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Vekta Kel's Discussions

Mercenary ISO of stories

Started Jul 4 0 Replies

Hey there guys and gals,Vekta who is the only character I play on here, is in search of a story[s], campaign, etc to fill her time. I've participated in Marvel/DC universes with her, original arcs,…Continue

Tags: stories, campaigns, role-play, killer, vekta

Ethically Challenged Mercenary/Assassin ISO Stories

Started this discussion. Last reply by Vekta Kel Feb 27. 8 Replies

I've met a few decent folk on here, but I'd like to expand my base even further. My character Vekta is capable of playing in Marvel/DC universes, potentially sci-fi settings, and others. I prefer…Continue

Tags: violence, assassin, mercenary, action, plot

Role-Play Desired

Started this discussion. Last reply by Vekta Kel Nov 29, 2016. 2 Replies

I would prefer the setting to be modern day, fantasy modern is fine as well. This character has transferred over from the Rhydin chat rooms and IRC so I can flow with human, non human etc. What I am…Continue

Tags: story, plot, killer, mercenary, fantasy


Vekta Kel's Page

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Relationship Status
Romantic Interests
Dont joke.
Who Am I...
A girl who gets the job done.
My Story Is...
Of Serbian/Irish heritage, I was the product of an unwanted birth. However, my parents being loyal to the mantra of raising even an unwanted child, did their best to send me only to the schools they could afford. At the age of fifteen, on my way home, I was abducted by men who sought ransom from her father.

When my father refused to pay, I was sold to human harvesters in France. Put into the snuff films and lolita fight pits, where pedophiles got their jollies off watching young girls fight to the death, I endured for two more years until escaping.

Begging for food about Paris, I eventually ended up on the doorstep of a man named Jaque. Seeing a fire my eyes, I was admitted into his home and his company of soldiers for hire, a PMC group called Odin.

It was there that I excelled and passed the rigors of the trials despite it nearly being written that women are not usually accepted.

From a young age I learned of war, of battle, of the fields of combat and death. It has made me inhuman, for I think of nothing now. Unperturbed by the casualties that I will inflict upon others for a paycheck.

Having served nearly a decade in Odin, I parted ways with my adopted family. It's been two years since her leave, and I'm currently freelance.

My behavior can be called rude, crude, down in the masses, middle finger in the air to the camera's, swiggin' soco and dumping rounds into bodies kinda gal. Socially awkward with a touch of impatience. Use a hammer when just a slap is required kind of thing.

You've been warned.
My Appearance...
Periodically dying hair, but originally it's a dark black. Hazel eyes, soft pale skin, though sometimes it's tanned. All depends on my locale really. I'm 5'7", and fairly athletic in build, but not overly so. Proportionate I'd say.
Species (Optional)
-HK33KA3 carbine
a. Silencer
b. red dot
c. 4x acog
-6x additional 5.56mm x 45mm magazines
-M9 pistol
-Safariland drop holster
-4x additional 9mm magazines
-USAS-12 12-guage shotgun
-6x additional 12guage magazines
-5x Flashbangs
-1x Fragmentation grenade
-MBITR radio
-Merrill boots
-spare batteries
-Platecarrier w/ sideplates
-pistol belt w/E&E kit (small knife, blood chit, compass, signal scarf, IR chemstick spinner, red light LED, survival tin)
-translation cards, calculator, pen, paper in Admin pouch
-Thermite grenade
-ATS medical pouch (tourniquet, curlex, Israeli dressing, pill pack, needle and seal for tension pneumothorax procedure)
-Oakley M-Frames
-Maxpedition dump pouch
My Secrets Are...
I have a love of women who are in power. Tyrannical like even.
I Believe...
That every new day is the source of a new paycheck.

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At 8:04pm on July 9, 2017,
Edena Kattalakis

/Please forgive me, family issues had kept me offline... I am ready to start roleplaying again. I remember our plot would you like to still work with that?/

At 11:34pm on April 2, 2017,
Edena Kattalakis

/Work+Family has kept me busy.. Do you have anything in mind, top of my head is perhaps both Vekta and Edena must work together to bring down a target? ♤Edena/

At 12:54am on March 2, 2017,
Edena Kattalakis

|I hope we may, shall we perhaps? Some basics at least...|

At 8:44am on February 15, 2017,
Agolius Vek De'Salerian

Kick my arse? You must be dreaming again doll, seems I'll have to properly remind you again.

At 11:44pm on November 4, 2016,
Lady Amasa Kel

(ello ello)

At 1:13am on September 15, 2016,
Katherine "Kate" Argent. La Loba
(Like the list of weapons. Thanks for accepting

Vekta Kel's Blog

War Maiden vs Super Girl Part 1

Posted on February 7, 2017 at 8:10pm 4 Comments

The Waiting Game

Posted on February 3, 2017 at 11:54am 0 Comments

On the Job Part 2

Posted on December 7, 2016 at 2:44am 0 Comments

On the Job

Posted on December 1, 2016 at 12:30am 0 Comments

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May 8
Vekta Kel posted a status
"I survived the plague!"
Mar 10
Vekta Kel posted a status
"I'd like to apologise to all. I've been quite sick lately, and just not able to be quite articulate words and writing."
Mar 5
Vekta Kel replied to Vekta Kel's discussion 'Ethically Challenged Mercenary/Assassin ISO Stories'
"Well, any ideas towards how they might meet, and or story to follow? "
Feb 27

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