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One Night To Not Be Lonely

Posted on June 20, 2017 at 11:30am 0 Comments

Soul Jackson Dark - Still editing

Posted on June 9, 2017 at 6:57pm 0 Comments

Eulalia - Still editing - Closed

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"The universe is full of magical things, patently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." -Eden Phillpotts

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At 12:11am on June 27, 2017, Brian Kennedy said…

( Sure. I actually had something in mind, but if you had ideas too we could collaborate. )

The irony was that Brian was worrying just as much as Casey was. He had scars as well, but they weren't as easy to see as Casey's. His were far more psychological. A permanent mark on his mind that would never leave. He was quite certain that whatever had happened to Casey in her past, it couldn't possibly be more horrifying than the damage he could do to her if he were to transform near her. He wasn't himself at all once he changed. He could tear her apart limb from limb and would have no recollection of it whatsoever come morning. And that terrified Brian. Was this even safe? Could he and Casey really make this work? Brian's mind was firing off a thousand thoughts a minute before Casey had even spoken a single word to him. His mind was far from the film they had just watched, but he managed to utter a coherent response.

"Yeah. It was all right." He muttered rather indifferently. His anxiety was getting the better of him again and had marked itself as a cold sweat on his brow. He hurriedly wiped it away, trying not to let Casey notice.

At 5:58am on June 26, 2017,
Kyla Lynch

(I accepted your comment but got pulled away before I could reply I'll try my best to do so later today <3)

At 12:48am on June 26, 2017, Ember | Adalyn Narvok said…
Awesome! I'll send a starter, hope this works out love.

Feeling a sharp stab in her left shoulder blade Ember winsed, reaching behind her she slid the shark dagger from her back shoulder blade.. her wound healing quickly as she then tuned throwing it at the witch whom stabbed her; the dagger nailing the woman in the chest through the heart.. Ashton stood there with no emotion, she watched the witch fall to the ground emotionless on the cold cave floor. Signing heavily her dark honey brown hues glanced around, she couldn't smell or hear anymore witches for miles.

The bar was usually full at this time of the night, and not Embers first choice but she'd figured a drink would help ease her nerves. There Barrick Saloon Bar and grill was in the middle of the small town she was in, she'd only been here the night before.. Ember was traveling through the city for a couple personal reasons. Making her way inside she walked to the bathroom, cleaning the blood off the back of her leather jacket.. sighing she tossed the wet paper cloth into the trash.. Her honey hues stared at herself in the mirror for a very long moment. Ember had eyes very so light brown they were almost gold looking, her hair was dark brown going a couple inches below her shoulders laying in its natural waves. She had high delicate feminine cheek bones and long thick dark lashes with full plump lips. Ember was wearing her normal casual clothing, dark blue jeans with a little maroon red tight tangtop with a black leather jacket overtop. She was a very small woman, patie with curves in the right places. Em's fingers brushed through her brown locks, she chewed along her lip before she left the bathroom quickly .. before she got into her head more than she already was.

Finding the furthest bar stool away from many others she sat, her elbows lightly placed ontop of the wooden counter top as she nodded towards the woman bartender. " Whiskey on ice please! "


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