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The wolves wait for you, little lamb.

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Incognita (Nita) left a comment for Drauf
"Isn't she still out there? Why would you worry about size? What's up with all this stuff? Is this what most people are wearing nowadays? As for bruises that's the least of my worries, like you said tracking chips is possible…"
May 30
Buffy Summers left a comment for Drauf
"Buffy sighed and looked at him. "If you have to eat, I can't fight it. Just make sure it's where I can't see it." "
May 29
Kyla Lynch left a comment for Drauf
"She watches him play with that dagger, that damned dagger. she puts a hand to he side where he got her good. She frowns. "Yeah, ah'm sure in better conditions..." She is stubborn even when she is wrong or put in her place."
May 29
Incognita (Nita) left a comment for Drauf
"*It was fine tailored suit, black jacket, tie, shoes, and pants with spotless white shirt. A bottle of men cologne reading, Perfect Gentle men, printed on the bottle in a Victorian style of writing. Along with it was a black Rolex watch with…"
May 24
Drauf left a comment for Incognita (Nita)
""Oh yes, I do have one question, umm give me a second to make sure." He said then closed the door on it not meaning to come back as he brought the bags back to the kitchen. "It seems they brought gifts." He said with a laugh as…"
May 22
Incognita (Nita) left a comment for Drauf
"Fine, *Short and bitter, she rolls her eyes as she slowly made her way to the kitchen. Huh, she hasn't been to this room before, at least, she hasn't truly took notice of it. Studying the walls and counter space, she tries to remain…"
May 22
Drauf left a comment for Lucia of WhiteRun
"Hello, your characters seem very interesting. Would you like to rp? "
May 21
Drauf left a comment for Incognita (Nita)
""Wasting time?" he said sharply as he glared over at her. She seems to have forgotten that she was the one who needed help and would be dead without him. "I have enough weapons to stock a small military in the other room so if you…"
May 21
Incognita (Nita) left a comment for Drauf
"I know...I just...I just think I been through enough changes. But this isn't just about me, its about thousands of lives that been ruined and thousand more at risk. Before I start asking questions about it, we- I mean, you are wasting time.…"
May 21
Delphi Riddle left a comment for Drauf
"(sorry if my last comment offended you or something, but i made to delete your last one, but your character tell her what hell he has been through because of her kind and grab her shoulders for stop her) my kind? *she said and frowned, looking…"
May 21
Kyla Lynch left a comment for Drauf
""Ah'm fine." She grumbles and then looks around. "Any mornin' would be best iffe ye went on yer way." Was that a warning? Not from her but others like her, more dangerous than the youth before him. She…"
May 21
Kyla Lynch left a comment for Drauf
"The Kelpie stares confused. Sorry? She had never felt the sweet gesture of sympathy and to the distorted views of the Kelpie she only takes away that the man pities her. She instantly resist such things as the Kelpie are proud, independent and do…"
May 13
Drauf left a comment for Incognita (Nita)
""That's fair, but it's the only option on the table right now." He said with a sigh as he walked across the room pacing back and forth. He didn't like her going with in the shape she was in but he couldn't stop her.…"
May 11
Incognita (Nita) left a comment for Drauf
"I have to think on that. It's only been a year since I have this curse, gift, talent whatever you want to call it. A year since I haven't been on operating table and doctors putting who knows what in me or out. I admire the fact I be able…"
May 11
Kyla Lynch left a comment for Drauf
"Her stomach growls. She really is hungry. She attacked him for a reason. She sighs and looks around a moment. She was in no condition to hunt with her side hurting her so. She frowns and looks to Drauf questionably. She had attacked him but yet he…"
May 9
Kyla Lynch left a comment for Drauf
"Her stomach growls. She really is hungry. She attacked him for a reason. She sighs and looks around a moment. She was in no condition to hunt with her side hurting her so. She frowns and looks to Drauf questionably. She had attacked him but yet he…"
May 9

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Who Am I...
The Wolf of Sparta
My Story Is...
Many years ago the Spartans went to war. Heading the call of Leonidas they set off to defend their homeland form the Persian armies. None would return home. Back in Sparta an infant would grow never knowing his father, but grow he did and he grew strong as Lycantrophy flowed through his veins.

Although he knew very little of his father other than the stories his mother told him and a short note that had been crudely scrawled before they set out. The words of the note were simple, but guided Drauf and gave him purpose in life.

"When you are old enough to read this words
Their meaning will unfold
These words all that's left
And though we've never meet, my only son
I hope you know
That I would have been there to watch you grow
But my call was heard and I did go
Now your mission lies ahead of you
As it did mine so long ago
To help the helpless ones who all look up to you
And to defend them to the end"
My Appearance...
:: Human Form::
White/grey hair

::Lycan Form ::
Grey fur
Species (Optional)
I Believe...
It takes a man in order to kill a monster!

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At 4:17pm on August 14, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

--Rosario listened as Drauf explained what he wanted to do if he had a chance at a do over. Nodding her head, she was about to speak when he asked her his question. "Well, I can do whatever I want as it is." She commented, pausing for a moment as she thought the question over. "Honestly, I wouldn't change anything. I used to think I would change my entire life so I could go back to my old bloodline, but if I did then I wouldn't have Leilah, Anzhelika, or Lucien in my life. Nor my kids probably. Or Atreiyu..." She said, trailing off at the last name that fell from her lips. She quickly recovered and pointed to the diner. "There's a good place."--

At 11:43pm on August 10, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

--Raising her eyebrows, she snorted a bit laughter as she walked alongside him. "Well, I wouldn't be surprised if you were an old hermit." She said with a grin before turning her attention ahead before listening to him speak, frowning as she did so. "I suppose so. It's a shame things come to an end." She commented as she glanced at him. Of course it was a apart of life. She was still getting used to something like that. "If you could have all that back. Would you take it? Or would you die?" She questioned out of the blue.--

At 5:43pm on August 8, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

--Catching on that it wasn't a good subject, she frowned a bit before changing the topic to something else. "Do you think anyone will come and take your head? Not saying I will, but you mentioned how you would stay here until someone took your head." She commented with curiosity before wandering around a bit away she looked around, taking it the details of the forest, but it was clear that she was still listening to him for that matter. "Have you met another lycan, or any other supernatural creature before?" She asked him once he answered her first comment. If he even had an answer to that.--

At 7:49pm on August 7, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

--"I love him because he's my daddy, but this was for the best." She muttered before looking up at him, ending the story there considering there was no point in dwelling on the past and what happened when there was a whole future to look forward to. "I'm sure death has already caught up to you, old man." She teased with a laugh as she followed him out, door closing behind her. Looking around, she paused for a moment before heading away from the cabin a bit, stopping to wait on him. "Say, do you have a family or anything?"--

At 4:30pm on August 6, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

Raising an eyebrow as he popped his back, she grinned a bit. "Old age catching up to you, pops?" She asked in a teasing tone, chuckling a bit before pushing off the door frame leading to the kitchen before stopping, staring at him for a moment before speaking again. "Um.. I don't know much about myself. I know that sounds stupid, but I'm the daughter of Lucifer himself. Raised a demon, but I'm actually a nephalem. Come to find out, I might be more than that considering these -- these -- these ... flashbacks, I guess, keep popping up in my head. It's like they're from my past life or something. I don't know. Recently my father was going crazy, so I helped my sister kill him then I departed to find out who I am because I know what I am. Just not who I am." She said, but she felt that didn't really answer his question a whole lot. "And before you ask why we killed him, he wanted to take over the world. He was harsh on us, making us into soldiers. We didn't want that part of life anymore."--

At 3:46pm on August 6, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

--When he asked if she knew what a Lycan was, Rosario couldn't help but to roll her eyes a bit. "Of course I do. My half-sister is part Lycan anyways." She said with a chuckle, looking up towards the ceiling. She, herself, didn't know what all she was, and she was out to find that out herself. When her thoughts were broken, she looked over at Drauf and shrugged a bit. "A little. If you don't have anything then we can always head back to town." She said before standing up, running her fingers through her black hair as she made her way to the kitchen, leaning against the doorway.--

At 1:45pm on August 4, 2017, Tracer said…
Lena was jumping through the rooftops of London. She was kind of famus so she decided to go incognito by just blinking her way through every roof. A few giggles escaped from her lips each time she blinked. Then she heard it the sound of screasm someone is asking for help a woman. "Hang on an Tracer on" she giggled and blinked her way the fast as she could to the alley. Tracer stood on the edge of the building and saw that someone already had arrived. " ho God that wanker is huge " Tracer watched the whole scene about the gory stuff not that she would mind really but it was a little bit excesive for her taste.

Tracer dropped down the edge of the bulding and stood behind the furry man " hey who are you suppouse to be V for vendeta? Jack the reaper the superhero? " she giggled as she aimed one of her pilse pistols at him just incase the guy wants to get a little funny
At 2:43pm on August 3, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

--Looking over at Drauf, she nodded her head as she leaned back into the couch, listening to him. "It's nice of you to keep that promise. I'm sure he appreciates that you actually kept your promise to him." She said as she looked over at the man, or whatever he was suppose to be anyways. However, she was curious as to why the man said three only, but maybe he felt like three was enough to payback for what the man did for him. Shrugging it off, she propped her elbow onto the arm of the couch. "What are you anyways?"--

At 7:41pm on August 1, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

--Looking over at Drauf, Rosario snorted a bit with laughter before she plopped down onto the couch, but not too hard considering it was old. "Looks like your old age is catching up to ya, huh?" She asked with a grin, but she meant no harm in what she said. Even more so since he basically called himself as old man. "Well, how did you end up here? I expected you to be in a more lively town, or something like that. What made you decide to stay here?" She asked curiously, tilting her head as she stared at him.--

At 9:57pm on July 31, 2017,
тσαѕтєя яσzα

--As Rosario was listening to him, she prowled around the small cabin for a few moments before heading back to the doorway. Realizing that he had walked inside, she followed after him. When he requested that she follow his rules, she merely shrugged her shoulders before nodding slightly. "I can do that." She murmured as she was good at following orders anyways. It was all that she was trained to do anyways.

Her deep blood red eyes scanned the cabin's inside. There wasn't much but it still looked homely. Even more so than the mansion that she lived in before she ran away. "How long have you been here anyways?" She asked, looking over at him. However, she was more curious as to why he brought her here anyways. "Not to sound rude, but why did you bring me here?"--


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