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"You can't help me. No one can. So bugger off."


1. place regarded in various religions as a spiritual realm of evil and suffering, often traditionally depicted as a place of perpetual fire beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death.


1. a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.

Chapter 1

Her so called “gift” came at the tender age of fifteen during finals week of her first year in high school. She lived a normal enough life, so nothing could explain why fate chose her for such a nightmare. Her parents were divorced. Her mother a British author, who’d come to the states for a new start. Her father, an American doctor who took too easily to the nurses that worked with him. Her mum found him between the legs of a nurse he worked with during one of his lunch breaks. It didn’t take long for everything they owned to be split in two, including her. Sam hopped between homes for years until the visions began tormenting her. The first night was the worst. She’d been in denial for a long time, chalking it up to lack of sleep and late Taco Bell. But after a few days, she went to a psychiatrist for help. In the middle of studying she’d heard a knock on the front door downstairs.

It was in the middle of the night, who could be at her door at this hour? She remembered walking downstairs, to the front door. The shadowy figure that stood behind the glass door loomed in a way that made her stomach turn. And then it was like her body was no longer in control. The door would open slowly and she was already turning to run. Whoever it was, wanted her dead. The chase was brief, the figure closing her in a corner before stabbing her in the abdomen and dragging his blade across slowly. She starkly remembers the feeling of her insides slipping out and colliding wetly against the floor. Blood colored the plain white tiles in copious amounts. The pain was unbearable, a fire and clawing that left her absolutely breathless as she crumbled to the floor. And then there was nothing. The blood was gone, her insides back inside of her, and the gaping hole in her abdomen gone. She laid on the tile for an hour before crawling her way back to her room. As she made it to the top of the stairs, she’d hear the knock, and the footsteps coming from her room. A girl, who looked just like her, would peer out of her room in confusion before slowly making her way downstairs. The scene would replay 5 times that night, herself the star, as well at the audience.

Obviously, she was deemed unstable. Given plenty of medication to sedate an elephant and the nice new title of Schizophrenia left her feeling more alone than ever. High school was hell, especially when the visions hit in the middle of class. She’d see visions of herself walking down the halls before disappearing. Visions of friends nailed to the walls, bleeding, chanting her name. And after every single vision, an upside down cross would be
carved where she could see. Sam has spent hours researching, but all that comes up is a place some fear and others hardly believe, Hell. But how could she endure Hell if she wasn’t dead? Her spirit was still firmly attached to her worldly self, right? Before long, Sam was thrown into a mental institution. She lived out her teenage years in a straight jacket and drugged so intensely that the visions were muggy, but the pain still there. She learned to bite the bullet and fake a smile, anything to leave the hospital. It’s been three years since her release and two since she threw away her medication. The visions only grew with intensity, but stayed the same in number. Her research still leaves her at the same conclusion. Her soul was in a never ending loop of her own personal hell. Each time is a different torture, but the ending is the same. The one difference she’s found in her research is that it takes a pretty powerful Satanist or Satan himself to cause this. She’s gone to a priest, only to be turned away. Maybe her next stop will be the Vatican, who knows? Hell, nothing is worse than brutally dying twice a day.

Chapter 2

Sam has traveled long and far, searching for a cure, an exorcism, or anything for that matter. She'd come up short each and every time she received a lead. Time only seemed to make her deaths and visions more gruesome than the last. She remembers walking through a small town, every single person dead in a more twisted way than the last. An old woman seemingly melted into the wall, her dead, gray eyes staring ahead blankly, gone. Children skinned alive, screaming as she walked past. Then instantly, it was gone. The children instead screaming with laughter and the old woman pulling at the leash of her dog impatiently by the wall as it furiously tried to pee. What was wrong with her? Why did Satan find the need to deliver her to hell while her soul still remained on Earth?

As time went on, Sam unfortunately ran into her first demon. It reeked of death and something else that was just as bad. The demon spoke of ways to end her suffering, she was naive enough to trust it. The demon went by the human name, Raul. He found her suffering comical, seeing as how he helped deliver the punishments, her suffering only made him eager to continue. His change of attitude was not due to a kind heart. While on her hunt for peace, Sam had run into a mage just as tormented as she was. Helping each other, he'd give her a trinket, a simple necklace with an emerald held within a gold flower. With this, she could force one demon to do her bidding. The mage warned her it wasn't full proof, only something he'd been working on. She appreciated the help more than ever, but at the moment it only proved to make matters worse. The trinket did force the demon to help her, but also bonded the two beings in a way that was unbreakable. Within her sat a demon that was not only livid about being forced to do anything, but infuriated at being bonded to a simple human. The bonding created something within Sam that she could only call a monster. It fed on the flesh and blood of mankind. She hates herself more than anything when the demon inside of her craves flesh and blood, but she has no control over it until someone or something can split the two beings apart again.

Chapter 3

(Under Construction)

Age: 21 years of age

Lover: None

"I’m not crazy."


Samara is a bit intense when it comes to first impressions. She’s all about throwing everything she has down on the table and if anyone feels the need to run, she doesn’t mind.
Her parents aren’t much apart of her life anymore and she’s fine with it. Sam can be a bit quirky and a little immature sometimes, but she’s incredibly cautious and mature when it comes to dangerous situations. After her episodes, she withdrawals from the outside world into a safe haven in her head that she calls her ‘cocoon’. In this state she’s active and still mobile, but she’s a shell of her former self. After about an hour or so, she’s back to normal. Sam is obsessed with animals, but due to her condition, she doesn’t want to fight back whatever demons are after her and accidentally hurt anything or anyone. She’d rather be alone and stays away from public settings as much as she can. She finds solace in her research and her art. Drawing is the best way for Sam to express her feelings.

Her demon is different, very sensual, filled with rage, and insatiable hunger. He bathes in the blood he creates and wants nothing but chaos. Samara no longer has reign of her body when the hunger becomes too much for her to bear. She's working on keeping control, but control, is just a word.


Yes, I do have another account. I'm currently working on it, but sometimes you can catch me here as well.

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At 7:39pm on August 14, 2017, I n d y said…

   Seeing her open her eyes and that those eyes were indeed her made relief fill him. Relieved but still worried of course because how much of this could person take until it really damaged them. He's wondered this times before but has to just think that she's strong willed like him and won't break under the trauma. He offers a little smile and nods to show he is grateful that it was her here and not the demon. Then he got up, after watching her go into the bathroom and to give her space, he went to grab something for her to drink that might help her throat because he could hear how rough it still sounded. He almost considers something stronger, but holds off. 

" That it is.." he says a little quietly and can't deny stealing a nip. He'd said nothing towards the comment earlier about her not wanting him to see her that way, but he's come to realize they're in this together more than they had been before and it was bound to happen. She hasn't even seen all of him yet and he hopes too she never has to. He's done so well to hide all of that. 

He ends up behind her in the mirror, looking at her eyes in the reflection. " Life sucks, but not everything about it has to." 

At 9:46pm on August 12, 2017, I n d y said…

    He can't help that his heart starts pounding at the sight of her.  He tries to keep that calm visage in check and he manages to do it well enough, but he can't deny the fear that's there.  Of course he didn't leave her there, after a moment or two of feeling out for any danger, but regardless if there was or not, he easily picked her up and took her to the other room where she'd be more comfortable on the sofa. He never went far from her either all the while, keeping an eye on her, almost expecting the demon to return and make a mess once again, so when she opened her eyes, his own are almost scrutinizing hers to see if they were the ones he recognized and nothing else..

At 7:22pm on August 12, 2017, I n d y said…

     He goes with the basics he knew and over time, having that much time on your hands to become in tune with your body, gave you that much more a chance to grasp something like this however new. But he's definitely no expert and falls off enough times to make him look very ungraceful. He remembers when he tried skateboarding. That's a hidden talent. It's similar, but not as close as this as some people assumed. A few times he's able to ride the waves long enough before losing his balance but eventually he takes the time to sit, straddling the board and gazing out again at the horizon. 

He breaks out of his reverie to look over his shoulder to see her again, only to find she's no longer there. He doesn't have to wonder in confusion too much and brings himself back to the shore. Shoving the nose of the board into the sand, he moved slowly towards the villa.  Stopping at the door, he's almost conflicted to enter. He doesn't know how long she's been gone, but it couldn't be more than a hour maybe. He walks in and his eyes fell on the door to the bathroom. He squared his shoulders a little, then walked in..


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