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Team Work

Posted on July 21, 2017 at 4:36pm 0 Comments

Getting a Clue

Posted on July 21, 2017 at 10:25am 2 Comments

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Jaymie "Jay" Todd left a comment for Det. Nick Valentine
"// Poor Nick x.X And poor you •~• That must be so heartbreaking for you Q.Q \\"
Jun 25
Jaymie "Jay" Todd left a comment for Det. Nick Valentine
"// Nick is single? Didn't I hear he was taken by some lady named Jane Doe or something once? >.> Don't tell me something happened to her.... \\"
Jun 23
Det. Nick Valentine replied to Det. Nick Valentine's discussion 'The Disappearing Act' in the group Valentine Detective Agency
"Nick looks up from a case that he was reading, poised in an office chair and enjoying a cigarette. Before he could respond to that, Ellie butts in cheerfully. "The Dip Sterline Case! Apparently Dip just up and disappeared one day. No one's…"
Mar 29
яσѕα нαℓє replied to Det. Nick Valentine's discussion 'The Disappearing Act' in the group Valentine Detective Agency
"Rosa had been peeking at the case files as she went along to help Ellie sort them. Sure, there was more 'interesting' ones, but this one captured her interest. She wanted to help Dip, where ever he was. Why? The poor guy was a hobgoblin at…"
Mar 28
яσѕα нαℓє joined Det. Nick Valentine's group

Valentine Detective Agency

Missing a child or a lost relative?Lost a precious family heirloom?Have you been framed for a crime that you didn't commit? Have you been murdered and are looking to put your murderer behind bars?Look no further! Come to the Valentine Detective Agency and put your worries at ease. We'll help almost any case that comes to us, with exceptionally low rates! We now have two locations, in Diamond City in the Commonwealth, and an office in downtown Persistence. See More
Mar 28
Det. Nick Valentine added a discussion to the group Valentine Detective Agency

The Disappearing Act

CASE: Dip Sterling's DisappearanceClient: JessieAnother disappearing act to unravel. Dip Sterling. Thirty-five year-old hobgoblin at the Red Sun Inn. One of the owners, Jessie, noticed that Dip hadn't been into work for a few days.Jessie came into my office with a sob story about how she and Dip went way back, and that she just can't believe that Dip would just leave the island without notice. My gut says she's right.Dip didn't have any enemies, at least none with motive enough to kill the guy.…See More
Mar 28
Det. Nick Valentine posted a blog post

We'll Meet Again

March 15th, 2075This was the kind of work Nick despised. He wasn't even supposed to come in today. It was his damn birthday for Christ's sake.There was a shortage of gas, as there was a shortage of most things, thanks to lousy overconsumption. Whatever it was, gas seemed to make people more agitated than usual. So when rumor hit the streets that the local Red Rocket had received a shipment, it didn't take much for tempers to flare.It was a mob that rushed forward like a harsh wave, but his…See More
Mar 15
Det. Nick Valentine posted a blog post

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Music  "You've done it this time, Wright. You're one hell of a nut case to these people, you know that?"  Piper took a long moment of silence. Her face was covered with dried mud and blood. Cracking on the surface of her face from being…See More
Mar 9

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I've been told the detective signs are a bit of an eyesore.

Who Am I...
That's a question I've been trying to figure out myself for a long damn time. I know I'm a synth, authentic Institute handiwork. But I'm still mechanical, not bioengineered like the fancy synths giving everyone the willies these days. I get tune-ups now instead of check-ups. But my memories, my personality, they're all lifted from some cop who volunteered for an experiment back before the war. They scanned his brain and copied it onto the hardware that runs between my ears. Don't know why they chose to ake a robot based on some pre-war cop instead of a math genius or a bioengineer. But hey, maybe that's why the Institute tossed me in the garbage instead of turning me into one of their people snatchers.
My Story Is...
I remember waking up one day in a garbage heap, a body in tatters and a head full of memories belonging to a man who'd been dead for 200 years. Suffice to say, it was a confusing couple of weeks. Folks didn't really know much about synths back then, so when I finally ran into people, they mostly treated me with caution rather than hostility. But the kids, they weren't afraid.

I think his name was Jim.. The first person to actually speak to me after I got the boot from the Institute. My first human contact in the world. Grilled me for an hour. Once they'd seen I wasn't going to hurt anyone, the other folks in the neighborhood came out to ogle the mechanical man. It eventually turned into a pretty swell soiree. Local mechanic even gave me a once over, free of charge. Those people, they treated me like a human being. I've been trying to return the favor ever since.
My Appearance...


    After Operation Winter and the bombs dropping:
5.56 Round (10)
Focused Incendiary Laser Rifle
Improved Targeting Agitated Improved Automatic Laser Pistol
Laser Rifle
Ported .45 Pipe pistol
Short Assault Rifle
Short automatic pipe rifle
Mysterious Stranger case File

Nick is currently widowed, both pre-war and post-apocalypse. Pre-war, he is engaged to a young gal by the name of Jennifer Lands (who ended up being tragically murdered to leave Nick in a mess). Jenny, he calls her.

Post-war he is was married to a young vampire by the name of Jane Doe, who disappeared without a trace. Left as a single parent, Nick has a beautiful little girl named Jillianne Heart Valentine, and a younger son named Nicholas Martin Valentine. 

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At 10:03pm on July 13, 2017,
Ellegard Schmidt // ES-20
// Aww! Poor Nicky Q.Q He must be extremely heartbroken @_@ Maybe he needs a hug from someone? Ellegard would be more than happy to oblige ~ x3 \\
At 3:45pm on July 2, 2017,
Ellegard Schmidt // ES-20
// So Nick is taken by someone? Aww~ That's both adorable and extremely disappointing x.X \\

// Thanks for accepting me BTW :3 \\
At 10:04pm on June 23, 2017,
Jaymie "Jay" Todd
// Poor Nick x.X And poor you •~• That must be so heartbreaking for you Q.Q \\
At 8:03pm on June 14, 2017,
Jaymie "Jay" Todd
// Nick is single? Didn't I hear he was taken by some lady named Jane Doe or something once? >.> Don't tell me something happened to her.... \\
At 9:44pm on June 8, 2017,
Kidd Death
// Thanks for accepting me, hun uwu Would you want to write something? \\

// Also, as you probably know, I saw your blog post :3 Poor Nick @_@ I just wanna cuddle that poor, robotic, cinnamon roll x3 \\
At 4:49pm on June 8, 2017,
Kidd Death
"A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man. Death is a distant rumor to the young. Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight."
At 1:03am on March 16, 2017, Chuck Gardner said…

//Thanks for the add!  Amazing page!  Let me know if you'd like to RP sometime! :)

At 10:51pm on November 23, 2016,
T3-15 [Courser Gen 4]

((Hey! Sorry was out all day and left my PC on apparently... But I didn't mean to ignore you! So don't think that please! Welp, hope to catch you on and cause some trouble!))

At 10:22am on October 18, 2016,
Rudolf Amsel

Greetings again, Herr Valentine.

Gulliver took the liberty of taking this photograph of us today at the Inn. I thought you may wish to have a copy.

My regards to Frau Valentine and Jilly.

- R. Amsel.

At 5:40pm on September 16, 2016,
Claire Marciano
(Yeah it's totally fine I made it to where mafia Era were growing also I'm at work so I'm sorry if my replies are late :))
*She had a small coffee herself and taking a few sips as she read through the newspaper of more investigations going on about more murders and disappearances. Her eyes caught a man who came in and sat down. He was new.*
"...hmm..never seen him here. Time to keep another eye on him. He doesn't look like much though."*She thought to herself as she sipped her coffee and looking back to the paper. This time to plan her next target which was a woman named Levine Larkinson, a prostitute hiding secret money and had been taking down some of her gang.*

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