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Lorelei Aitan replied to ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)'s discussion 'Julain and Lorelei's Room' in the group Rockabill
">~Lorelei hugged her daughter. "Sheemaedi" She whispered. It was an old old greeting…"
❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others) replied to ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)'s discussion 'Julain and Lorelei's Room' in the group Rockabill
"*Aqua carefully placed the pixie in her bed down on her table before sitting on her own bed. Aqua…"

Lorelei Aitan replied to ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)'s discussion 'Julain and Lorelei's Room' in the group Rockabill
">~"Okay." She placed a hand on Aqua's shoulder, following the girl down to her…"
❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others) replied to ❤Crougy❤|Xeen| (And Many Others)'s discussion 'Julain and Lorelei's Room' in the group Rockabill
"|Yeah, okay, mom...| *She went over to the pixie's bed and laid her down, then picked up the…"

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Why don't you join me in bed, love?

Posted on January 16, 2016 at 9:52am 0 Comments


My page is due for some editing and updates. I'm working on writing some new material and will add it once it's done.

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At 4:17pm on February 19, 2017, Alex Danvers said…

Oh yes. Day-to-day problems, such as bills and needless drama. All that sort. Alexandra Danvers was no exception to the rule. Bills and taxes, too. Most people didn't realize that when they saw someone in uniform. In this case it was the matter of aliens. Rogue ones, oftentimes missing the fact that the DEO was just doing their job. Nothing personal. Most of the time, atleast. 

Perhaps she should have changed into her casual clothes, even if it was just for the sake of coffee. She usually did. And the one time she didn't? Yes, of course people would react then. Gabby's observation wasn't entirely wrong. She was a cop, in a sense. Just one that dealt with rogue, troublesome aliens. So in a way she was a cop, depending on viewpoint.

Alex didn't expect to be grabbed by the arm by a completely random stranger. Instantly, she tried to pry herself loose from his grip, all while giving him that serious Danvers stare. ''Someone that just wants her coffee. Now let me go.'' It was one warning and one only. If he didn't? She would surely use some neat trick that resulted in him being on the ground, lesson taught. 

At 6:19pm on February 18, 2017, Brian Kennedy said…

Brian's eyes widened ever so slightly. At first he appeared anxious about having been discovered. But from Casey's later words, he felt a deep, reassuring feeling that she wasn't about to just rat him out. They had too much in common. She could probably be trusted.

"I won't tell if you won't tell." Brian finally admitted with a nod in her direction. "I bet you're just as good as keeping secrets as I am. It's our lot in life, I guess." He said before taking a sip of his Guinness.

At 9:39pm on February 17, 2017,
All the Broken Ones

His lips pressed into a thin line. This thin, gawky, injured woman comes from what seems like out of nowhere, walks around his territory, and questions him about where he's living? What gave this sniveling child the right? The bark started to rough up his hands. Just a few scratches, nothing that would give away the fact that he was immortal. That was one of his most guarded secrets. Not even Danielle knew of his immortality. But he knew of hers, that's a story for another time.

He slowly uncurled himself from the branch and landed gracefully on his feet. His face was now inches from her sword. His hand touched the bottom of the blade, towards the hilt. With a single swipe, he pushed the blade away from him towards the ground. "Cute toy." He muttered as he walked away from her, towards the fire pit. His hand was sliced open, only a little. Nothing to arise suspicion. He wiped the blood off on his jeans and picked up his twigs again, rubbing them together. He was going to get some sort of spark if it killed him.

Glancing over his shoulder, he realized she was still there. "I don't recall anyone asking the founders of Jamestown why they settled in the middle of nowhere." He smirked slightly, but it soon faded. Any happiness or satisfaction rarely lasted with him. His memories just dragged him right back down. With a second glance, he examined the wounds on her body. Cuts and scrapes, exactly like the night he killed that girl. Least she didn't suffer. This dame, on the other hand, looked like she had been through hell. He huffed softly, his long blonde locks moving with his breath like a slight breeze. He scratched his beard as he pondered his options. But there no real good options, were there?

He reached into a hole he dug awhile back. Inside was the only things he kept from his human life. He clutched the metal box tightly in his hands and pulled it out. Much heavier than he ever remembered it being. His eyes met hers as he extended his arm. "Here." He watched her puzzled expression, which only made him roll his eyes. "Look, those cuts and scrapes won't heal by themselves, and I know for a fact that any civilization is at least 50 miles in each direction so, just take it will you?" He set the box on the ground and turned his back, heading towards the pit. Honestly, he didn't care much if she accepted the help or not. The attempt was the part that mattered to him.



Please check grammar and spelling, make sure that other people can read what you write. This includes capitalization! I will not talk to you if it becomes a problem.

No RP in PM or chat, and don't delete my comments. I like to keep them. And if you do delete my comments, let me know before we start so I can keep them elsewhere.

It’s not my fault if you don't read the rules, they're right here.


I will NEVER give out any personal information about me in the real life, so don't ask. Read the rules, about my characters, and you can gather enough information from that to piece some sort of story together.

Do NOT steal my characters. Malory is a character based off of a book series, but she differs a whole lot. All my other characters are all mine, copyrighted, and you CANNOT take them.

Enjoy yourself. If you don't like what I'm doing, tell me. And I'll tell you if I don't like what you're doing.

Gabriella Grenwald: Gabriella is a very special woman, and likes to be treated as such. So, she will make you if she feels like it. An ability that she was born with was to control the minds and actions of others, though her powers didn't come into full effect until she was an adult and her brain was fully developed. Before that, if she made a suggestion to someone in, let's say, a sarcastic manner, someone with a week enough mind would do it. Now, however, she is able to use her powers to her full ability. She is able to control whether or not someone is controlled by a simple phrase, for how long someone is in her control, how many people are under her control at once, and much, much more. Of course, she doesn't control everyone all the time, just when she wants to. And her commands aren't always mean, sometimes she even uses her abilities to make someone else's life better. Sometimes. (America or Europe, Modern time line. She won't control your character if you don't want her to.)

Margret Jones (Out of Order): Probably the most unlucky person alive. Or, lucky, if you look at it a different way, but to be safe, let’s stay with unlucky. Margret is what’s known as an Illfate. Which, pretty hard to figure out, means she has terrible, terrible luck, and has since birth. It runs in the family. Keeping a job is extremely hard, as is a home and friends, nearly anything she touches breaks, she is often hurt, and just...if there is anything that can go wrong around her, it will happen. Her life is full of embarrassing, terrible moments that she will never forget, and being an Illfate makes it hard to just live day to day. But hell, she’s trying, and though she might not even make it to the end of the day, she’ll probably be there in one piece.

Casey, just Casey: Casey is just your average woman. At least, that's what she wants people to think. She is really just trying to live a normal life. But that's really hard to do when you're a shapeshifter. She can take the form of any animal she can think of, has seen in enough detail in order to replicate on herself. There is more than just her shape shifting secret in her arsenal of powers that she has to keep hidden. She has telekinesis as well, and that can sometimes get out of hand if she doesn't keep her emotions in check. Which isn't all that easy when she works the late shift at a bar. In order to keep her powers in check, she needs to shift into some animal nightly. Then she could be seen. But if she doesn't change, her powers might go off in public, where she could be seen as well. There is a fine line she must walk every day in order to keep her identity a secret.

Hailey Dean : Zombies are everywhere, and all they can do is kill, eat, and breed via the disease that they are infected with. Hailey Dean is one of the survivors who is fighting her damnedest for her life. From a stab wound she had received nearly a year into the apocalypse, her medical condition isn't well. She often coughs up blood, but she will not give up until she gets to safety. If she is to die, and she know she will soon, she will be digging her own grave in a place where zombies--or other humans--can't desecrate her. She's tough, but being tough can't always save you.

-No name- : No one knows who she is or where she came from. Some say she is as old as time itself. Others say that there just happens to be the same woman throughout history who fucks shit up everywhere she goes. But, one thing is true. She will find out everything about you. Your job, your address, you family. And she. Will. Kill. You. You see, has a very big thing for crime, of misbehaving. She will rob every store of everything just because she can do it and get away with it. She might not need, or even want, a $20,000 watch, but hey, might as well add it to the collection. Though, as much as she likes crime, she loves her parties. Oh, no, she never throws them, just crashes them. The parties thrown by rich people are the best parties out there. The music, the lights, the drinks. Oh, the drinks! Drinks are such a fantastic thing, aren’t they? Another thing, she keeps herself busy with her stealing and parties, but also with her murders and her partners. She never has a partner for very long, they always end up getting too annoying. She has to get rid of them before they bore her to death. And what a feat that would be. Besides, killing was just so much fun if you knew how to inflict enough pain in the right places. The dying screams of innocent people were a great thing to go to bed to. Or wake up to. Or...just hear at any point during the day, really. So much fun, she better take advantage of the silly humans while she can.

Nelly June: Her life was perfect. It wasn't that her parents, or her best friend, or her boyfriend. No, she died. High school prom, someone spiked the punch, and Nelly had too much to drink. She wasn't popular, but not disliked or bullied, just someone in the middle. She tried to stumble her way home, she had lost her date in her drunken stupor. Then, everything hurt, and everything stopped hurting, in a moment's notice. A drunk girl hit by a drunk driver. How lucky was she? Her own parents couldn't recognize her, only her DNA confirmed it. She watched as everything happened. Now she watches everything happen. Some people see her, but most can't. It’s slowly killing her...again.  

Malory Grace: Malory Grace has grown up, bitches. No more chasing little goblins, no more getting pissed off by brownies. She's after the big guys now, with the big guns. Well, swords. Heavy, double-sided, bad-ass swords. Dragons, ogres, and giants, oh my. But she's still a good girl. Doesn't break the law, unless people would get hurt if she didn't. She risks her life on a daily basis to save humans who don’t know there is an entire other world living under their noses. Malory gets paid to take care of creature problems, traveling across the States and sometimes overseas in order to help people. And get paid. Hey, a girl has to make a living. And you wouldn’t believe how much someone would pay to get a troll off their property.

Eulalia:  Eulalia is a robot. An amazing robot. She is over three and a half centuries old, created during the Airship Wars. Her Master built her for spare bits of metal, glass, and rubber, and a decade before the War was over, Eulalia was complete. She was strong, fast, and efficient. Her arms turned into tools and guns, several different sets for different conditions. She could recycle bits of metal into bullets by feeding the metal into slots on her sides. She didn’t need to eat, she couldn’t get hurt, and she had none of the other limitations humans had. Overall, the perfect weapon for war. That was, until her Master died. He had made her so very human, but neither of them knew the extent of Eulalia’s emotions until he died, shot down in battle. Eulalia mourned her Master’s death for a long, long time. Three hundred years after the Airship Wars ended, she was still upset. Until, she met her new Master. He repaired her, became her new flying partner, and in all honesty, saved her life. James, the thief with the robotic arm, has kept Eulalia from shutting down so many times, she has lost count. And she is sure that James feels the same way about how many times she’s saved him. But, another war is starting, and Eulalia’s humanity will be  put to the test...

Soul Jackson Dark: Soul is a child, no more than seven years old, living alone and usually hungry. She roams the streets and woods around cities and small villages, asking for food and money. She often finds herself eating out of a dumpster. But, despite all this, she is as happy as any child could be. She didn’t see any reason to be sad, she has lived this way for most of her life. You see...she’s not human, at least not entirely. Her mother was part human, part vampire. Her father, well...he was the God of Souls. He made souls for all the new people who were being born, and tried hard to make sure that the souls of people about to die stay in their bodies. Only thing was, he couldn’t keep his own soul in his body when his father killed him. His  death sent Soul’s mother into depression. The only thing that kept her alive was that she was carrying Soul. After eight months had gone by, though, her mother started to get sick. Really, really sick. No one knew why, and she was trying to keep herself alive. She’d have the child, even if it was the last thing she’d ever do. And...it was. She died during childbirth, but a healthy baby girl was born that day. Soul’s aunt, Dark, took care of her until she was about three, then Dark passed away by unknown causes. Leaving Soul to fend for herself, she made the best of it and doesn’t regret anything. She enjoys herself in the woods, walking around and seeing new places. What more could a kid want?


Main Characters in Name:

❤I came from a small town, and left the first chance I got. I am not very social, but love to talk. I am married to a wonderful man and have had some great kids with him.❤

(No RP allowed with Crougy, sorry)

Xeen:  Xeen is the daughter of a human and an Ifrit--a creature made of fire. Her father, the Ifrit, had been captured by a military science lab and was forced to sleep with Xeen's mother. Her mother almost died, as having sex with a being mostly composed of fire isn't the healthiest thing to do. But she lived, and she got pregnant. Nine months later, however, she died during child birth. But the baby lived. Xeen lived. That was all the scientists wanted. Xeen was raised in a lab along with other creature-human hybrids. They were treated well most of the time, but the experiments were torturous. Most of the hybrids died by the time Xeen was an adult. She knew what was going on by then, she had grown out of the pink smocks and pigtails. One day, she was going to be forced to have sex with one of the other remaining hybrids, and that was the final straw. She lost control of her powers for the first time since she was just a baby, and the lab burnt down. Then she ran. She ran and ran, keeping to herself, away from others, her powers just barely in control without the experimental drugs in her system. She has a short fuse, hardly has money to eat so she mostly just steals everything she needs to live, and she had killed many because of her lack of control. All she wants is control.



Name: Green | Gender: Female | Relationship: Single, Bi | History: Taken from her homeland while young, she was raised to be a woman for the Duke, whom she later killed. While on the journey to try to kill a god that had used to be her friend, she had a relationship that ended with his death and her pregnancy. (She has her twins, a boy and girl, now.) Now she's the head of a small town in which she watches over to be sure nothing is wrong. | Strength: She is a very strong fighter, though her children often slow her down. She is not afraid of fighting, but many do fear her. |



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