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Posted on April 27, 2016 at 5:19am 0 Comments

Are you sick of people telling you what to do? How to live YOUR life? Do you want the rich to take a hit and give the poor a raise? Then vote Dante for Chief Executor of Shadows. I was not only born and raised in the Shadows, but I mastered them and made them my own. I want to put a change to the needless killings and fights. As the CE of Shadows, I believe I will be able to do. All villians will be put to rest and Heroes will be made HEROES.

If you want a change then vote Dante, but…


Death of a Loved One

Posted on December 15, 2015 at 5:46am 3 Comments

Hey everyone,

I am incredibly sorry to say this, but I feel my time has come to a close on Rolepages. I have made some wonderful friends on here. But now I need to ask one more favour.

I want to kill off Danteus Dragule (Never to use him again), however I want it to be in a way that would be fitting for him.

Would or Could anyone help me with a mini-storyline to make this happen?

My Facebook is Luke Basker-Hugill

My Twitter is…


An OOC Blog

Posted on November 8, 2015 at 6:27am 1 Comment

Hey everyone,

As you all know I am the Player of Danteus Dragule and a little while ago, we had a slight impact we video roleplaying. I used to do quite a lot of it myself as Dante. However, I would like to get to know your opinions on something. Would like me to continue to video roleplaying just occasionally or would you prefer me to stop completely?

The reason I ask, is because if you would like me to continue I may just make a seperate YouTube Channel just for my video…


The Slumber

Posted on February 5, 2015 at 5:53pm 0 Comments

He sat behind his desk writing a letter to all his friends and family. A tear of blood seeped from his scarred right eye, which eventually dropped onto the piece of parchment that he was writing on. 

"My dearest friends and family,…




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May your senses stay strong and your Blade stay sharp.

Legacy of a Dragon

This isn't a once upon a time story, nor is it your stereo typical Vampire bullshit story. This is a brief about the Rise of the Xera.

The bastard that started the Coven and Danteus's Father was King Vladimir Dragule and his Mother was named Pandora Dragule. But shortly after Dante's birth he was wrapped in a black woolen blanket with had the Dragule Family Crest embroided onto it with Pearl white fibres. Now Dante didn't know what was going on behind closed doors with his parents. All he knows is that he was left in a basket, wrapped up in the blanket on his Father's front door step. His Mother had left him with his Father, never to be seen again.

So Dante began growing up without his Mother around and he had also became his Father's little errand boy. Doing little odd jobs like getting people to cough up their protection rates and even their rent. His Father was a proper tight bastard and sometimes the 10 year old Dante would even come back to the stately home with black eyes and sometimes on a really bad day broken bones. But his Father didn't and never bat an eyelid. One day, Dante decided he was going to rebel against his Father, not knowing that this would spark a hatred and anger for his own Father. He spoke to his Father who was accompanied by Dante's Auntie Moyu and Uncle Hashai. These are the words he spoke "Father, I want to learn the Ways of the Blade?" Not long after Dante had said this to his Father. He took out his Katana and swiftly slashed Dante's right eye. Which is the reason he now has a scar down his right eye.

On Dante's travels towards he met a young boy around the same age as himself training to become a shinobi. So they travelled together towards the same place. Eventually they became best friends as it was an extremely long journey to the place of learning where they were heading. His new friends name was Yoshiro Takamura, which Dante began to nickname him Yoshi. But when they got to one town which was unnamed Yoshi betrayed Dante and stole from a store and framed him. So from then on Dante was once again a lone traveller but it wasn't too long, before he reached the Temple and began his training. But the next event in his life would cause him much pain.

Dante several years passed whilst he trained under one of the best Sensei in the land that he had never seen before. Dante was a quick learner and quickly surpassed all his fellow students and some of the uprising Sensei. Which led Dante to be entered in what was to become a very fatal tournament. Hosted by Lord Makashi. But Dante quickly and very skillfully claimed victories in his bouts. Some of his opponents even died due to their injuries. But it was his final match that really took its toll. His opponent was none other than Yoshiro, who had also been training in order to best Dante. The two katana users were in fierce battle for days, until neither could stand anymore.

Later in his years he got drafted into the Vampire Army in which he quickly became the rank of General. He was also nicknamed the 'Blood Warrior' on the battlefield, because no matter who got in Dante's way whether it be friend or foe. He cut them down with his katana that he later named 'Fang.' But this wasn't enough. It didn't bring him any satisfaction, after all he was still on his own personal quest to find his Mother and know why she left him with his abusive Father. In order to do this Dante took a dark route and turned into an assassin. No matter whose file came up on his desk he killed them.

Several years passed, numerous amount of partners and many blood rubies spent and Dante was on the run as he had pissed off a lot of people. A lot of High seated people, like members of the Council, even Kings and Queens hated Dante for his ruthless way of getting things done. To say he was still technically a Prince of the Dragule Kingdom. But there was rumors that Dante's Father had perished by anothers hand and this made Dante furious so he rushed back to his childhood home. When he got back the guards were trying to stop him from reaching the castle like building which stuck out like a sore thumb. But Dante had cut them down and rushed to see if the rumors were true. Which they were not. The only thing he found there was his Father very much alive and yet another woman on his arm. It seemed his Father liked to put his dick around in every living thing. But eventually Dante came to silently thank him for that as he produced some wonderful and powerful siblings who had grown to hate him as much as Dante did.

For a while Drakos and Danteus were imseperable as Dante decided to stick around for a while after he found out he had a little brother now and he swore to himself that their Father wasn't going to harm Drakos as he had done to Dante. Of course Drakos was always found with a book in his hand when Dante went to visit him. Drakos was the brains and Dante was the brawn of the two brothers. But for a while they were their Father's errand boys. This angered Dante that he had become the errand boy once again, but this time he was more powerful than before. But he always had Drakos there to stop him from going too far. Eventually all things came to an end though Drakos and Danteus both went down their seperate paths. They would always meet at the Makashi Tournament though which Danteus competed in annually now. Not under his Father's banner, but under his own unique Dragule banner.

During one of the tournaments he had met one man that was able to equal Dante. His name was Itachi Darkshade and they would grow be a really badass team nicknamed 'Blackjack.' But once again there was a scout looking to put a team together for Special Operations. Several missions passed that were completed perfectly. On during one of their vacations they went back to the Darkshade home or at least where Itachi was staying. He had a sister that lived with him as well, but she was told stories and rumors about the assignments. From that moment on his sister went on to train with Itachi and Danteus on how to use swords and throwing weapons, but she wasn't entirely brilliant when she was younger, but she was excellent at using Magick. Her name was Karen Darkshade. Unfortunately, on one dreadful assignment that the 'Blackjack' team were called in to sort out went wrong. Dante had come face to face with Yoshiro. In which he had managed to learn the ability of Cryokenesis. The exact opposite of what Dante had managed to learn which was Pyrokenesis. Yoshiro had frozen Dante solid, but he could still see his friend Itachi get brutally murdered in front of him. Which angered Dante so much it unlocked a darker side to him. He broke out of the frozen prison and took his friend's body and katana to his sister Karen. But Dante didn't stick around. He had to make himself stronger, more powerful and more quicker. Even when he had managed that. It still wasn't good enough.

But there was a rumor that had reached Danteus that Itachi's sister had left the planet Earth and gone to another planet named Hellifyno. Dante went around every Magick user that could create portals to this new planet that Danteus would later call home and meet a lot of new friends and allies. He had been on plenty of missions with the Heroes of Hellifyno and from stratch he had built the Dragule Mansion and Blade Temple. Which he now runs with a select few of his friends and family. The Sensei he has chosen to teach the students are Masters in their own unique ability. Danteus would also let nothing happen to his beloved Temple. His students have become like another family to him. If anything happened to them, he would gladly lay his life down for them.

The problem now is Dante no longer affiliates himself with the Dragule-Darkheart name, his siblings are still his siblings and will still fight to protect them. However with the way the Dragule family has been going, he feels like he can longer be part of that family.


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At 11:29pm on February 18, 2016,
ʆolth • Alaundril Shyntbryn

Dropping by to say hey.... Checking in on everything. Living up to the final wishes of Alexia. I'll answer to either so Eara is fine. Many still call me Eara, even though I am not really Eara anymore. I have changed.

At 2:22am on February 10, 2016, Zyaaena Bloodwrath said…

(Hello... I believe we may be kin? My mother, was Alexia Mara Darkheart, you knew her yes??? She asked I meet her family and pledge myself...

At 5:44pm on December 28, 2015,
ʆolth • Alaundril Shyntbryn

Hmmm... hello Dante..

At 5:36pm on March 18, 2015,
(( Thank you for accepting :) Would you like to RP? ))
At 11:57pm on March 16, 2015, Commander Cliff Hanger said…
** A star fighter ship soons lands near closedt open area, an area where known sighting where Dante has been seen. A lone clone trooper dress in plain white armor and helemt gets out of the cock-pit and drops down to the grounf, carrying only one basic laser blaster and a fit aid medic kit on his belt. He looks around hoping to find Dante of the Blade temple, Commander Cliff Hanger sounded urgent about the message he wanted to give.**
At 5:47am on February 11, 2015, Amy Marshal-DarkHeart said…

|grins happily and leaps forward giving you a quick hug for joy, blushing she pulls back| "Thank you so much Uncle, I truly mean it thank you so much! I do not know yet, I still have so much to plan, I think I am close to picking a dress but that is all. I will tell him Uncle."

At 1:26am on January 22, 2015, Amy Marshal-DarkHeart said…

"I do love him Uncle, I cannot imagine life without him. Yes I would like your approval please Uncle, since Father is not here right now. I also seek permission and wish to ask if the wedding maybe held within a family grounds?" 

At 9:19pm on January 20, 2015, Amy Marshal-DarkHeart said…

"Uncle,  m-may I speak with you? Vincent asked me to marry him.."

At 7:12pm on January 2, 2015,
Kadin 'Mayriia' Shyntbryn

(That works as well, something that gives you a bit of how Dante is, and as his character portrays him to be, not just the story part. I had a huge playlist until I got tired of it and deleted it completely. And again we have more music in common. What are some artist you like?)

At 3:08pm on January 1, 2015,
Kadin 'Mayriia' Shyntbryn

(I was mentioned to you? Well hopefully only good things were said. :) No I think your playlist is fine as it is. Though if you wish to add more then due so, I would love to see what other music artist we have in common.)


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