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Rayvn Moon posted a status
"I am so lost. I hate feeling this way :-("
Jul 15
Veraj left a comment for Rayvn Moon
"Little Ms. Red can always come play with her Big Bad Wolf."
Jul 12
Rayvn Moon posted a status
"Guys, I'm feeling feelings.......Someone make it stop. It hurts too much"
Jul 9
Drauf left a comment for Rayvn Moon
"Alright do you want to just wing it? "
Jul 9

Profile Information

Relationship Status
In love with an angel
Romantic Interests
You'll see
Who Am I...
What would you kill for?
My Story Is...
I hail from the shores of Ireland, when time was young and my race walk in the shadows. I was twenty four years of age when I first felt the pull of the night on my soul, and that same day, I gave myself over to a vampire, Gabriel.

Over time, we found comfort in times spent together, and he became my mate. All was well with Gabriel and I, until the night that I found his head on a stake and his heart ripped out. Behind me, our home burned. With a kiss upon his head, I fled from my once silent and beautiful home.

From then on, I searched for a safe place to start over, and to find someone that could help me to love and feel again. Vengeance still crosses my mind, and someday, I will have it. Gabriel will not have died in vain.

I have had a hard life, darkened by much and brightened by little. What I am is a dying breed. I have crossed others of my kind, but none stayed long enough to make decent company, but that is the way of us, it seems.

A life like mine is lonely, when you've got no one to turn to.It is fulfilling at best when you do.

I tire of wandering, drifting through this life on my own,and hopefully someday, I will be alone no more.

Until then, I will search for love, for a home, and for my right to be at peace with the past. I would kill for it.
My Appearance...
I am pale with grey eyes, and auburn hair. Gently rounded hips and long legs. I am often seen wearing a black leather corset or vest with a black and purple skirt. I scarcely wear undergarments, but when I do, they are black lace. I also wear high heels or thigh high boots over fishnets. I wear too much eyeliner according to some people's standards, but I like it, And occasionally I wear a deep scarlet lipstick.
Species (Optional)
A very sharp set of fangs
My Secrets Are...
Mine to share when the time is right.
I Believe...
That to be alone is the worst part of living

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At 9:00am on July 18, 2017, Thomas Wayne said…

*Once her hand was within his, he felt the coldness, but it didn’t bother him, and he didn’t let go either.  The sun was ebbing closer to the horizon, and he knew he had to get her inside and quickly, so he gripped her hand tighter and had her follow him down into an alley way, once there, he walked over to the far wall, and using his free hand, he pushed in one brick, and then another, and a door opened for them, a door leading into his bunker and safety*

Welcome to one of my many bunkers, and you will be safe here….

At 5:26pm on July 15, 2017, Thomas Wayne said…

*He looks down at her hand on his arm and then returns a small smile to her.  He extends his hand, hoping she accepts it and a means for him to steer her in the right direction, and get to the bunker sooner rather than later.* 

The sun is rising pretty fast, we better get going, so come, allow me to take you out of the suns harmful rays

At 9:27pm on July 12, 2017, Thomas Wayne said…

We can utilize my system in one of my bunkers to try and locate them.  Use the cameras in the city and facial recognition software to find the person you are seeking. 

*He stops and looks up at the sky, dawn is beginning to spread her tendrils across the sky and looks like they need to find shelter fast*

If I am not mistaken you will need shelter from the sun, is that correct?  If so, I can lead you to one of my bunkers and you can rest there or we can try to locate them.  How does that sound?

At 9:13pm on July 12, 2017, Thomas Wayne said…

I know I might have not dug up these memories, but I made you remember them, when you probably wanted to forget them.  You are right, our pain did make us what we are today, and our pain will make sure that no one else is hurt like that again. 

*He listened to what she had to say, about the first order of business*

My slate is clean for the time being, is there something you need to take care of that requires immediate attention?

At 7:02pm on July 12, 2017, Thomas Wayne said…

Trust me I understand everything that you are going through.  I still have nightmares about the night my wife and son were killed, waking up in that pool of sweat; I don’t think it will ever end.  But I will say this, taking care of business, so that it never happens again to anyone, is a big step.  Every time I save one innocent person, I get a sense of relief, a feeling of accomplishment, even though I know it won’t bring wither of them back, it makes me feel better about myself, but I never forget them…….

*He realizes that he must have touched something deep inside of her, as she is truly upset, and he knows he must apologize*

I’m sorry for digging up all of those memories…

At 6:31am on July 12, 2017, Veraj said…
Little Ms. Red can always come play with her Big Bad Wolf.
At 10:08am on July 10, 2017, Thomas Wayne said…

*He looked over at her, he understood what she was going through and felt.  He could feel a tear welling up in his eyes, but fought to keep them at bay.  What was done to her and her husband was downright wrong, and he felt a certain kinship with her, both of them losing loved ones and now going forward into the night to make sure no one else suffers the same fate*

I’m so sorry for you loss, your kind have been persecuted since the early days of man, but what you suffered through, no one should have to suffer through that alone.  Not to sound callous or anything, but were you able to track down the vampire who killed the villagers?  And yes are paths to where we are now are similar, the man responsible for killing my son and wife was beaten to within an inch of his life, and is now serving time in prison, so I continue to help and protect the innocent anyway I can.

At 7:56pm on July 9, 2017,
Edena Kattalakis

I wouldn't mind starting, we can wing it if you'd like

At 8:07am on July 9, 2017,
Edena Kattalakis

Would you like to rp?

At 12:04am on July 9, 2017,

Alright do you want to just wing it? 


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