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You think I'm too serious? I think your full of shit. :)

 /single/x01's/Jack Frost

When I was little my parents took me to an orphanage and left me there alone, a few years later they died in a car crash, at that time I knew I was alone..But a couple months later a couple vampires raised me as they own,they taught me everything I know about being a vampire. When I left them it was very hard for me to go each day without them..Everyday and night I am thinking of the couple that saved my life...
I'm 18 and i have long brown wavy hair, olive skin. I wear dark skinny jeans with black ankle boots I wear almost no make up just mascara and light red lipstick. i wear a dark red v neck t shirt that hug my curves just right and show a little bit of cleavage. i usually wear my leather jacket over it if I'm  cold. I always wear this sliver ring with a tiny ruby in the middle of it, other than that i wear two sliver bracelets on each wrist which have cool designs engraved in them. i also wear a sliver necklace with a ruby swirl design, the jewelry protects me from the sun.

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At 2:20pm on November 24, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

¨I'm sos happy to be with you¨ said Jack a bit nervous. Thinking that he should be more than happy, he finally met someone he truly loves and she loves him back, this was the first time he feels this way, he'll do anything to be with her and never leave her, he kissed her lips.

At 10:22pm on September 23, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

¨Good idea¨he said walking beside her with a smile and grabbed her hand gently then kissed her cheek. He really loved her and what it makes him feel more happier was that she was in love with him and that he loved her aswell.

At 10:22pm on September 23, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

¨Good idea¨he said walking beside her with a smile and grabbed her hand gently then kissed her cheek. He really loved her and what it makes him feel more happier was that she was in love with him and that he loved her aswell.

At 6:18pm on August 7, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

Jack raise up his shoulders¨I-I don´t know...what do you think we should do?¨he asked her tilting his head.Frost was new on this kind of things.Maybe Tori knew more about this topic.

At 10:13pm on August 6, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

Indeed Tori needed to scare him more.He loved the kiss because he never had been kissed by someone,this was his first time and inside his heart he could feel love.Which he really love.She was the best one¨I agree¨he said with a soft smile staring at her brown eyes,she was so nice with him.

At 2:06pm on August 5, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

When Tori said Good this made him blush softly,then get more closer and could feel her lips against his.This made him place his arms around her waist and  kiss her once again.Jack really felt something inside but couldn´t put his finger on it,and it was love but he didn´t knew because he never love no one just his family that is dead.

At 10:53pm on August 3, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

Frost turn around and place his arms around her waist laughing,thinking this was a great time.Tori was very sweet with him,never thought that a human like her would exist¨It worked¨he said noticing they were pretty close.Then he got more closer to her with a soft smile also looking at her eyes.

At 5:08pm on August 3, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

Jack didn´t knew what Tori will do.Suddenly he could feel Tori´s hand around his torso and then her chin against his shoulder.Didn´t expected at all,he jump a bit then stare at her with a smile and laugh softly¨You scared me!¨he said with a smile.

At 4:58pm on July 29, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

Never played with someone before this made him smile wider.Then softly do another snowball and throw it to her,to her other leg it.Not wanting to hurt her.The other people wer staring so he did another snowball and throw it to them.

At 11:48am on July 27, 2013, MyCrazyStereoHeart! said…

When the snowball hit his chest this made him laugh,and made another snowball and throw it to her where it hit her right leg,this was a really nice moment with her a funny time and sure do she looked like a freaky girl playing alone without someone else.


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