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I am Wiccan
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Face claim: Toni Gabriel Mahfud
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Well, shit happens.

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Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"-warlock grinned when he saw his lover walking in the kitchen completely naked- morning -he turned his head and captured William's lips for a soft kiss- how was your sleep? -he asked as he pulled away and went to fill two mugs with coffee, he…"
Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"-he nodded sleepy smile still played on his face- yes sleep was excellent -he kissed boy back before chuckling once he saw Wills look at pancakes- good -he snapped his fingers and a plate full of pancakes appeared in front of William levitating in…"
Kara Zor-El II - Dark Supergirl left a comment for Wiccan
"(Ok. Mind starting? Can be a club scene and see what happens from there)"
Jun 4
Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"-warlock snuggled comfortably against younger man and fall asleep once again. Couple hours later he woke up again rolled on hia back and yawned stretching juat like a cat. He then looked at William and smiled softly before he got out of bed put on a…"
Jun 4
Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"-warlock slept with his face buried in the pillow to avoid unpleasant sunshine from bothering his eyes,he felt movement beside him and turned his head a little bit opening one catlike eye to look at William- go back to sleep its still early -he…"
Jun 4
Under construction left a comment for Wiccan
"Dehaka would later Open the door letting a flash of blinding light come in the cell, He walk over to Wiccan with an hot Iron pick and snarled to him." This outta put a damping on your flashing the tricks, I've had it with tark's using…"
May 29
Under construction left a comment for Wiccan
"" They are the Beast of Mordor, they are to be hunted and devoured by our kind, they are to ridden into battle, used a war machines, they are to be used as entertainment and bait to attract bigger badder prey, your love for these beast is not…"
May 29
Under construction left a comment for Wiccan
"Dehaka stopped his attack, He had a look of confusion as he then would have his men shackle the man thing in Iron cuffs, The shackles would span from his collar around the neck, to his chained hands and down to his legs. " You sacrifice…"
May 29
Under construction left a comment for Wiccan
"Dehaka's face turn's cold and he equips his blades, He then step's out to the front having his Ururk take a line formation behind him, his archers would fire a line of arrow's showering the area, as he swung the first strike at…"
May 29
Under construction left a comment for Wiccan
"The Caragor's begin to circle the man and the group of Ururks, One launch out, pouncing onto an warrior, His scream left out and a low Growl quickly silenced the Ururk, Dehaka and his force step back as dehaka grip the Beast and sliced threw…"
May 24
Under construction left a comment for Wiccan
"Dehaka would smirk and kept his march onward until they where out to an large field. They would soon be joined by a Savage pack of Caragors.  " These are the Beast You think so to be treated as, You will witness first hand the Monsters of…"
May 24
Under construction left a comment for Wiccan
"Dehaka let off his press and took a step back, as his men opened the Door's of his chamber and piled in an line order, shields at the front and crossbows behind them swords and axes at Dehaka's side, They, begin to walk closer trying to…"
May 24
Under construction left a comment for Wiccan
"Dehaka pushed hard trying to cut into the wizard, Despite being wounded he was impressed at his resilience." Spite me as you will, it helps cull the weak, Men-thing's like you would not understand."Dehaka grit his teeth and looked the…"
May 24
Kara Zor-El II - Dark Supergirl left a comment for Wiccan
"(Hmmm possibly. He is a superhero or Do gooder right? They could cross paths when she is doing something bad or mmm. Is he the club goer type? My Kara is easily found at rave clubs and seedy criminal Underground establishments ."
May 19
Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"Magnus:: -he grinned and laid his head on your shoulder wrapping his arm around your waist- well I did -he murmured before leaning up to kiss you back- good night William -he snapped his fingers and light turned off in the room he then laid his head…"
May 18
Rosario Mialtha Helsing left a comment for Wiccan
""I was unaware you are in a relationship with pizza." Rosario would tease before turning to the moving, watching it for a moment. She still couldn't believe that he never watched The Walking Dead but it was nice to watch it with him…"
May 18

Name: William Billy Kaplan

Alias: Wiccan


Young Avengers

Orientation: Pansexual

Character Type: Mutant/Mage 


Wanda Maximoff "Scarlet Witch"- Mother
Vision- Father
Pietro Maximoff "Quicksilver- Uncle
Erik Lehnsherr "Magneto" - Grandfather
Thomas Shepard "Speed"


William-Magnus Bane

Billy- Kiromaru


Billy Kaplan never had a problem being different than other people. It was other people that had a problem with him. Being raised in a normal home in New York with his loving mother, Rebecca Kaplan, father, Jeff Kaplan, and two brothers, Billy had the average problems for a gay teenager. In school, he met a tremendous amount of hate and fear because he was different. Billy's issues escalated as he grew older and entered high school where his differences became the source of endless torment and violence.

John Kessler was Billy's main nemesis and after receiving a beating that left him sore and bloody, Billy went to his favorite place to calm down -The Avengers Mansion. A woman jogger passed by and asked him if he was okay because she saw the boy was bleeding. Billy explained to the woman what had happened and was shocked to see the woman was none other than Scarlet Witch. Flabbergasted, he then admitted that she was his favorite Avenger.

Once Scarlet Witch had heard the full story of his troubles at school, she told him that next time he was threatened the best thing to do would be to stand up to Kessler. Billy scoffed at her advice and told her maybe if he had powers like her he could. She reassured him that "Everyone has some gift," and advised him that next time he encounter Kessler, not to back down. Billy did not take Scarlet Witch's advice. He avoided Kessler at all costs until one day he saw Kessler had found a new victim. Unable to allow another to suffer Kessler's abuse in his place, he confronted Kessler. While being attacked, Billy's powers manifested for the first time. Unable to control them, he electrocuted Kessler, nearly killing him.

Shocked and afraid at what he had done, Billy ran back to the Avengers Mansion to talk with the Scarlet Witch but she was nowhere to be found.


Astral Projection
Blast Power
Dimensional Manipulation
Divine Powers
Electricity Control
Energy Absorption
Energy Based Constructs
Energy Manipulation
Energy Shield
Energy-Enhanced Strike
Fire Control
Force Field
Heat Generation
Illusion Casting
Light Projection
Probability Manipulation
Reality Manpulation
Water Control
Willpower-Based Constructs

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At 7:55pm on June 19, 2017,
Hallhan 'Drey' Helsing

//I'm trying, so I'll keep trying. Thanks bud.//

At 5:53pm on June 19, 2017,
Hallhan 'Drey' Helsing

//Yes, I'm just having to deal with some issues in real life at the moment. I apologize. I'll answer when I get ready to fully come back and answer.//

At 12:11pm on June 12, 2017,
Magnus Bane

-he nodded sleepy smile still played on his face- yes sleep was excellent -he kissed boy back before chuckling once he saw Wills look at pancakes- good -he snapped his fingers and a plate full of pancakes appeared in front of William levitating in the air- dig in -he took another sip of his coffee and watched his new lover- do you have any plans today?

At 11:46pm on June 11, 2017, Scott Lang ᵀʰᵉ ᴬᶰᵗ⁻ᴹᵃᶰ said…

At the sound of his name, Scott looked over at the Captain with a look of shock. He'd not expected to be trusted to lead a team already. He's still getting his mind around the fact he was an avenger and part of so much more than he had been with Pym. To be considered a 'super hero', although if he's honest to be seen as a hero by his daughter was more than enough for him. But this was great! He grins and replies, 

"You bet!" It's said enthusiastically, more than happy to do this. So he picks his team and heads out, maybe a little nervous because he can't mess this up and who knows maybe it's just a rumor after all, but he's still determine to succeed.

At 6:53pm on June 9, 2017,
Hallhan 'Drey' Helsing

Raising an eyebrow at William, Drey would lean back in his seat before chuckling lightly. "Little adventure, huh? Why don't you voice this little adventure to me, cutie?" He purred before leaning closer to William's face now, kissing him on the lips. Pulling back, he tilted his head as he waited for William to answer him.


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