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Mouse | Rosa | Chamenos |Claudius| Nefetari|Hurricane

Mouse Elliot, also known as Ark, is twenty years old, her birthday being on Halloween. As a half Eden Witch, mixed with human, she's a paradoxical person. This has led her into odd relationships, even though currently she is just a single prigle pan-sexual.

Mouse was born into a complicated life. It began before her, with Eden, the first Eden Witch, her father, and a child prostitute, named Emme. Emme died giving birth to Mouse. Mouse's first seven years of life were spent in the filthy basement of Jame's Elliot, as he hurt everyone around him. After finding out about the abuse, Mouse was sheltered by new friends, like the Grendels and her Auntie Jade. Then she was put into the Celestial Plane by her father, where time runs differently, learning magic there, until she turned nineteen, stayed in that Plane. When she turned nineteen she returned to the reality she was born into. There, she had four children, two sets of twins that she loves dearly and lives on in between land of Persistence and California.

Her first children were Rosa Hale and Valentine Hale, born on December fifth. Their father was a werewolf, Peter Augustine, whom she trusts with her life, and is proud to have had miracles with in the first place. The second pair of twins, Cassiopeia and Sirius were born to her and Arch Versailles. Arch was a child hood friend who she met in the Celestial Plane.  She lost her three year old sister in a witch hunt, so she's very protective of her children, and the women who raised her, Jade.

Her family by blood are not the only family she has. Hunter Rose was one of the first people to save her and her aunt, and was her Kahn. Yet, even when he's gone, he has left her a family. Roman is one of her closest, yet farthest friends. Both fathers of her children she cherishes deeply.

Mouse has learned and loved so much in the recovering of her father's wrath..

Her powers are constantly changing, but she has had the ability in the past to create souls and life, thus her familiar Jack the demon shadow rabbit. She has three forms (Echo form, human form and cat form) that she takes on, depending on her emotions and has a variety of magic. Manipulation of the elements (earth, fire, water...), dream communication, healing, telepathy, potion creation, forestry powers and some others are among her natural abilities.  Her necromancy needs work though and the hold she has over the domain- The Witch's Garden; has yet to be earned.

Mouse is what the people of the fifteen hundreds would have accused of being a changeling. At 5'3, she can be adorable innocent, beautiful, sexy or scary. Some times all four.  She has a defined, heart shaped face with high, sharp cheek bones. Her skin can be tan or pale, depending on the weather, but her cheeks are always rosy. With sharp arching .eyebrows over big, round blue eyes, her face often betrays how she feels. Her hair falls in blonde curls down to her waist. No matter what, whether ones see the slender curves on her willowy frame, or the marks covering her body (her children's names are tattooed on her ankles, the sky on her arm, a burned cross on her wrist, a scar on her hip and a birth mark on her shoulder blade), Mouse always seem to be some what delicate. 

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was born on December 16th, one fourth human, one fourth Eden witch and half were wolf. She's young, trying to figure out who she is and what she is.

She's had it rough for some one who is only physically sixteen years old, but in reality isn't even a year old. Her ex  best friend and first crush betrayed her once, torturing her and putting her in a grave, burying her alive and traumatizing her, then shooting himself. O.C.D and nightmares torment her, but she finds comfort in her friends, family and pets. She endures it with a smile and loud behavior, for her mother and for her father. 

Her best friend in the whole world is her brother. Womb mate Valentine Hale! Her father is Peter Augustine and her mom is Mouse Elliot. She has a pet dragon named Valor, with whom under the dragon spell, gron, is bonded with and a phoenix who has given her the ability to host a god named Avante.

She also has a cat named Cloud.


Her Gifts



That was only one of the few words uttered by the dragon to bless Rosa. It means 'bind' in the dragon language, and bind it did- with the dragon's child, a fire dragon later named Valor, with Rosa.

Hosting A God

Rosa's body and affinity with fire has given her the ability to host a fire god. The god is trapped within her soul- fueling her magic and keeping her immortal


Rosa can shift into a wolf when ever she wants

The Phoenix

Eune hatched on the eleventh of April, 2017. He is her phoenix and the one who gifted her with Hosting A God


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Her "alters" or other pieces of her soul other then the main soul, Poppy, are treated like they would be if she was a normal person with normal D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder) though it is unclear which category some of them fall under.

Bunny: |Bunny, sacrificed in witch ritual, takes abuse, sleeps around a lot, female, sweet, protector type, wears only white and pink.|

Dragon: |Caretaker number two, no gender, still born, wisest, creates. Gives better advice, believes in waiting. Dresses like a hippie.|

Cat: |Stray cat, talks like a British dude, care taker type. Often gives advice and gambles. Believes in risk taking and likes 'street style'

Rose:|Died at the age of twenty five, twin sister, a protector and gate keeper, female and defensive. Her style is often... just.. leather and boots and piercings.|

Killer (Mark Willerson):|Perpetrator, aggressive, older male. Almost never takes over, always in the back of her mind. Preacher at one point.

Claudius's core of who she is, the memories that make and shape her have defined her love for drawing and music. She used to dance and sing at talent shows, showing the world how she could entertain but now she performs at a freak show. Her art in drawing and painting has been reserved away, for her and her friend's eyes only. Death makes her sick to her stomach, yet she is not afraid of death having memories of experiencing it five times over. While dying at the age of fifteen she has a basic high school education along with the education her sister received when her sister died at the age of twenty five. Her personality is rather soft and she is known for being stepped on, regarded as a thing when in reality she is so much more. Patience guides her as she waits for the moment to strike her enemies down. Her number one enemy are the people who steal away innocence.

It is noted that on the mother's side of the family, any female  contains the 'sight' and is able to communicate with spirits. Very few are able to bind spirits and even fewer are able to control them. Poppy's ability combined with Rose's ability intensified Claudius's powers and so did the amount of souls in her.

Rose also had a son that she gave up for adoption when he was born. Thanks to recent enlightenment, Claudius has gotten Noah back.

Pierce will never be allowed near Noah. Her first and last love was Pierce. After Poppy died, Pierce moved on to her sister. After Rose died he moved onto Claudius. And after both girls fell back in love with him in the form of  Claudius he moved onto their mother.

Claudius made a vow to never fall in love again. She sleeps around with man or woman, preferring man but willing to taste cat when ever in the mood. She says that she won't fall in love but then again.. 

 Her first ability is the ability to speak and talk to the dead.  Her second ability is the ability to drag people's 'spirit' into her mind, leaving their physical body behind.  Her third ability is called 'soul searching' which basically means she can see other's souls and peer into them, finding their memories and what makes them.. them.  Her fourth ability is the ability to capture and bind a spirit and/or soul to an object or person. She can not undue this regularly. She recently learned how to soul hope, possessing other people.

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Neferati Bastet was never suppose to find out what she was. She was always supposed to stay oblivious to the fact that her mother was a goddess running away from angry gods and that her father was a travelling greek siren in the Nile river. She was never suppose to know what she knows now. She was suppose to live her life like a normal human.

But then again, she isn't a normal human.

At the age of five, she watched as her mother drowned her two other brothers then burned down their home, with herself in it. Two spirits made by the goddess pretended to be Neferati's aunt and uncle. For most of her life she didn't know. But then the same demons she saw the night that her old home burned came back for the remains of what Bastet left behind: Neferati.

That night, Nefetari learned what she was. She learned about her powers, who she really was. That she was destined to fight Apep the snake.

And being Neferati, she embraced what she was. Part siren, part goddess, and destined to fight. Everything she does, is never for herself. Nefetari is selfless, through and through. Sure, she does want her son back, but she was willing to give him up so he would be safe and she wouldn't have a distraction from her work. Everything she does- she does for a species she's not even part of.

(Face Claim: Logan Browning)


Paper Charm Magic

User can create and use paper charms and wards for various purposes. The spells and effects can be prepared in peace, with time and care, thus making them more potent than those of other forms of magic, but yet must be pre-prepared and limited by the number the user carries.

Paper charms and wards are rectangular pieces of paper usually drawn with a brush made of peach wood and a pigment made of red cinnabar which is believed to have strong magical properties. They are mostly written on red or yellow paper using red or black ink, with writing called "Thunder Writing" or "Celestial Calligraphy". They are usually activated by sticking them on something or when making contact. With the more powerful spells needing verbal incantations and or hand gestures. One could also burn the charm and eat the ashes for temporary supernatural effects.

Sunlight blocking

The user is capable of moving sunlight from one area to another

Siren Singing

The user is capable of emitting astonishingly beautiful and enchanting singing voice that is capable of summoning/luring anyone who hears it to come towards the singer.

Water Manipulation

User can create, shape and manipulate water, inorganic compound with liquid, gas (steam, water vapour), and solid (ice) states, including changing them from one state to other.

Water Mimicry

User is made up of or can transform their body completely into water. Users' transformed form is either anatomically identical to their normal form, aside of being made of water, in which case it contains all to organs and is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately the user can transform into homogenous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.


User can create, shape and manipulate glass, an amorphous (non-crystalline) solid material that exhibits a glass transition, which is the reversible transition in amorphous materials (or in amorphous regions within semicrystalline materials) from a hard and relatively brittle state into a molten or rubber-like state. User can also look through mirrors and travel in them.


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Birthing Day

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Ilios screamed. This was the most difficult, painful thing she had ever experienced in her entire life. She screamed and screamed, pushing with all her strength until a tiny cry cut through the air. Ilios's mother, Vlastaris, the-one-who-made-trees-grow, held the little cub, who happened to be in human form, close to her chest. This was tradition. "Ilios!" Something was wrong. Ilios could feel her mother's worry. "What is it?" The tired one-who-brought-sun asked her mother. "Ilios, her eyes." Ilios took her child close, and peered at her face. The baby she had pushed out, a baby girl that was crying for her mother's milk, had one brown eye and one blue eye. Ilios drew a shaky breath in. "Her eyes.. this will have to do with her legend I fear... hopefully not a curse." Vlastaris shook her head. "No... this child will be a blessing. Her father will name her well tonight! Shall I go get him?" Ilios nodded. Vlastaris exited the birthing cave, retrieving Ilnois's mate, Epizon.

Epizon had his legend and name changed after he had survived a wolf attack. It meant he-who-survived, or more simply, survivor. He was leader of the hunt, a brave warrior and the King of the Living Pride. Ilnois knew he would choose a good name as he entered the cave and looked at his daughter with a loving expression. "Oh. How beautiful! We have a strong daughter with mysterious eyes! She is a sign of wonder, of tomorrow!" He held his daughter in his tattooed arms, taking her outside where the pride had gathered. "Listen, all of you. This is my daughter! This is my daughter! And she will be the-one-to-bring-us-to-tomorrow. Her blue eye represents the ocean the herds that follow and visit every year during winter, and her brown eye represents our home, that we always come back to. We will follow her for she... For she is Elpida!" She was Hope.

Joining Day

"Pop, I can't move!" Little Elpida exclaimed, playing dead by the cave entrance. Her voice was light and excited, with a little three year old lisp. Epizon chuckled as he looked at his daughter but Ilnois was annoyed. "Elpida, we do not have the time for this!" The roof was low, so when both parents approached, leaning forwards slightly, they towered over Elpida. The message was quick to register, and Elpida shifted into four hundred pounds of muscle. A full fledged adult similon.

Outside, the Pride was abuzz with activity. Everyone was happily sitting at the base of Oracle's cypress tree, watching the old, magical, silvery and certainly bony saber tooth make his way down from one of the branches. He sat by a bowl of ink, opening his jaws and letting out a roar. The Joining had started.

Elpida moved fast, knowing that she had to find some sort of prey to track within the week, or she would never be able to truly take part in the pride. It was a difficult process, but she heard the cry of an injured camel. Finishing it off with one simple slash to the throat she brought it back to camp. The pride exclaimed her name. One other of her winter had already returned. Within that week, the other three year old didn't come back with prey. Her throat tightened on the seventh day, when in dawn, they were banished.

The Oracle took her and the other to the base of his tree, where he dipped his fingers in the bowl of magical ink and gave them their éntimi meláni, a series of moving pride tattoos that marked you as a part of the pride. She felt happy.

The Year of Hunger

The year of hunger was her year of exile. It started off, when the herds left early and despite migrating side by side with the herds, there was little prey. Then when the mating season came, and she was sixteen, the Oracle's son proposed to be her mate. She refused. Bitter about the rejection the Oracle's son went to the Oracle and complained. It wasn't long till she was changed to the-one-who-holds-a-curse-and-will-make-the-clan-lose-their-future. She was Lost, or Chamenos then. Exiled by magic, she was cursed to wander the earth forever, without a home, always lost...


[enter you!] This is where plots from other roleplays will be added to her story line to form even more pieces of her pasts...


Human Form

Face claim: Mila Tunis

Chaménos has a heart shaped face with a small forehead and a strong jawline. Delicate bone structure create high, wide cheek bones and a smaller chin with wide set eyes. Not only are her eyes large and round, looking up through thick lashes, they are bi colored.

Her left eye is a bright sky blue and her right is a warm brown. Under high arching eyebrows, they often look people straight in their own eyes, considering she stands at 5'6". Her button nose rest evenly on Chaménos' face and above full, pink, rose bud lips.

To frame her face, her dark caramel hair is parted at the widows peak. It shows off her slender shoulders, tan skin, and her body that way. The saber shifter's body is curvy and lean, hidden under baggy clothes.

Her tattoos, the éntimi meláni circle her entire right arm, constantly moving. They are a dark brown and were received when she was three, because that's when her saber tooth form was done growing and she could contribute to the pride.

Saber-tooth Form

Compared to other big cats, Smilidons were more robustly built, like Chaménos is. Her broad muscled limbs make it hard to climb trees but give her the ability to pull down large prey.

Her saber teeth are long and slender, and she is able to open her mouth 120 degrees to reveal all her teeth. She is 500 pounds roughly of muscle and tan spotted fur. Compared to other cats, her eyes are smaller, but still bi-colored, the left being blue and the right being brown.


Chaménos is passive aggressive when angry, protective, loyal, open minded and often feels lost because of her cures. Her curiosity often leads her to 'inspect' things and she doesn't like to be treated as if she has been tamed when in saber tooth form.

"My whole world is falling apart. What's your excuse for being a bitch?"

Hurricane was born in the zombie apocalypse. She was born outside of Prosper, out side of the Wall of Flesh and into the cruel world of the Dead Zone. She won't speak about what happened, or her first name, but she'll tell the story about how Prosper's current leader, who had been just a soldier back then, found her in the disaster area of the southern interior of the Wall of Flesh by the ocean.

She will not speak about how she can survive zombie bites. But she can. She can survive zombie, vampire, were wolf bites and not get infected. That scar on her pale cheek is a reminder of this. That's not the only thing she can do.

She's been known to communicate with morphers, half zombie-half animals, and animals alike. Command them  almost. She's been able to walk through zombie mobs and survive.. but the questions on why should never be found out. 





















No character is allowed to impose any major life changes on my character without my say so

This means that you cannot kill my character, maim them, cause them permanent bodily harm, alter their body or personality permanently

You are also not allowed to rape or sexually assault my character in role play without prior consent from me. That could literally trigger me, and not in the meme way. Like.. complex PTSD way. So respect this.

Do. Not. God. Mod. If you need a definition: X

If you have a plot in mind, just tell me before hand. This includes any possible relationships. I prefer multi paragraphs, or a single paragraph in comments, but I can be flexible to where we role play


OOC NOTES: Thank you super power wiki! ( It's how I organized my character's powers)

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At 5:22am on May 25, 2017,
Oliana Merryn-Giese
She need not fear the Fae, on Asmiara their soul purpose was to safe guard the natural world and the creatures that called it home. It was the reason Nature had created them after all, but Oli just smiled at the girls exuberant behaviour. Wiggling her gloved fingers as if to remind the girl they needed to be touching for the teleportation to carry them both.
At 11:44am on May 19, 2017, Arch Versailles said…

As usual the hustle and bustle of the inn was chaotic and raucous. Judah sat beside Chamenos, as they laughed, talked, got into deep conversation- you know, the usual. All seemed normal to the spirit and the saber tooth. Until the doors of the inn swung open to reveal a white haired man, his alabaster cloak long, smelling efflorescent, his golden piercings glinting in the light.

It was South.

He made his way over to where Chamenos and Judah sat at the bar, causing the spirits eyes to widen. "Y-You...you gave me morals!" Judah muttered in awe, astounded that he saw the Witch again. South would raise a hand to silence him. He had no time. "Chamenos, we must talk." He said, urgency clear in his stone gray eyes. "It's about a pack. A saber tooth pack."

At 10:13pm on May 13, 2017,
Oliana Merryn-Giese
She canted her head to one side, blinking owlishly. "Well I suppose I could take you for a visit. Just don't wander off and definitely don't go in the Forbidden Forest alone. The fae might be friendly but the monsters who also lurk there are dangerous." She spoke the warning before pulling a set of gloves on and holding her hand out to the girl, she'd never killed anyone by accident when touching them but it didn't hurt to take precautions.

"Oh know he does. Where we're from the bond between witch and familiar is one that's deep and soulful, each familiar serves a purpose to their witch. We're there to guide them, even if they don't believe they need the help." She'd elaborate further if she was asked, explain that fate always gave the witch a familiar that matched them, that by doing her purpose Oli was constantly nagging the stubborn male to go out and spend time with his family. To make friends, to stop pushing away the people who loved him. Even to believe in himself more. Familiars were the lifelong companions of the witch they were bonded to and as such could read them in a way none other could.

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