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The Eye Reveals So Much To Me


 Dr Lucifer William Roach was born on Earth in An empty city, an empty bed from an empty mother and led an empty early life with no one to hear his screams.

But no one cares for back story, no no they call line up to gawk and mock the freak, mocking me with their eyes and their lies. Hit me hit me, break me break me down. Why do you gawk?! You listening to this, you Gawk and point and laugh, why don't you help?! 

Thought i found the answers back then. Twelve winters ago, the project. My failure, so many dead or broken at my hand! I had the power of death and life, i was the god the Christians beg for forgiveness! I could break all life and i could rebuild it in my vision! But no i ruined it. I failed, all gone! All twisted and broken, my failed incomplete creations, sealed in a hell of their own! Sealed and screaming, can you hear them?! I ALWAYS HEAR THEM! Make the screaming stop! Make it stop!

She was there, my one love. She led me from the hell i created, escaped together into the poppy fields. We ran giddy and free. Giddy and loving. We made love under the moon. We fucked on her sister's bed. She told me i was to be a father. A second chance at creation, but my firstborn was an evil creature, like father like son. Hunter in my head made me kill. My love my love stopped me first time. Another child. The sweet girl, the one thing i didn't ruin. The redemption i hoped so long for.

But it failed always failed. I always failed. Hunter in my head made me hungry, so i ate people, made me thirsty, so i drank their blood, made me merciful so i finally killed them. I stole her from the children. The firstborn met the blood gist and it twisted him now he spits blood and screams in a cell outside time. The sweet girl ran, but the hunter left and we tried to rebuild. Came to Hellifyno. But the ghosts chased me here. Drove me to fake my death, my sweet girl is ruined now, scarred by my sins, her soul stained. What can stain a soul you ask? Tonight drink all the opium you can and more, then you'll learn something about souls. 

I found the eye. I found they eye. The eye found me. The eye found me. The eye found me. It showed me things. Such terrible and beautiful things. I tore my eye free. I let it in and now it's in my head! The eldest one. Hiding in places where death is dead and life is gone. Calling my name! No it's getting closer. It's getting closer. No no no no....

I see you, creature. I see you stare. I see you approach. You ask who i am. The edge of infinity was mine once. The power to create it all again. I was Doctor Roach. I will not be again.

Doctor Roach's Blog

The Department Of Anomalies. Part 7

Posted on February 27, 2016 at 1:50pm 0 Comments

Consequence University.

Autumn 1885

Consequence was far from what many would…


The Department Of Anomalies-Part Six

Posted on December 29, 2015 at 6:00am 0 Comments



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