Sir Raphael of Statfold
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Profile Information

Who Am I...
A Dark Knight

Selective Adder | Slow Responder | OC | 18+

There is darkness inside all of us, though mine is more dangerous than most.

- Raphael's Story: -

Birth, First Love and The Horrible

Raphael was born in a little village called Statfold, settled somewhere in England. He grew up to be a friendly young man. When he was twenty years of age he fell in love with the most pretty girl in his village. It was very hard to win her heart but after a while he succeeded and they promised each other to one another.

But on one chilly night things went wrong. It was the day before he was about to ask her to marry him. She got abducted by pagans. Her parents told him the next morning she was not home yet and that they were worried. Raphael went after her. He found the pagan's their camp in the late afternoon. Still young and naive at that time, Raphael made the most stupid mistake. He went into the camp, all alone, and demanded they would give his girlfriend back. They laughed with him as they showed him her dead cold abused body. She had been tortured and raped. With rage and a broken heart he drew his sword, attacking anyone reachable. But he was outnumbered and soon defenceless. Then, the leader of the pagan's thrusted his sword deep through Raphael's shoulder and knocked him out too.

When Raphael woke up with much pain and a bleeding shoulder he could witness the burning of his home village Statfold. They had brought him there while he had been knocked out and killed everyone and everything in the meantime, then had set the place on fire. The king happened to be on the scene half an hour after the pagan's had left and with his good heart he had decided to take the hopeless crying man with him to the castle. He was the only known survivor. Since those things happened he has never been the same. The reason of those horrible pagan actions against Raphael is still unknown.

Years passed then and Raphael got his hopes back. He worked hard and got himself to be the king's most trusted man. However, what had happened to him had made him another man. Changed him completely. He shall not rest until he has found the one person responsible for the killing of his girlfriend and burning of his village.

(This section could be changed over time. I am not yet satisfied with what I wrote.)

- The Basics -

Age: 36 years

Nationality: British

Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm)

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Light brown/Green

Sexual Orientation:


Known as:

- Sir Raphael

- A friend to the King

- Protector of the royal family

Personality Traits:

Brave | Loyal | Alert | Curious | Passionate

Cold | Moody | Obsessive | a little bit Power-Hungry | Selfish | Merciless

- Fun Facts: -

Raphael.. mostly cruel. But can be friendly as well if he knows you better.

..respects women. So, he will not rape or beat them. Only if them mean him no harm.

..has a broken heart and soul. This causes him to be merciless and mean.


This is a self-made Medieval character portrayed by Rufus Sewell.

Please, do not steal!

RolePlay Rules

  1. Please, BE PATIENT for my response! I might REPLY SELECTIVELY due the lack of time I sometimes have.
  2. I don't roleplay or talk through inbox messages, the chat or groups. Only through my Comment Wall.
  3. Don't controle my character's actions or do mary-sue. I will make myself rid of you ASAP!
  4. Give me ENOUGH TEXT I can work with, so that I can respond well. Use your imagination. I also expect proper writing and punctuations. And no one-liners please! I hate those.
  5. English is not my first language, so mistakes can be made.
  6. I type in paragraphs but I'm no novella writer/roleplayer. That's just over the top for me.
  7. If you kill off my character it's the end of the roleplay.
  8. 18+ Themes are fine as long as it serves a purpose to the story. So, no random smut.

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At 3:46pm on August 30, 2017, Sir Raphael of Statfold said…

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