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Luna Saito left a comment for Sinh Marol, Iblis
""When you least expect it, Sinh. You will be sorry." "
Jun 1
Luna Saito left a comment for Sinh Marol, Iblis
""... Later. Revenge is a dish best served cold." This totally wasn't a lie to cover up that she had no plan yet, nope. Not in the slightest."
Jun 1
Luna Saito left a comment for Sinh Marol, Iblis
""I can only assume you expected that outcome...""
May 31
Luna Saito left a comment for Sinh Marol, Iblis
""You will regret this, you telephone pole.""
May 31
Sinh Marol, Iblis replied to Cricket The Shebali's discussion 'Medieval Fantasy FF'
"Medieval? That's always fun to play, even if I haven't done so in some time. I'm open to plot something, if you'd like."
May 22
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May 22
Sinh Marol, Iblis replied to Sinh Marol, Iblis's discussion 'Looking for someone to make a GIF.'
"That's completely fine - I appreciate the help either way!"
May 17
Sinh Marol, Iblis replied to Sinh Marol, Iblis's discussion 'Looking for someone to make a GIF.'
"One for the profile, not on the profile picture. Don't want to lag everyone."
May 16
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"If you were wanting to make the gif as a profile picture, it will cause lag for the main chat and everyone in it. But if you are trying to make one to put into your page images then it will be fine. Just wondering which of the two you were doing?"
May 15
Sinh Marol, Iblis replied to Sinh Marol, Iblis's discussion 'Looking for someone to make a GIF.'
"Will do - just need to edit out the image at the moment. I'll send it to you in a few."
May 15
Sinh Marol, Iblis replied to Sinh Marol, Iblis's discussion 'Looking for someone to make a GIF.'
"Aye, it'd be great if you could help."
May 15
Sinh Marol, Iblis posted a discussion

Looking for someone to make a GIF.

Hello people of Rolepages! Currently, i've run into a bit of a conundrum, and was hoping if someone could create a gif for me, for a new profile. The gif in question is of a still image with a screen flicker effect. However, I cannot make this - i'm terribly un-experienced at making Gifs, and so would like someone's help in making this. Please do contact me if you think you can help!See More
May 15
Sinh Marol, Iblis replied to Mouse || WEIA's discussion 'Government of Persistence Proposition (Updated)'
"So, when is the election blog?"
May 7
Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ left a comment for Sinh Marol, Iblis
"Did she have some manner of transportation out of here, maybe. Was she going to tell him that, not at all. Why did she. As soon as he was on the roof as well, all she could do was glance in his direction. Not another word spoken, at least not yet…"
May 3
Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ left a comment for Sinh Marol, Iblis
"Her chest swells as she breathes deeply from that run. Her arms at her side, hand still holding her grappling gun. She listened him out, spoke as he wanted. A chuckle came from her as she soon reaches towards her lips with gloved fingers. Dipping…"
May 2
Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ left a comment for Sinh Marol, Iblis
"Her gaze flickers to the bullets that soon grazing past her. And no, she didn't have the time to turn, because she knew what would be next. It would be the first that she was caught off guard, simply because of some circumstances. She closed…"
May 2

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Fire and Deceit.

The Devil.

Iblis, the Devil.

[New picture done by Maiden Mercenary Corps!]



Sinh Aleks Marol.


What do you call a man who’s changed from a man, to a monster, to a mercenary, to a devil? Well, you don’t call him anything but what he is at the time. A Devil - Sinh is just that. Iblis, manifested within an immortal body, and then used to travel from one place to another. It’s what Evil did, wasn’t it? It was like a parasite, and this was what was inside of the man.


Sinh is known as the Prime Evil in his own world. Prime Evil, the Devil, the Eighth Sin, even if one didn’t exist in the natural world. The man represented corruption, deception, hatred, death. Someone who took all the gods within his own world and crashed them all to the ground, taking every embodiment of a concept and placing them within himself.


This is what happened to the man who was once a mercenary. What’s the point in being good, when you can simply be evil?



Sinh A. Marol was born in the City of Dehenro in an alternate dimension - known as Dominion - thousands of years before his arrival in Hellifyno. And upon his arrival in Hellifyno, his odd story has since taken turns for the worst and turns for the better, in constant swirls and roundabouts.


His entire story is rather long, but to sum it up, before he came to Hellifyno. What was he going to do on Hellifyno? Well, his story was forged. A monster and yet a mercenary, a man. Sinh. The man knew love, and knew hatred. Knew mistakes. And soon enough, he felt.. At home, there.


The man had spent time and time again on Hellifyno, in the Red Sun Inn - made friends, made enemies. Who didn’t? But, one day a threat came to him. And instead of staying to see how the entire story would end this time, he left. Leaving behind his friends and those he even considered family, rarely visiting, to retreat to his home world. Dominion.


There? He found what he might regret having found. Sinh found something only told in legends - some ancient relic, said to turn worlds asunder. And like the idiot he was - he took it. And from Sinh, the man who loved and was loved - hated, and was hated, something was born. From all the hate and pain, and suffering that the man had felt and seen, came that world’s own version of the Devil. Dominion was thrown into chaos.


And not even two months after - arriving back in Hellifyno, as Sinh. No doubt intent on bringing that same hopeless relic with him - and no doubt intent on feeding on the suffering of others. Iblis. The Devil in disguise.

But not every story is so straight-forward for him. Even when he came back.. what unfolded drove him to a state where control was hard to keep. And soon enough, a deal with a certain witch turned him into what he is today. And now he doesn't even remember why he's on Hellifyno.




Height: Sinh stands at 6’3”.


Weight: Sinh clocks in at 154lb.


Eye Color: Sinh’s eyes are often a viridian - something simple, yet beautiful in the minds of some. But, if angered or in need to protect himself, the man’s eyes will turn from a simple viridian to a daring, glowing orange.


Tattoos: Sinh only has one notable tattoo, a crimson, thorned rose on his right upper arm, the petals crimson whilst the rest is a black ink.


Hair style, color and length: Sinh’s hair is messy, reaching to his shoulders and being a rustic red in color, often swept back or kept wild and messy.


Physique: Sinh has a rather muscular physique, not quite as buff and bulky as the average bodybuilder but still supporting the build of an athlete, except for his right arm of which is made of metal completely, from his elbow straight down to the fingertips, with armour to occasionally cover the entire arm. His entire body is covered in scars, though only some are noticeable, and his physique is inhuman. Not to a hulking degree, but there doesn't seem to be an inch of fat upon his body, causing his muscles to press to his skin.


Scars: Thorn-like scar circling his right upper arm, burns along right forearm, large scar diagonally [left-to-right] across his abdomen, several large lashing scars across his back, bite marks around his neck, left cheek missing [reveals teeth underneath]. With every scar, whilst he is angered, the man’s scars will ignite - like they were burning. Entire body is covered in rather large laceration scars.


Full descriptionStanding at 6’3”, Sinh is muscular in build to an almost inhuman degree - he doesn’t have a huge, bulky and hulking physique, but instead, there isn’t a single inch of fat upon his body, being purely muscle and skin, so his muscles press to his skin. Every inch of his skin is covered in scars of some sort, either burns, or massive lacerations that stretch across his skin, deep upon his body. His hair reaches just past his shoulders, rustic red in colour, and is often either let loose, or most of his hair is pulled up and into a ponytail. Sinh’s right arm is replaced by a regal-looking mechanical, with several plates forming a segmented armour, black, with a golden trim upon each one, and the left side of his face carries a tear through his cheek, revealing his jagged teeth beneath, embers slowly escaping the scar.


AttireThe most common attire Sinh wears is a long-sleeved shirt, a simple black in colour, with a jacket, cuffed at the elbow - and either a deep brown or complete black in colour, and a bandana around the lower portion of his face, sometimes either replaced by a scarf or his mask made completely from bone, and sporting the teeth of vampires over the very front. On his left hand is a fingerless glove, and his lower body dons grey slacks, a simple leather belt with a buckle of a wolf, and steel-toed boots, black in colour. Sometimes, the jacket is replaced by a waistcoat, and the long-sleeved shirt replaced by a button-up - but otherwise, this is generally the same attire he wears most of the time.



Love Interest: Left for himself to know.

There’s a reason Sinh no longer has a lover, or more so, several reasons. The blood-thirsty nature, the insane demeanour at times, the dark past or even the fact he’s generally a rather tricky person. Other than that, his past experiences with romance have all ended in an unfortunate fashion, making enemies or losing friends. So he’s kept away from the subject entirely, feeling it’d end in similar fashion again. Why? Because it’s the reason he left Hellifyno for a while. To get away from ‘love’, even if there were still a few individuals that he held reserved feelings for.


Noteworthy people:


Marlena Noire.

The only person his memory currently remembers, as he doesn't remember a single other face other than the one he made a devil-like deal with. All he knows is that one part of his deal was to become nothing more than her servant, doing her bidding. As far as his memory served, he had no reason to. Then again, part of her deal was to take away said memories. And he'd be damned if he didn't keep up his part of the bargain.



Sinh is a mercenary - but beyond that, he’s what’s considered the Devil in his original world of Dominion. In Dominion, Sinh turned from a legendary hero to something only told in nightmares. And became that world’s Devil, wielding an arm made of purest black simply named ‘Iblis’. This arm, his current metal right arm, is capable of creating flames as hot as molten lava, but along with that, the man generally gives off an aura of evil.


Unlike others with such an aura, this one can tempt those with a very weak will into possibly committing sin. Committing evil, as is the Devil’s job - Sinh could turn someone with no will at all, or a mindless animal or beast, into a blood-thirsty monster, just like himself. The man secretly loves the sight of suffering, and even grows stronger upon personally delivering such, either indirectly, through his corruption, or directly, through his own hands.


Sinh, realistically, only has one extremely powerful ability he’ll use as a last resort known as ‘Everlasting Black’, which covers the entire area in a barrage of tendril-like pillars of fire, cutting through anything stupid enough to get caught in its path and attempting to turn an entire area to ashes. A glimpse of Sinh’s true self is seen during such an apocalyptic ability.



  • The Writer of this profile is often busy, be it with college or real life problems, and so patience is heavily appreciated. If you want a long-term RP with this character, don’t expect any instant replies.

  • This character is 18+, and the writer - unless asked not to - will go into full detail. This includes gore, smut and other themes that some may find themselves uneasy about. You’ve been warned.

  • I try a ‘give what you get’ basis, and try to put in as much detail as possible. If you give me a one liner, expect a one liner unless I feel like trying to take it higher and make it a paragraph. But most likely, if i’m given a one liner, I may even just give up. I deal with too much of that on another site.

  • No drama, please. I’m a friendly person and I don’t mind coming to an understanding about anything, and i’ll try to give a reason for any lack of reply upon request. Thanks.

  • I don’t mind RPing in either inbox, chat or comments. Take a pick and i’ll happily oblige.

  • Depending upon how both parties feel about the agreement, I don’t mind making certain events between two characters during a RP canon to this character’s main story.

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At 5:56pm on June 1, 2017, Luna Saito said…

"When you least expect it, Sinh. You will be sorry." 

At 10:22pm on May 31, 2017, Luna Saito said…

"... Later. Revenge is a dish best served cold." This totally wasn't a lie to cover up that she had no plan yet, nope. Not in the slightest.

At 9:38pm on May 31, 2017, Luna Saito said…

"I can only assume you expected that outcome..."

At 9:24pm on May 31, 2017, Luna Saito said…

"You will regret this, you telephone pole."

At 9:00am on May 3, 2017, Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ said…

Did she have some manner of transportation out of here, maybe. Was she going to tell him that, not at all. Why did she. As soon as he was on the roof as well, all she could do was glance in his direction. Not another word spoken, at least not yet anyways. No, she takes the moment to watch his every move. Not that he would act upon anything. If he'd wanted to, he would have done so by now. He'd even gone as far as to holstering his own weapon. Listening as he spoke what he knew about her. Then the matters of his contractors. A nod to his words now and then. But waiting to speak.

Her lips had part to say something, but they draw into a thin line once more. Corners of her lips curling slightly. There was nothing she wasn't used to, even to talk like this. In her mind she was recalling just who was like this, ah yes, Leon. Ada chuckles to herself as she brings herself back to reality. Casting her gaze back on Sinh, who's words weren't affecting her any. Even if he weren't musing, she knew how to keep it business. She'd learned that long ago with that same man she let pass her mind.

Attention was now placed upon his communications list. No different than her own. Crossing her arms just under her bust, she turned her attention elsewhere. Giving him the moment he needed to phone home, as one would say. No doubt calling someone to extract him from the facility. Her's however was waiting a few miles from here. But she was in no hurry. If she were, then her holocube would be going off. No doubt Wesker on the other end. He was speaking again, and she was turning an eye to him.

"While I'm flattered, I will have to decline. A girl shouldn't let a stranger know where she lives on a first date, now can she?" Dropping her arms to her sides, she turns upon a heeled boot. With a slight wave of her hand, she bids him farewell. To no doubt cross paths once more. As she is walking away, she said something. "See you around, Sinh." How or why she knew the man's name is left unsaid. She was walking towards the farthest edge of the building, no doubt intending to grapple to the other side.

At 5:19pm on May 2, 2017, Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ said…

Her chest swells as she breathes deeply from that run. Her arms at her side, hand still holding her grappling gun. She listened him out, spoke as he wanted. A chuckle came from her as she soon reaches towards her lips with gloved fingers. Dipping her head back she sticks a finger into her mouth. Out came a vial. "Sorry about that handsome. But I was a bit busy carrying this." This was the reason why the scandisk was of no importance to her. Why take possible corrupt data over the actual specimen. She offered him a smirk. She did a little something to secure the vial before tossing it up into the air.

Right on time, something comes swooping at high speed, collecting the vial. Leaving her on site, along with the other infiltrator. Ada put a hand on her hip as she shift her weight onto said hip. Her gaze still on the man down below. "You should have taken it." She said with a cool and relaxed tone. And what a tone it was, rich and melodic with cunning and taunt. And while the sample was priority, she was left to leave the site at her own pace. She was not going to be extracted. Typical. And to that, she shakes her head.

Not having the time to before, she drank the man in. From head to toe, he was armed to the teeth. For something so trivial. He was exaggerating looking. No one in his path stood a chance. But then again, who knows what kind of information his side had acquired, and gave him. She on the other hand, knew the levels of danger. So, she packed light. Other than the fact that she liked to look good no matter the job. Again, she shifts her wait. Holstering her grappling gun.

Since she had taken what he'd come here for. Maybe giving him a bit of information was fair. "Sorry to cut into your pay. But if you want to know what was stored here. You should visit the facility in South America." Which there are twenty. Ten of which are inactive. The others however, he would have to shuffle through them and see which was had the gold. "Their security however is a lot more fun." Though he must be guessing, if there are others with this type of information and physical data, why come here instead. That was easy. The specimen here was unstable. Promising great results. The other facilities only came close, but their research was still days from breaching the levels this lab here had gotten. Ada had only scored bigger. Leaving him with a minimal reward. "So don't hold it against me."

At 4:27pm on May 2, 2017, Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ said…

Her gaze flickers to the bullets that soon grazing past her. And no, she didn't have the time to turn, because she knew what would be next. It would be the first that she was caught off guard, simply because of some circumstances. She closed her eyes as if to say, damnit. But the word never leaves her lips. Instead they tug at the corners. With her gun on the ground? A thought springs to mind as she turns her head, only to find a barrel aiming towards it. And a man at the end of it. The very one she had seen on the helicopter.

She hears him talk, but says nothing in return. A lady of chance, one to roll the dice and see the outcome no matter what. She had more at risk than he had money coming to him. With an expression like that of utter surprise, she greets him and his demand of the information. She didn't doubt he knew she had it on her, because he was now indicating it with a single motion of his gun. What had been in the briefcase was a mystery to him, thus giving her the home advantage of sorts.

Ada reaches into her top, past the folds of the red button up she was wearing and right into the lace that lay underneathe. A scandisk, so simple and small. She holds it between her gloved fingers. Fishing it out with upmost care as not to indicate anything fowl. Lest she find herself shot in the head. Though, she has suffered worse. She wasn't one to boast about surviving the damnest things. Holding it close to her, she turns her entire body to face him properly.

Twenty minutes, he said. And that was more than enough for the woman to get out. With a flicker of her wrist she flings it at him, right between the eyes. Expecting him to catch it with little to no effort. While doing so, she would dodge, sidestep on her feet before diving for the door. She seemed little to none interested in the item she had surrendered to him. Sliding down into the hall she quickly gets to her feet. Making quick trip towards the open, dodging what little was left. She would do just the same at the elevator doors.

Not waiting a minute for him to react, because she knew the measure to the man. And wasn't ready for any form of real confrontation. Anything physical anyway. She jumps through the latch at the top of the elevator. Taking hold with a gloved hand on the cable, she shoots at the hinge that kept it taut. It pulls her quickly to the top where she jumps at the open elevator doors. There is a loud commotion as the cable hits the top, coming loose and rendering the elevator useless. Again, she doesn't wait for him. She hurries down the hall where she finds countless bodies that Sinh had taken care of before heading down to greet her.

She chuckles to herself. Looking over her shoulder at the last minute. Expecting the man to be right at her heel. She wouldn't be surprised if he was. Looking forward, she charges towards the door she had come in through. Let there be someone out there, but when she busts right through, no one would be safe behind the door. Reaching behind her back, she gets hold of her grappling gun, that she soon uses. Firing it with an aim, she gets it hooked. Where it looked like she would dive down, instead retracts the grappler. Flinging her entire body upward in one swoop. Placing her at a decent six feet up, right on the roof.

At 3:24pm on May 2, 2017, Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ said…

She put the whole ordeal with the other infiltrator behind her. Taking matters ahead of her at higher priority. This wasn't good. She thought to herself as she produced her communications cube, which too served as many other things. With it, she would scan the area. Not for targets or possible threats. No, she was scanning the air. So.. she had only thirty minutes to do this and be out. Else possible contamination. She didn't want to recall the last thing she had to go through to cleanse off whatever it was she had picked up months ago. With a groan she hurries up.

Sure she could just get the data. But what of possible corruption. That's when physical data was required. And that's something she was going to get her hands on quickly. Before anyone else would, anyway. With her arms locking into position, her pistol held at the ready. Ada starts taking down anything that gets in her way. Living or not. She didn't have the time to spend idling about anymore. Her walk turns into a calculated sprint. Side stepping when something got in her way. Each infected target that was now staggering about was quickly executed. Either shot through the head, or having their heads kicked in.

Ada does this perfectly. Scoffing at the very times she found some matter getting on her person. Dirty. She thought to herself as she pressed her back to the wall. Her head turned and peers into the lab. The door was ajar and the mechanism that would have shut it automatically had been damaged. Simply by observing, something had bust through the doors like it were nothing. Her empty hand felt the door. It's thick, so whatever got out, was capable of some horrible things. Holstering her pistol, she goes for something a bit bigger.

Something that was strapped around her torso. Of course she made no issue of making it known. Now she was. Simply because she knew she might need it. When at times, it would be unneccesary. As her hands word, so are her eyes. Sweeping the area for anyone, anything, as well as what she came here for. Her gaze stops. There, on the floor was a researcher. Half of him was missing, and his arm was still latched onto the handle of the steel briefcase. It has to be that, she thought with a slight nod.

Hurried strides towards the briefcase are taken, but her attention was to her parimeter. Making sure she was listening carefully for anything out of the ordinary. As she makes her way towards the door once more, she knew it would be too good to get out of this unscathed. Maybe a knick to her clothing, but never chancing something cutting the skin. She was too good for that. Majority of the time. She sends the briefcase sliding across into the hall. But not without a little something. Before hitting the floor, the briefcase had been shut. Her hand slipping into her top before back flipping a few times from whatever had taken a swing at her.

Were anyone smart enough to want to take advantage of her being in contact with a target, and going for the briefcase. It would be wise to check it of contents. If not, then they would find it very much empty in the end. Were they to evacuate stupidly. Adjusting into firing position, Ada fires a few rounds into the large abomination that had tried to snag at her leg just moments before. She tightened that leg, shaking the feeling of it grazing her. Though her resolve never faltering. Like the other infiltrator, she was too used to this to even feel the level of threat that this thing actually posed. She was more than capable of taking care of herself. And many knew that to be true.

At 9:23am on May 1, 2017, Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ said…

She slid down the elevator shaft, springing herself onto the ladder at the corner nearest the elevator doors. Looking down she noticed the elevator itself and it didn't appear like it was moving. She was beginning her descent, but stopped suddenly to a sound. Hmm? The sound barely leaves her as she goes quiet. Someone was coming up. No, something was going on. Reaching for her pistol at her side holster she used her thumb on the safety. Quietly she took each step by step down towards the remaining inches to the elevator below. 

Looking around before stepping on the surface. She noted that the locks were in place. This elevator wasn't going anywhere. Her brows furrow. Left foot first, then a right. Ada crouches like a feline, legs taut due to the leather bound around them. Fingertips pressed near the hatch, and the gun in the other. Ready to fire should she need to. Doing what she needed, she got the hatch open, and does it as quietly as possible. A simple click filling the air around her, and no doubt resounding within the four walls within the elevator. 

As she pulls the hatch open, a wafting smell spirals upwards towards her. She averts by turning, but does little to block the stench. Well now. Seems something was definitely wrong, and no one upstairs knew about it. They were guarding a facility that was slowly going to shit without them knowing so. A bitter smile decorates those features. This was going to be one hell of a night. She slips through the opening and lands in what looks like blood. Bits of what she can make out as an arm? Ada steps over it carefully. It was holding the door open, the body was missing to this limb. She poke her head out, looking left then right. Lastly, she looked straight. 

All seemed fine, save for the trail of gore every other way she had inspected. Yet nothing else seemed to be lurking around. Where was the culprit to this mess. Had whatever was kept here escaped? Spread? What? She would try communication, but that didn't seem to be working. Usually happens till the job is done. But she wanted answers, and wanted them now. Though it seemed she would have to find them herself. Stepping back and a bit further, she looks up the hatch then up the shaft itself. She was looking out for the other infiltrator. But he didn't seem like he was done with the guards she had sent his way. 

Stepping out she quickly goes in the direction she had gotten from the floor plans earlier. Looking every corner along her way. The smell only got worse the closer she got to the lab itself. Having no clue what awaited her at the other end.

At 2:02pm on April 28, 2017, Aᴆᴀ Wᴏɴɠ said…

Ada smirked to herself the moment her gaze fell on the other intruder. Bravo. She would utter under her breath. Her lips are grazed with an amused smirk. Going for one of her pockets behind her back. She produces a cube, to which she starts working quickly. Now that the room was free of obstruction and left in the care of that one man. She taps into the system without having to do much. It would take time no doubt, after the chaff like substance subsided. The wonders of technology nowadays.

Getting the map to the facility, she is well on her way towards the lab. Leaving the area near security. But doesn't leave without leaving the man with a little something. And that was notifying security there was something going on. That they needed some assistance. Leaving Sinh with a little company on its way. While Ada herself is in the clear. Staying out of view of the cameras of course. She knew he was here, but doubtfully he knew of her presence here.

She is sprinting towards the open corridor, slipping past the incoming guard. Her pants perfect for the surface of the floor. Her gloved hand being of some assistance as well. Carefully watching, then waiting for the guard to go around the corner. Agile as she is. She gets past him no problem. Needing to take the elevator down a couple floor to the sub levels, she was going to have to make herself known to the onlooker within the monitoring room. Which, brings a smirk to her lips.

Why not. She thought as she hurried to the closed elevator doors. Placing some weight onto her right hip. Hand tapping her outer thigh as she looked up for any activity that might be happening with the elevator. To her luck, none. Nimble fingers work the crease of the doors and forces them open. Doing so, it reveal a steep empty shaft. The elevator was up and no doubt bound down sometime soon. She had to hurry. Slipping in, she turns to look over her shoulder, exposing only her side profile to the camera. On purpose. With the doors closing behind her, she slips downward quickly.

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What was that noise?

It sounded like the faint voice of a distant memory.

A faint voice that was…


Calamity, Death and the Cycle.

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"I got nothing left to prove - 'cause I ain't got nothin' left to lose."

"See me bare my teeth for you."

"Who. Who are…


Reincarnation of the Broken.

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Those were the…


Beautiful Pain.

Posted on March 1, 2017 at 3:06pm 0 Comments

"What, are you mad because I had her?"

Those words resonated in his mind. The words spoken by the one that had broken her. Reminded her just what evil looked like. And it haunted Sinh - hearing those words,…


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Forum Roleplaying

▪ Thomas Wayne? ▪

Started by Bruce Wayne in World's Crossing (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Bruce Wayne 2 hours ago. 15 Replies

In an alternate universe, Thomas Wayne did not lose his…Continue

Tags: dc, universe, crossing, gotham, arkham

Anyone like to RP with a Lycan?

Started by Eliza Kaburagi in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Cullen Stanton Rutherford 2 hours ago. 4 Replies

Heads up, I not-so-great at this "Posting a discussion" thing...Anyways, I am looking for anyone who is willing to RP with me. I do prefer inbox or comments yet, I will do live chat. I have tried main, and its...OK but, my luck runs dry like death…Continue

Calling all Superheroes & Villians! Marvel & DC alike!

Started by James Barnes in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Kara Zor-L,Red Lantern PowerGirl 7 hours ago. 25 Replies

Hello, please read carefully below!Looking for some…Continue

Tags: villains, heroes, marvel, dc

|| ▪ D a u g h t e r O f W o n d e r W o m a n ▪ ||

Started by Stephanie Antiope Prince in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Kara Zor-L,Red Lantern PowerGirl 14 hours ago. 25 Replies

Hello there everyone! I am new to role pages, I have role played…Continue

Tags: role, play, character, original, prince

/any one just up for writing some smut with a story

Started by Cura (God of Change + The Veela) in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by aviva yesterday. 7 Replies

i am going to be honest....i would like to write some smut...plain and simple....Continue

How exactly does one use CSS? / Who can help me figure out how to code my Profile?

Started by Jyn Kirashi in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character). Last reply by Jyn Kirashi yesterday. 3 Replies

This post is about exactly what it says. CSS. I have no clue how to use CSS. Does anyone know how to code CSS? If so, may I please speak to you about possibly helping me code my profile so that it won't look like hot garbage?

Tags: Coding, CSS

Dark Universe RP?

Started by Bruce Wayne in Hellifyno (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Captain James T. Kirk yesterday. 10 Replies

Been hearing about in the entertainment world that Universal Studios is doing this 'Dark Universe' and it has intrigued me very much so. I watched the Mummy and it had a great dark story side building up (until the ending turned into a happy ending)…Continue

Tags: universe, dark

Calling all Star Wars Role Players

Started by the Imperial in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character). Last reply by Astrid "Ravyn" Gaiasdottir yesterday. 9 Replies

The Groups of Star Wars are Reorganizing for another go. We would like to have as many people as possible join in. In this Story we are supposing the events that happened before with the Destiny Empire Sith Empire and Britannian Empire's did happen…Continue

Sorry for the Troubles

Started by Curie in Role Playing Discussion (Out Of Character). Last reply by Dream |ᴛʜᴇ sᴀɴᴅᴍᴀɴ| on Sunday. 8 Replies

I've come back today to issue a full apology to everyone that participated or witnessed my dreadful story line that I attempted to DM.Looking back, I can see that DMing such a thing was way out of my league, but i cannot take full blame for…Continue

Just looking for new stories.

Started by Mai Ortega in Earth (IC Roleplaying). Last reply by Alo Heart on Friday. 10 Replies

Just want some new people to RP with, nothing in particular. My only request is no responses smaller than a paragraph. Usually I reply with multiple paragraphs though. Mai is also a demon, so plan for that. Again, any story will do, just keep it…Continue

Tags: Roleplay, New

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