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I am Wiccan
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Apr 13
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"((I usually wing it but if you prefer to plat we can work out some ideas I mean...I usually just like to come up with a reason for them to meet and then wing it from there.))"
Apr 13
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"The early morning sun was seeping through the glass walls of the Greenhouse, warming the budding flora as it bid them a good morning. Alistair was already awake and seated at the painted white two-seater outdoor setting tucked neatly in one corner,…"
Apr 13

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Apr 13

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"Maybe I am -he grinned as he heard what young magician said- hmm you are very wise for such a young age, thank you for advice -warlock turned his head slowly and his lips softly brushed against William's-"
Apr 13

Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"-Magnus wrapped one arm around William's waist pulling boy a little closer to him as they kissed softly, warlock smiled against William's lips as he felt boy's fingers in his spiked sparkling hair.When they pulled from each other…"
Apr 13

Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"-Magnus wrapped one arm around William's waist pulling boy a little closer to him as they kissed softly, warlock smiled against William's lips as he felt boy's fingers in his spiked sparkling hair.When they pulled from each other…"
Apr 13

Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"-he followed William gaze and also saw the others watching them and immediately the mood changed he noticed how all the playfulness disappeared from William's face- perhaps you right -Magnus snapped his fingers and a small white card with his…"
Apr 13

Magnus Bane left a comment for Wiccan
"-after the meeting he came back home, Magnus was about to take off his make up and get ready for bed when he heard knocking on the door, warlock walked to the door and opened it he grinned when he saw William standing there- William, come in -he…"
Apr 13

Name: William Billy Kaplan

Alias: Wiccan


Young Avengers

Orientation: Pansexual

Character Type: Mutant/Mage 


Wanda Maximoff "Scarlet Witch"- Mother
Vision- Father
Pietro Maximoff "Quicksilver- Uncle
Erik Lehnsherr "Magneto" - Grandfather
Thomas Shepard "Speed"


William-Magnus Bane

Billy- Kiromaru


Billy Kaplan never had a problem being different than other people. It was other people that had a problem with him. Being raised in a normal home in New York with his loving mother, Rebecca Kaplan, father, Jeff Kaplan, and two brothers, Billy had the average problems for a gay teenager. In school, he met a tremendous amount of hate and fear because he was different. Billy's issues escalated as he grew older and entered high school where his differences became the source of endless torment and violence.

John Kessler was Billy's main nemesis and after receiving a beating that left him sore and bloody, Billy went to his favorite place to calm down -The Avengers Mansion. A woman jogger passed by and asked him if he was okay because she saw the boy was bleeding. Billy explained to the woman what had happened and was shocked to see the woman was none other than Scarlet Witch. Flabbergasted, he then admitted that she was his favorite Avenger.

Once Scarlet Witch had heard the full story of his troubles at school, she told him that next time he was threatened the best thing to do would be to stand up to Kessler. Billy scoffed at her advice and told her maybe if he had powers like her he could. She reassured him that "Everyone has some gift," and advised him that next time he encounter Kessler, not to back down. Billy did not take Scarlet Witch's advice. He avoided Kessler at all costs until one day he saw Kessler had found a new victim. Unable to allow another to suffer Kessler's abuse in his place, he confronted Kessler. While being attacked, Billy's powers manifested for the first time. Unable to control them, he electrocuted Kessler, nearly killing him.

Shocked and afraid at what he had done, Billy ran back to the Avengers Mansion to talk with the Scarlet Witch but she was nowhere to be found.


Astral Projection
Blast Power
Dimensional Manipulation
Divine Powers
Electricity Control
Energy Absorption
Energy Based Constructs
Energy Manipulation
Energy Shield
Energy-Enhanced Strike
Fire Control
Force Field
Heat Generation
Illusion Casting
Light Projection
Probability Manipulation
Reality Manpulation
Water Control
Willpower-Based Constructs

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At 10:56pm on April 25, 2017, ⱱ ɵ ῑ ɗ said…
``Tsukomi listened to what Wiccan said before speaking.

"I may have not experienced your pain boy but I have experienced pain you will never understand. With a touch of my hand, I can show you what you will turn into. I've lived thousands of year's and meet thousands off witches and magic users. They ALL make the same choices. You will be no different than them...but you will be the first I have ever spared. You have earned a sliver of my respect and because of that, I will not kill you or your friend. Be warned not ever pass into my territory again." He growled and with that he left, changing back into his human form and retrieved his fox mask to place it back over his face.``
At 10:29pm on April 25, 2017, ⱱ ɵ ῑ ɗ said…

``Even as he changed further, the chains still held him firmly, ceasing any movement from him which caused him to glare into Wiccan and soon they were face to face.

"What will you do now? Kill me? Try to contain my power? You are no different than the others boy. I have seen your kind for thousands of years. You all turn out the same in the end." he growled, waiting to see what he did. He pulled on the chains, attempting to break free and was royally pissed at these 2 boys.``

At 10:15pm on April 25, 2017, ⱱ ɵ ῑ ɗ said…

``Tsukomi grinned wickedly seeing Wiccan suffering at the sight of his brother being slowly tortured. He absolutely loathed witches or any being that could use magic because of his past and thought them all to be abominations that he was to destroy. Lost in the pleasure of seeing Wiccan in pain over his brother, he did not notice the pentagrams and soon chains wrapped around his arms and legs including 2 of his 3 tails he pulled on them with a growl and roar that forced him to drop Speed. Weakened temporarily, he focused enough to bring forth more of his tails that at the same time, would make him transform even further. Depending on the material of the chains, they could either easily break or contain him even in his full form which in that case, he was screwed though he had yet to meet anyone who could subdue him completely even in his 7000 years of life.``

At 9:55pm on April 25, 2017, ⱱ ɵ ῑ ɗ said…

``Tsukomi growled when he missed hitting either of them, watching how both interacted and could see catching Speed would be hard but more than likely would stop Wiccan from using any other attacks if his friends life was at stake. Moving so the ceiling prisms would not come down upon him so much and went to grabbing Speed while he was busy talking to Wiccan in his massive paw, squeezing him tightly to the point he was close to breaking Speeds ribs but not quite yet.

"Witch or not, you have magic and all magic users will use it at one point or another for personal gain. It was magic users who attempted to contain me, I will spare no soul that can use magic until all are gone!" he roared, squeezing Speed tighter which no doubt would soon become very painful if it wasn't already. His body had ceased changing anymore but depending on how Wiccan answered if he would fully transform or stay in his current form.``

At 9:34pm on April 25, 2017, ⱱ ɵ ῑ ɗ said…

``"Your insolance will be the death of you. Lies! The smell of a witch is on you! You think I am a fool?!" he growled at Wiccan. Watching as the room changed, protecting the people close by, Tsukomi turned his attention back to Wiccan and Speed. "You still claim not to be a witch?" he snarked, running towards them both for an attack. He brought his tail around, hoping to sweep them off there feet and land on the ground so he could crush them beneath one of his massive paws that was covered in white fur even while his body still retained his human form.``

~XD No problem!~


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