things come out at Sun Set, and it's usually a long way back home.."
My Secrets Are...
"I'm only scared of one thing. Fuck Centipedes."
I Believe...
"It ain't the Axe, it's the Man holding the Handle.."

About Paul + The Tars


his is how they sound, how they look, how they.. act. Atleast, when they're not tearing ya apart. Not gonna lie to you, it may be a scary video for some. Hopefully not too many folks though! Heh.

Tars are a fierce kind of entity that calls Persistence their home, their base of operations. They exist everywhere, and their origins are unknown, but one thing is for certain, only one. They are the most vile and wretched incarnation of Desolation, Pollution, and Decay.

Hailing from the black, viscous essence known simply as 'The Tar' in a form called 'The Pool' the Tars are a very brutal and horrible species of Nightmare. Not Undead, not Monster, they can't be classified as anything, not even some sort of Animal. They are beings that are only here in this reality for one reason, and one reason alone. To Destroy it. Not to enslave it, not to take it, just to destroy it.

THE POOL: The black pools of Tar from which the Tars come from. Nobody knows what they really are. Are they portals? Are they actually pools of liquid? They act like a body of liquid yet they never seem to have a bottom. No matter where they form, they never seem to ever have a limit in their depth. But that's just the least of the problems with a Tar pool. The 'Tars' that they spawn are the biggest issue, but the Pool itself too is a threat. When ever something touches the black liquid, it grabs on, and begins to slowly pull the person/plant/whatever that is Biological and sinks it to the bottom, absorbing it. The process is said to be very painful, and it grows with everything it gets, size of increase varies on size of Input. Pools seem to have a sense of self-awareness, all Pools are connected. They communicate, move about, but only at night. They can only move when they grow in size, which they do by consuming Biological and Magical material (other than Fire and Water) They can not move in the day, or spawn their 'Tars'. When ever Day does Dawn, a thick, impossible to break, see through layer of a hard, glass like material forms over the Pool. And it waits..

Puddle: Very small, just formed Pool. Can spawn no Tars. Relies instead on stuff falling into the Pool and being pulled down. Leaves falling, an animal tripping and falling into it, a curious child touching the black puddle after stepping out of his home at night, curious about the bubbling, smelly pool..

Pool: Medium to Medium-Large form of the Pool, given the name of the entire thing. This is where a Pool becomes a real threat to it's environment, for they begin to form 'Tars'. (See Document T-201 for details on 'Tars') It has the same agenda as the Puddles, Keep Growing. But now it has assistants, the 'Tars' are there to climb out the Pool when the sun goes down, and tear stuff up to put them in. Grass, Tree's, Flowers, Beasts, Men, Angels, Demons. Anything that a group of Tars can pull down they will. Then, when they get it, they drag it or take it back to the Pool, and put it in. The Pool does it's Absorption procedure, then Grows. It can grown so much in one night just from the assistance of one 'Tar' that it can grow another one. Then the two team up and continue to pull more stuff in. This category of Pool has a limit of: '10 Tars' before graduating to the next category. 

Pond: Large to Large-Medium form of the Pool. This is where shit gets real to say. Where the 'Pool' category is where the Pool becomes a real threat, this is when the destruction of the Pool is extremely advised. This is when the Pool has gone unnoticed and has been free to grow as much as it wants, it has grown to a Pond. The 'Tars' are getting massive in their squads, ranking from a 'Group' to a 'Pack' of 'Tars'. 'Tars' will also begin to strike at Towns and other small settlements of People, targeting Human residents specifically. If they are successful, then they strip the buildings of their woods and biological materials, then leave everything else they can not take. Pond is the form that most Pools get to before they're destroyed, ASAP. This Category of Pool has a limit of: '40 Tars' before graduating to the next category.

Lake: Large-Medium to Massive form of the Pool. If you have let a Pool in your area achieve the stage of 'Lake' then you better hit up your neighbors and get your local team of 'Tar Burners' ASAP. Because you need to take that thing down. It must be destroyed before it gets out of the limits of control, which is not in the realm of impossibility. This is where the Pool begins to not only be considered a threat to Persistence in general, but when it considers itself a Threat. Not to itself, but when it begins to take itself seriously. It starts to give orders to other Pools in the area, building connections, increasing it's reach. The 'Tars' of this stage of Pool not only attack People and Towns, but they also begin to team up with the 'Tars' of lesser and other Pools. When a Pool gets to this stage, it's main Goal becomes the destruction of all Intelligent life around it. When they're gone, it will focus on growing to achieve it's second to final stage. Only one Pool has ever gotten to this stage (Read Document TP-149 for details.) This Pool stage has a limit and circumference of: '3000 Tars' and '10 Miles' before graduating to the next category.

Great Lake: No Pool in written History on Persistence has ever gotten to this stage. There tells a legend though that at one point, the entirety of Persistence was a great lake, a black splotch on the Planet surrounded by Ocean. For the Pool can not conquer Water, not for a very, very long time. The legend goes on to say that when Men first arrived here by boat, they burned away the Pool, fighting off the 'Tars' aboard their vessels, and after a long, long war waged against the Great Lake it was vanquished through the purity of Persistence. And that's how the land got it's name, through the blood and sweat and Persistence of Men. But Legends aside, the 'Great Lake' is when a Pool becomes a Category 1 'End of the World' Scenario. In this case, the entirety of Persistence has been consumed, and the Tars have won here. But there is still Hope, for where there is a will, there's a way. There's a piece of a poem that reads, 'So long as a Man shall stand with a Torch in his Hand, the Tar will never win..'

Ocean: This is it. This is the end of all of Hellifyno. This is where the Tar has been there for so long, and the 'Tars' inside of it has changed enough, it's over. This is the category when the Tar Pool has Persisted for long enough it can conquer the water. It goes on for miles and miles and miles, and slowly begins to eat it's way through the Oceans. It will find more land, it will invade and send millions of 'Tars' onto it, caking the world in a thick veil of Darkness. If a Pool, if the Tar, ever got to this stage, then Gods help us all. For there's no going back. They will take the Fish, the Plants, the Animals, the Magic of this world, and burn absorb it in the Tar of Nightmare. 
The Enemy, has won..

Planet: After the Ocean has formed, this is the Final, Final Stage of the Pool. The entirety of Hellifyno has been consumed, and the world is just a thick, black dot in the Galaxy. Dripping it's black essence out and letting it go out into the Universe, and conquer other planets. Ofcourse, this is all just theorized. Nobody knows if the Tar is able to do that, but there is strong evidence to suggest it. This is considered a Class 5 End of the World Scenario. Also classified as a Class 1 End of the Universe Scenario. Maybe the theories are right, maybe this is how Tar got on the world of Hellifyno in the first place. Maybe it conquered another planet nearby, and it, fell to us.. 

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