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Adara Nyx's Discussions

WANTED: Interesting, Dark, Sexy, Immersive stories or plots

Started this discussion. Last reply by Rhy (Others coming soon) May 19. 16 Replies

This is a character I created awhile ago, but I haven't been able to return to her until now. She's a modern day D'jinn captured by a mob family that she's constantly trying to get away from. I've…Continue

Tags: Wanted, Stories, Plots, Roleplay

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Three Wishes, That's it. No.... Seriously. Fuck off.

I Know This Room, I've Walked This Floor

NameAdara Nyx

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-One

Race: D'jinn (Genie)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Red

Adara's history begins centuries before her own birth. When an old witch finally discovered something she had been searching for her entire lifetime, the bottle of a D’jinn, she was ecstatic. After stealing the bottle away from its former master the witch made the spirit a deal. If it would grant three wishes she would use the final one to release the D’jinn from its curse. The spirit agreed giving into the woman’s wishes: the first to have eternal youth and beauty of a young woman, the second to have her magic powers increase threefold, and then finally to release the genie from his bindings. The genie granted all three of her wishes making her much more beautiful than she had been before, increasing her powers even more than she would have expected, and using the woman as a replacement for the Genie’s own prison by making her a genie herself. As the old witch ragged at the genie over its cruelty, the being simply reminded her that for her kindness for as long as the existence of magic her few descendants would have a close kinship to the weave running with in themselves so much so that they would become genies themselves with the gift of eternal youth and beauty, and learn the value in serving others before themselves. Thus became the unfortunate curse of this clan of people.

Adara Nyx was born a victim of circumstances, a helpless child thrown into an environment of life or death; where there was very little room for the weak or the soft. Love was a commodity of the middle class, but none was spared for her. The clouds reflected the neon lights of the high classes of Sin City, but they weren’t lucid. They were always out of reach. A Stockholm syndrome inflicted little girl of an abusive mother could never grow up to fulfill what few dreams she had. There was little opportunity for a child of a prostitute. Her mother was never in her life and she never knew of her real father. Adara raised her self in essence, her mother coming in and out of her life for eighteen long years. Abuse was an every day thing when her mother did decide to return to their torn little apartment, physical or mental, it was normal. 

As she grew up amongst the dregs of society in the darkness of New York’s underworld, she learned a few handy survival tricks and a burning resentment, coupled with fervent sense of escapism. Already as a child, Adara could hotwire a car, pick pocket a pedestrian, or smooth talk her teachers into ignoring the bruises on her arms. She eventually picked up on who was important and who worked for who. It didn’t take long for her to become embroiled in the conflicts of her mother’s occupation—overflow from a heroin-addicted deadbeat mother. Her cancerous care giver owed money, but the husk wasn’t making money like the mobs wanted her to. 

By the time Adara was seventeen, she was forced to drop out of high school to help her mother work off her debt. The mob brought her into the wait staffs of one of their establishments; more than anything it was a prelude to prostitution, something she desperately searched to avoid. The mobs had all the control in this city, or so she thought. She felt as if she was no longer a child of her dying mother (whom which the mob also flaunted hospital bills whether forged or not as continual debt) but a child of the mobs. 

Years passed, Adara had been able to stay clear of prostitution proving her skills more valid as an unobtrusive servant to the Italian made men. During this time the girl also received her GED. She leaned from the best there on the various skills of silver service that only the elite called for all the while keeping a keen ear on the whispered secrets of the criminal underworld, waiting for her chance to escape. Her mother was on her death bed now, and unable to support herself. Unfortunately for them the Vineterri family was not one for kindness. Since both of the women were mere associates, or employees, of the mob there was no forgiving their debt. One night while Adara was off keeping an ear on things, the mob stole into her mother's hospital room and removed the plug. Officers ignored the situation entirely, not wanting to cross the Vineterri family, and decided to pay off those who were supposed to be taking care of her mother. In other words, Adara's mother had never been checked into the hospital. Who was Adara? Who was her mother? What Cancer?

The mob soon went after Adara, which sent the girl into hiding. On her eighteenth birthday, Adara was hiding in Nevada. The desert was huge and all there was for miles was dirt. Las Vegas was far behind her and ranches had become a rare, but welcomed sight. Adara found herself staying at a Ranch where an elderly native man and his two sons worked. As long as Adara worked, she could stay for as long as she wanted. It was nice for the first few weeks, but Adara began getting a terrible feeling. The mob would find her and destroy these wonderful men once they knew she had been hiding with them. She knew she needed to leave. Adara left at night, moving on through Nevada and into Utah. It was there that she found the bottle that held her ancestors prisoner in a trinket store, and of course by chance the bottle chose Adara as its next genie. Adara found herself in a tight spot...literally. It wasn't until later that Adara realized she had magic did she make it a little more homey. 

To make matters worse, Adara's magic bottle was bought by an older woman who of course had to be the great Aunt of the young son in the Vineterri family. The older woman rubbed the bottle between her hands out of habbit, only to find a puff of smoke and the very young woman their family had been after for so long. Adara was returned to the head of the family, only to have her secret revealed. Adara was too precious to kill now, so they locked her away in the Vineterri family's mansion in Sin City. She had her own room on the second floor, a beautiful one. She was catered too, not abused... at least physically. Mentally, she was brainwashed into believing that the Vineterri family were the only people who wanted to keep her safe. That the world would kill her, test on her, dissect her in mere seconds if they found out about her being a genie. So she was trained to shoot a gun, trained to be a lethal weapon with magic as well as a few knives. 

The redhead can stay out of her bottle for as long as she needs, but like any other, she needs to rest, 6 hours a day (depending if she's hurt) in her bottle. When someone rubs her bottle, she will appear with the burst of smoke and a hint of mint in the air. Adara can grant three wishes. But she cannot: Bring someone back to life, make someone fall in love, give more wishes, or destroy any curses. 

Send You Into Overdrive


Adara seems to have an almost split personality. Because of her situation, the girl always seems to look at others with a secret form of distrust, but still can be personable. She's the kind of person who can be nice to your face, but easily stab you in the back if it suits her best interest. The key thing that describes Adara is that she is a survivor rather than a victim. Although her life has been far from lucky she strives to continue forward, and waits an opportunity to make a change for the better. She will take this opportunity even if it means stepping or hurting someone else. On the same note she has never had a relationship, or even been on a date other than with the mob boss that was controlling her. Not that she is against the idea of a relationship, or intimacy it’s it just it reminds of her mother which makes things quite awkward. 

While on the one side she does have this cold nature the girl can also be quite personable and friendly. You never get good tips if you are a cruel bitch all the time, so she can put on a friendly face when need be. This kindness again is based all on a survival tactic and is like a switch. If she needs friends to get by she is nice, but if they are going cause her harm then she will cut them off. Loyalty, for now, is not one of her virtues, but she could easily help a stranger if it suited her. Although secretly she does long to belong somewhere and to have an actual loving family she is of the mindset that such dreams are unavailable to her.

Take A Chance And Break Away


Single - Pansexual - Not Interested

Like it was said before, Adara has never been in a relationship due to the fact that she was always trying to survive. There was a close encounter with the rancher's son in Nevada where she almost had her first kiss to get it out of the way, but she left before she could even do that. It's not that she despises intimacy or relationships, she just never got the chance to experience it. Adara does know what she likes sexually and it's a surprise to those close to her that know about her darkest fantasies. Will the genie ever find someone? Eh, she's not worried about it.

 -Adara can be sexual yes, but her stories are not going to involve non-stop sex. If she's going to be involved with anyone, it's going to be someone she can trust. And she hardly trusts anyone so you can see where that goes. 

-18+ Roleplay

-If you'd like to plot or write stories, just drop me a comment. Let's see what we can do.


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At 1:07am on May 3, 2017, Adara Nyx said…

-Open for plots or stories-

Current plots (x3)

At 5:22pm on August 24, 2015, The Doctor said…

Brow furrowing, the Doctor set her lamp gingerly upon the TARDIS’ consoul, as if afraid its glass structure would cause it to shatter through mishandling. The warm air the TARDIS was circulating through the large room was doing wonders for him, undoing the damage of the rain. His hair was already mostly dry, askew points and coifs sticking up this way and that. The suit he was wearing was similarly drier thanks to the Time Lord technology, much to his immense gratitude towards his ship.

“Well…” he trailed off, removing his glasses and digging out a cloth from a bottomless pocket, busily removing smudges from the lenses. This girl was quite edgy, though given her occupation it was understandable. But the Doctor was never a fan of easy fixes like wishes. At any rate, there weren’t any wishes she could possibly grant that didn’t have immense repercussions throughout time, space, and the universe. Well… universes. Plural. Rose was gone, permanently. And he wouldn’t dare rip her away from himself for his own selfishness. She was happy now. What was done with Donna was practically a curse. So that was out. He doubted the Djinn could solve the Time War. If she could’ve, he would’ve found her long ago, anyway.

Replacing the glasses onto his face, he tossed the cloth over his shoulder, heedless of where it would end up behind him. Folding his arms across his chest, the Doctor hunched his shoulders a bit, knocking a hip against the side of the centre pillar of the TARDIS to produce a casual lean that felt far more comfortable than it looked.

“If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?” he inquired curiously.

At 11:21pm on August 23, 2015, The Accelerator said…

The bike pulled into a large parking lot behind an old factory that had been turned into a rehab facility that was then abandoned once more do to some unfortunate events maybe twenty years ago. he never knew the details of those events, just that the one funding the place, suddenly stopped and the lot was up for sale and by chance Dezzy, his long time and only' friend' in the world had bought it with his hit money just to have some place to at least lay low. 

As a mercenary, you do things like that. You get your hit money, you put aside some of it for medical supplies, clothes, weapons, and food, whatever to keep you going and the rest towards places like these to hide away in when you had to. It was far back enough off a desolate road, now that a new highway had been constructed not far, people tend to take that route instead, so it gave coverage. The place wasn't investigated because as far as anyone knew it was owned and private property and those few scragglers like teens or junkies came along, but both knew never to leave anything of importance behind to be discovered.

They were ghosts in the system. 

Many prefer it that way, while some create aliases. 

Getting off the bike, the distant sound of cars rushing on a highway and the air around him getting colder as fall came closer, he grabbed his things and went through a side door that looked like a boarded up area rather than a door. His rifle was leaned against a wall while his others things placed down beside it. He knew Dez wouldn't be here. They hardly were here the same time. 

The place wasn't so ..creepy as one might think for an abandoned place. It was a lot like you'd imagine a college students apartment to be. Bare with little household things around that was enough to just get by, but nothing too extravagant that meant anything here was worth the taking. And certainly nothing here was personal. 

He went back for her, taking up the bottle. 

" you c'n come out now.." He says awkwardly. it's still a little odd to him and why he's even bothering with her might have come to a surprise to anyone that knew the man. He could have ignored her, left the bottle behind, but here he was, cradling the thing as though it might break at any moment. Then again..she had helped him..He might not have needed it per say, because without her he probably would have healed anyways, but..he still knew how to be a human.  That gentleman is buried somewhere beneath it all.


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