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Nessie - TAKEN! I Love You Baby ... / Maddy - I Missed You So Much Dad... / Others - Single Pringles!!!!

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At 11:08am on April 28, 2010, Star Coven said…


I thought We Could Wait For The Fireworks I thought We Could Wait For The Snow

Basic Stuff -
Name - Renesmee Carlie Cullen
Age - Sixteen no longer ageing.
D.O.B - 30th April
Relationship - Single
Likes - Beach, Boys, Singing.
Dislike - Liars, Haters, Bitches.
Looking for - Sweet guy, romantic, fun

My Name derives from an amalgamation of the names of Bella's mother, Renée, and her adoptive mother-in-law, Esme. My middle name, Carlie, is a portmanteau of Bella's father-in-law, Carlisle, and Charlie, Bella's biological father. My full name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Jacob Black gives me the nickname "Nessie" because he says my full name is a "mouthful," and due to the fact that he believes i ish a monster for almost killing Bella. At first, Bella refuses to use this nickname because of the obvious allusion to the Loch-Ness Monster, but eventually warms to this name along with everyone else.

I ish depicted as being very beautiful, the most beautiful baby Charlie has ever seen and described even more gorgeous than Rosalie. I ish described as having the facial features of her father, Edward, (high cheekbones, straight nose and full lips) as well as his unusual bronze hair color. However, i inherited curly hair from her grandfather, Charlie Swan, portrayed as ringlets that fall past my waist. Her eyes are described as chocolate brown, just like my mother, Bella's, were while she was still human. I have pale skin, which has a blush to it because i have a heart that pumps blood (though it beats faster than a normal human heart). My skin is as tough as a vampire's, but her temperature seems to be unusually warm, only a few degrees below that of a werewolf. Unlike my family's skin, my skin glows slightly in the sunshine like back-lit alabaster rather than sparkling like diamonds. Due to the massive amount of flowing blood in her veins and the high pumping of her heart i has red cheeks like petals, purple eyelids, and pink palms.

Renesmee is depicted as a kind, overwhelmingly intelligent, and fun-loving child. She has a competitive desire when Jacob makes a hunting challenge. Despite being a newborn baby, she learns the vampire laws and limitations very fast and understands the consequences.

She has a liking in reading and listening to music, something she shares with her parents. She likes to hear Bella read bedtime stories, but hates hearing the same ones twice, and prefers to hear new stories.

Renesmee shows fascination to everyone in her surrounding, despite their different species, such as the shapeshifters, humans and vampires. She has also shown a selfless side when she blamed herself for causing trouble to her family, and when Carlisle, Rosalie, Esme and Emmett went to locate their friends, and she offers to help.

Thinking - ''Wow..''
Eating - Cupcakes.
Drinking - Vanilla Late
Looking - ''for love''

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