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Profile Information

Relationship Status
Romantic Interests
Alpha Ren
Who Am I...
A Time Hacker, A Rebel Anarchist and a damn good chemist
My Appearance...
Walton is a tall and to look at him lanky man with a crop of messy dark red hair on top of a pale face. His body is covered in scars and tattoos from his time in prison and from fighting against his government.
Due to wounds he has suffered and his own personal choice Walton also sports a large number of cybernetic enhancements including cybernetic eyes, a robotic left arm, and three of his toes are also cybernetic.
Species (Optional)
I Believe...
That sometimes, peace doesn't work



Data Must Flow

An Alternate Timeline

The Divergence 2009-2015

Walton was born in an alternate timeline to the one most of Hellifyno's population knows today. In this timeline when the Sayers attacked in 2009 they lost almost immediately as AM was never invented, this had the knock on effect of preventing or ending the other wars that plagued Hellifyno before they had the chance to do any serious damage to the planet. The NPC revolution also never occurred, preventing innocent deaths on both sides. Consequence was never conquered by five factions and for a while there was peaceful co-existence between the factions of Hellifyno. Then in early 2015 the leaders of the major factions of Hellifyno met following the war with CENSORED to from a stable planet wide government known as the "Hellifyno United Council"or the H.U.C as it was more commonly known. The formation of the H.U.C led to the start of a golden age of peace and prosperity

UTOPIA 2015-2100

The so called "Utopia Years" followed the aftermath of the formation of the H.U.C that were known for many scientific and social advancements, including the near eradication of poverty, war and disease. Also most of the cities of Hellifyno grew massively as immigrants flocked from across the galaxy to be part of the Utopia it was becoming. To prevent massive ecological disasters massive "Green Zones" that consisted of huge urban forests were built throughout the huge cities to prevent these disasters, but for some it was not enough.

In 2025 a group known only as T.S.S carried out a series of terrorist attacks throughout the city. Hitting "Poisonous" factories, "Evil" doctors who refused to use crystals for healing and destroying twelve research centers throughout the city. These attacks caused the H.U.C to implement new powers that allowed for the seizure of documents and even property of citizens suspected of terrorism. 

By 2031 the activities of T.S.S had died down but the powers remained in place, however they were rarely, if ever acted upon. Meanwhile a new technology was becomming ever more advanced. The technology of time travel. Developed by some of Hellifyno's greatest minds the technology was meant to be used for purposes such as saving endangered species or simple knowledge gathering, but that would soon change.

At the turn of the 22nd century a cabal of extremely rich corporate owners, over zealous millitary leaders and politicians, all of whom disagreed with the current way the H.U.C was running the planet, as to them it seemed like the government was interfering to much in the free market, giving too many handouts to "Leeches and frauds" as well as allowing creatures such as Vampires and Lycans equal status, decided to envoke the counter terror powers to steal the time travel technology from the men and women who had developed it. And so in the year 2110, war returned to Hellifyno.

The Extermination 2100-2110

The ten year war that followed this proved to be the most devastating in Hellifyno's history, since as AM was never developed the only way the Cabalists could find to defeat the supernaturals and other elements they disliked was to develop even more terrible weapons, and thus their enemies had to develop worse weapons still to combat the Cabalists. Huge swathes of the planet were destroyed in the war an using the stolen time travel tech, the cabalists eventually won and took control of the H.U.C Following the extermination 99% of Hellifyno's vampires were killed, as where all of the nymphs, fiends and countless other species, the lycans and werewolves had a much worse fate. They were hit with a bio weapon that reduced them to feral beasts known as Baskervilles.

With the H.U.C now a parody of it's former self thewinners of the war set about enforcing a rigid caste system. The city was segregated. The poor in barely developed slums, forced to slave away cleaning up the fallout of the war and thown in jail for the pettiest offenses. The middle class had it a little better and of course the rich got to live in opulence framed after Victorian morality. However many in the lower classes subverted these rules whenever possible.

Thus began the time of the corrupted H.U.C rule, due to the war technology was blasted back to the 2030's in every field save for time travel, the year is 2114, but it is bitterly jokes to be the "Twenty Seven Hundreds" due to how far advanced the planet could have been where it not for the extermination

Time Hackers

Time Hackers are individuals who use stolen or bootlegged time travel technology to "hack" into the time stream like a computer and access both the past present and future as well as other timelines. The practice is common among the many rebel groups formed to fight the H.U.C but is punishable by a life sentence.

Walton Barrick

Walton Barrick was born in the slums of Consequence to CENSORED.  he lived with his parents until age thirteen, when the two were arrested for CENSORED whilst they were sentenced to forced labor until death, Walton was sentenced to "The Pit" one of the worst prisons on Hellifyno.

The Pit was unique among the prisons of Hellifyno as it was run entirely by the prisoners, situated half a kilometer underground the prisoners ran everything and had, with the clearance of the authorities, set up an official escape plan, since the tunnels surrounding the prison where infested with Baskervilles it was decided whoever could make it through the tunnels alive would be pardoned of their crimes. Seven years into his sentence Walton, along with his Cellmate and lover , Alpha Ren, became the first to succeed in escaping the prison, from there he met up with and was persuaded to join the cause of, the rebel Elf, Nova Caine.


 Nova Caine's group of Anarchists, Socialists and oddly enough, Libertarians were one of four major rebel groups opposing the H.U.C though to many they were known simply as the "Anarchists." Following Walton's escape from prison he was made a Time Hacker and also received several cybernetic upgrades to his body, as well as the ones he gained in prison. Nova's rebels started out as a peaceful group campaigning for greater freedoms for the people, were forced into militancy when several of their member were gunned down at a protest by H.U.C police teams. Though the "youngest" of the rebel groups they quickly became one of the most powerful. They still fight the H.U.C to this day..

Walton's Powers and Abilites

Enhanced Vision-Thanks to Walton's cybernetic eyes he can see further than the average human, zoom in with a 20x zoom, can switch between Normal, Thermal and Night Vision and can to some extent see through walls. These enhancements also give him superior accuracy with small firearms such as pistols and SMGs


Telekinesis-Walton was born with natural telekinetic powers that have only been enhanced with his cybernetic augmentations, he can now lift up objects as large as a train and throw them, create blasts of telekinetic energy and form sheild around small areas, the power has it,s limits though and if he isnt careful he can easily cause damage to himself through over exertion

Computer/Time Hacking-Walton is a gifted hacker and using his augmentations can wirelessly hack into computers, security systems and robots, which he can then control or flood with viruses or simply cause to self destruct or deactivate. This is also combined with his time hacker abilities that allow him to travel though time and even into other timestreams,this also allows hima short range teleport 

Enhanced Strength-Walton's cybernetic implants have afforded him increased strength and endurance in combat, as well as the ability to adapt his body to certain environments and renders him immune from many, but not all diseases and poisons

Walton Barrick's Blog

It's Dark. Her Hands Are On Me. (18+)

Posted on September 10, 2016 at 11:00am 0 Comments

Five Years Ago.

Fifty Years From Now.

Rhonda's office aint much ah' fuckin' office. It's ah fuckin lounge. Lit like a club frum the 1970s, ahl red light ahn lava lamps. Music pumps in, shite ah can't stand. Modern mancufactued crap. All sounds th'fuckin' same. Jus' droning fer the drones. Nothin' weird ahr differn. Nutthin abhat bovine revolution ahr why y'fiance's a cunt. Ah lounge styled after rome, only she don' look…


The Neon Lit Future.5

Posted on April 7, 2016 at 11:27am 0 Comments

Walton Barrick.…


The Neon Lit Future.-4

Posted on January 22, 2016 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

    Walton Barrick…


The Neon Lit Future.-3

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 12:00pm 0 Comments

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At 2:31am on June 14, 2015,
Nina LockHart The HellHound Cop
( Nice choice. Using the alien creatures from that UK movie. Attack the block. I enjoyed watching that movie as I like British and English human. I am told your character runs that Baskerville in providence? If so wanted to talk to you about who trains them, feeds them, breeds, takes care of them basically . I wanted to volunteer my character to help be in charge of them. She was head of the K-9 unit for the police force she worked for and since they appear to be canine in origin. I think she as a fellow canine and canine whisperer could be perfect for the role.)
At 5:21pm on June 2, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

When he mounted the bike, she followed suit. Her long legs swung over with ease and she planted herself with perfect balance behind him. Slender digits gripped his shoulders while her ears twitched at the pitter patter of unforgiving rain. 

"Follow the umbra." 

And with those words an obsidian like laser pointer would mark the ground in front of him. Guiding them like a beacon into the slum of what remained of this world. To find the darkest creatures they would need to venture to the most dangerous and wicked of places. 

Obsidian melted her orbs into solidified onyx marbles. The shadow walker was on the hunt again only this time she had help. 

"Just be careful...I should be able to sense if we're close."

At 4:53pm on June 2, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

Vulnerability was lost on Cally. Her life was not guarded by a door. Each and every waking moment she roamed these plains the Mistress would always be vulnerable. 

Her neurons fire rapidly with the overload of wicked stimulation. Sin. It was the stench of sin painted upon the atmosphere to resonate like gasoline. No. Even gasoline smelled better. Wrinkling her nose, Cally ignored it to the best of her ability while silently following after Barrick. 

As the metal cage of the elevator doors closed she nearly was overcome by panic. Trapped, she was trapped again. Blood. Shaking her head, standing slightly behind Barrick and out of view she would press the palm of her hand to her temple. No she was not part of that place anymore. Cally was free. 

Free was an illusion. 

Her body lurched with the physical jerking, but she found solace in the darkness. That was where she belonged. The only constant in her existence and she clung to it like a soldier's final weapon. Schooling her features her gaze lazily strolled about the garage, spotting the dirt bike. Now that wasn't what she expected. 

"Nah, I don't need a helmet. I'll be fine."

Course she would be, she wasn't exactly a living human anymore. 

At 2:01pm on June 2, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

Cally busied herself with braiding her untamable mane of waves, tying it to the side to better the craze. Sauntering to the couch she began to fold the blanket and tidy the mess she had made. How awful, to burden a person. 


There it was again, calling out to her...begging to be spilled. That second skin of life coated her flesh in comparably heaven-like grace. It had been too long since she had delivered punishment to the sinners within her grasp. If this contract was not fulfilled and soon she would continue to be weakened. 


Shuttering, her body was wracked with a twitch. The twitch of a similar addiction. Everyone had their little ticks..the involuntary motions that served as the windows to darker and more hidden parts of lives. 


Reaching for her jacket, it was easily shrugged over her shoulders. Boot clad feet spun about face to put her face to face with Barrick. 

"Bike, definitely."

At 9:50pm on May 25, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

"It does sound like fun, but it would be an all day affair. I'm no easy opponent."

With a partial grin she watched him complete the sandwich. Those eyes of his would scan over the accented curves of her body. Flared hips just as enticing as her firm rear. Lengthy legs were decorated with nearly painted on denim. Ample breasts hid beneath his shirt, not at all exposing her cleavage, but the shape was there. 

Raking her fingers through her tresses she simply headed back to her jacket, knowing he was likely to watch her the whole way. What a pity she was just a tease. 

"Let me know when you're ready to go. Take your time."

At 9:31pm on May 25, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

He could keep it anywhere he wanted. Cally did not have any interest in bringing him harm. It would be rude to throw back the hospitality he had shown her by returning it with violence or underhanded betrayals. As far as Cal was concerned she owed him one. 

The smell of fresh bacon hit her senses and she giggled with his rebuttal. 

"Slap on the back or not, I don't know how much you may like to have that reputation with me since I'm the foreigner who just showed up yesterday. Plus..." 

At the mention of the cuffs, she flexed playfully. 

"It would take more than that to hold me. They may be strong enough to keep you there though." 

A wink was shot his way, jesting that she was stronger than him. But with those augmentations it wasn't clear.

At 9:15pm on May 25, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

Trust was difficult to say the least for Cally, but when he spoke she turned to face him. As he placed the gun on the counter she closed the distance between them. Shoulder greeted the wall as she leaned against it, crossing her arms as she observed him prep for his breakfast. 

"I did not say you do not have reason to be paranoid. In a world such as this one surely everyone is looking over their shoulders."

Looking down at her attire, she grinned a bit deciding it best to lighten the mood. "Hope you don't have any ex lovers that are going to come after me if they see me in public in one of your shirts." 

Or anyone else for that matter. All of the occupants had watched the two of them leave together and now she was wearing his shirt. This wouldn't look all that good for his reputation. 

At 9:02pm on May 25, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

Cally saw no strength in depending on others. In fact it was never good. The only thing that friends were good for was hurting you. Once one grew to care about another an enemy found a weak point to use against them. There were so many people that had placed her on their kill list that she lost track. Assassination attempts, escape attempts. Horrendous creatures wishing to tear her apart for what she was. But it was the mortals she would always fear most. 

"Yeah I slept fine. Thank you. Sorry about that."

Too prideful to explain herself she just took mental note to attempt to place more distance between herself and this stranger. Hell he had just gotten out of the shower and was still walking around with a gun.

Trust earned, never given.

"No, I'm not hungry. I was going to head out here in a few minutes and go hunting again. I can use the trail that friend of yours left...see what I can find."

At 8:47pm on May 25, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

The sound of water trickles into her senses and she is turning towards his room. Of course the door was open, but she wouldn't dare enter. Not when it was considered rude or improper. It was improper, right? Social rules varied from place to place, but he had turned around for her to change...so there was some sort of line of decency. 

Instead of lingering outside his door, she would make her way back to her jacket that she had discarded on the couch. Fishing around in the pockets she would retrieve the file pertaining to the contract, though the paperwork had been folded and creased so she could carry it with her. 

Just how far would this demon go? And how much danger was she putting Barrick in by being here? 

Warmth flooded her body as she realized what she had done last night, clinging to him like a scared child. Pathetic. She'd have to be stronger. Such a fucking nuisance. 

At 8:38pm on May 25, 2015, Calleigh Umbra said…

Cally would wake with a silent jerk, as if she had tripped and realized she had fallen. Her gaze flew open, but she was not afraid. Instead she felt as if she had gotten well needed relaxation that she hadn't had in a very long time. 

Curious eyes danced around unsure of where Barrick had gone. Did she sleep for that long? Or was it simply he was an early riser. Her hand traveled to her side, checking the bandage and the wound's progress. She had to go back into town today and keep looking. Shaky legs brought her to her feet while she raised her arms above her head to stretch and shake the slumber away.

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