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What's the question?


Hamlet is taken by moods of extreme melancholy, punctuated by moments of cheerfulness. He may have some kind of mental disorder, possibly bipolar, due to his quickly changing moods. He often speaks cryptically, and references his past.

Hamlet is, however, fiercely protective of people, and can be very kind. He feels injustices very strongly, and will fight strongly for what he feels to be right.

In Denmark, he was used to his antics being tolerated, and used to being the one to control a conversation. He is still not used to being considerably less important among the various mortals and immortals he meets in the inn. For example, he's used to make side comments to himself. Here, he finds doing this difficult without offending


Hamlet knows that he is from a story, and has read his play. He can sense when people quote other Shakespeare plays at him. The back of his neck prickles, like when someone stares you when you have your back turned.

Despite Hamlet's often listless and distressed moments, he is happier the longer he stays in Persistence, and the longer he stays awake.

...Were it not that I have bad dreams...
Hamlet's nights are tormented. He dreams of the deaths of his father, of Ophelia. He dreams of his own fate. He dreams of what will happen to his father in the afterlife if he doesn't manage to avenge him. He dreams of what will happen to him if he does.

He considers himself insane, and is sometimes correct.

Story in Persistence

Hamlet arrived at Persistence angry, bitter, and depressed. After some time there, he's become slightly more spirited, mostly due to those he's met in the inn. Hamlet considers Persistence like another home to him. If he sees anyone in trouble or hurt in the inn, he disregards any rules of keeping to himself, and will spring forward to defend anyone here, who he now considers family and countrymen.

To die, to sleep–no more

Hamlet has recently gone to Denmark to avenge his father, and died in the process. Upon his death, Dream gave him the chance to return to a kind of life in a dream form. As a dream, Hamlet is still substantial. He can walk in others dreams, and he cannot be killed, though he can be injured.

Hamlet now lives in the Dream World, but makes frequent visits to the waking one and to Persistence.

After the death of his uncle and, subsequently, himself, Hamlet is considerably more cheerful. He no longer considers himself 'Hamlet of Denmark', though he keeps his Danish accent. Instead, he refers to himself as 'Hamlet, prince of Dreams'.

Despite the fact that he cannot be killed, Hamlet hangs on to his paranoia, and still finds it difficult to completely trust people.

Although usually more cheerful now, Hamlet has bouts of depression, and very often has suicidal thoughts. He whispers the phrase "to be or not to be" to himself, and wonders what would happen if he chose the latter option. He does not often speak of this, although that soliloquy is almost constantly running through his head.

Gifted with magic, Hamlet is a member of both the Magi and Team Avatar.

Some specific characters have shaped Hamlet the most. They are as follows.


Hamlet met the Morpheus incarnation of Dream in the inn. After Hamlet's habit of making sarcastic commentary about people got him in some trouble with some of the immortal occupants of the inn, Morpheus stepped in to protect him. 

That version of Dream then died, shortly after telling Hamlet he loved him like a son. Hamlet wept, for the first time since his father had died. Dream was then replaced with a different version. Hamlet loves him like a father, and occasionally calls him by that title. It's rare for Hamlet to find someone who he feels the need to help emotionally, and Dream is one of those people.

Hamlet also has found that Dream's emotional state seems to affect his dreams. When Dream is sullen, Hamlet's nightmares get worse. 

Upon Hamlet's death, Dream brought him back as a dream, similar to how Dream creates nightmares like the Corinthian. Hamlet now lives in the Dreaming with him, as his son. Dream appears to be fiercely protective of him, and Hamlet does not quite appreciate this as much as he should.

The red stone that Hamlet wears around his neck serves as a link to the Dreaming, and to Dream himself. He used to have a dark blue one, but it was shattered after an argument they had. They argue, unfortunately, quite a lot.

Despite that, Dream is the first friend Hamlet made in the inn, and his closest.

The Endless

The rest of the Endless, besides Dream, are Hamlet's aunts and uncles. They are as follows: Destiny, Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire, and Delirium. 

Desire , an androgynous figure who is neither male nor female, has been the cruellest to Hamlet, wounding him and Dream on occasion. But recently, they seem to be attempting to make amends. At the least, they're not threatening him anymore.

Death is Hamlet's favorite aunt, and for good reason, as she's the friendliest person he's ever met.

Delirium is strange, as her name implies, and Hamlet is wary of her, especially after his own brushes with insanity.

Dr. Stephen Strange

Hamlet and Dr. Strange first met during an event, where Strange fought alongside him and helped carry the exhausted mortal from the field of combat when the battle was over. He then gave Hamlet an old sword belonging to Hamlet's Nordic ancestors, which Hamlet was very flattered, happy, and proud to receive.

After Hamlet was attacked by one of Dream's nightmares, Dr. Strange attempted to help him. For that, Dream offered him a gift. Dr. Strange instead offered the gift to Hamlet, telling Dream to grant him powers of magic, so Hamlet will be better able to defend himself against supernatural attacks in the future.

Hamlet was at first incredibly reluctant, not trusting himself with these powers. Dr. Strange has proved a capable teacher, and Hamlet is now fairly excited by the prospect of learning magic. He can currently only perform small feats of magic, but is practicing hard to improve his limited skills.

Dr. Strange is, Hamlet thinks, one of the most generous men he's known.

Recently, Hamlet has joined Dr. Strange's group of Magi.


Hamlet met Mouse in conversation in the inn. He was at first almost a little patronizing of her, believing her to be young and naive. It's now clear to him that that's not at all the case. Still waters run deep, and Mouse seems to have depths that Hamlet doesn't have the slightest clue about. He's impressed by her, and happy to call her a friend.

Mouse's penchant for making flower crowns is touching to Hamlet. In her, he sees a little bit of Ophelia. Although she's probably more powerful than he is, and equal to him in age, he feels very protective of her.


The little chimera has always, in Hamlet's mind, been firmly identified with him. He didn't ask to be dragged into the world with soliloquies and monologues rattling around his brain and blood, just as how she didn't ask to be stitched together out of multiple souls. He's incredibly protective of her.

Valerie Natsu

First and foremost, Hamlet ships Valerie and Sloane, so loves Valerie just for that.

She's become more like a sister to him than anything. He cares very much about the shifter and although she hasn't yet made his list of those he trusts unconditionally, she is still one of his closest friends.

Joshua Wayne

Hamlet considers the werewolf a great friend, and like a brother. It's helped by the fact that Joshua seems to have fallen under Dream's protection as much as Hamlet has.

Matthew Murdock

The blind lawyer has for some time been one of Hamlet's favorite allies. He's more concerned about him than he is about his other friends--Matt is, after all, one of the few completely mortal men present--but has begun to be highly impressed by his powers. Hamlet is pleased by Matt's vigilantism--or, as he calls it, his "altruism" in protecting the people of New York.

Lately Hamlet has started to become...interested in romance, after being very long absent from it. Matt, after being forced to confess love for Hamlet by Hamlet's aunt-uncle Desire, is interesting to him, and Hamlet drops a lot of precautions around him--not even referring to him by an honorific or by his full name. He will gladly take Matt to visit him in the Dreaming, and seems to adore the affection and attention he gets. Matt's the first person who genuinely seems to love Hamlet's monologues. Some time ago, Matt gave Hamlet a ring with the inscription "love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind", which Hamlet always wears (on his right hand). 

Hamlet is slowly becoming more comfortable with the idea of romance, and will refer to Matt as his boyfriend (but never as his lover) in public. He still doesn't like most public affection.


Hamlet's death has not been kind to Horatio. In Denmark, their friendship followed an easy pattern–Hamlet needed comfort and he needed to be able to trust someone, and Horatio was content to provide both.

Now, though, Hamlet has other friends to help him when he needs it. And Horatio, now acutely aware that he's not even real and has no existence outside of Hamlet and his play, has been spiraling downhill.

In order to continue seeing Hamlet, even in his dreams, Horatio takes laudanum to stay asleep. After all, the real world doesn't hold much worth waking up for anymore.

Those He Trusts

Hamlet trusts very few. It wouldn't be surprising if no one made it onto this list, but as it is, there are a few. Hamlet gives out his friendship and his love more easily than he gives out his trust, and if a character does not appear on here, it does not mean he dislikes them.



Stephen Strange

Matthew Murdock


((Quick rules...

I'm still new to this! I won't say 'be patient' because I think I know what I'm doing well enough to respond in a timely manner. But, I guess, be prepared to correct any horrific mistakes I make.

If you want to roleplay with Hamlet through comments or inbox, or, hey, if you  talked with him in main and want me to make a Shakespearean blog post about Hamlet's encounter with your character, I'll be happy to.

One thing I will ask is that, if you want to comment roleplay, you send a starter. I'm very new to this and I've never rped anywhere but main before.  I probably could if you really don't want to? But I'd rather not.

I like paragraph style, no one-liners.

Don't assume you know Hamlet's personality because you've read the play. His actions can be interpreted in many different ways, and my interpretation likely differs from yours. In addition, he's now changed considerably since the events in the play.

I do not want myself, nor my character to be dragged into OOC drama. I will happily talk with you OOC. But neither me nor Hamlet–ironically enough–want to be a part of drama or conflict. OOC is not IC, and I aim to keep the two very separate in my life and in Hamlet's.

I will not give out my Skype or my Facebook. If you ask and I refuse, this does not mean I don't like you. It means I do not give out my Skype or my Facebook, because I'm a minor and there are too many ways it can be misused.

Speaking of which, I'm a minor. Control your raging lust for Hamlet, please. Hamlet is probably not interested anyway.

Hamlet's face claim is Maxine Peake.))

Profile Information

Relationship Status
In a relationship. It's complicated.
Romantic Interests
Hamlet seems to be asexual. Is he aromantic? Who knows? Not Hamlet, that's certain, since he doesn't even know for sure what the word means.
Who Am I...
Prince of Denmark
My Story Is...
Hamlet needs little to no introduction. He's one of Shakespeare's most famous characters. Even if you've never read the play, you know the story.

"...Nephew to the king, usurped by his uncle and shattered by his mother's incestuous marriage, loses his reason, throwing the court into turmoil and disarray as he alternates between bitter melancholy and unrestricted lunacy ... staggering from the suicidal to the homicidal ... he at last confronts his mother and in a scene of provocative ambiguity begs her to repent and recant.

The King, tormented by guilt, haunted by fear, decides to despatch his nephew to England--and entrusts this undertaking to two spies, giving them a letter to present to the English court--

And so they depart on board ship, and disembark, and present themselves before the English king--

But where is the Prince?"

(Taken from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, by Tom Stoppard)

Hamlet finds his way to Persistence. He began by trying desperately to return home. Now, though, he seems almost content here. Hamlet has never been good at taking action, and seizes upon anything he can to prolong his indecision.
My Appearance...
Hamlet is quite young, about 18 to 20 years old. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, as is typical of his nationality. His right ear is pierced and he sometimes wears a small silver hoop in it. Recently, thanks to Death's insistence, he has a tattoo on the back of his neck. It's black script that says 'we defy augury', a quote from his play.

Hamlet always wears black clothes. Often they're vaguely Shakespearean, but after being forced to interact with the modern world by some of his new family, they're often more modern. Unless otherwise stated, he usually wears a black button-down shirt and black pants.

After he came back as a dream, Hamlet always wears a dark red gemstone around his neck. If he is in the Dreaming, he wears a small golden crown. If he is around Mouse, he's probably wearing a flower crown.

Hamlet has a Danish accent, which, if you've never heard one, sounds vaguely Russian.
Species (Optional)
Hamlet carries a silver sword that he's been assured used to belong to Loki, one of the gods of his ancestors. Although he considers it an unvirtuous way to kill anyone, paranoia has made him start to carry a small vial of poison with him.

Hamlet has some magical powers given to him by Dr. Strange, and will use them to defend himself if necessary.
My Secrets Are...
Hamlet does not hide much from anyone, but he has not quite revealed the extent of his madness and often suicidal tendencies to very many.
I Believe...
Hamlet used to believe firmly in a Christian God. Now, he's not so sure. But he does still firmly believe in Hell and an afterlife. He's afraid for what will happen to his father in perdition, and for what will happen to him, since he's killed someone.

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No Shriving-time Allowed

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A Thousand Deaths on a Thousand Stages

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Current Events: Hamlet Monologues

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At 4:24am on December 11, 2016, Dr. Stephen Strange said…

At Hamlet’s touch – at his words spoken in Mordo’s voice – Stephen stirred, the spell dying in his hands as a kind of realization dawned on his face.  He turned back to Kaecilius, and as he did so the ashen-grey, wild-haired visage of Nightmare phased through Zealot’s face.

“You get points for imagination, Nightmare.  But you’re slipping.  This wasn’t what really happened.”

The whole world melted and morphed again.  As Mordo’s form fell away from Hamlet, their surroundings reformed into that of a hospital cafeteria, and he and Stephen stood before glass doors separating the cafeteria from a balcony.  Their environs were tinting with the touch of night and starlight – as if they were viewing the world through a lens, and as if they were watching a scene from a play, a ghostly version of Stephen and the bald woman – the Ancient One – floated before them on the balcony.

“…you have to return to your body now,” the younger, ghostly version of Stephen was saying, urgency etched into every line of his translucent face.  “You don’t have time!”

The Ancient One’s reply was calm, serene as a glass-still sea.  “Time is relative.  Your body hasn’t even hit the floor yet.”

Across the starlit sky in front of them, cracks of light appeared like lightning that endured and glowed instead of flickering and dying, like the veil between worlds being torn open, or as if the world beyond was beckoning.

“I’ve spent so many years peering through time, looking at this exact moment.”  At the same time, the Ancient One’s face was filled with the wistfulness of remembered youth and the hundreds of years that rested on her shoulders.  “I’ve prevented countless terrible futures, and after each one there’s always another.  And they all lead here, but never further.”

Stephen’s voice was that of a man who had just been told that a loved one’s fate was sealed.  “You think this is where you die.”

“Do you wonder what I see in your future?”


The Ancient One gave him a smile, like an indulgent mother seeing through a child’s lie.

Stephen dipped his head, as if to hide his sheepishness.  “Yes.”

“I never saw your future.  Only its possibilities.  You have such a capacity for goodness.  You always excelled, not because you crave success, but because of your fear of failure.”

“It’s what made me a great doctor.”

“It’s precisely what kept you from greatness.  Arrogance and fear still keep you from learning the simplest and most significant lesson of all.”

“Which is?”

The Ancient One’s answer was soft and gentle – not a reprimand, but a simple truth delivered without malice and with fondness.  “It’s not about you.”

Something changed in Stephen’s face, like a seed taking root, a flicker of realization.

“When you first came to me, you asked me how I was able to heal Jonathan Pangborn.  I didn’t.  He channels dimensional energy directly into his own body.”

“He uses magic to walk…” He sounded both awed and shocked.

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