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Calamity, Death and the Cycle.

"I got nothing left to prove - 'cause I ain't got nothin' left to lose.""See me bare my teeth for you.""Who. Who are you?"It all came down to this, didn't it? This final decision. Who knows how long it'd keep him, but the mercenary was confident it would keep him here for a while. To buy time.The mercenary knew her heart would no longer be the same - especially not after the last time, and this time? Sinh wasn't keen on arriving with a 'I'm not dead' surprise.Not after the last time.What was it…See More
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"..Trying to erase character progress? Yeah, fuck that."

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"(If being an edgy Guts isn't edgy, then I don't know what is.)"
Apr 8
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"But.. who're the competitors for the first round?"
Apr 4
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Deadliest Warrior tournament! Round 1! at HAHAHAHAHAHA

April 15, 2017 at 6pm to April 22, 2017 at 7pm
A time of peace seems to have fallen over the planet of Hellifyknow. A time of silence that has seen the heroes of of this planet vanish into the annals of myth and leaving them all but forgotten. This wrong cannot go unchecked... HEROES OF JUSTICE! MASTERS OF EVIL! Warriors, mages, and rogues one and all! You have been invited to take part in a grand tournament! Come and show off your skills against your opponents and carve yourself a bloody and violent path into the halls of legend! The grand…See More
Apr 4
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Mar 30
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"[Screw it, i'll join. I'm happy to fight!]"
Mar 23
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"[I have to agree that the storyline has gone on for some time and it seems someone gets captured every two seconds. But, that doesn't mean the people in that storyline don't enjoy it. And they're inclined to keep it going. To see this…"
Mar 17
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""Oh, great. Just great.""
Mar 11
Sinh Marol, Iblis commented on Pαиdoяα G. Иαcʜsᴛeяи's blog post 'Pandora's Animal Friendly Family'
Mar 11
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Reincarnation of the Broken.

Deal?Deal.Those were the words that confirmed what was possibly even worse than meeting the Devil himself. What was first a meeting to confirm suspicions, had turned into a deal with a powerful Witch. A psychic, of sorts, struck a deal with the man. And never did Sinh realise that he'd throw himself so far down into his own mind, that his own despair would grip him in such a way. Despair of what he'd just done, and just how it'll all play out in the end.Sinh ended up finding things he never…See More
Mar 7
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"[Hey there - thanks for accepting. Hope to write with you at some point.]"
Mar 5
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"//No need to apologize, I understand; and your reply is just fine so no worries. c:\\ In the process of getting more comfortable, Juri would turn to position herself to sit sideways on the couch before crossing her legs – at the same moment,…"
Mar 4
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""Closing Entertainment just sounds like he's gonna shoot us at the very end.""
Mar 3
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A Night To Remember at Red Sun Inn

March 5, 2017 from 8pm to 10pm
An invitation sat pinned to the wall behind the bar of the Inn, a knife holding a fancy piece of card up for all to see: blood red text sitting on snow white paper so each and every Rogue, ruffian and overly dramatic hero could sit and read:Dear Rouges...The Collector has opened his doors to the Rogues for an open house evening!Dress smart!Gaze upon the being's collection without the threat of being attacked!Enjoy exquisite food and drink through out the evening!And stick around for the closing…See More
Mar 3

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"After sending the crimson blast back to Sinh, Sephiroth had watched as the blast had left his blade but his cat like eyes caught the owner of the attack vanish and with Sinh's whereabouts unknown he stood there and waited with great…"
Mar 3

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Fire and Deceit.

The Devil.

Iblis, the Devil.

[New picture done by Maiden Mercenary Corps!]



Sinh Aleks Marol.


What do you call a man who’s changed from a man, to a monster, to a mercenary, to a devil? Well, you don’t call him anything but what he is at the time. A Devil - Sinh is just that. Iblis, manifested within an immortal body, and then used to travel from one place to another. It’s what Evil did, wasn’t it? It was like a parasite, and this was what was inside of the man.


Sinh is known as the Prime Evil in his own world. Prime Evil, the Devil, the Eighth Sin, even if one didn’t exist in the natural world. The man represented corruption, deception, hatred, death. Someone who took all the gods within his own world and crashed them all to the ground, taking every embodiment of a concept and placing them within himself.


This is what happened to the man who was once a mercenary. What’s the point in being good, when you can simply be evil?



Sinh A. Marol was born in the City of Dehenro in an alternate dimension - known as Dominion - thousands of years before his arrival in Hellifyno. And upon his arrival in Hellifyno, his odd story has since taken turns for the worst and turns for the better, in constant swirls and roundabouts.


His entire story is rather long, but to sum it up, before he came to Hellifyno. What was he going to do on Hellifyno? Well, his story was forged. A monster and yet a mercenary, a man. Sinh. The man knew love, and knew hatred. Knew mistakes. And soon enough, he felt.. At home, there.


The man had spent time and time again on Hellifyno, in the Red Sun Inn - made friends, made enemies. Who didn’t? But, one day a threat came to him. And instead of staying to see how the entire story would end this time, he left. Leaving behind his friends and those he even considered family, rarely visiting, to retreat to his home world. Dominion.


There? He found what he might regret having found. Sinh found something only told in legends - some ancient relic, said to turn worlds asunder. And like the idiot he was - he took it. And from Sinh, the man who loved and was loved - hated, and was hated, something was born. From all the hate and pain, and suffering that the man had felt and seen, came that world’s own version of the Devil. Dominion was thrown into chaos.


And not even two months after - arriving back in Hellifyno, as Sinh. No doubt intent on bringing that same hopeless relic with him - and no doubt intent on feeding on the suffering of others. Iblis. The Devil in disguise.




Height: Sinh stands at 6’3”.


Weight: Sinh clocks in at 154lb.


Eye Color: Sinh’s eyes are often a viridian - something simple, yet beautiful in the minds of some. But, if angered or in need to protect himself, the man’s eyes will turn from a simple viridian to a daring, glowing orange.


Tattoos: Sinh only has one notable tattoo, a crimson, thorned rose on his right upper arm, the petals crimson whilst the rest is a black ink.


Hair style, color and length: Sinh’s hair is messy, reaching to his shoulders and being a rustic red in color, often swept back or kept wild and messy.


Physique: Sinh has a rather muscular physique, not quite as buff and bulky as the average bodybuilder but still supporting the build of an athlete, except for his right arm of which is made of metal completely, from his elbow straight down to the fingertips, with armor to occasionally cover the entire arm. His entire body is covered in scars, though only some are noticeable.


Scars: Thorn-like scar circling his right upper arm, burns along right forearm, large scar diagonally [left-to-right] across his abdomen, several large lashing scars across his back, bite marks around his neck, left cheek missing [reveals teeth underneath]. With every scar, whilst he is angered, the man’s scars will ignite - like they were burning.


Full description: Sinh stands at around 6’3”, hair long and reaching the shoulders whilst being a rustic red in color, both of his eyes naturally a soft viridian but upon occasion, will change to a daring, glowing orange, a sign of hostility or caution. His physique is strong, not as buff as a bodybuilder but toned and muscular similar to an athlete, due to his years of training. The many scars on his body can be seen, ranging from the right arm of which is a metal creation to suffice as a substitute, to the many small scars littering his body, including his left cheek being removed and revealing the teeth underneath the missing skin. A single tattoo is marked on his skin, just above his metal right arm [on the upper arm], showing a crimson rose with thorns sticking out from it.


Attire: The attire of the man has changed since his last visit to Hellifyno, wearing a black scarf and a cloak with two sashes going down the back and front of the man, those at the back being larger, whilst those at the front being smaller, yet carrying two medallions representing a demonic sigil. A white dress shirt is accompanied by a brown vambrace on his left arm, the left hand covered in a fingerless glove with metal finger plating, whilst the right arm has armour along the upper arm to extend the metal arm’s look. Black trousers, along with ebony, knee-height greaves. Often the attire changes, but this is most commonly what it looks like.



Love Interest: Left for himself to know.

There’s a reason Sinh no longer has a lover, or more so, several reasons. The blood-thirsty nature, the insane demeanour at times, the dark past or even the fact he’s generally a rather tricky person. Other than that, his past experiences with romance have all ended in an unfortunate fashion, making enemies or losing friends. So he’s kept away from the subject entirely, feeling it’d end in similar fashion again. Why? Because it’s the reason he left Hellifyno for a while. To get away from ‘love’, even if there were still a few individuals that he held reserved feelings for.


Noteworthy people:


Camryn Blackthorn.

What was once something that could have been the love of his life, had turned into his worst nightmare. His worst enemy. When Sinh killed Camryn, she came back - a force of nature in his eyes, with the power to do whatever she wanted to him and those he cares about. What they have is unstable. It's hate, yet there's still something there. Something that still pulls that Mercenary towards the danger.


Celosia Ascella.

The ghost. Or well, the ghost that Sinh felt like he could spend forever with. Why? Well, they’re a ghost. And had no obligations or duties. No life, in a more literal sense. Perhaps that’s why Sinh liked her. Russian, liked Bourbon, had a nice life with her family - and died from her lover becoming monstrous. Kind of like how Sinh had became. Don’t let that happen again, Sinh. It’s one of the only things you can do, now, can’t you?



Sinh is a mercenary - but beyond that, he’s what’s considered the Devil in his original world of Dominion. In Dominion, Sinh turned from a legendary hero to something only told in nightmares. And became that world’s Devil, wielding an arm made of purest black simply named ‘Iblis’. This arm, his current metal right arm, is capable of creating flames as hot as molten lava, but along with that, the man generally gives off an aura of evil.


Unlike others with such an aura, this one can tempt those with a very weak will into possibly committing sin. Committing evil, as is the Devil’s job - Sinh could turn someone with no will at all, or a mindless animal or beast, into a blood-thirsty monster, just like himself. The man secretly loves the sight of suffering, and even grows stronger upon personally delivering such, either indirectly, through his corruption, or directly, through his own hands.


Sinh, realistically, only has one extremely powerful ability he’ll use as a last resort known as ‘Everlasting Black’, which covers the entire area in a barrage of tendril-like pillars of fire, cutting through anything stupid enough to get caught in its path and attempting to turn an entire area to ashes. A glimpse of Sinh’s true self is seen during such an apocalyptic ability.



  • The Writer of this profile is often busy, be it with college or real life problems, and so patience is heavily appreciated. If you want a long-term RP with this character, don’t expect any instant replies.

  • This character is 18+, and the writer - unless asked not to - will go into full detail. This includes gore, smut and other themes that some may find themselves uneasy about. You’ve been warned.

  • I try a ‘give what you get’ basis, and try to put in as much detail as possible. If you give me a one liner, expect a one liner unless I feel like trying to take it higher and make it a paragraph. But most likely, if i’m given a one liner, I may even just give up. I deal with too much of that on another site.

  • No drama, please. I’m a friendly person and I don’t mind coming to an understanding about anything, and i’ll try to give a reason for any lack of reply upon request. Thanks.

  • I don’t mind RPing in either inbox, chat or comments. Take a pick and i’ll happily oblige.

  • Depending upon how both parties feel about the agreement, I don’t mind making certain events between two characters during a RP canon to this character’s main story.

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At 4:58pm on April 8, 2017,
Qahnaarin Ōtsutsuki

(If being an edgy Guts isn't edgy, then I don't know what is.)

At 2:23pm on March 4, 2017, Juri Han said…

//No need to apologize, I understand; and your reply is just fine so no worries. c:\\

In the process of getting more comfortable, Juri would turn to position herself to sit sideways on the couch before crossing her legs – at the same moment, she couldn’t help but notice Sinh also moving closer to her, though still managed to keep a bit of distance. Probably for the best. While Juri didn’t seem to mind him being close, a more intimate proximity might have ended with painful results.

After telling Sinh to explain any other possible reasons, Juri would once again avoid direct eye contact, a part of her not being completely certain if she was prepared to hear his response. Though The Devil would be the words to direct the spider’s gaze back onto her fellow mercenary. Initially her eyebrow would rise in curiosity as she listened to his words, but as Sinh went further into his explanation, Juri’s expression changed to show obvious shock. Not that she’s never heard of such a thing occurring – quests to obtain power were almost like popular trends these days, and there have been several fighters encountered in the past who have had demonic abilities..but to allegedly have the devil inside of you? It was unexpected to hear, to say the least.

And of all people, it was Sinh…a man the spider deemed to have god-like abilities, even to the point where she considered him to be a worthy opponent..which is a rare occurrence; and yet he allowed a demon to have that much control over him. Of course there was probably more to their so-called arrangement, but Juri still felt oddly displeased that he permitted such a thing to happen. Right after speaking his more endearing words, there would then be a few moments of silence before she finally responded. Her expression all the while reverted back to a more neutral one. "I’m disappointed in you Sinh, letting something have that much of a hold over you. Still, I’m glad we can be together like this, even if it’s only for tonight." She spoke honestly, though there would be a brief pause after realizing what she just admitted to. Which then led Juri to attempt to quickly change the mood following a brief clearing of the throat. "At least things should be more entertaining with you and your little..friend around."

After her minor tease, however, Juri couldn’t help but to wonder what exactly having Iblis within him would entail for Sinh. Sure having the devil inside of you might certainly make you more powerful, but things like that always seemed to come at a price – it had already cost them two years of being together. Still, the whole situation was rather intriguing to the spider; and in her mind, it would only be a matter of time before she encountered this other side if the duo spent enough time together.

At 8:39am on March 3, 2017,

After sending the crimson blast back to Sinh, Sephiroth had watched as the blast had left his blade but his cat like eyes caught the owner of the attack vanish and with Sinh's whereabouts unknown he stood there and waited with great anticipation. Then all had been revealed.

Hearing the crackle of fire but more importantly the lighting, the former SOLDIER didn't hesitate for a single second. Seeing the saber come at him, he didn't want to attempt to clash with it but instead watched as the blade moved closer and closer to him and waited until the last possible second to act.

Sephiroth had called upon not only White Materia but also the Lifestream to wrap his body in a protective cocoon but he had not been unharmed. The force of the blast had sent the tall male to the ground but landed on his back as the concussive force twisted his body as it collided with his cocoon.

With the plume of smoke surrounding them, Sephiroth had just laid there in thought, for his opponent hadn't attempted to go in for the final blow despite the cloud that engulfed them both. But what truly caught his attention was how rather than clear the cloud, his opponent had stumbled. Sephitoth had smiled as he would push himself off the ground only to rush at Sinh only to punch him in his diaphragm to send his body flying, in the hopes he'd skid across the hard and jagged ground.

At 7:23pm on March 2, 2017, Sinh Marol, Iblis said…

[Apologies to slow and long replies, unfortunately i'm caught up with things - personal issues, and thus don't have the time to fully dedicate a reply to comments half of the time. I apologise if this is an inconvenience, or annoyance, to anyone currently RPing through comments with me.]

At 10:41pm on March 1, 2017,

Sephiroth would watch as the tendrils rushed at him, but he was no fool. The former SOLDIER had parried with his Masamune, shifted his body in ways to avoid being struck by the tendrils all the while carefully giving ground as he was pushed away from Sinh. A small scoff left his lips as his eyes narrowed for as the tendrils pushed him back he knew one mistake would prove to be dangerous.

As he continued to give ground, he noticed yet another wave of that same crimson energy rush at him. With a low growl of annoyance with these tendrils, Sephirtoth watched each one carefully. Finding a slight pattern in the attacks, he waited for an opening and had taken it. 

With great haste, Sephiroth would live up to his reputation; first he had gave a quick horizontal slash at several of the tendrils to slice them in half. Quickly, the silver-hair warrior had done the same horizontal slash only this time it was a back-handed slash to clash with the crimson energy. Holding the energy in a deadlock he could truly gauge the power behind the wave and smiled as he held his ground firmly.

The cat like pupil slits narrowed as he focused on Sinh's positioning and saw not only a wing but watched while it shielded him. Sephiroth rose his let hand and brought it down, summoning yet another large Meteor to come crashing down at the young man, while Sephiroth finally matched the power behind the Crimson wave and sent it rushing back at it's creator.

At 12:47am on February 17, 2017, Juri Han said…

True that fighting in any formal wear probably wouldn’t be the wisest of ideas; but equilibrium, no matter what the attire, is something that Juri always maintained. However, she wasn’t necessarily trying to fight Sinh for now – unless the opportunity somehow presented itself to her. No, the spider was far more interested in discovering what else her fellow mercenary felt the need to explain. Sinh’s then mention of how their dates usually end up caused Juri to form a smirk of her own. He certainly wasn’t lying.

She would try her best to hide another little smile upon his realization that he hadn’t invited her in, though the attempt wasn’t too successful. More importantly, Sinh’s prior statement about rekindling was adverted, at least for now. As she then stepped inside, Juri would then use one hand to lift her dress up slightly, her eyes all the while would look around at the contents of the apartment. Its appearance was more on the simple side, which the spider found nothing wrong with. Though for some reason she had expected to see more weaponry scattered about. “I see you’re organized for the most part.” She would then say as she made her way over to his desk – the various items placed on it catching her interest.

She would run her index finger along the pommel of the sword as her gaze went from a pistol and its clips to a book and a few pens – oh that’s right...a brief flashback would remind Juri of Sinh telling her about his hobby of writing. One could only imagine the stories he possibly wrote about in his spare time. Perhaps it would be something the fighter would find desirable to read someday, but the sound of Sinh flopping onto his couch would direct her attention back to him, using that moment to walk over to sit somewhat close to him. Juri would then gently kick off her heels before moving them over a bit, effectively taking up the offer to make herself more comfortable.

Her mismatched eyes would look off for a moment after the suggestion was made, which led to a small sigh emitting past her lips. “Nothing much has changed Sinh. Two years later and I’m still fighting the same old demons.” Juri would say in reference to her quest in seeking vengeance, and the people that seemed so far out from her grasp – the subject was overall depressing so she would quickly move past it. “But don't stall. I've taken your word about the contract part, since the feeling of not wanting fight on those terms is mutual. But..I want to know what else you’re hiding from me.” The tone in which she spoke was serious, and lacked her usual sensual twist. While catching up and telling stories of mayhem was appealing, the spider was currently determined to learn of any other reason that possibly kept them apart for so long.

At 12:58pm on February 3, 2017, Juri Han said…

His response would receive a small smirk from the spider, at least now he knew to some extent what an unwanted interruption felt like on the other end. Juri would then glance back over at the manor for the final time, these types of parties were never her style either – and given the choice she would still rather be in Sinh’s company than to be back inside. Though she wasn’t sure if he would oblige her offer, but once he agreed a small feeling of excitement would overtake her, eventually leading to the return of their eyes locking with each other. The duo may not be on the best of terms, but Juri still couldn’t deny the good times Sinh usually showed her.

With the words brace yourself Juri had the feeling she would be picked up, to which the spider would allow and respond to by wrapping both arms around Sinh’s neck. “Mind the dress will you, for once I would like my outfit to not be ruined.” Another tease being spoken, referring to past encounters – ones that left two of her catsuits beyond repair. Though perhaps this time would be different since a third fight between them still managed to be evaded. Then came the words that caused a more serious expression. Of course Juri knew there was more to Sinh’s return, but was still a bit surprised that he now seemed willing to tell her. What other reasons were behind his disappearance? Hm, the answer would remain unknown for only a while longer, but for now she would enjoy the little ride, while taking pleasure in finally leaving the grounds of that tedious party.

As they took off a small smile appeared across Juri’s lips; though it would never be admitted, she secretly loved whenever they traveled together like this. It was something that was missed – the thrill of the air hitting against her cheek while Sinh ran past buildings and into alleyways at familiar speeds. It didn’t seem to take as long for the duo to arrive at a rather large apparent complex, her heels tapping against the ground as she was then let down. Juri would take a few steps ahead of him while looking around her new surroundings. “You’re certainly putting out all of the stops if you’re brave enough to show me where you live.” But his final statement would cause her to stop...huh, the spider never remembered Sinh to be so persistent. A small chuckle would escape her lips while she temporarily closed her eyes, all the while balling her hand up into a fist. A few moments of silence would pass before she turned back around to face him. “So, are you going to invite me in?” Juri would then ask, now completely avoiding the subject.

At 12:47am on January 21, 2017, Juri Han said…

Must emotions make everything so conflicting? On one side Juri began to understand the reason behind Sinh’s actions to an extent – in the end he cared enough to avoid taking on the contract; but on the other, there was still resentment for how he had left her – though apparently not enough to outright cause a fight. Usually ones who cross or betray the spider sparked negative emotions which resulted in being dealt with in a brutal manner, but this time was different..these resurfaced feelings were seemingly making her soft, which Juri began to find annoying. Any other time it would only be the other person entangled in complex emotions from her allure..but since there was mutual compassion still between the duo, the spider was once more experiencing what it was like to care.

Things would have been easier if Sinh returned a few months after he left, when the rage was still raw and unhinged – negativity was something that Juri was more accustomed to, but having this more positive feeling and the cause of it return to her made everything complex, and it was irritating. It would be so simple to just hate him..yet there still existed a part of Juri who wanted to welcome back what they shared. And it would be the side of her that reigned supreme as both hands were taken into his, which then allowed for any distance between them to be closed. She looked up just as he began to lean in, his hand wrapping around her as their lips connected. But unlike Sinh, the spider’s eyes remained open for the majority of the kiss, closing them for a moment when conceding to her feelings. She had missed this sensation..but still refused to fall completely.

Her free hand moved to cup underneath Sinh’s chin as she deepened the kiss, but eventually Juri would break the exchange, though not before biting his lower lip to pull on it. What a tease. “Our line of work will always lead to our paths crossing.” A small smirk would then briefly form over that thought. “So maybe someday we’ll end up causing destruction together, perhaps I’ll even try to break you again..but don’t expect anything else.” The last few words being spoken in a sadder tone, but Juri would attempt to not appear too bothered. Then right as she was about to continue speaking, the spider would be interrupted by a loud vibration, coming from the small purse around her wrist – the culprit being her phone. Pulling the device out would reveal a text message from one of her bosses, asking where she was. “Huh.~ Maybe this time I should be the one to interrupt our good time.” A teasing remark for how past times spent together had ended. Though the text would be ignored for now, as Juri looked up at Sinh. “I’d hate to have to go back to them, so maybe you can sweep me off my feet to go elsewhere.~ It’d make for the perfect excuse.” Though with Juri not verbally admitting to any mutual feelings, it was questionable if he would even take her up on the suggestion.

At 4:54pm on January 19, 2017, Juri Han said…

Finally.~ It was satisfying to be back outside instead of being surrounded by obnoxious morons; sure it meant Juri was ditching her superiors, but this would only be one of many times where she had done so. The night sky remained clear as the moon shined down, that along with the illumination of the miniature lamps gave things a more peaceful atmosphere. Though as they began to walk the path outside of the manor, Sinh’s response to her tease caused her to look down slightly while remaining silent – Juri may have chosen to venture off with him and his persistence certainly never went unnoticed, but it also left her not knowing how to respond, which was unlike the spider. It was going to be one of those nights.

Soon after his following words would break the silence, and her eyes resettled back on him. Juri would quietly listen before stopping at the end of the pathway, taking an extra step before turning around to face him. An eyebrow then rising while mentally questioning if Sinh was aware of her sarcasm when mentioning being lovey-dovey. The thought of causing mayhem together was forever enticing, but the rest of he wanted still sounded a bit absurd to her. Another sigh would emit from Juri’s lips before she finally spoke. "You can’t leave and expect for things to return back to how they were, or for me to just be able to trust you as if nothing happened. I’m not someone who you can just discard and return to as you please." All the while the tone of her voice would be serious, as Juri attempted to conceal her frustration – a battle that she would eventually lose at this rate. But what Sinh said next caught the spider completely off guard. Her expression not being able to hide the shock..he loved her?

Hearing him say that with such certainty made it feel as if she was hearing it for the first time. Juri’s grip around Sinh’s metal hand would tighten a bit as a result before she shook her head. If this conversation went much further, it might lead her to giving into certain emotions..and she didn’t want that to happen, not least not now. "Sinh.." The spider would pause after saying his name, as her mind was still processing all of what was said. If things were different, maybe the moment could have been like the perfect fairytale. "Why did you really come back?" She would ask in an attempt to change the subject – though the question was one she was genuinely curious about. "You don’t make a grand entrance like that without a good reason."

At 9:15pm on January 18, 2017, Juri Han said…

Juri still wasn’t sure how to exactly feel – these feelings were supposed to be already dealt with, but reuniting with Sinh only seemed to further complex things. There was resentment for his actions as opposed to resenting him overall, but the spider still didn’t trust Sinh – for good reasons. But before long she would notice his mechanical hand moving over to take her hand; the motion at first causing Juri to inch hers away, but after a moment she would slowly move to allow her hand to be held. Though his following words would receive a stare, asking for another chance was pretty bold – but it would be ignored. “Maybe if I was in better fighting attire I would have.” Not that Juri hadn’t fought in a dress before, though when thinking briefly about it things were going surprisingly better than one would expect. Most likely due to a certain temper not being lost.

Juri would then take notice of Sinh grunting, which caused a small smile to appear across her lips – amused to see that he also wasn’t much of a party-goer. Of course, things might have been more so unpleasant for him. Glancing across the room, there were several people looking over at the duo – no doubt gossiping amongst themselves. But who could blame them, Sinh did make quite the comeback – which was another topic Juri would want to discuss, but not here. A chuckle would emit from the spider before responding. “You have some nerve asking me on a date, but luckily for you this place is a bore and I’m already dressed for you to show me a good time.~” She would say as she began to head toward the entrance door, still holding his hand unless he had already let go. The sooner the duo could get the hell out of here, the better.

At this point who knew where things would lead to. Another fight? Perhaps, depending on the spider’s mood. But could Sinh’s request to rekindle what they had become a reality? Maybe so. Perhaps deep down the desire to try again was mutual, but only time could really tell. Being around him made buried feelings resurface – though they would be surrounded by uncertainty and a lack of trust. Despite what happened two years ago, however, he still had more of a chance than most people who would have already been kicked to the curb literally. Though if Sinh was determined to get back on Juri’s good side, he would have to tread carefully with her. A wrong move or any words she didn’t approve of could lead to unpleasant results.

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